Delicious Library

Licence: Shareware ($40)
Version 2.5 | Release Date: 2011-11-06 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2.4.1 | Release Date: 2010-03-21 | Download
  • 2.4.1 fixes a bug in 2.4 where users of certain models of iMac were drawing the scanning window as black.
Version 2.4.1 | Release Date: 2010-03-21 | Download
  • 2.4.1 fixes a bug in 2.4 where users of certain models of iMac were drawing the scanning window as black.
Version 2.4 | Release Date: 2010-03-18 | Download
  • The video barcode scanner has been rewritten to be 700% better, so iSight scanning is much more responsive. This is the third generation barcode scanning algorithm for Delicious Library, and is being provided for free to Delicious Library 2 users.
  • Apple's late 2009 iMac machines use a lens whose fixed focal distant starts at around two feet, which is very far compare to other Macs, and makes scanning barcodes very difficult. This new algorithm makes it possible to scan with these iMacs, but it can be a bit twitchy. When scanning with any Mac, if you are having problems try tilting your item up and down to remove any shines on the barcode from the screen of from nearby lights. Also, if an item isn't scanning, make sure the barcode completely fills the width of the target area — this is the width that has been determined to scan best for your model of camera.
Version 2.3.3 | Release Date: 2009-11-23 | Download
  • Changed how we pair with and connect to Bluetooth scanners. New UI makes things much clearer. New low-level connecting routines stay off the Bluetooth radio more, reducing conflicts with 802.11a/b/g Airport networking (and 802.11n networking on the 2.4GHz band).
  • Modified item lookup code to adapt to recent changes in Amazon's UK and US stores. Made scanning in new items up to 5x faster.
  • Fixed a longstanding crasher that would occur if you unplugged a keyboard-like device, including some USB barcode scanners, third-party keyboards, and even some Bluetooth devices.
  • Fixed the crasher when configuring publishing introduced in version 2.3.2 -- the final build I did used slightly out-of-date versions of some files, resulting in confusion.
  • Fixed an occasional crasher when scrolling through lots of iTunes covers (especially movies or TV shows) on a multi-core machine.
  • We once again scroll to the item you just scanned in when you add an item in Covers mode (this was accidentally broken in a recent release to work around a Snow Leopard bug).
Version 2.3 | Release Date: 2009-10-22 | Download
What's New in 2.3 (build 11635)
  • Fixes for Snow Leopard
    • Fixed hang on Snow Leopard when switching from list view to cover view.
    • Fixed graphical glitches and slowness when scrolling in cover view (especially with large collections).
    • Fixed the "beam-in" animation for adding items, and the "burning" animation for deleting books on Snow Leopard.
    • Fixed our most common crasher on Snow Leopard, where launching fails with a message about "_kCAEmitterLayerFill".
    • Fix crasher when user would duplicate selected items (⌘-D).
    • Only register the first 10,000 characters with speech recognition under 10.6.0 and 10.6.1, since Snow Leopard will do a 1-minute timeout otherwise, argh. Apple bug #7146027.
  • The long-delayed Help files are finally here! (I'm sorry this took so long.) These are still being finalized, so please report anything that seems odd using the built-in bug reporter (under the "Help" menu).
  • Publishing
    • FTP
      • FTP site editing is much more sane. Copy and paste now work when editing FTP sites.
      • Sites added from Transmit now have fancy quotes around them in the list, like “Delicious Monster,” so it's clearer where they came from.
      • Use a much smarter algorithm to add the folder "/deliciouslibrary" to the end of the path the user gives us, so we won't WON'T WON'T add it twice if the user happened to end her path with "/". DUR DUR DUR.
    • If the user doesn't have a card set in Address Book OR doesn't have an image on that card, we use a default image when publishing to the web, instead of exporting a broken link and/or crashing sometimes.
    • We now ALWAYS publish HTML files when we publish the user's website - in the past, we tried to be clever and NOT publish a file if it was the same size as the previous one, but for HTML that hack isn't too smart.
    • On Snow Leopard we don't reset the currently selected FTP site back to 'none' every time you look at it.
    • Don't double-escape entities (like "&" showing up as "&") when publishing to iWeb.
  • Cover view graphics are zippier thanks to some tricks from the author of CoreAnimation.
  • Selecting very large shelves is faster.
  • Loading and using a file where you have a friend (or multiple friends) who is no longer in your Address Book is now MUCH faster.
  • iSight Scanning Items
    • Don't pop up two scanner windows when we launch and the scanner preference is on, DUH DUH DUH.
    • Scanning items by EAN is now supported by Amazon France (even though it's documented not to work), so we allow scanning of items like 3596972080128.
    • We pop up an error panel if the user's Mac clock is set wrong and prompt her to fix it in System Preferences, since we can't fetch information from Amazon after August 15, 2009 without a correct timestamp.
  • Bluetooth Scanners
    • Fixed a crasher that would sometimes hit when we first pair with a scanner.
    • Added auto-detection and auto-pairing of scanners under Snow Leopard (just as it always worked under Leopard).
    • We now recognize and work with more revisions of Microvision's RoV scanner.
  • Manual Item Lookup
    • Manually looking up for items with apostrophes in their names (') works again.
    • If a user is looking up a 10, 12, or 13-digit number, then remove spaces and dashes for her, so that, for instance, "978-0-316-01876-0" will correctly look up as "9780316018760", the latter of which actually works on Amazon.
  • Because sqlite files can sometimes become corrupted when a Mac is suddenly shut down or crashes, I've written a utility to repair corrupted files. To use the utility, just hold down the "shift" key when launching Delicious Library 2. This should solve the problems of the few users are having upgrading from version 2.0.x to 2.1 or beyond, when those users have some slight corrupting in their old file.
  • Details
    • Setting / editing a user synopsis is now undoable, as it always should have been.
    • Added the "series" field back to Music, because some people were using it to store metadata.
    • The fields "title", series", "subtitle", "notes", and "location" now sort numbers as humans expect, so that if you have books titled "Manga 1", "Manga 2", ..., "Manga 10", "Manga 11", then they sort in that order (eg, NOT "Manga 1", "Manga 10", "Mange 11", "Manga 2", ..., as a computer would do it).
    • Recognize "DreamCast" as a platform as well as format.
    • Fix for the "I have become confused" bug on save where 'userSynopsis' is reported as not being valid after editing details for an item.
  • Interface
    • Change keyboard shortcut for "Sell this" to command-shift-S, because command-shift-$ is screenshot, DUR.
    • Hooked-up the 'Add Manually' button that appears if an item lookup fails.
  • We now correctly re-launch Delicious Library 2 after we upgrade and/or move Delicious Library 2 automatically to the /Applications folder, instead of CLAIMING to do so and then not really doing it. (This will only affect the next update the user does, NOT this update.)
  • Fix a missing term in the localization that caused exceptions for Swedes when adding shelves.
  • Feedback Panel
    • Sending feedback works more reliably with Apple Mail under Snow Leopard.
    • We don't launch Apple Mail when the feedback panel is first shown.
    • We don't launch Apple Mail ever if the user has never set it up; we just submit our bug using whatever the default handler for "mailto:" URLs is.
    • Added code to make problem reports MUCH more meaningful to us (the developers).
Version 2.2 | Release Date: 2009-08-17 | Download
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not upgrade to 2.2, you will not be able to scan in, update, or look up new items automatically as of August 15, 2009. (Your current items will continue to exist, of course.) Amazon now requires all users of their data (eg, Delicious Library) to digitally 'sign' requests for information - this update includes code to do this.
  • Snow Leopard compatibility
    • This is the first version that works under Snow Leopard.
    • There was a bug in my code (see below) which appeared rarely under Leopard, but very often under Snow Leopard, thus making Delicious Library 2 very flakey on Snow Leopard.
  • The largest single source of crashers and strange warning messages for Delicious Library 2.x has been fixed: the dreaded "recommendations" bug. This bug was rare but annoying - it could affect anywhere a list is displayed in Delicious Library 2, including the Synopsis , Reviews, and Recommendations tabs in the details pane, the list of items in the "manual item creation" sheet, and the list of active fetches in the "Activity" panel. (I finally found a way to reproduce this bug and was able to figure out what I'd done wrong and fix it.)
  • Manual item searches with characters like "ü" or "é" just started failing again, because Amazon has changed how searches need to be encoded. This release changes to their new (more sane) system.
  • Manually searching for videos on Amazon Japan was only finding VHS titles, because that site (like Amazon Canada and France) hasn't actually merged its VHS and DVD offerings the way Amazon's documentation describes. We now search only for DVDs instead of only VHS titles, since we had to choose one, and it seems like more people will want to manually find DVDs. (Note that if you scan an item's barcode or drag a URL from any Amazon, any item (DVD or VHS) will be added - this note only applies to items added with the manual search window.)
  • The harmless but very annoying "stream had too few bytes" modal panel that would pop up occasionally for some users (specifically, once every two days when you clicked on an item that wasn't downloaded from Amazon) is gone.
  • Debug panel options are turned off in final release builds, so if beta testers accidentally turned on maximum logging and forgot about it, they don't find that Delicious Library is suddenly super-slow and possibly also crashy (eg, when the log overflows the computer).
  • Fixed a tiny display bug where "Slumdog Millionaire" (or ANY movie with the consecutive letters "umd" in its title) would display as a Sony mini-disc.
  • iPhone App Removed: Amazon has forced us to remove our companion iPhone application from the iTunes App Store, pursuant to section 4(e) of the contract we must operate under as long as we use their data. They declined to specify any reasons for the exclusion of mobile devices.
Version 2.1 | Release Date: 2009-06-12 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2.1 BETA | Release Date: 2009-06-01 | Download
  • New iPhone App
    • There is a free Delicious Library iPhone app for viewing your collection on-the-go (without needing a network connection).
    • This app is NOT available in this beta, due to the way iPhone software works.
  • Vertical Details Pane
    • Our long national nightmare is finally over, and details are vertical again (like in version one), instead of horizontal.
    • Lots of layout changes because of this. Rather than merely going back to version one's look, I've tried to improve on it.
    • We now allow copying / pasting the raw cover image from the details pane using standard copy menu item. (Just click on image first.)
  • File Format Change
    • Some fields have been added to make syncing and publishing your collection faster in the future, but this requires a one-time upgrade when you first launch version 2.1.
    • This upgrade may take a long time. Sorry.
    • Your new file will NOT work with 2.0, but a backup of your 2.0 data is made in the folder Library / Application Support / Delicious Library 2 - you can use that if you want to go back for some reason.
    • If you launch Delicious Library after upgrading, and get a message to the effect of "the model file can't be used with the data file," that means you're accidentally running an your old 2.0 version, not 2.1. You probably don't want to leave Delicious Library 2.0.7 on your system after going to 2.1.
  • Scanning
    • Scanning with your web cam, our Bluetooth scanner, or a USB scanner has been enhanced so you can select different kinds of shelves and scan new or existing items and the functionality you might expect now actually works:
    • If you select a custom shelf in your collection and scan a new or existing item, the item will be created if needed, then added to the selected shelf.
    • If you select a friend's shelf and scan a new or existing item, the item will be created if needed and then loaned to the friend. (If you have multiple copies of the same item already in your library, only the first one that hasn't already been loaned out will be lent.)
    • If you select one of your shelves (or your main library) and scan an existing item that has been loaned out, the item will be checked-in. (If you have multiple copies of the same item in your library, only the last one on your shelf that has been loaned out will be checked-in.)
  • 'Number in Series' property is now present for all media types.
  • Worked around a Logitech mouse driver bug - people who installed the Logitech mouse driver found that many items would draw as their generic types instead of specific types (eg, Nintendo video games would draw as DVDs instead of in Nintendo boxes). Logitech illegally injects their code into ALL running programs in their current software, and actually messes up other people's code.
  • Fixed a very rare bug we'd fail to scan items that had two different keyword in their subtitles that we recognized, like "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Widescreen & Full Screen Edition)"
  • Fixed a bug where Backups were sometimes truncated when they were written out, so they couldn't be read in again. (Sorry!)
  • iPod (classic) syncing
    • iPods (non-touch) are now listed under the new "DEVICES" header shelf.
    • iPods present themselves like iPods do in iTunes, for syncing libraries.
    • iPods now delete the library out of their "Notes" directory if you set them to no longer sync.
    • iPods won't needlessly sync as often if you leave them plugged in.
    • iPods won't ever be duplicated (rare bug).
    • Only write out the first 1,000 items to the iPod, since iPods are hard-wired by Apple to never display more than 1,000 notes, and it just slows us down to write, like, 7,000 items every time a single one changes.
    • Pop up a HUD when updating the iPod's contents.
  • UNICODE support in Searches
    • Searches are now encoded correctly when searching for items by keywords in non-English alphabets, including Japanese (finally), German, and French. It turns out there's no real standard for these searches, but I finally figured out what Amazon does.
    • 'Search for Cover Art' now works for items with special characters in their names (eg, "Harold & Kumar").
  • Translations
    • Added a first Korean localization.
    • Fixed some translations from user suggestions.
Version 2.0.7 | Release Date: 2009-01-22 | Download

Fixed extreme slowdowns some users were experiencing with 2.0.6.

Version 2.0.6 | Release Date: 2009-01-14 | Download

* Fixed a crasher on launch: Apple fixed a bug in 10.5.6 which unfortunately introduced a crasher in Delicious Library 2 that affected some users. Delicious Library 2 would launch and then immediately crash every time in 10.5.6, but would work fine with the same file under 10.5.5.
* Fixed another crasher on launch: if you added a friend shelf from your Address Book, and the friend had no loans and wasn't your last friend, and you deleted that friend in Address Book while Delicious Library 2 was not running, Delicious Library 2 would crash during launch.
* When designing a workaround for the 10.5.6 bug (above), I changed the way the disclosure triangle works with friend shelves, so it always appears if you are trying to load a friend's library, even if the load fails (and thus there is nothing to disclose). Before, it would appear only after you've successfully loaded your friend's library, which is how iTunes Bonjour sharing works, but I decided I like this behavior better.

Version 2.0.5 (v10707) | Release Date: 2008-12-15 | Download
  • iTunes Shelves
    o iTunes collections which were moved around and never found by Delicious Library 2 should be found correctly. Also, iTunes collections which went missing from Delicious Library v2.0.3 should be found again.
    o iTunes album covers are found much more relibably for songs not purchased through the iTunes Store.
    o iTunes album covers are loaded 5x as fast and reloaded 15x as fast as in v2.0.4.
Version 2.0.3 (v10644) | Release Date: 2008-08-31 | Download

Too numerous to mention.

Version 2.0.2 | Release Date: 2008-08-01 | Download
  • Searching is now much richer:
    • There are now three major search categories: "Title & People", "Descriptions" and "Numbers".
    • "People" now includes all people involved, whether actors or illustrators or what-have-you.
    • "Descriptions" includes tracks, primary synopsis, your synopsis, your review, notes, features, genres, media types, languages, and a ton more.
    • With the first two categories you can enter the medium type now, too, so you can type "Book Niven" to find Larry Niven's books.
    • "Numbers" includes Library of Congress (if filled in) and Dewey Decimal and prices.
    • A tooltip on the search field now shows you exactly what fields will be searched in each of these three categories. (There is some overlap between them.)
    • If you type multiple words, we now consider each word separately when searching -- before, if you typed "Niven Mote" you'd have to have a person or title that literally contained "Niven Mote", in order. Now you can have a person named "Larry Niven" and a title that's "Mote in God's Eye" and it'll be found, like you'd expect. (This is like iTunes' search.)
    • You can now quote substrings to search literally, for example, "Larry Niven" (with the quotes) will only match against Larry and Niven in that order, with exactly one space between them. (This is what the old searching behavior always was in 2.0.1 and before.)
    • You can even switch the search field category to "Descriptions" and type "Blue Book" to see all your books with blue covers!
  • Fixed bug where searching for multiple words in the "Music" category of the manual item creation panel always failed to return any results.
  • If Delicious Library 2 is installed in any folder named "Applications", it doesn't prompt the user to move itself, even if it's not the One True Applications folder.
  • A very bad bug in updating version 1 files was introduced in to Delicious Library 2 late in our beta and not found until now — attributes which have multiple lines (like actors, genres, and features) loaded into version 2 with their line breaks replaced by spaces! This was due to me calling Apple's XMLTidy, which I did to work around some invalid Amazon HTML I found in a beta-tester's collection...
    I have now worked around the busted Amazon HTML in a different manner, so line breaks aren't lost when updating any more. I apologize to those of you who have already upgraded your collections and have bizarre lists with no linefeeds - this will mess up autocompletion and makes lists very hard to read, and makes the horizontal layout seem really egregious. There are two things you can do to get your line breaks back:
    • If you still have your version 1 collection in the normal place, quit Library 2, move aside your version 2 collection (rename the "Delicious Library 2" folder in your home folder under "Library" -> "Application Support") and launch Library 2 again and let it re-upgrade your collection. Unfortunately, you'll lose any new items added or changes made to your version two collection. Again, I'm sorry.
    • If you have added items to version 2 and don't want to re-add them, you can force-revert any items that are missing linefeeds by hitting command-option-R with those items selected. Note that this will delete ANY changes you've made to those items! If you want a more gentle (but harder) way to do this, you can simply clear out only the fields that are missing linefeeds (for example, delete all the actors for a movie), then hit command-R (no option) to do a soft refresh on the item — this will fill in empty fields but not overwrite any other changes you've made (like custom covers or descriptions).
  • Large libraries (thousands of items) with lots of smart shelves (ten or so) were VERY slow due to a bug in Cocoa bindings — simply selecting an item could take thirty seconds! I've worked around this bug and this is now two orders of magnitude faster.
  • Smart shelves based on descriptions are also now two orders of magnitude faster to update themselves.
  • Put in a catch for any errors raised when publishing, so we don't just leave the publishing panel up forever and appear to hang.
  • We now sort when publishing to the web (or printing) the same way as the user has the sort set on the shelves being published.
  • When sorting by title, we now remove articles from the beginning of titles using a language-dependent algorithm, where we first look at what language the item is in, and if that's empty we look at the country it's from and guess the language. (Eg, items from Germany are assumed to have German titles unless their 'languages' field is set otherwise.)
    Now, for example, French titles starting with "Le " will have that article stripped when sorting, but an English book called "Die Fuzzy" won't have the "Die " stripped (as a German one would).
  • Fixed problem where items loaded from the Amazon Japan were not correctly linked to their store, took longer than necessary to load or refresh.
  • When scanning in books which are actually collections, the "editor" is now considered an author.
  • Very large version 1 collections (> 4,000 items) no longer run out of address space when loading (crashing machine, hanging machine, or throwing signal 10), due to memory-mapped cover images.
  • Sped up loading of version 1 files by processing covers more intelligently.
  • iTunes libraries that have been moved are now found, and iTunes libraries that have aliases (links) in the path are also now found.
  • iTunes covers are now correctly searched for in the iTunes music folder, even if it has moved.
  • iTunes covers should now load much more reliably (especially for very large files, like movies), and not use as much virtual memory.
  • Fix a very rare crasher when updating iTunes shelves while iTunes is still downloading songs from the iTunes Store.
  • Delicious Library 2 now tells the Finder it needs 10.5, so on earlier systems it won't even try to launch. Unfortunately, Mac OS X doesn't do anything particularly friendly with this information — it just draws a Ghostbusters-style slash through the applications' icon.
  • Some French and German translation strings were missing due to typos.
Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2008-05-27 | Download
Version 2.6.3 | Release Date: 2008-01-01 | Download

• Removed strange ☛ and ☞ characters that suddenly appeared in our final localizations due to recent changes in our build system. These are still in this beta, but will be removed in the final.
• Fixed some minor coding errors I made a long time ago around multi-threading that could, in rare cases, cause crashes.
• Fixed some broken links in Help files.
• Changed the app name in the main menu to "Delicious Library" to comply with the Mac App Store (but now we aren't in compliance with the Apple Human Interface Guidelines).
• Folded in various other changes made for the Mac App Store that shouldn't change visible functionality but still need testing.

Version 1.6.6 | Release Date: 2007-11-20 | Download

Fixed race condition when scanning some items where lookup would sometimes report failure, but show the correct item as a possible 'alternative'

Tweaked widget to draw correctly in Safari 3 Beta

Fixed crasher during type-to-select when sorting on certain criteria

Version 1.6.5 | Release Date: 2007-07-24 | Download

Fixed an issue with looking items up by title or creator under Mac OS X 10.4.10

Version 1.6.4 | Release Date: 2006-11-08 | Download

Improved reliability when looking up new items on Intel Macs
Fixed a rare issue where the license code might not be saved

Version 1.6.2 | Release Date: 2006-07-05 | Download

* Improvements to barcode scanning
* Fixed a crash that could occur when importing a Booxter library
* Fixed an issue where localized preferences could be displayed incorrectly

Version 1.6.1 | Release Date: 2006-02-19 | Download
No changes specified