Licence: GPL
Version 0.15 | Release Date: 2012-10-03 | Download

- Merge many changes from Psi+.
- New message history browser.
- New, fast contact list window.
- TURN proxying for voice calls.
- Store data in more standardized locations based on the platform.
- No longer dependent on the Qt3Support library.
- Domains ending in .local now always work, whether via DNS server or mdns.
- Windows 64-bit and Mac 64-bit now supported. Mac PPC deprecated.
- Legacy SSL port probe feature removed.
- Various small features and bugfixes.

Version 0.14 | Release Date: 2009-12-02 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.13 | Release Date: 2009-07-28 | Download

New in 0.13
- Voice calls (Jingle RTP).
- Basic XMPP URI handler.
- Ability to permanently trust certificates at connect time.
- Mini command system (Ctrl+7 in chat window).
- Various bugfixes.

Version 0.12.1 | Release Date: 2009-04-18 | Download

New in 0.12
- Multi-user chat windows now join one on one chat windows and can be opened in tabbed form, either sharing a window, or seperately.
- The roster search has been updated, and now triggers a filter when typing into the roster window.
- An XML ringbuffer is now used, allowing access to already received XML in the XML console.
- When resolving a name for new contacts, the full name is now used if the nick name is missing from the vcard.
- Auto-connect on wake is now an independent option.
- MUCs can now be bookmarked, and auto-joined.
- The old config.xml file has been dropped in favour of the new options.xml format - all options in Psi can now be configured from the Advanced options pane (no more hand-editing of config files is required).
- Vcard avatars are now transmitted for the benefit of legacy clients and servers not supporting PEP.
- A new diagnostics group is available in the help menu, to allow debugging problems with the QCA security layer.
- Launching several instances of the same profile on Windows and Unices with DBUS now behaves more sensibly.
- On X11, the taskbar should now flash on new messages for compliant window managers.
New in 0.12.1
- Bugfix for DOS vulnerability in the file transfer code.
Thanks to Jesus Olmos (jolmos at

Version 0.11 | Release Date: 2007-10-15 | Download

Added support for JEP-0070 (Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP).
Customizable shortcuts
Added spell checking.
Added support for JEP-138 (Stream Compression)
Added ‘Show status message’ toggle.
Support for Bookmark Storage (JEP-0048), where bookmarked conferences are auto-joined.
New options system (see options.xml)
Receiving support for vCard-Based Avatars (JEP-0153)
Support for Multi-User-Chat (JEP-0045)
Preliminary support for User Nickname (JEP-0172)
Preliminary support for Roster Item Exchange (JEP-0144)
Support for JEP-0050 (Ad-hoc commands)
Preliminary support for JEP-0163 (Personal Eventing Protocol)
Preliminary support for JEP-0146 (Remote Controlling Clients)
Mac OS X builds are now universal binaries, supporting the new Intel based Macs.
Support for JEP-85 (Chat State Notifications).
Support for JEP-0115 (Entity Capabilities).
MingW32 compiler support (Coupled with the open source Qt4 Windows library this now allows completely free building of Psi on Windows)

Version 0.10 | Release Date: 2006-07-12 | Download
No changes specified