Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 1.1.3 | Release Date: 2012-08-21 | Download

What's New in Version 1.1.3

• Image capture on Retina displays now works.
• Fixed a crash that was occurring on some Mountain Lion installs.
• Dragging a step to top of navigator list would generate an error.
• Setting the list style to none using the Format menu would cause an error.
• Dragging a step from one document into an empty document would not work. A document had to have at least one step to accept a drop from another document.
• Quitting Clarify during a screen capture session by means of a keyboard shortcut now works properly.
• Pressing the return key in the spell check suggestion field was not tabbing to the next control.
• When opening a document window an error could occur when positioning and sizing the document window.
• Certain characters were not being escaped in the header and footer strings. This would cause PDF generation to fail.
• Setting the text color for a PDF template would not update the template properly.
• Setting the footer text color for a PDF template would not affect PDF output.
• Fixed some issues with text running into the footer in PDF output.
• PDF footer text hint said to use html formatting when in fact it doesn't accept html formatting.
• Clicking the star icon in the web accounts/PDF template lists was not turning off the default account setting.

Version 1.1.2 | Release Date: 2012-06-29 | Download

What's New in Version 1.1.2

Version 1.1.2 fixes a number of PDF issues as well as crashes that people were experiencing.

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed crash that occurred when drawing line annotations.
• Fixed a potential drag/drop crash.
• Certain text formatting combinations no longer break PDF export.
• Code blocks with empty lines in them no longer break PDF export.
• URLs with "&" in them no longer break PDF export.
• # character in filename would generate an error when exporting to PDF. This character is now replaced with "-" when exporting.
• If an error occurred while initializing a screen capture session it was not handled properly.
• Clicking on a step annotation while editing the step tile in the Navigation column no longer causes an error.
• Fixed an issue that could cause an error when previewing PDF templates.
• Clicking on an image while a text editor is open will no longer create annotations (e.g. when the sequence tool is selected).

Version 1.1.1 | Release Date: 2012-05-14 | Download

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What's New in Version 1.1.1

<p>New Features in Clarify 1.1:<br />• Create and customize your own PDF templates.<br />• Export to directly to the Evernote desktop application.<br />• Added a new application PDF template called "Clarify Black & White".<br />• You can now specify a default web account for export. This account will be used by default when clicking the Share toolbar button. You can click and hold on the Share button to get a menu of all available templates.<br /><br />Changes:<br />• Opening a document when an unsaved, empty document is open now opens the document in place of the empty document.<br />• Visual feedback is provided when using the export step image button in the step title bar.<br />• Clarify now uses the OS X APIs for storing preferences.<br />• When duplicating a step "(Copy)" is no longer added to the duplicate title.<br /><br />Fixes:<br />• Resizing an image canvas using the left or top handles would not always work correctly if the image had been cropped.<br />• Rotating a cropped image was not working properly.<br />• After running a screen capture session shift + return would no longer work.<br />• Changing the image dimensions in step properties when a step had no image would cause an error.<br />• Step image size property controls were not being disabled if the step had no image.<br />• Setting the font for a text annotation was not always updating new text that you typed in.<br />• Improved error reporting for some screen capture session errors.<br />• Quickly navigating through preference tabs no longer causes an error.<br />• The resize handles for an arrow annotation would use small handles on occasion when they should not have.<br />• Edit > paste was using image rather than step if a step was on the clipboard.<br />• Clarify would copy a blank image to the clipboard when copying a step with no image.<br />• An error would occur when trying to paste images that were referenced by filename on the clipboard.<br />• Spell check dialog was not opening editor when finding Next/Previous misspelled word.<br />• Really wide and really short images would generate an error when printing to PDF.<br />• Selecting "Capture Image" from Clarify icon menu would not start a screen capture session if Clarify was not the frontmost application.<br />• Large JPEG images were being clipped at export.<br />• When pasting text the font was not being stripped properly.<br />• Clicking and dragging in the editor field for a step title in the left navigation pane would start a drag reorder operation.<br />• Dragging steps from one document to another was not removing them from the source document when it should have.<br />• Dragging steps into a document that had no steps would not work unless you copied rather than moved them.<br /></p>