Licence: Freeware
Version 1.4 | Release Date: 2012-06-06 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.6.1 | Release Date: 2012-01-01 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.9.6 | Release Date: 2009-03-01 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX for crasher when attaching files when Safari4 is installed
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX SSB browser window minimum width returned to 180px which is friendlier for iphone-optimized sites
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX Selected download folder now persists correctly.
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX drag/reordering tabs now works correctly (Before they were not *truly* reordered and you would see strange behavior when using keyboard shortcuts for next/prev tab)
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX Annoying "Are you sure you want to close this window?" dialog no longer shown when you close the last window with multiple tabs and "Closing the last window only hides the window" pref is set
  • FluidInstance.app: NEW added 'Download Linked File As...' context menu item
  • FluidInstance.app: NEW Preference: Hide all windows while not active
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX return of the 'Look up in Dictionary' context menu item for defining terms in Dictionary.app
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX for bug where tab at incorrect index would be selected when closing the tab at the first index in a window with multiple tabs open
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX only hide system menubar when entering FullScreen if the fullscreen screen is the screen with the menubar
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX URLs are only added to the recent URL auto-complete list when a URL load is successful
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX URLs can now be dragged from the location bar (via their favicon) to Firefox and non-webkit-based browsers to load the URL
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX URLs can now be dragged from the location bar (via their favicon) to the Finder to create .webloc files (property lists)
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX Removed crazy 1 second delay on SSB launch where first tab is visible and then hides.
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX better feed subscription handling for Google Reader SSBs
  • WebThumbnailPlugIn: FIX for crasher that could sometimes occur in Enhanced Google web thumbnail SERPs
  • BrowsaBrowsaPlugIn: NEW Preference for opening clicked links in system default browser
  • BrowsaBrowsaPlugIn: FIX "New windows open with" preference now defaults to "Home Page"
  • Fluid.app: NEW Drag image files (jpg, tiff, png), icon files (icns) or applications (app) to the Fluid window to specify your custom SSB icon.
  • Fluid.app: NEW Keyboard shortcuts for setting the installation locatoin to Applications, Home or Desktop
  • Fluid.app: FIX fixed strange issue where Fluid.app would not become frontmost app on very first launch (it kinda hid in the background)
Version 1.6t | Release Date: 2009-01-01 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.9.5 | Release Date: 2008-11-30 | Download

-Fluid.app: Fluid.app now correctly prefers "fluid-icon"s or "apple-touch-icon"s explicitly declared via "link" elements over a file named "apple-touch-icon.png" in the web root.
-Fluid.app: Fluid.app no longer allows you to create an SSB with the name of a default Apple application (like "Mail" or "Dictionary", etc.) in the "/Applications" Folder. You can still create an SSB with one of these names, just not in the "/Applications" folder. You can still manually move it to the Applications Folder after creation if you like. This prevents accidentally overwriting default Apple apps.
-FluidInstance.app: Fixed an extremely annoying issue where certain keypresses would cause system Beep (especially bothersome in Google Reader SSB when typing GReader keyboard shortcuts).
-FluidInstance.app: Fixed shortcut recorder bug where the global shortcut would not be registered until the General Preferences Pane is shown for the first time.
-FluidInstance.app: User-selected "Continuous Spell Checking" setting now persists across launches.
-FluidInstance.app: Growl Notifications are now visible while in FullScreen Mode.
-FluidInstance.app: Click-through/non-activattion support added for dragging the favicon from background windows.
-FluidInstance.app: More accurate default User-Agent String (includes correct WebKit version number, OS X version number and machine processor type).
-FluidInstance.app: Shortcuts now also support "$1", "$2" regex-style indexed replacements. e.g.: shortcut: "tu" replacement string: "twitter.com/$1,twitter.com/$2". Type command "tu itod fluidapp" in location bar. This will result in two tabs opening one for the "itod" twitter profile page and one for the "fluidapp" twitter profile page.
-FluidInstance.app: "Search in Google" context menu item now works correctly (it used to open Safari).
-FluidInstance.app: Adding JavaScript fluid.isGrowRunning() method. returns true if Growl notifications can currently be displayed. otherwise false.
-FluidInstance.app: Fixed issue where Gmail SSB would sometimes erroneously close the main window when deferring browsing to your system default browser and 'Hidden' closed windows is enabled.
-FluidInstance.app: Fixed issue where popup windows of a small size (created by window.open() with width and height features specified) would erroneously cause SSB to use that small size when creating the next new window.
-FluidInstance.app: successive clicks on a link with target="foo" will correctly open the exising window with the frame named "foo" rather than creating a new window.
-FluidInstance.app: improved support for window.open() features.
-FluidInstance.app: Added new Safari 3.2.1 and Firefox 3.0.4 User-agent strings.
-FluidInstance.app: Improved behavior for autocomplete/recent URL popup menu in the browser location bar.
FluidInstance.app: Tab switching via command{ and command-} is no longer slow. dunno why :O.
-FluidInstance.app: Infinite Loop Detection. If your SSB is your default web browser, it will no longer enter an infinite loop when asked to visit a URL which it will defer to the system default browser.
-FluidInstance.app: MenuExtra SSBs now show installed userscripts in their context menu (the menu that is activated by right clicking the MenuExtra scon in the system status bar). This allows you to more easily activate/deactivate userscripts in a MenuExtra SSB.
-FluidInstance.app: New "Search" Preference Pane offers the ability to enhance Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) with thumbnail image previews of results.
-BrowsaBrowsaPlugIn: Toolbar Icons for Flickr, BrightKite, Google Reader, and FriendFeed.
-BrowsaBrowsaPlugIn: New option for "Navigation Bar is always hidden". Nice for those sites (like Hahlo.com) where the "navbar appears when moused over" option is annoying.
-BrowsaBrowsaPlugIn: Improved UserAgent String behavior and fixed some UAString UI glitches.
-ThumbnailPlugIn: Fixed resolution of URLs beginning with "https://".

Version | Release Date: 2008-09-13 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: Much improved "View Source" window with line numbers, syntax highlighting and text search.
  • FluidInstance.app: Browser-integrated "Find" panel with "Search-as-you-type".
  • FluidInstance.app: Much improved "Downloads" window with resumable downloads and resizable window.
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX: clicking 'Clear' button in the Downloads window only clears non-active downloads. Downloads in progress are not affected.
  • FluidInstance.app: Improved integration with WebInspector. Removed old JS Console, now uses the JS Console built into the Web Inspector. New Menu Items for displaying Web Inspector features - look under "Window" main menu.
  • FluidInstance.app: Added Fluid-specific User-agent string which is selected by default in new SSBs. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Fluid/0.9.4 Safari/525.13. Also changed the UA-string selection behavior to truly automatically select this by default going forward. The bad news is that older Fluid SSBs which are updated will not pick up the new User-agent automatically the first time. you will have to manually select the new Default the first time for existing software-updated SSBs. Otherwise the SSB will continue to use the previously selected or defaulted UA string.
  • FluidInstance.app: New preference in Plug-in Preferences pane. "New windows automatically display visible Plug-ins from previous window". Off by default (which is a change from previous versions where this was always on).
  • FluidInstance.app: Added support for tr.im URL expansion.
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX: installing the Gears Beta plugin no longer breaks the User-Agent submenu in the Application menu.
  • FluidInstance.app: FIX: fixed borked downforeveryoneorjustme.com command.
  • BrowsaBrowsaPlugIn: TinyURL expansion/creation context menu items work in plugin WebViews just like the main browser WebViews
Version | Release Date: 2008-07-26 | Download
No changes specified
Version | Release Date: 2008-07-24 | Download
No changes specified
Version | Release Date: 2008-05-11 | Download

Fluid May 12, 2008

* FluidInstance.app: New Theme: Bringin' Sexy Black
* FluidInstance.app: Userscripts linked from Userscripts.org are now installed just like all other Userscripts: via a sheet that prompts you for installation. (previously Userscripts linked from userscripts.org were installed differently - as a download.)

Fluid May 7, 2008

* FluidInstance.app: Bugfix: Browser windows now responding correctly to mouse moved / mouse over events.
* FluidInstance.app: JS API Bugfix: Fix for buggy Growl Notification icon JS API.

Fluid May 6, 2008

* FluidInstance.app: Bugfix: Reactivating an SSB with no open browser windows now opens a new Browser window (this was a bug introduced in 0.9.1)
* FluidInstance.app: JS API: Specify custom icons for Growl notifications. fluid.showGrowlNotification({title:"", description:"", icon:"" ...}). icon property is either a string URL or a reference to an HTML <img> element from the current page. The element reference is preferred and provides better performance.

Version 0.9 | Release Date: 2008-04-20 | Download
  • Fluid.app: Bugfix: Fix for crasher when clicking a 'Media' item in the sidebar of the 'select other icon...' open dialog.
  • FluidInstance.app: Option to restore last browsing session. Restores window size, placement, and open tabs. On by default. Look in General Preference Pane.
  • FluidInstance.app: Bugfix: Gmail and Google Reader SSBs no longer spawn empty/unnecessary windows when deferring browsing to the system default browser.
  • FluidInstance.app: Option to open links in default web browser in the background.
  • FluidInstance.app: Drag links to existing tabs or unused space in the tab bar to open the link in the existing tab or a new tab.
  • FluidInstance.app: Double click empty space in the tab bar to create a new tab.
  • FluidInstance.app: Click and hold on the back or forward toolbar button to see a popup menu with the back or forward list (just like in Safari.)
  • FluidInstance.app: yubnub command support added to search field.
  • FluidInstance.app: Improved Bookmarks window with Undo/Redo editing.
  • FluidInstance.app: Width of main menu in the menu bar reduced by icons for the Userscripts and Plug-in menus.
  • FluidInstance.app: ESC key now exits Fullscreen mode.
  • Thumbnail Plug-in: XPath support added as alternative to CSS Selectors in Plug-in Preference Pane.
  • Thumbnail Plug-in: Thumbnails will reload if you explicitly reload a page with a thumbnail-enabled URL.
Version | Release Date: 2008-04-15 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: Bugfix: Thumbnail Plug-in now configurable using CSS in the Preferences window.
  • FluidInstance.app: Thumbnail Plug-in: FriendFeed customization added.
Version 0.8.9 | Release Date: 2008-04-14 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: Thumbnail Plug-in bundled.
  • FluidInstance.app: Cliboard Plug-in now bundled.
  • FluidInstance.app: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com support in File Menu and context menus when links are right-clicked.
  • FluidInstance.app: Bugfix: Plug-ins remember their view placement across launches.
Version 0.8.8 | Release Date: 2008-04-09 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: Bugfix: improved support for Gmail.
  • FluidInstance.app: Bugfix: improved support for Google Apps for your Domain. (BIG thanks to Jamie Kahn Genet for helping figure this out.)
  • FluidInstance.app: Improved support for VoiceOver.
  • Fluid.app: Improved support for VoiceOver.
Version 0.8.7 | Release Date: 2008-04-08 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: Browsing whitelists/blacklists for matching allowed/disallowed URLs against configurable pattern strings in the "Advanced" Preferences pane.
  • FluidInstance.app: Improved Support for Google Apps for your Domain.
  • FluidInstance.app: Improved Support for Gmail.
  • FluidInstance.app: Custom User-Agent Strings (in each SSB's Application menu).
Version 0.8.6 | Release Date: 2008-04-04 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: Plug-In API!
  • FluidInstance.app: "Photo Browser" added for iPhoto-like image browsing. Main Menu -> View -> Photo Browser (control-option-command-b)
  • FluidInstance.app: Preference to "Open new links from other Applications" in new tab or new window.
  • FluidInstance.app: "Create TinyURL" from context menu when you right click a link.
  • FluidInstance.app: "New Userscript" menu item creates a new Userscript template, places it in this SSB's Userscripts dir, activates it, and opens it in your default text editor.
  • FluidInstance.app: JS API: fluid.dockBadge = "foo" - The dockBadge feature is now exposed as a read/write property of the fluid object, rather than a method. The method is deprecated, but will probably remain.
  • FluidInstance.app: JS API: fluid.hide() - Hide this SSB application. Available only to local Userscripts.
  • FluidInstance.app: JS API: fluid.unhide() - Unhide this SSB application. Available only to local Userscripts.
  • FluidInstance.app: JS API: fluid.activate() - Bring this SSB application to the front. Available only to local Userscripts.
  • FluidInstance.app: JS API: fluid.terminate() - Quit this SSB application. Available only to local Userscripts.
  • FluidInstance.app: JS API: fluid.include(pathStr) - Eval a local JavaScript file located at the given path. Available only to local Userscripts.
  • FluidInstance.app: JS API: fluid.applicationPath - a string path to this SSB's .app bundle directory ("/path/to/MySSB.app/"). Available only to local Userscripts.
  • FluidInstance.app: JS API: fluid.resourcePath - a string path to this SSB's Resources directory ("/path/to/MySSB.app/Contents/Resources/"). Available only to local Userscripts.
  • FluidInstance.app: JS API: fluid.userscriptPath - a string path to this SSB's Userscripts ("/Users/Mandy/Library/Application\ Support/Fluid/SSB/Campfire/Userscripts") directory. Available only to local Userscripts.
  • FluidInstance.app: JS API: fluid.log(obj) - This method is now only available from Userscripts.
Version 0.8.5 | Release Date: 2008-03-07 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: *Real* Fix for bug where 'Enabled/Disabled' state of Userscripts would not persist across application launches.
  • FluidInstance.app: New JS API: window.fluid.log(obj). Accepts any datatype, calls .toString() method. Logs to system log
  • FluidInstance.app: New JS API: window.fluid.beep(). Sounds system beep.
  • FluidInstance.app: New JS API: window.fluid.playSoundNamed(nameString). Plays system sound if name is valid.
  • FluidInstance.app: New JS API: XmlTextReader. Native JavaScript bridge to libxml2's XmlTextReader API for XML pull parsing.
  • FluidInstance.app: New JS API: Mozilla JavaScript SOAP API implementation.
  • FluidInstance.app: JS API Change: window.fluid.setDockBadge(obj) Now accepts any datatype, calls .toString() method.
  • FluidInstance.app: JS API Change: window.fluid.showGrowlNotification() argument now has two additional parameters: onclick and identifier. Both are optional. onclick is a JavaScript callback function called when user clicks on the Growl Notification. identifier is a string used to coalesce multiple notifications with the same identifier.
Version 0.8.3 | Release Date: 2008-03-04 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: Bug fix for a common crasher introduced in 0.8 (Crash log will show -[TODAppDelegate fetchHomeURL] in crashed thread).
  • FluidInstance.app: Bugg fix: Disabling Preference: "Fluid attempts to show Dock Badges" actually works now.
  • FluidInstance.app: SSBs are smarter about what URLs match the "home URL".
Version 0.8.2 | Release Date: 2008-03-03 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: Bug fix for issue where Visit Userscripts.org menu item caused multiple windows to open.
  • FluidInstance.app: SSBs are smarter about what URLs match the "home URL".
  • FluidInstance.app: URLs that fail to load no longer appear in the address bar autocomplete popup.
Version 0.8.1 | Release Date: 2008-03-02 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: "Open Userscripts Folder" menu item added so you can easily find the Userscripts directory.
  • FluidInstance.app: Fix for bug introduced in 0.8 where new tabs would sometimes not show any web content.
  • FluidInstance.app: Fix for bug where window.open() would sometimes not result in a new window.
  • FluidInstance.app: New Preferences Window with several tabs for different categories of options.
  • FluidInstance.app: Preference: Enable/Disable PlugIns.
  • FluidInstance.app: Preference: Enable/Disable Java.
  • FluidInstance.app: Preference: Enable/Disable JavaScript.
  • FluidInstance.app: Preference: Configure Cookie Accept policy. (Allows you to say which domains you will accept a cookie from. Still *does not* separate SSB cookie Jars.).
  • FluidInstance.app: Preference: Set "Standard Font" for web content.
  • FluidInstance.app: Preference: Set "Fixed Width Font" for web content.
  • FluidInstance.app: Preference: Enable/Disable image loading.
Version 0.8 | Release Date: 2008-02-28 | Download
  • Fluid.app: Fluid now tries to fetch a site's "apple-touch-icon" before trying to fetch its favicon.
  • Fluid.app: Fluid offers to overwrite any existing application with the same name and location as the new app you're creating.
  • FluidInstance.app: Bookmarks Manager/Menu/Bar.
  • FluidInstance.app: Integrated Userscript support (think Greasemonkey) provided by GreaseKit.
  • FluidInstance.app: Block PopUps menu item/keyboard command just like Safari.
  • FluidInstance.app: Resizable Search Field in browser toolbar.
  • FluidInstance.app: "Create TinyURL for this page" menu item/keyboard command added. The TinyURL is placed on the system clipboard and a Growl Notification is shown.
  • FluidInstance.app: More JavaScript API: Add Dock menu items from JavaScript for your SSB. fluid.addDockMenuItem(title, callback)
  • FluidInstance.app: Toggle the visibility of a browser window status bar (bottom of the window).
  • FluidInstance.app: Toggle the visibility of a browser window tab bar when there's only one tab open.
  • FluidInstance.app: Make Text Standard size (command-0). (returns text to normal size after increasing or decreasing.)
  • FluidInstance.app: Improved address bar autocompletion: semi-transparent popup suggestions list now appears automatically.
  • FluidInstance.app: Continuous Spell-Checking (red dotted line) enabled for text fields and text areas.
  • FluidInstance.app: Frontmost WebView has keyboard focus immediately after entering fullscreen mode.
  • FluidInstance.app: Improved address field progress bar rendering.
Version 0.7 | Release Date: 2008-01-19 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: JavaScript window.fluid API: fluid.setDockBadge(), fluid.showGrowlNotification()
  • FluidInstance.app: JavaScript Error Console displays script errors to help you debug the new window.fluid api.
  • FluidInstance.app: textarea elements now resizable by default as in Safari 3.0.
  • FluidInstance.app: Bugfix: Web Search vs. Site Search is now sticky.
  • FluidInstance.app: Bugfix: Pages without an explicit HTML title (.txt files, .js files, etc) now show URL as the title in the window title bar and history menu.
  • FluidInstance.app: Bugfix: switching away from, and then back to a tab that is still loading will now display the correct progress in the url address text field.
  • FluidInstance.app: Bugfix: Beep sounds when you search for a string not present on the current page.
Version 0.6 | Release Date: 2008-01-07 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: Much imporoved download support with basic (yet ugly) Downloads Window/Manager.
  • FluidInstance.app: Draggable Favicons displayed in URL location field in browser windows.
  • FluidInstance.app: RSS/Atom/Feed detection displays "RSS" button in status bar which will add feed to your system-default news reader much like Safari.
  • FluidInstance.app: Fixed bug where new windows would not open home page initially even though the preferences window said that was the setting.
  • FluidInstance.app: Confirmation panel is run when you attempt to close a window with multiple tabs or quit the app when multiple tabs are open.
  • FluidInstance.app: Improved Dock Menu and mailto: URL support for Gmail SSBs that are system default mail readers.
  • FluidInstance.app: Improved "Add Subscription" handling support for Google Reader SSBs that are system default news readers.
  • FluidInstance.app: Progress Indicator in status bar is now hidden when not animating.
Version 0.5 | Release Date: 2008-01-03 | Download

Fluid 0.5 includes optional tabbed browsing, browsing history, optional browsing to urls outside the SSB "home" domain, Dock badges and Dock menus for Gmail, Google Reader, Facebook, Flickr, and Yahoo! Mail, auto-software updates via the Sparkle Update framework, custom SSB installation paths, and custom SSB icons.

Version 0.4 | Release Date: 2007-12-29 | Download
  • FluidInstance.app: Dock Badges for "unread count" in Gmail, Google Reader, and Yahoo! Mail just like Mail.app
  • FluidInstance.app: New Windows are sized and positioned the same as the last window's current size & position (including across app launchings)
  • FluidInstance.app: You can set Yahoo Mail SSBs as system default Mail client in Mail.app prefs, and they will now accept incoming mailto: links. Upon accepting, they activate and begin composing a new message to the url given.
  • FluidInstance.app: Gmail compose email addr auto-suggest works now.
  • FluidInstance.app: Yahoo Mail gets Dock Menu support: "Get New Mail" and "Compose New Message".
  • FluidInstance.app: Google Reader SSB can be set as system default feed reader in Safari prefs and will accept RSS/Atom/feed urls from other apps like Safari to "Add Subscription".
  • FluidInstance.app: SSBs can now run local Ruby on Rails webapps.
  • Fluid.app: Remembers chosen Installation dir across launches.
  • Fluid.app: dragging a URL proxy icon to the Fluid icon in the dock opens Fluid and enters that URL into the Fluid "URL" text field.
Version 0.3 | Release Date: 2007-12-17 | Download
  • Fluid.app: Ability to add custom icons
  • FluidInstance.app: View source window title correctly shows current URL
  • FluidInstance.app: fixed bug: Google site search wouldn't work on newly spawned windows
  • Fluid webapp icon community started on Flickr
Version 0.2 | Release Date: 2007-12-15 | Download
  • Both: Sparkle Update framework support added for ultra-convenient software updates
  • Fluid.app: Allow user to Select custom App install path
  • Fluid.app: fixed: Clicking the Create button wouldn't work until the "Name" text field lost focus.
  • Fluid.app: "Show Main Window" menu item added
  • FluidInstance.app: Toolbar "Home" button now has appropriate icon
  • FluidInstance.app: mailto: links now supported
  • FluidInstance.app: command-shift-f now exits Full Screen mode
  • Both: German i18n
Version 0.1 | Release Date: 2007-12-12 | Download
No changes specified