Alfred 2

Licence: Shareware (30£)
Version 2.2 | Release Date: 2014-03-12 | Download

• New debugging options for Workflows. Click the bug icon when editing a workflow. Debug filtering options available such as selecting the unique object you would like to see the debug info for, and error or full log info. Additional debugging refinement added during pre-release.
• New organisation options and filtering for workflows, with categorisation. Available in Workflow preferences search drop-down
• Copy and Paste workflow objects e.g. from one workflow to another
• Added option on workflow list popup menu to duplicate workflows
• Default support for added for creating emails with attachments
• Option to use metadata for contacts search instead of Address Book API. Gives better word based and diacritic matching.
• Singapore added to the web locations
• Improve Alfred’s knowledge sorting for fixed and unique filter results (e.g. a hotkey attached to file filter, or uniquely selecting the ‘open’ file search)
• Correctly detect and format addresses in the contact viewer, fixes issue where e.g. US address formatting wasn't correct
• Clarify the 1Password advanced prefs for 1Password 3 and 1Password 4 differences
• Add some Amazon web localisations for AU, BR, CN, MX, IN instead of falling back to
• Improved reindexing with option to delete /.Spotlight-V100/ for most thorough metadata reindex
• Add back in touching folders to latest timestamp to enhance subsequent sorting in Alfred (and Spotlight). Preference in Alfred’s Features > File Search > Advanced
• Multi-selection now allowed in Workflows for re-categorisation and deletion
• Respect alternative metadata names in app cache for better internationalised matching
• Request contacts access on starting Alfred rather than first searching for better user experience
• List hotkeys in correct order to match Apple’s HCI guidelines (ctrl, alt, shift, cmd)
• More efficient fixed font loading
• Show contact suffix if available, e.g. BSc
• Ensure that multi part surnames are found in Alfred e.g. Mc Smith
• Nicer icon for the ‘tags’ keyword similar to Finder’s tag icon
• Prevent smart quotes in the AppleScript workflow action editor
• Fix text in reindex terminal window as dot is no longer shown in Spotlight magnifying glass when reindexing
• Remove non working Appsfire web search as it now uses AJAX and Appsfire are shifting business models
• Remove irrelevant popup options when there is an invalid workflow
• Update Google images / maps URLs to newer format (non subdomain)
• Remove (+) copy mouse icon when dragging fallback categories in preferences
• Remove erroneous ‘Name:’ label from File Action trigger preferences
• Improve reliability of multi-file buffer grid preview (actions view) on hovering mouse
• Ensure object is correctly re-selected in workflow editor when resizing window, or showing the workflow debugger
• Remove ability to use Dropbox’s Apps folder for syncing as this is still causing quirks for a small number of users (only affects new syncs)
• Better unicode support for full URLs in the Open URL workflow action
• Remove window flicker when using the “Use Spotlight metadata for searching contacts” and opening contact in Alfred
• Reset the iTunes XML patch cache when reloading the music library
• Fall back to workflow icon if icon is nil in Script Filter (currently shows a folder icon)
• Turn off smart quotes and substitutions by default for snippets editor
• Fix incorrect tooltips in workflow editor
• Improved rendering in workflow editor canvas
• Code refinement and performance enhancements

Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2013-03-08 | Download
No changes specified