Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 1.6 | Release Date: 2014-10-07 | Download

Enhanced publishing significantly improves publishing changed Web page files
Option to not include new pages in the navigation bar so your entire site doesn't have to be republished
If you change the name of an asset to use @2x it will be used appropriately for retina images
Retina CSS is not included if there aren't Retina images
Fixed PayPal widget button not appearing until you modify an option under Widget settings
Fixed the default background color for the nav bar mouse over sub menus being exported as white instead of gray
You can now enter anchors within the External Link field
Fixed a crash when pressing the Add Page button while publishing your website
Fixed issue with Facebook widget not appearing in preview
Fixed contact form labels so they don't wrap to a second line
Fixed navigation bar issues
Fixed issue with header/footer code field marking entire site as modified when copying text from it

Version 1.5 | Release Date: 2014-07-24 | Download

[NEW] Image Gallery setting to set the size of images (small, medium, large or no change)
[NEW] Publish Entire Site will now remove all unused pages, assets and directories for a fresh upload. (note: this will not remove any files from the server, it just won\'t publish unused items anymore)
[NEW] Optimized creating new websites and adding new pages so the templates window is more responsive
[NEW] Inspector is automatically hidden when in publishing settings
[NEW] Optimizations for publishing sites with large image galleries
[CHG] Previewing goes back to using online version of jquery instead of using local version to help improve publishing speeds
[FIX] Pages no longer marked as changed just by clicking in the design area
[FIX] Fixed an issue with converting curly quotes
[FIX] Fixed a rare issue where images would not publish properly if project file was in a directory containg a \' or \"
[FIX] Image dragging widget now works when there is no pagination
[FIX] Contact form will now work no matter what your publish settings are set to
[FIX] RSS Widget links now work on iOS devices
[FIX] Duplicate and Delete page commands in menu bar now work properly with Master Pages
[FIX] Changing the name of a directory properly publishes the child pages
[FIX] Deleting all passwords from a directory will properly remove password protection
[FIX] Fixed an issue with mobile websites not loading properly if they weren\'t explicitly set to a page on your site
[FIX] Fixed some crashes with the undo function
[FIX] Fixed a crash when right clicking on the site name
[FIX] Fixed issues with drag and dropping assets onto EverWeb
[FIX] Internal CSS files are only published if their content has actually changed
[FIX] Fixed issue with re-opening a website that was in fullscreen mode when quitting
[FIX] Fixed issues with exporting the image gallery. Sometimes they wouldn\'t export with the correct number of columns
[FIX] fixed an issue where images copied and pasted or dropped from another source may appear darker in EverWeb

Version 1.4 | Release Date: 2014-06-10 | Download

[NEW] Specify captions for images
[NEW] Captions are used as ALT text
[NEW] Image gallery is now centered
[NEW] Specify number of columns for the image gallery
[NEW] New vertical alignment option for images
[NEW] Specify how many images per page you want to see
[NEW] New image orientation mode (portrait, landscape or rectangle)
[NEW] Drag and drop multiple items, or delete multiple items from the Image Gallery's Assets list
[NEW] Option to show/hide social buttons in SlideShow
[NEW] You can now link to specific pages on an image gallery since they all have a unique URL
[NEW] Removed limit on size of images in Image Gallery
[NEW] You can now change the styling and the alignment of the Image Gallery pagination/navigation
[FIX] Faster scaling of thumbnails
[FIX] Faster/improved dragging and dropping of images
[FIX] Fixed issue with using spacing and frames not properly drawing the image frame
[FIX] Jpegs with image frames get exported as PNGs so transparency works properly
[FIX] Fixed drag and dropping of images within Image Gallery

[NEW] Add multiple images at once by dragging and dropping them in the Widget Settings
[NEW] Delete multiple images at once from the Widget Settings

[NEW] New Separator color option in drop down menus
[NEW] New show/hide separator line in drop down menus
[NEW] Fixed issue with mouse overs and drop down menus disappearing within EverWeb
[NEW] Added first, next and previous options for linking under the hyperlink tab

[NEW] New "Publishing Settings" option under File menu
[NEW] A new "Master Page" menu item under the File menu
[NEW] Pages now preview in browsers properly without an internet connection
[NEW] Larger code entry field for the HTML Snippets widget
[NEW] If the crash reporter can't send an email it will ask if you want to use your email client
[NEW] Added delete button to the web page password list
[NEW] Can now specify a sub directory when publishing to an FTP server
[NEW] Can now sort project files by last modified or name
[NEW] The ability to disable secure publishing for users who cannot connect to secure transfers when publishing to an EverWeb Server
[NEW] Sliders in widgets now have an input field to enter an exact amount
[NEW] Fancy quotes are always converted to regular quotes in the Page Header/Footer sections
[FIX] Websites work properly on iOS when using RSS widget
[FIX] Fixed publishing problems with assets that have / or \' in their file names
[FIX] Fixed crash with adding reflections to really large images
[FIX] Moving or renaming a project while it is opened in EverWeb won't cause issues when saving or publishing anymore
[FIX] Project is set to modified when using the positional fields in the metric inspector
[FIX] Fixed issue with colors for widgets changing slightly
[FIX] Fixed issue with colors in default styles changing slightly
[FIX] Fixed issue with default colors window not coming to the foreground when it is already opened and you access it from the menu
[FIX] Fixed issue with just changing the case of letters in the page names
[FIX] Rotated text is properly converted to an image so it exports correctly
[FIX] Contact form now works even if you include a \' in the thank you message field
[FIX] Fixed a crash when resizing objects to a very small width
[FIX] Fixed pages not being marked as changed when using some of the Inspector options
[FIX] Fixed some rare issues that can lead to project corruption (removing the entire name of a page)
[FIX] Automatically removes extra spaces in email address for the contact form to avoid issues
[FIX] Fixed issue with EverWeb not remembering the last publishing location
[FIX] Drag and droping assets drops them in a proper location on the design canvas
[FIX] Fixed text margin issues on retina mac's
[FIX] Fixed an issue with text being exported as an image when it shouldn't be
[FIX] Fixed crash when using Home and Page End keys on keyboard
[FIX] Fixed an issue where using a site name with a space and 404 not found pages would result in an Internal Server Error
[FIX] Reflections now working when height of an image is greater than 512px

Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2014-01-29 | Download

- New Master Pages feature lets you design your site once have your changes automatically applied to every other page on your website
- Images can now be resized while masking/cropping
- New shapes aren't limited to a height of 25 pixels, they can be any height
- New Blank Theme option
- PDF images are now exported as PNGs
- Improved performance of loading, saving and working with large website projects
- Fixed horizontal scrollbar in publishing settings screen
- Fixed 1 pixel line between Web Page List and Web Page Designer
- Fixed an issue with the selection Rectangle not properly unselecting shapes
- Fixed a crash with certain RSS Feeds
- Fixed text-shadows on published sites
- Images added to your website with single quotes in the file name will be stripped of the quotes so they don't causes issues when publishing
- Fixed an issue with contact forms and mobile sites not working properly when publishing to a folder
- Forward delete button now works properly when editing text objects
- Fixed certain crashes when publishing websites
- Entire website won't have to be re-published when updating a page description
- Fixed various crashes and other issues

Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2013-12-03 | Download
No changes specified