Digital Performer

Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 6.02 | Release Date: 2009-02-05 | Download

Digital Performer 6.02 Read Me

Thank you for installing Digital Performer 6.02. 

For a more comprehensive list of new updates, please refer to New Features in DP 6.pdf, available under Digital Performer's Help menu.

OS X 10.5 Leopard Compatibility:
Digital Performer 6.02 is fully compatible with OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Minimum System Requirements:
Digital Performer 6 requires a G4 1GHz Power Mac with 1 GB RAM running Mac OSX 10.4.7 (Tiger) or higher to install and run. A 17-inch (or larger) monitor is highly recommended.

Universal Binary:
This version of Digital Performer is fully compatible with Intel based Mac systems, as well as PowerPC-based G4 and G5 Mac computers.

Pro Tools | HD System Requirements:
Digital Performer supports DAE version 7.2 or later with the following Digidesign Pro Tools systems:

• Pro Tools | HD (1, 2 or 3)
• Pro Tools | HD Accel

As new versions of Pro Tools/DAE are released please check for qualification updates.

Users of previous versions of Digital Performer
Please refer to chapter 10 in the Digital Performer Getting Started Guide for information on new features and changes from previous versions of DP.

Additionally, please note that the Digital Performer application is now installed directly into the Applications folder. The following items have been moved or removed:

• The "Clicks" and "Grooves" folders have moved to /Library/Application Support/MOTU/Digital Performer. Move any custom click or groove files from previous versions into these folders.

• Extras folder:

- Expansion Board has been removed. To configure expansion boards for your MIDI devices, go to the Bundles window, select the MIDI Devices tab, and open the device's Properties window to the Patches tab.

- FreeMIDI is no longer included. Please use Audio MIDI Setup to configure your virtual studio manually.

- The "Use me to calibrate your audio" project is no longer included.

Changes and new features in Versions 6.01 and 6.02
Please see New Features in DP 6 for details on the following:

Version 6.02
• QuickScribe enhancements
• Control Panel transparency and float options
• Audio File preferences
• Audio recording error preference
• Tracks Window divider
• Soundbite Window scroll bar
• Realtime hours field
• Virtual port connections for Control Surfaces
• Markers menu
• Shortcuts window
• Final Cut Pro XML Import alerts
• Command & key binding changes
• Other miscellaneous changes

Version 6.01
• Configuring the Information windows and Information Bar
• Selection Information window
• Track Inspector
• Plug-in real-time preferences
• Final Cut Pro XML Import & Export
• CoreMIDI Patch Thru
• Snapshot button
• Consolidated Window body row close buttons


Thank you.  We hope you enjoy using Digital Performer 6.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.


The Digital Performer Development Team

Version 6.01 | Release Date: 2008-09-01 | Download

This maintenance release includes numerous program enhancements and optimizations, including the handy new Track Inspector, new preferences for running plug-ins in real time, enhancements to Final Cut Pro XML interchange, improved on-line help, new shortcuts for configuring info windows and info bars, and many other program improvements and optimizations

Version 5.12 | Release Date: 2007-06-25 | Download

This maintenance release includes numerous program enhancements and optimizations, including the ability to mix and match sample formats within a session, native operation under Japanese systems, and many program enhancements and optimizations.

Version 5.1 | Release Date: 2006-07-27 | Download

Universal Binary, among other things...

Version 5.0.1 | Release Date: 2006-07-19 | Download

DP 5.01 Maintenance Update Now Available
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Digital Performer 5.01 is now available as a free update to DP5 users. This maintenance update includes numerous enhancements including:

* Improved MIDI playback performance
* Improved QuickTime playback
* Optimized overall performance in very large projects
* Improved the display of text under some international systems
* Added optimizations to new instruments (BassLine, Model12, Modulo, nanosampler, PolySynth, and Proton)
* Updated Help files

Version 3.1 | Release Date: 2006-07-19 | Download
No changes specified