Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 2.3.0 | Release Date: 2013-04-12 | Download

What’s new in Paperless 2.3.0?

Feature Additions

Added the ability to create smart collections that search the content of the OCR Text field.

Bug Fixes

Resolved a specific cause of an issue where Paperless would hang while updating the Spotlight Index.


Made changes the the way that Paperless organizes source files within the library file. As a result, Paperless should move and rename source files less frequently. We suspect that Paperless’s previous method of moving and renaming files (which it has done since it’s early days as Receipt Wallet) could contribute to a problem that some users observed, where library items could appear to be missing from the Paperless library, or become “disassociated” from the database – making them appear with blank thumbnails. We expect that this change will decrease the likelihood that users will see these “missing” library item problems.

Removed the preference “Append Date to filenames” from Paperless preferences.

Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2010-04-17 | Download
  • Improved Spotlight indexing: Made a number of changes to improve spotlight indexing of Paperless library contents so items inside Paperless libraries can be found via spotlight searches. Please note that PDFs inside Paperless libraries still need to be scanned or created with OCR software in order to be searchable by content. These types of PDF's are known as Image + text PDF's
  • Fixed Page Number and Scale toolbar buttons: Fixed crashes that would occur using the page and scale buttons in the preview window
  • Changed the default toolbar in the preview window: The preview window's default toolbar now contains Rotate Left and Rotate right buttons.
  • Fixed a problem where scans might not be directed to Paperless from a ScanSnap: Fixed a problem that would cause a receipt or document to fail to import correctly if scanned by pressing the scan button on a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner when Paperless is not launched
  • Disabled the Library Info window while item details are being entered into a library: The Library window would previously display blank when a scan was in progress.
  • Updated Help to include new version info
  • Updated the user guide to reflect recent changes
Version 1.2.1 | Release Date: 2010-02-18 | Download

Mariner Software, developers and publishers of professional and personal software, has released Paperless 1.2, the company’s document management application for Mac OS X. Showcased in the release is a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner auto-detection integration that prompts Paperless to automatically configure itself and trigger the ScanSnap for scanning. Also included in Paperless 1.2 are significant bug fixes including thumbnail display enhancements and improvement when using the Neat scanner.

Version 1.0.1 | Release Date: 2009-09-26 | Download

Interim Snow Leopard compatibility release. It fixes a number of crashes and provides greater stability when running on Mac OS 10.6 and 10.6.1. There are still a few outstanding issues with Paperless 1.0.1 on Snow Leopard that we are working to resolve. We will release a new version as we resolve additional issues.

Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2009-01-31 | Download
  • Fixed handling of " and ' in searches
  • New libraries that are encrypted are using AES-256 (instead of AES-128)
  • Fixed auto fill in
  • If the backup reminder is on the screen, printing to ReceiptWallet now dismisses the dialog so the import can continue.
  • Metadata is now written to PDFs even if the library is encrypted.
  • Fixed issue where receipt list wasn't scrolled to top when opening a library under certain circumstances.
  • Chagned merchant reconigition to better match merchants.
  • Set minimum window size so that items in the drawer wouldn't get squashed.
  • Fixed thumbnail naming to give each thumbnail a globally unique name.
  • Changed alignment in info drawer.
  • Fixed crash when moving a collection to/from the top level collections.
Version 2.0.8 | Release Date: 2008-10-05 | Download
  • Fixed crash when \ was in search box.
  • Hitting cancel button when removing a sub category/payment method now works.
  • If the backup reminder is on the screen, printing to ReceiptWallet now dismisses the dialog so the import can continue.
  • Fixed issue where using location set to Switzerland, ReceiptWallet would not total values in SFr. (and other currencies that use ' as the thousands separator) if they were over 1000.
  • Updated to latest Sparkle version.
Version 2.0.6 | Release Date: 2008-07-17 | Download
  • Added ability to encrypt libraries.
  • CoverFlow view no longer always uses square images.
  • Changed TWAIN flag to hopefully fix scanner issues.
  • If adding a page from the ScanSnap, ReceiptWallet now searches all open windows for the first window that is waiting for a page to be added.
  • Updated to latest Tesseract OCR engine (update applies to Intel machines only).
  • Changed auto-fill so that if it pre-populates the category/payment method fields and the merchant is changed, those fields are re-populated. If the fields are touched manually, they aren't re-populated.
  • Now cleans up temp directory after updating.
  • Updated to latest Sparkle version.
  • Worked on TWAIN issues with HP Scanners, in particular ADF and scanning second sides
  • Addressed additional issues with HP scanners where the driver would report the incorrect size (in some cases) when scanning in black and white leading to a crash.
  • Linefeeds in notes fields are now stripped on CSV export.
  • Changed autofill to reduce entry time.
  • Fixed totaling of receipts under certain conditions.
  • If a combobox is displayed when entering information about a new receipt/document and the return key is hit, it only selects the item in the box and doesn't dismiss the window.
  • Better handling of scanner failure codes.
  • Loading of CoverFlow view is now delayed at startup in order to prevent crashing.
  • Fixed building thumbnails in CoverFlow view with certain receipts/documents.
  • Fixed memory leak when building thumbnails.
  • Fixed crash printing from receipt view window.
  • Added smart collection criteria "in the last x days"
Version 2.0.5 | Release Date: 2008-06-19 | Download
  • Fixed typo in import multiple dialog.
  • If the same item is added to the import queue (by dragging and dropping onto the app icon or via a droplet), that item is ignored. This works around an apparent HP bug in its scan to mechanism.
  • Integrated latest Sparkle update code.
  • Scan next now resets values for data entry.
  • Worked around EPSON scanner driver bug by not closing the data source at the end of the scan; note you CANNOT switch use 2 different scanners if you first use an EPSON scanner without quitting ReceiptWallet.
  • Fixed prompt for second side scanner setting.
  • Removed unused "Include archived data in reports" checkbox
  • When quitting, scanner object is now released in order to close TWAIN data source if it was left open (in the case of the EPSON scanner workaround)
  • Added Tax/VAT Field.
  • Leopard - rounded rectangles are now used for show details with thumbmnails.
  • Fixed issue where selected collections that are remembered between restarts didn't properly show the correct receipts.
  • Preliminary support for Image Capture scanners including the NEAT Receipts scanner; note that there aren't many devices that have properly working image capture drivers. This requires 10.5.3 or later.
  • Fixed issue removing a folder that had collections under it.
  • Trapped exception with binding when a library is closed.
  • Fixed a number of memory leaks.
  • Addressed issues re-ordering collections.
  • Addressed potential issue cancelling scans with some scanner drivers.
  • Added ability to alphabetize collections.
  • If viewing a PDF and a new item is dropped onto ReceiptWallet or opened via a droplet, a new receipt/document is created instead of presenting the user with an error.
Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2008-03-12 | Download

Merged DocumentWallet and ReceiptWallet. ReceiptWallet can now open DocumentWallet and ReceiptWallet Libraries
Multiple libraries are now supported
LEOPARD - Added ability to capture receipts from the iSight camera
LEOPARD - Added CoverFlow like view
LEOPARD - changed the collections table to be a source list type to change the background
Re-worked preferences UI
Data files can now easily be stored anywhere on disk
Now handles multi-page TIFFs
Object model version is now written to metadata on burned CD/DVDs
In certain instances where data was copied back from an archived CD, it is now writeable
Fixed handling of DD MMM YYYY recognition in OCR
Localized formatting for amounts is now used when exporting
Added a Recent Receipts/Documents item in the collection list
Fixed potential issue when thumbnail page wasn't set correctly
LEOPARD - Fixed issues upgrading from 1.1.x to 1.5.x/2.x
Scrollbars are now automatically hidden when not needed
Reworked date detection on OCR to better handle using system date formats
Fixed crashing bug dealing with serial numbers
Now handles reading data files from read only volumes
Removed unncessary logging
Fixed checking for read only files
Fixed crash when using the contextual menu when adding a receipt
Fixed issue with view receipt window's toolbar
Fixed add pages from ScanSnap when a receipt was open
Added Library Info panel
Fixed crash when adding page from scanner from View window
Fixed opening files from spotlight search
When doing a spotlight search, if there is more than 1 library open, the library that contains the item is now brought to the front
Beta versions now warn the user to backup data
Added option to view details with thumbnails
Drag and drop fixes
Optimizations for dealing with the main library collection
Negative amounts are now exported correctly
Added protection so that reporting an exception doesn't cause another exception
Title of document windows no longer have date
Fixed tabbing in details for receipt and document libraries
Fixed memory issue when handling images (could cause crash)
Window positions are now remembered and restored
No longer builds thumbnails prior to burning
Added ability to create droplet so that the user can setup ScanHelper to scan to the droplet and have it open the appropriate library
Removed localization for Receipts and Documents directories (these are inside of the Library package
Added additional protection against corrupt thumbnails
Beta versions now check for updates on each startup
Updated NDAlias source
More cleanup for localization
Added additional debugging code
Addressed crashing issue when removing a page from a PDF in certain instances
Addressed pageAtIndex issue when there was only one page in certain cases

Version 1.5.1 | Release Date: 2007-12-12 | Download

<li>Leopard: Default data store type is now SQLite for increased performance; it can be changed with: defaults write com.ggtenterprises.receiptwallet "Preferred Store Type" XML (or Binary or SQLite); if the database is shared or read only, it must be Binary or XML and this is handling automatically</li>
<li>When the data store type is changed, a backup copy of the previous data file (in whatever store type) is now preserved</li>
<li>If there is no data file, the sample item is only shown once</li>
<li>No longer attempts to write metadata to encrypted, unlocked PDFs</li>
<li>Fixed issue where changing to/from read only would quit the app</li>
<li>Fixed issue with OCR crashing on certain receipts</li>
<li>Pages can no longer be added or removed from locked or encrypted PDFs</li>
<li>Fixed date parsing for dates in the YYYY-MM-DD format</li>
<li>If the data folder is moved to another location and that location already contains a ReceiptWallet folder and the user chooses to move the existing library, the library at the new location is renamed as ReceiptWallet.old</li>
<li>If the Scan button is hit and there is no scanner, an alert now popups up telling the user the problem</li>
<li>Fixed Spotlight search where row of receipt wasn't selected</li>
<li>Main table is now selected after a Spotlight search
<li>If the app isn't running and a Spotlight search opens it, the receipt is now opened as the top window</li>
<li>Double clicking a .rwreceipt file now opens the receipt</li>
<li>No longer attempts to compress 1 bit images
<li>Fixed issue where it tried to write metadata to a readonly store</li>
<li>Added ability to combine receipts via a contextual menu</li>
<li>If a receipt window is open, deleting the receipt will close the window</li>
<li>Changed debug logging to create a file at ~/Library/Logs/ReceiptWallet.log instead of logging to console</li>
<li>Fixed overview drawer so that it doesn't close if it is open when new pages are added</li>
<li>Added code to prevent "NSInvalidArgumentException: *** -initForReadingWithData: nil argument"</li>
<li>Additional speed improvements</li>
<li>OCR temporary files are no longer written to the user's home directory</li>

Version 1.1.4 | Release Date: 2007-08-29 | Download
  • Added Mailsmith as a recognized email client for sending email; in addition, new scripts can be added into the app bundle in the form of sendemail_BUNDLEID where BUNDLEID is the email client's bundle ID with periods replaced by _, such as com_apple_mail
  • Fixed typo in registration failed alert
  • Added ability to set the thumbnail to a different page via the contextual menu when viewing a receipt
  • Accepted files (e.g. PDF, bmp, jpg, etc.) can now be dropped on the thumbnail view to import
  • Added URL scheme for registration to make registering easier
  • If multiple files are dropped onto the table, user can now choose to import as multiple receipts or as a single receipt
  • Added alert when selecting "Library is Read Only" so that people know what it does and don't set it without knowing why
  • Fixed flashing of table when importing (seen mostly in reverse date sorting)
  • Sorting on Merchant/Notes/Custom1/Custom2 are now done case insensitively (you may have to click on the columns again to resort)
  • Added ability to move a page via contextual menu when viewing PDF
  • Fixed some display issues on startup (there were some cases of slight flickering of the main window)
  • Fixed exception created when saving metadata under certain circumstances
  • Removed XML validation when opening data file as it appears to be too strict
  • Thumbnail is now updated when a page is removed
  • Added Eudora as a supported email client for Mailing
  • Added contextual menu item when viewing a receipt to add a page
  • Fixed issues with dates < about 1918
  • Non-compressed images now get manipulated to reduce the size when creating the PDF
Version 1.1.3 | Release Date: 2007-06-02 | Download
  • When adding pages to a receipt from the main window when the receipt is already open, the receipt is now updated without having to restart the app
  • Fixed issue where in some cases closing a receipt and re-opening it wouldn't load it from disk
  • Stability improvements especially with saving data
  • Added option to auto fill from previous receipts
  • Removed extraneous table columns
  • Fixed issue with currency matching on currencies that had abbreviations ending in period (.)
  • When updating a custom field label, the change immediately takes effect
  • Added option to show details in panel instead of drawer
  • If info drawer doesn't fit on the right, the main window is moved over to the left so that it fits
Version 1.1.2 | Release Date: 2007-05-15 | Download
  • Added alert when an exception is thrown to catch errors
  • Preferences file is now copied into data folder prior to backup so it gets backed up
  • Added auto fill for category and payment method if the merchant matches a previous entry; it picks up the last entry by date
  • Search now shows number found right below it (this is in addition to in the lower left corner)
  • Columns now resize when window is resized or columns are added/removed
  • Added ability to inidivudally rotate pages when viewing a receipt via contextual menu
  • Added ability to remove a single page when viewing a receipt via contextual menu
  • Register and purchase menu items are no longer available if the app is already registered
  • Command = now zooms in for preview views (in addition to command-shift-= which is command-+)
  • Fixed updating of receipt when adding pages
  • Addressed issues switching libraries
  • Re-worked how items are deleted to hopefully fix some issues
Version 1.1.1 | Release Date: 2007-04-25 | Download
  • Fixed issues with * in certain fields and searches
  • Fixed issue with date window popup location
  • If editing information and the app is quit, the information being edited is now saved
  • Added rotate left toolbar item
  • Added smart search option to find empty merchant, payment method, or category is empty
  • Fixed bug where attempting to add page(s) from ScanSnap on 2 different windows would yield strange results
  • If only one collection is selected and it is a smart collection, deleting the selected item will delete it from the Library, just like iPhoto does
  • If the thumbnails directory is removed, the database is now updated to remove the paths of the thumbnails so they can be regenerated
  • Added ability to remove pages from a receipt
  • Fixed smart collections
  • Receipts are now opened in actual size instead of zoom to fit size
  • Fixed rare issue where if adding receipts, the updating PDFs progress came up, it would cancel adding receipts
  • Added protection against "losing the library" if an item in the database became corrupt
  • Imported receipts are now pre-populated with keywords if the keywords were generated by ReceiptWallet; for instance, if you drag a receipt from ReceiptWallet and drag it back in, the metadata is pre-populated
  • When adding receipts, the thumbnail is generated immediately so that updating PDFs doesn't come up twice
  • Significantly reduced time that Updating PDFs is displayed
  • A backup of the data file is now stored in Backups in the data directory; this is backed up at most once a day and 3 backups are kept
Version 1.1.10 | Release Date: 2007-04-02 | Download
  • Fixed issue adding pages from ScanSnap with window open
  • Fixed issues where burn would fail
Version 1.0.9 | Release Date: 2007-03-28 | Download
  • Fixed bug when moving data folder and a receipt was selected
  • Fixed additional issues with purchasing
  • Added third custom field
  • Now checks for updates once a day instead of at each startup (this can be turned off)
  • Added ability to change entry type of the custom fields; note this only affects data entry
  • Added today as a range for smart collections
  • Added New Folder menu item
  • Fixed issues with items enabled
  • Addressed issues with new collections being created in random positions
  • Significantly improved Spotlight behavior such that each item is listed in the Spotlight results
  • Fixed issue with certain currency symbols including the Thai Bhat
  • Added ability to append multiple pages at once
  • License agreement moved to application instead of in disc image
  • Added ability to add pages from a Fujitsu ScanSnap
  • Fixed issue where drawer toolbar item had the wrong title if drawer was closed manually
Version 1.0.8 | Release Date: 2007-03-13 | Download

* Fixed printing of reports that had sub items
* Fixed issues with receipts that contain ?
* Added ability to choose alternate library at startup by holding down the option key
* If a receipt is locked and then the date or merchant name changed, RW will lose track of it; this has been fixed
* The thumbnail view maximum size is now doubled; however since the thumbnails are JPEGs, they may not completely readable
* Added option to put Backup on toolbar (customize toolbar to see it)
* Removed embedded store as it was causing too many problems

Version 1.0.7 | Release Date: 2007-03-08 | Download

* Added option to backup data
* Fixed issue with large amounts
* Now displays updating PDF after file is imported
* Added option to write metadata to PDFs
* Fixed issue adding and removing categories
* Added basic support for multiple machines accessing the same database; only one machine can write to the database and on the others, select "Data folder is read only". On the remote machines, every 5 minutes, it checks to see if the database has changed. If it has, the user is alerted and the database will be reloaded. While not the idle situation, it does work. Either the primary machine has to share its data folder or the data folder has to be placed on a server
* Added ability to export to Quicken QIF; make sure your payment method match Quicken accounts and your categories match Quicken categories. Also, you'll need to go into the Payment Methods window and change the type of each payment method
* If the date or merchant of a receipt is changed, the database is saved after 10 seconds of idle time; this is in case something happens, the reference to the underlying file is not lost
* If an invalid registration number is entered, an alert now tells the user
* Sending a single receipt via email now includes the notes
* Fixed issue entering notes in sub items when you added another sub item without tabbing out of the notes
* Fixed issue where reports wouldn't match items if the category contained ()

Version 1.0.6 | Release Date: 2007-03-03 | Download

Changes from 1.0.5

  • Fixed crash with memory based transfer for some scanners with some scan settings
  • When cancelling an import, if there are multiple files queued, the user is now prompted to cancel all or just the current one
  • Fixed AppleScript support
  • If a receipt is selected from the thumbnail view, the Delete menu item now says Delete Receipt
  • If a receipt is selected from the thumbnail view, delete from the toolbar and menu now both work
  • Folders can now be dropped on the application icon and all files will be imported (and it will walk down the sub folders)
  • Import action now pulls in files from sub folders
  • Folders of files can now be dropped on the collections or my tables and imported
  • If a receipt merchant is changed, the underlying filename is also changed
  • Fixed title when importing by dragging to table
  • Added importing dialog when dragging to app icon
  • Receipts can now be dropped on Library collection
  • Spotlight metadata no longer contains duplicate items
  • PDF Attributes are now written out on the main thread
  • Add page(s) to receipt is now an item in the contextual menu
  • Fixed double display of importing dialog (in some cases)
  • Fixed beeping when dragging files onto the app icon when the add receipt window is open
  • Metadata is no longer written to "locked" PDFs
  • Pages can no longer be added to "locked" PDFs
  • Temporary files are now removing when canceling an import
  • If Entourage is the default client for mailto, it is now used for sending via email
  • If the option key is held down when files are dragging to the app icon, the add window doesn't appear and all items get no values for the metadata
  • Fixed issue with Smart Collections, searching, and reports not handling matches with ' or " in them
  • Modifying categories or payment methods now triggers a save so that smart collections will update
  • Fixed enabling of Add page(s) menu items when viewing receipt
  • Better handling of writing out files when copy fails, i.e. filename is too long
Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2006-11-15 | Download
No changes specified