MP3 Trimmer

Licence: Shareware ($10.95 )
Version 2.9.2 | Release Date: 2009-06-23 | Download

This update is just a maintenance release; taking care of some minor bugs, once again reported by kind and helpful users...

Version 2.9 | Release Date: 2009-05-10 | Download

Instant registration, no more waits for serial numbers!

Version 2.7.5 | Release Date: 2007-04-26 | Download

In addition to taking care of some minor bugs, this update introduces the following:
• Smaller trimselections enables very short clips to be saved (down to 2 frames, which equals approx. 5/100ths of second!)
• You can now run the application from a write protected volume (i.e a disc image, CD, etc)
• The import routine is updated to better handle extremely short clips
• And finally, a simple Audio Exporter is introduced. Not very often - but it might happen - you may want to convert the audio to uncompressed Wave-format. Now, this can easily be done directly by MP3 Trimmer. The exported format is 44,1 Khz Wave-format ("CD-quality")

Version 2.7 | Release Date: 2007-01-25 | Download

Besides a new look, MP3 Trimmer 2.7 is stuffed with lots of useful features:
• Batch Repair / Analyze
Repair or analyze 100s of files with the ease of a few mouseclicks! The new Batch Processor is more powerful than ever – now you can perform Batch Trimming, Batch Repair and Batch Analyze!
• Smart renaming
Improved automatic filename creation based on filename templates and ID3 tags, with preview in the Batch Processor! Auto-renames a lot of files during batch processing.
• Waveform Search (MP3 files only)
Quick-search the waveform data for silence, audio after silence or peaks. This feature automatically replaces the Find Audio Silence feature as soon as an MP3 file is loaded (Find Audio Silence is still be available with non-MP3 files).
• Tighter iTunes integration
Drag files directly from iTunes to the MP3 Trimmer window.
• Repair can now keep ID3 tags
• Saved files can now be automatically revealed in the Finder
• Batch window is now resizeable
• Further improved MPEG audio parser for more accurate repair/analysis
• Two differently compiled versions for optimal performance

Version 2.6 | Release Date: 2006-07-20 | Download
No changes specified