Licence: GPL
Version 1.4 | Release Date: 2008-05-24 | Download

- Editing and other actions are now allowed while generating a pattern.
- Golly saves files in the standard user-specific data directory on each platform rather than in the application directory. However, you can still keep the GollyPrefs file in the application directory if you prefer that option.
- Right-click or control-click on a pattern/script file to open the file in a text editor. Use the new button in Preferences > File to select your preferred text editor.
- Pasting a clipboard pattern can now change to the specified rule, depending on the option set in Preferences > Edit.
- The Preferences dialog can be opened from the help window by clicking on special links like the examples above.
- Added Reset button to tool bar and Duplicate Layer button to layer bar.
- A duplicated layer now gets a copy of the original layer's undo/redo history.
- Improved the automatic detection of Perl/Python code used by Run Clipboard.
- Added datadir command so scripts can save files in Golly's user-specific data directory.
- Added help command to open given HTML file in help window.
- A warning is displayed if a bad rule string is detected while loading a pattern.
- Added support for reading WinLifeSearch output.
- An error message is displayed if you try to load a JPEG file.
- Fixed some problems if you quit Golly while running a script.
- Fixed problem shrinking selection while generating a pattern.
- Fixed "Rules differ" warning when undoing/redoing generating changes using hashing.
- Fixed problems with incorrect file selections in Win app's directory pane.
- Fixed bug in Mac app's activate event handler.
- Fixed bug in Linux/GTK app that prevented using shift-space as a keyboard shortcut.
- Mac app allows option-E/I/N/U/` to be used as keyboard shortcuts.
- Golly can be built for 64-bit platforms.

Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2006-10-11 | Download
No changes specified