Licence: GPL
Version 0.9.2 | Release Date: 2008-05-29 | Download

This version adds support for a number of webcams. In particluar the PS3 Eye, which requires USB2, but has a phenomenal picture. Many other webcams have been added, all the cameras from the gspca project should work (although no guarantees are provided). There is better support for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), as the NSLock console warning messages should be gone. The driver for the PAC207 has been improved in many ways, this chip is used in many cheap webcams.

Notes :
- Updated to latest GSPCA code (2007-12-24 -- all gspca cameras hopefully supported now)
- Removed unnecessary NSLock for all drivers (Leopard compatability)
- Fixed image time-stamp for most drivers (better audio synchronization)

- Display fps (and received fps in cvs-build)
- Component reports only the camera, not device and input
- Add image flip/rotation/invert option wherever possible
- Can now delete previously saved camera settings
- Settings drawer is the correct size, properly adjustable
- Space-bar toggles play/pause
- Fixed bug where top of image was being cut off
- Added debug drawer (only works in Debug builds)

- Added support for PS3 Eye (first platform!), requires USB2
- Fixed flickering on OV519 (EyeToy)
- Added support for Creative Live! Cam Notebook (VF0400)
- Added support for Creative Live! Cam Vista IM (VF0420)
- Added patch for Etoms cameras from Andrey Gruzdev
- Added Hercules Silver Classic
- Added Max camera (0x0c45:0x6011)
- Added Creative Webcam Vista Pro (0x4029)
- Added basic NW800/802 support (Zoomcam 1597, perhaps others)
- Added QuickCam Cool (0x08af)
- Added QuickCam for Notebooks (0x08dd)
- Added patch for SE401 auto-brightness
- PAC7311 cameras now should work (some JPEG artifacts)

- PAC207 allows image scaling up to 640 × 480 (VGA)
- PAC207 allows control of gain and shutter registers, uncompressed images
- PAC207 auto-brightness has been improved (tracks brightness setting)
- PAC207 image quality has been improved
- PAC207 cameras now respond to button presses
- PAC207 can now be paused and resumed without resetting camera

Version 0.9.1 | Release Date: 2007-03-22 | Download

• Added support for Pico Intruments iMage webcam
• Trust WB-3400T and similar cameras (0x60af) work properly now
• Added Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 and VX-3000, flickering at first, but stabilizes
• Added Creative Live! Cam Notebook Pro (VF0250) and similar cameras
• Added Creative Vista (D) to OV519Driver, needs testing
• Added Lenovo USB Webcam (40Y8519) for testing
• Added VC032x driver (Logitech Orbicam, Sony notebook built-ins), needs testing
• Added SPC 315NC (ZC030x)
• Added support for Creative Live! Cam Vista IM (needs testing)
• Added support for Skype C7 camera (needs testing)
• Updated gspca code to 2007-01-10
• Added bandwidth-reduction capability, works for PAC207, OV519, ZC030x
• Added all outstanding patches
• Added snapshot button to SPCA561A cameras, properly debounced
• Fixed byte-order issue for VicamDriver
• Added auto-gain for spca5xx cameras, should work for many
• Added patch for VV6540 sensor (QuickCam Messenger shutter control)
• Can now disable component on a Vendor & Product ID basis (use macam for one camera, OEM driver for another)
• Added support for hue and flicker control
• Improved the settings drawer user interface
• Settings drawer will appear on the side with more space

Version 0.9.0 | Release Date: 2007-01-08 | Download
No changes specified