Licence: Freeware
Version 2.0.0 | Release Date: 2014-11-13 | Download

New Features

  • Coloring theme feature.
  • Comment toggling feature.
  • Add “types”, “attributes” and “variables” to syntax highlighting colors.
  • Now, syntax style can be determined not only from file extension but also from file name.
    • From this, rename “Extensions” in syntax edit sheet to “File Mapping”.
  • Add metadata fields for syntax styles.
  • Append a correspondent extension to the file name on saving.
    • The top extension in the extension list in the syntax style definition will be used.
    • From this, setting for “Append “txt” on saving” was deprecated.
      • If you want to keep using “txt” as default extension, set “Plain Text” syntax style as default style in Preferences > Format.
  • Add “Toggle Text Orientation” icon to toolbar.
  • Add option to split views vertically.
  • Select lines via clicking/dragging line numbers.
  • Add “Select Line” command to “Edit” menu.
  • Add syntax styles for “AppleScript”, “C#”, “Go”, “Lisp”, “Lua”, “R”, “Rust”, “Scheme”, “SQL”, “SVG”, “Swift” and “Tcl”,.
  • Auto-complete feature (experimental implementation, turned off by default).


  • Support OS X Yosemite.
  • Update application icon with Yosemite style.
  • Change the bundle identifier from com.aynimac.CotEditor to com.coteditor.CotEditor.
  • New default coloring scheme.
  • Improve performance drastically:
    • Extracting outline list on a background thread.
      • From this, non-response time till coloring indicator sheet has been shown reduced drastically.
      • Display message for outline extracting in the navigation bar until the first extracting ends.
    • Perform extracting syntax highlights on a background thread.
    • Cache results of syntax highlighting, and use them as long as document is not modified.
    • Improve cursor moving and file opening performance when the current line is highlighted.
    • Improve invisible chars drawing performance (4x faster).
    • Improve line number drawing performance (6x faster).
    • Improve text view scrolling on Mountain Lion and later.
    • For performance, change range to scan encoding declaration up to 2,000 characters from the head of the document.
  • Change syntax style file format from plist (XML) to YAML.
    • Legacy user styles will be migrated automatically on the first launch of CotEditor 2.0.
    • New user syntax style files are stored in ~/Library/Application Support/CotEditor/Syntaxes/. The old styles are kept in SyntaxColorings/. Since CotEditor 2.0 doesn’t use them any more, you can delete the direcotry if you want.
  • Now, IC (ignore case) can be set even RE (regular expression) is set in syntax style editing.
  • Change regular expression engine to extract outline from OniGmo (OgreKit) to ICU (NSRegularExpression).
    • Attention!: You may need to update the outline extracting definitions in your custom syntax styles.
    • Remove $& definition that represents whole matched string (Use $0 instead).
  • Change tab width to 4 characters in outline menu.
  • Improve coloring indicator:
    • Improve to perform cancel button correctly.
    • On Mavericks and later, you can work with other documents while coloring dialog is shown.
    • Display current task as message in sheet.
    • Change not to reset syntax style to “None” when user cancels coloring.
    • Change not to remove current coloring when user cancels coloring.
    • Cancel with ESC key.
  • Apply theme color to the line number view.
  • On Mountain Lion and later, text view gets no drop-shadow by texts on semi-transparent.
  • Define document types for CotEditor in more details and also add document icons for each.
  • Scroll line by line with an arrow key.
  • Adjust indent automatically on return just after { and } if Auto-Indent is on. (thanks to Naotaka-san).
  • Rename “Spelling” menu item to “Spelling and Grammer” in Edit menu, and also add “Substitutions” and “Transformations” items
    • From this, remove “Uppercase”, “Lowercase” and “Capitalize” in “Utility” menu.
  • Update all of bundled syntax styles.
  • Update “CSS” syntax style:
    • Support CSS level 3.
  • Update “Perl” syntax style:
    • Add some keywords.
    • Add =pod and =cut to comment coloring.
    • Add “pm” to extensions.
  • Update “JSON” syntax style:
    • Add “cottheme” to extensions.
  • Update “LaTeX” syntax style:
    • Add “cls” and “sty” to extensions.
    • Update outline menu style.
  • Update “YAML” syntax style:
    • Support YAML 1.2.
    • Improve outline extracting rules.
    • Some fixes.
  • Update “Ruby” syntax style:
    • Support % notation.
    • Add special variables.
    • Improve number literals.
    • Support here document.
    • and some more fixes.
  • Update “Java” syntax style:
    • Improve number literals.
    • Support annotation.
    • and some more fixes.
  • Update “JavaScript” syntax style:
    • Completely rewrite.
  • Update “Haskell” syntax style:
    • Improve number literals.
    • Add escape chars.
  • Update “Apache” syntax style:
    • Indent outline items.
  • Separate “DTD” (Document Type Declaration) syntax style from “XML”.
    • From this, coloring performance with “XML” syntax style was improved.
  • Updates about scripting support:
    • Migrate AppleScript API definition file to sdef format.
    • Rename unicode normalization command to normalize unicode.
    • Update internal code for range property of text selection objects.
      • From this, your compiled AppleScripts (.scpt) that contain selection handling need to be updated manually. See “Scripting with AppleScript” document in Help menu for details.
    • Update documents about scripting with AppleScript.
  • Change not to include menu items that manage script menu in context menu.
  • Count characters by composed character sequence in the status bar and the info drawer.
    • The previous count was actually the length of string in UTF-16 that is internal string expression on OS X (for example, a surrogate pair is counted previously as 2 and now as 1).
    • Rename previous “Char Count” to “Char Length” and add another “Char Count” with the new count method for status bar items.
  • Avoid the move to previous outline item button to select the first “<Outilne Menu>” item.
  • Change key to display hidden menu items in “File” menu to “Option”.
  • Add . and : to word separators that are used for selecting a word with a double click.
  • Improve messages on character info inspector with surrogate pairs and variation selectors. (thanks to doraTeX-san)
  • Disable alert asking for save when blank & unsaved document will be closed. (thanks to Naotaka-san)
  • Brush up toolbar icons.
  • Now, font size of line numbers follows editor font size.
  • Draw page guide in text color.
  • Improve syntax editor sheet so as to edit documents even the sheet is shown. (on Mavericks and later)
  • Tweak result messages by syntax style validator and partially localized.
  • Improve application icon so as not to react with dropped folders.
  • Improve cancellation behavior of word completion.
  • Rename “Inspect Glyph” to “Inspect Character”.
  • Delay timing to store user’s menu key bindings.
    • The user setting for menu key bindings on CotEditor 1.x will be reset on the first launch of v2.0.
  • Improve key bindings edit sheets.
  • Change line hight value to line height based, that includes the hight of the line itself.
  • Change default line hight value to 1.3.
  • Add thousands separators to values in document info.
  • Change date format in document info drawer.
  • Tweak status bar design.
  • Add back quotes to quotation marks which are accommodated when color comments.
  • Change Go To panel to sheet.
  • Add animation when toggling visibility of the navigation bar and the status bar.
  • Fix used font for invisible characters.
  • Update some of alternative characters for full-width space char.
  • Improve appearance of the encoding list edit sheet.
  • Improve window size setting fields in preferences to move fields with tab key.
  • Tweak some texts in UI.
  • Deprecate “Drag selected text immediately” setting.
  • Remove the output type keyword Pasteboard puts for CotEditor script, that was deprecated on CotEditor 0.7.2 and had remained for backwards compatibility.
  • Add hidden setting key layoutTextVertical (boolean) to set text orientation vertical as default.
  • Deprecate font settings for navigation bar and line number view which are hidden settings.
  • Move version history from rich text format to one of the Help contents.
  • Update documents.
  • Update Sparkle framework to 1.8.0.
  • Update build environment to OS X Yosemite + Xcode 6.1 (SDK 10.10).
  • And more internal changes.


  • Fix an issue that “Share find strings with other applications” option didn’t work.
  • Fix an issue that “Open a new document when CotEditor becomes active” option didn’t work correctly.
  • Fix an issue that the encoding select in file open panel was ignored.
  • Fix an issue that comments weren’t highlighted correctly if another comment delimiter is contained in string that is enclosed in quotes before the comment delimiter.
  • Fix an issue that variation selectors, kind of invisible characters, disappeared occasionally.
  • Fix help buttons on preferences panes.
  • Fix an issue that encoding selection in toolbar was reset after changing of encoding list order.
  • Fix over-wrapped text in the status bar to truncate with “…”.
  • Fix an issue that unfocused windows performed also re-coloring after “Replace All”.
  • Fix an issue that page guide was occasionally drawn at wrong place if fallback font is used.
  • Fix to highlight current line only in focused view of split views.
  • Fix an issue that text lines vibrated during moving caret if text orientation is vertical and line hight is fixed.
  • Fix an issue that line numbers in unfocused views were not updated.
  • Fix an issue that lately added toolbar icons didn’t represent the state at the moment.
  • Fix an issue that an error was output in console if blank area of incompatible chars table was clicked.
  • Fix an issue that editors didn’t change to transparent if the opacity setting in preferences window was changed from 100%.
  • Fix an issue that changes in custom line height panel wasn’t applied immediately.
  • Fix an issue that “Same as Document” selection for invisible chars in print panel didn’t work correctly.
  • Fix an issue that line count got one more extra if selection contains return at the end.
  • Fix an issue that range property of text selection objects was displayed as wrong character range on AppleScript Editor.
  • Fix some sample scripts which didn’t run correctly.
  • Fix an issue that some settings did not display in Preferences on OS X Lion.
  • Fix an issue that CotEditor could crash after replacement on specific conditions.
  • Avoid horizontal scrollers on key bindings edit sheets.
Version 1.5.4 | Release Date: 2014-06-29 | Download


  • Fix an issue that second page was also printed even the document was actually one page.
  • Fix an issue that print large size file with syntax coloring would be failed due to the indicator panel.
  • Fix an issue that file size info didn’t update after the file update. (thanks to aki-san)
  • Fix an issue that auto-indent was not invoked with Japanese fill-width space.
  • Fix an issue that change of view opacity would not be applied to the line number views of the opened windows.
  • Fix an issue that some temporary settings for the opened editors could be canceled occasionally.
Version 1.3.1 | Release Date: 2012-02-12 | Download

<New Features>


* Fixed a bug that cannot install via automatic update.

Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2011-05-24 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.0.1 | Release Date: 2009-05-05 | Download

Changes from 1.0.1 to 1.0.0

<Add / Akira Osamu / change>

Adjust the character position in the row, corresponding to the font issue by lowering the height of the bottom line
Change the name of some item in the Utilities menu of English resources (Y. Yamamoto thank Mr.)
<Bug Fixes>

Had been missing for "PHP" file attachment to re-style (poteditor thanks to)
"C, C + +, Objective-C" "Java" "Haskell" update your style (poteditor Mr., Mr. Hosokawa, hayato thanks to)
"ERuby.plist" to fix the file permissions of the style definitions, different users and deal with problems during installation and may not start (thanks to Forest)
End of line code "CR / LF" did not fix the bug properly retrieve the selected text from a script when the document

Version 1.0.0 | Release Date: 2009-02-28 | Download

Changes from 1.0 to 0.9.6

<Add / Akira Osamu / change>

The build environment to 10.5.6 + Xcode 3.1.2 update
<Fix bug>

"Fixed-line in a composite font" If enabled, the fonts bug fix update state of garbage left in the drawing editor window (ONO thank Mr.)
Fix a bug that would render the remaining part of the guide page when you change the font (Y. Yamamoto thank Mr.)

Version 0.9.6 | Release Date: 2008-12-27 | Download


Saved in UTF-8 BOM at the time you add additional features (M's request) by a variety of applications may cause problems. DEFORUTOOFU / Handle with care]
<Add / Akira Osamu / change>

Previous versions added "double-click the selected text the word": "treated as a word separator," abolish the function (after selecting Shift can not control the behavior of an extension of time selected by mouse clicks and key press) (I lost it I suggest Hatena konn thank her!)
10.5 improve the accuracy of color when editing or running (10.4 or less will not change)
RegexKitLite the 2.2 update
Development update
<Fix bug>

CotEditor Fix had been able to drop the folder icon (thanks to Jun)
Fixed a problem when he failed to save your newly created style syntax
Fixed a problem that could not save the new name and rename the copied style syntax
clang scan-build the original unused variable using / Uninitialized variable / eliminate the memory leak (or RIPOTSU only thanks to kimuraw)
When you paste the code string containing the line, depending on circumstances Fixed multiple lines to separate out the highlights (Y. Yamamoto thank Mr.)
In 10.5, when you delete the last line in a string of problems that deal with the highlighted line is
Fixed auto-indent had been selected as the new line indented portion of the line

Version 0.9.5 | Release Date: 2008-07-19 | Download

The changes from 0.9.5 to 0.9.4

<New features>

The current row highlighted the ability to add (Shashi's request)
The status bar DOROWA documents and information by placing the cursor to the ability to display characters (hiroto sakai's site of Sakai's request)
Script menu to display the context menu to add inline (MMJ Blog of MMJ's request)
<Add / modify / change>

More than 10.4 when running on the color process to review the details of the definition of a regular expression search RegexKitLite adopted, 0.9.3, as compared to the speed of color from 1.5 to 4 times as much improved (Note: Regular expression syntax is a little difference because the color change the definition if it is please be careful. Factory set in the construction process is without problems. For more information, see the attached document "ReadMe-J.rtf "Please)
Call to write the document is opened when the alert to appear immediately changed (edited in the past when it was shown)
PURINTODAIAROGUSHITO resized to a smaller (tomato has to thank)
More than 10.4 running when the invisible character display system provided most of the methods used to change
Character input when reviewing the contents of the execution, improved responsiveness
Double-click to select a string, ":" word also be treated as a separator
Character input outline steps to update the menu and change the display to the CHIRATSUKANAI
Preferences notation "printed" to "print" to change
Preferences "to replicate the line marked" "composite font and a higher fixed-line" to change the default settings on
Preferences "in the background every time the file is edited in the Dock icon to jump" to remove items (set itself continue to use internally and by the default is on.)
DOROWA document information and the number of lines of characters right adjustment in the selection of characters to make the brackets, KUKURANAI
"A search string to synchronize with other applications" to enable the while, CotEditor to activate each time the selected search string is released with a revised version that was actually captured only when they choose a whole Of
Preferences tab style editing sheet syntax OK button when any error of smarty
Preferences tabs to help set up a shortcut buttons
Preferences panel is already open and "Preferences" menu is selected in the case, centering on not only activated
More than 10.4 running when the Preferences panel does not appear on the toolbar
Edit Preferences panel style sheet, legible name of the default style
Other code optimization

Drag and drop or copy produced by the string of end-of-line code in the set of documents, regardless of the LF always has been fixed
When you paste text at the end of incomplete color may be fixed
Replacement color will be updated after the execution had been fixed
After running the replacement line numbers, and outline the contents of the menu, non-compatible character of each list was not updated have been fixed
About a partial amendment to the screen in English (thanks to her door woven profit Suga)
Invisible characters appear when the update infinite loop line number may be fixed
Call to Save the document to write a new document also writable icon that was fixed
Clean Sweep search results window display panels remain closed when the applications were back in transition to close the search panel could not be fixed (thanks to Mr. Shashi)
While editing a highlight, highlighting disappears fixed (have not heard a word of gratitude to Mr. kuwa)
Color in the string after ANHAIRAITO to highlight the color disappears fixed
When you run a 10.5 in the syntax of Preferences tab style editing sheet, "the factory default" button is activated illegally may be fixed
When you run a 10.5 in the syntax of Preferences tab style editing sheet, pressing a button to add items to the table empty item is automatically added to edit the state had to cope with problems
Syntax definition color preferences change when the change in the syntax of the document was open to the document if it is re-activated when the color will be different syntax documents also re - Color that had been fixed
Dock menu back to a time when the "new" and "open" if you run, was not active in the fixed
The clarity of the text window to apply only when there was the persistence of vision remains fixed
When splitting the text, the clarity of the text window only to apply the changes to the text only one change was not transparent fixed
"PHP" default color definition was to remove duplicate items

Version 0.9.4 | Release Date: 2008-02-07 | Download

universal binary & leopard ready!

Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2008-01-01 | Download

1.2 [2011.05.23]
<New Features>
* Add feature for automatically update.

* Change the application icon. (thanks to kanai-san)
* Updated 'About The ScriptMenu Folder' document.

* Fixed a bug that ignore tab in auto indent.
* Fixed a bug that cannot open AppleScript Editor for 10.6 by Option+Click on script menu.

Version 0.9.1 | Release Date: 2006-08-29 | Download
No changes specified