Licence: Shareware ($32)
Version 1.5.2 | Release Date: 2010-01-08 | Download
  • A bug preventing live listening ("Tune In Live") of Programs from the Guide has been corrected.
  • The listening history, seen in the History menu, is now properly preserved between launches.
  • The LCD display is now much crisper when displaying its trial reminder.
Version 1.5.1 | Release Date: 2010-01-05 | Download
  • A bug which caused some DSL users to incorrectly get "lost connection" errors has been corrected.
  • Two uncommon stream formats, audio/x-ms-wax and audio/x-pn-realaudio, are now properly supported.
  • A display bug where completed subscriptions would incorrectly show a Next Fire date has been corrected.
  • Resizing the window will no longer cause contents to be scrolled to the bottom.
  • The minimum size of the window has been increased to 950px.
  • When Radioshift is in trial mode, it will now alert the user via the LCD screen.
Version 1.5 | Release Date: 2009-12-30 | Download
  • Radioshift now plays thousands of previously unsupported streams, with access to streams previously only available via web players.
  • Radioshift now works harder to avoid issues with faulty streams, by reloading streams which disconnect, as well as trying back-up streams where available.
  • The Install Players window has been vastly improved, to provide one-click installation and updating of needed third-party players.
  • The Radioshift interface has been overhauled. The toolbar/playback area is now always shown, and many visual elements have been improved.
  • Radioshift is no longer directly affected by crashes or hangs in the audio playback engines (Flip4Mac, QuickTime and RealPlayer).
  • Airfoil can now properly pull any and all audio from Radioshift.
  • Radioshift now better supports both Windows Media Pro and QuickTime streams.
  • Auto-wake will now work with special home folders, including FileVault, as well as those across a network or on an external drive.
  • Radioshift now requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
  • Radioshift now properly loads the last view seen at quit.
  • After relaunching, Radioshift now correctly finishes publishing any subscriptions which were in the process at quit.
  • Playback of audio from stations providing malformed playlists has been improved with better parsing.
  • Radioshift can now subscribe directly to SHOUTcast URLs, with no need for a playlist.
  • An issue where multiple clicks of the Listen button could cause playback to fail has been corrected.
  • Radio Guide searches no longer causes brief hangs.
  • Station logos are now cached, to speed up the display of search results.
  • Auto-wake no longer needs authorization after a Radioshift update.
  • Auto-wake errors will now be rarer, and better detected when they do occur.
  • Auto-wake now properly removes all scheduled wake events when a subscription is deleted.
  • A bug where Auto-wake could pop many request windows at once has been corrected.
  • Several issues which could cause Radioshift to hang at quit have been fixed.
  • Many memory leaks have been fixed.
Version 1.1.1 | Release Date: 2008-11-17 | Download
What's New In 1.1.1:
+ A new and improved playback engine better handles hundreds of MP3 streams.
+ Radioshift now automatically reports player problems to the Radio Guide.
Several appearance improvements
Several minor bug fixes
Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2008-10-06 | Download
New in 1.1:
• With the new Recording Status Indicator, a quick glance at the menu bar now shows Radioshift's status
• The interface for Subscription viewing and editing have been updated and streamlined
◊ Radioshift now automatically reports errors to RadioTime to keep the guide as accurate as possible
◊ Now using LAME v3.98b8 for MP3 recordings and Sparkle 1.5b for application updates
◊ Dozens of major and minor bug fixes, including several crashing bugs
Version 1.0.5 | Release Date: 2008-03-21 | Download
What's New in Radioshift 1.0.5:
• Programs selected via a specific station are now recorded from that station
• Now features preferences to intelligently filter Guide results
• Improved Popular section in the Radio Guide
◊ Improved support for international date formats
◊ Fixed a rare crashing bug when recording to MP3
◊ Improved error messages and many other minor fixes
Version 1.0.4 | Release Date: 2007-12-11 | Download
  • Customizable Recording location preference
  • Several important bug fixes and improvements
Version 1.0.2 | Release Date: 2007-10-09 | Download
New in 1.0.2:
+ Support for more audio streams, including some iTunes streams
+ Built-in support for submitting Radio Guide corrections
- Manual timers across midnight now function correctly
- Several additional bug fixes
Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2007-09-24 | Download
No changes specified