Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 2.2.1 | Release Date: 2010-07-06 | Download

- Fixed a bug which prevented the use of iDisk and certain other volumes as export locations for Sidekick pages.
- Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause crashes when preparing to view decrypted items.

Version 2.1 | Release Date: 2009-11-11 | Download

Additions & Changes

  • When running on 10.6 or later, the Drop Dock is available when in Exposé’s Show Desktop mode.

  • Added the “standard” Speech and Transforms commands to the edit menu and text view contextual menus for note text views. This batch of commands is supported on both 10.5 and 10.6.

  • When running on Snow Leopard, Yojimbo supports the full suite of Snow Leopard text system features (automatic spelling correct, text substitution and data detectors). Some of these features are disabled by default. Their settings are remembered across runs of Yojimbo, so if you turn them on, they will stay enabled until you turn them off.

  • The New, Label and Search toolbar items get improved representations when in the overflow menu.

  • The New and Label toolbar items are usable from both the overflow menu and when the toolbar is in text mode.

  • Added support for recognizing .vncloc clipping files.

  • You can view an encrypted item by clicking on the combination lock in the placeholder view.

  • A collection’s icon property is now accessible via the scripting interface.

  • The quick input panel can now be opened via AppleScript.

    tell application "Yojimbo" to open quick input panel

  • Added default visibility priority to the search and tag explorer toolbar items so that they stay visible as the toolbar is resized.

  • When Yojimbo encounters a stale lockfile which cannot be safely automatically broken, it gives the user the opportunity to override the lock themselves if they are certain no other copy of Yojimbo is using the application data folder. (An additional note is presented if the Yojimbo data folder is contained within a Dropbox folder.)

  • The “How-to Videos” item on the Help menu has been renamed to “Quick Start Video”. It always opens the video in a ‘native’ window in Yojimbo rather than the help book.


  • Fixed a crasher which could occur when clearing or closing the Downloads window.

  • Fixed a crasher in the -dealloc path for a note.

  • Fixed some memory leaks.

  • Fixed a bug where the secure text field in the Quick Input Panel’s password module was not correctly bound to the underlying data.

  • Added a band-aid for rdar://problem/7265309 in which certain notes created with the 64-bit version of the application cannot be decoded by the 32-bit version of the application.

  • Fixed a bug where the password field would sometimes go blank when the editor was refreshed instead of becoming disabled and filled with placeholder bullets.

  • Fixed one common cause of the note view jumping/scrolling on save.

  • Fixed another case which would cause a note in a separate editor to jump/scroll on save if some very specific pre-conditions had been met.

  • When you import iTunes store URLs (by dragging them or via the Quick Input Panel), Yojimbo will create bookmarks instead of (useless) web archives.

  • Corrupt/incomprehensible custom icon data will no longer cause the UI to malfunction. (The error decoding the custom icon data will be logged to the console.)

  • Worked around a bug/regression rdar://problem/7315055 which caused expansion frames to appear at the wrong vertical position.

  • Fixed a bug where column widths were not restored correctly if you were using something other than the default columns order or visibility.

  • Fixed a bug where the initial tiling of the tag explorer view was incorrect with fresh preferences, leaving a blank gray stripe down the right hand side of the window.

  • Fixed a bug where the popup origin for toolbar popup buttons was incorrect when the toolbar item labels were not visible.

  • Converted small password, recent and serial number icons to RGB Color so that Snow Leopard won’t pick the representation which is a better color match, but a poorer size match.

  • Fix for missing sort indicator on the date columns when running on Snow Leopard.

  • Fixed a bug where an exception was raised and logged when unregistering with sync services after demo expiration.

  • Workaround for rdar://problem/7257705 where sending the app an open event with a non-file receiver didn’t work if that was the first scripting interaction with the application.

  • Fixed (worked around a system framework bug) a bug where adding a tag with certain non-ASCII characters would cause duplicate tags to be added to the database and an eventual crash.

  • Fix a problem where the print to PDF panel would not appear in the current space if Spaces was enabled and Yojimbo was assigned to a specific space.

  • Fixed a bug where termination because of demo expiration left a lockfile behind.

  • Fixed a bug where the quick start movie was not stopped/released when closing the quick start movie window.

  • Fixed a typo in the mailto: link.

  • Clarified use of “Return” vs. “Enter” in the Quick Input Panel docs.

  • Changed how the help book index is built to resolve issues some users had with missing images.

Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2009-09-01 | Download
Version 2.0:
  • New Feature: Tag Explorer. Lets you visualize your data from the "inside out", using previously applied tags to see the relationships. Learn more here.
  • There is a "New Image..." command that will let you create a new image in the application (i.e. directly, not by drag and drop or using the Quick Input Panel.) If there is an image on the clipboard when it is invoked, the sheet will be prefilled. Otherwise you may drag or paste an image into the view, then click "OK" to create.
  • It is now possible to control which collections appear in the Drop Dock. This is controlled via the "Show in Drop Dock" checkbox in the collection inspector.
  • When dragging files/data to the collections list or Drop Dock, you can now drop items on
    • the "Flagged Items" factory smart collection;
    • any tag collection
    In the case of tag collections, after creating the items, Yojimbo will apply all tags used in the collection to the items. This is the case even for an Any/OR tag collection.
  • There are two new commands on the window menu: "Show Tags" and "Show Labels". These commands open the combined tag editor/label editor to display and allow editing of your existing tags and labels (respectively).
  • There is a new command: "Change Tags...". This lets you add/remove/set the tags for the selected items. It is particularly useful when you want to add or remove a tag to a set of items which have a non-homogeneous tag set.
  • There is a new command - Duplicate - in the Edit menu which lets you duplicate the selected items.
  • There is now a menu item which can be used to clear the search terms which were highlighted by doing a content search, or opening an item via Spotlight: Edit -> Find -> Clear Highlighted Search Terms. In the case of a previous content search, the terms are automatically cleared when you clear the search field when working in the main window. Previously, there was no way to clear the search terms in a standalone window.
  • The name of the Yojimbo PDF Service has changed to Save PDF to Yojimbo...
    You can provide a name, tags, flags, label, and comments for the item at at print time
  • The Quick Input Panel has been enhanced to provide the following features:
    • An inspector view which allows you to set additional metadata on items as they are created. (Flagged status, comments and label). The default keyboard shortcut to toggle the inspector view is the same as the main application - Command-Shift-I.
    • If there is a URL on the clipboard without an accompanying URL name, Yojimbo will try to intuit an appropriate name for the URL
  • Tags are now renameable.
  • Basic support for printing image items.
  • Double-clicking on an item in the Drop Dock is now a shortcut for revealing it in the main window.
  • Added a "Provide Yojimbo Feedback..." menu item to the Yojimbo menu.
  • When highlighting search terms for content searches, Yojimbo endeavours to do diacritic insensitive searching.
  • The search field will now offer completions for tag and label names as appropriate.
  • Hooked up the drag/paste support for image archives in the Quick Input Panel.
  • The match behavior of Tag Collections can now be set to one of
    • match items which have all of the following tags
    • match items which have any of the following tags
  • The selected collections in the collections source list are now persisted across runs.
  • The title of the Date columns will now switch to short form (dropping the 'Date' prefix) before truncating their labels.
  • Added date imported to the item inspector.
  • Added an optional 'Date Imported' column to the items list.
  • Items now have a 'date imported' attribute which is set by the file importer.
  • The file importer sets the dateImported attribute on items. By default, it also sets dateCreated and dateModifed to match the values on the file.
  • When exporting items, by default Yojimbo will now set the date created and date modified of the resultant file to the those values on the Yojimbo item.
  • Recent items are now computed based on dateImported as well as dateModified.
  • Labels can be applied to items by dragging a label out of the Labels panel and onto an item in the items list.
  • Tags can be applied to items by dragging tags out of the tags panel and
  • Allow type-select in the tags list (when the panel has keyboard focus.)
  • Yojimbo remembers the sort order and selected items on a per collection basis.
  • Added two new scripting verbs which allow you to append/prepend content to a note item (without destroying the rich text which already exists in the note.): append and prepend.
  • Improved the tag completion behavior when whitespace was introduced before starting to type the next tag.
  • NSTokenField does a poor job of completing mid word, so prevent it from doing so.
  • The tags panel now allows you to rename existing tags.
  • The tags editor panel allows you to merge existing tags. (This is useful, for example, if you have 'book' and 'books' and want to combine them.)
  • When doing an interactive search in a PDF, the match is shown using the find indicator style animation.
  • Reworked the "New Web Archive" sheet to try to make it obvious that leaving the name blank will result in auto naming of the new web archive.
  • The "New Web Archive" sheet uses the same magic as the Quick Input Panel for determining the initial name for the URL on the clipboard when the name is not provided directly by the provider clipboard source.
  • Pressing delete when viewing a tag collection now works similiarly to pressing delete when viewing a folder collection: You are prompted whether you want to move the selected items to the trash, or remove the tags which caused them to appear in the selected tag collections.
  • Since Yojimbo now requires 10.5.7 and later, mountains of workarounds and compatibility code for older OS versions have been removed.
  • Added Command-K as the keyboard shortcut for "Add/Edit Hyperlink...".
  • The tags interface is now always visible in the quick input panel.
  • Copy Item Link is now available for standalone editor windows.
  • Copy Collection Link is available when keyboard focus is in the collections list; copies the URI representation to the clipboard.
  • Many minor appearance changes:
  • The Quick Input Panel now uses a similar name header style to the details view used by notes in the main window.
  • The collections list uses the striped list look.
  • Folder Collection and Smart Collection icons are now sourced at runtime from the system so they will have the appropriate look, regardless of OS version.
  • The Drop Dock now has rounded corners and more whitespace/margin around the collections.
  • Updated the appearance of labels in both the Labels menu and the items list.
  • database items now respond to the open scripting command so you can write:
  • Standalone editor windows now have a specific scripting class: editor window. They also have a property which lets you determine which database item is associated with the editor window.
Version 1.5.1 (70) | Release Date: 2008-01-01 | Download

version 1.5.1 (70) (1/31/2008)

• Fixed a problem when migrating data from Yojimbo 1.2 and earlier.

• Fixed a bug where column widths weren't correctly restored when running on Leopard.

• Worked around a bug in PDFKit which caused the PDF display in Yojimbo’s main window to get “stuck” on Leopard PPC machines.

• Worked around a bug in PDFView which caused several mis-behaviors on Leopard.

• Fixed a regression where the Quick Start Movie came up blank when played in the application.

• Fixed a problem where PDFs were imported as notes instead of their native type if a PDF -> RTF filter service was installed.

• Adobe Illustrator files are no longer included as a readable image type.

Version 1.5 | Release Date: 2007-12-06 | Download


  • Images and icons are now first class citizens. Please do not try to replace iPhoto, Aperture, or Lightroom with Yojimbo: You'll make us cry.
  • Yojimbo's image support can help you keep track of your favorite Basic Instructions strip, custom icons, desktop patterns, and so forth. It is not a place to dump all your RAW images in the hope that they'll sync between machines (and in fact RAW images are explicitly not supported).
  • Greatly improved performance while searching and filtering.
  • Software update checking is now built-in, with optional auto-installation of the new version.
  • Support for using F16-F19 as hot keys when using Apple's new aluminum keyboards. (Due to OS limitations, the menu bar will not display text labels for these keys.)
  • Tags are now available for searching via Spotlight.
  • Additional fields for bookmarks, web archives and serial numbers are now indexed by the Spotlight importer.
  • "Flag" and "Label" are now available as toolbar items in standalone editor windows (which present a toolbar).
  • These buttons are not shown by default, but you can add them via the "Customize Toolbar..." command.


  • The add/remove scripting verbs now accept a list of specifiers as the direct parameter (in addition to a single specifier, as in previous releases).
  • Yojimbo now prevents you from running more than one copy of the application concurrently.
  • Changes to the sync schema corresponding to the performance rework.
  • Note: If sync threshold warnings are enabled in iSync, you may be prompted to sync a large number of items. This is normal.
  • Yojimbo now uses the default keychain search path when searching for your Yojimbo password, so can find it in case you've manually relocated it to a keychain other than your default keychain.
  • Reworked the import mechanism to reliably identify items that Yojimbo can import.
  • Updated (better) rules for deciding whether to keep an extension or discard it when generating an item name from a file name in the file importer.
  • Added a "Zoom to Fit" command to the View menu and contextual menu.
  • Reorganized the View menu to reflect that some commands are no longer PDF-specific.
  • The "Inspect" toolbar button has been renamed to "Inspector". This is more consistent with the standard of "Colors" and "Fonts", as well as being consistent with usage in Apple applications.
  • When trying to read a URL name from the pasteboard, Yojimbo now looks for the proprietary/non-standard type that Mozilla-based browsers emit in addition to the standard types.
  • Yojimbo metadata stubs are now identifiable both by their UTType as well as a field in the metadata dictionary.
  • When the demo period ends, Yojimbo now cleans up its PDF workflow entry, sync registration, and metadata cache files.


  • Fixed a bug which caused "make new <xxx>" to fail on Leopard, erroneously reporting an error and stopping before applying properties.
  • Fixed a bug in which the scroll offset was not restored after committing edits before save when running on Leopard.
  • Adjustments so that the Drop Dock and Find panel work appropriately in a Spaces environment.
  • Input to the Tags field is now normalized; this avoids a problem on Leopard where tags might end up being created with leading whitespace (depending on your typing style).
  • Fixed a problem where some previously stored notes would be redisplayed in Helvetica-12 when running on Leopard.
  • Fixed a bug where "Remove Formatting" would change the display font back to Helvetica-12 when running on Leopard instead of the default note font.
  • The "Default note font" applies to newly created notes. Changing the default note font will no longer affect notes already stored. (This was a side effect of the bug above.)
  • The PDF Workflow now has the correct name in the PDF menu in the Print dialog when running on Leopard.
  • Fixed bugs in the interpretation of pasteboard text as a URL. If the text began with valid URL scheme characters followed by a colon, it was sometimes incorrectly interpreted as a URL. In other situations, valid URLs, like mailto:, were not interpreted as URLs.
  • Fixed a bug where displaying the "Editor Defaults" preference pane would crash if the default editor font was no longer available.
  • Conditional removal of several workarounds for issues fixed in later OS versions.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'add' verb allowed you to add items to a folder collection which were in the trash. Items must first be moved back to the library before they can be added to folder collections.
  • Reworked the way in which managed object context changes are merged, particularly for the case of deleted objects. This fixes a bug which could cause refresh syncs to create duplicate and orphaned objects.
  • Fixed a bug in the Labels preference module where clicking on a color swatch for a label while another was already the color panel target could result in the color being applied to the wrong label.
  • Fixed a bug where a refresh sync could cause the tags list in the Preferences window to go blank.
  • Fixed a typo in the sdef ("import" -> "export").
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Fixed a bug where "Select All" was enabled for the items list even when it was empty.
  • Worked around an AppKit bug where performing a "Select All" when an empty collection was selected in the collections list could cause the application to hang.
  • Fixed a bug where using the contextual menu item "Show Inspector" would sometimes leave the inspector window targeting the previous selection.
  • Fixed a bug where canceling an export could result in a crash.
Version 1.4.2 | Release Date: 2007-03-13 | Download

Worked around issue introduced in QuickTime 7.1.5 which would cause a crash during playback of Yojimbo's "Quick Start" movie.

Version 1.4.1 | Release Date: 2007-02-20 | Download


Fix for potential crash when viewing web archives.

Fix for a crash which could occur when viewing web archive with highlighted search terms, then applying actions on the undo stack.

Fix for issue which could result in the creation of empty web archives (related to WebKit's handling of some iframe constructions).

Fix for crash after certain scripting operations.

Implemented a workaround for a Cocoa framework bug which led to the application crashing in certain situations when using the New or Edit Tag Collection sheets.

Fixed a regression where the last uncommitted edit would be discarded upon quitting the application (i.e. if you were typing in a field or a text view and didn't tab to another field or item before quitting).

Fixed a typo/missing word in the error string when an 'x-yojimbo-item' URI could not be opened.

Fixed a bug which prevented an item just created via the scripting interface from being located immediately using an 'x-yojimbo-item' URI.

Tweaked the missing database version detection logic to deal with both 1.2 and 1.3 format databases which were created without the required metadata by the old Yojimbo Quicksilver plug-in.

Fixed a bug which could cause a crash during sync in certain situations.

Version 1.4 | Release Date: 2007-01-17 | Download

tag support, applescript support...

Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2006-07-09 | Download
No changes specified