Licence: Freeware
Version 6.3 | Release Date: 2016-03-04 | Download

Added: the ability to mount and sync files with SD cards on Android 5 and 6.
Improved: faster syncing of calendars for all types of connections.
Improved: syncing with MTP devices is now done without copying the files to a temporary folder.

Version 5.0 | Release Date: 2014-04-29 | Download

Added: absolutely new intuitive interface for super easy syncing
Added: OS X Mavericks full support
Added: Apple's Retina displays are fully supported
Added: SyncMate features new Sync Service which allows syncing locally skipping the cloud storages on OS X Mavericks for even safer sync
Added: background syncing and device mounting, which are performed no matter if the app's main window is open or not;
Added: AutoSync can be performed even if the app's GUI is hidden
Added: device's IP is now displayed in SyncMate on Android when it is connected to Mac via Wi-Fi
Added: quick access to connection settings, including AutoSync and mounting devices as Mac storage;

Version 4.1.1897 | Release Date: 2013-10-30 | Download

Fixed: several exception errors, in case OS X Mavericks (10.9) was installed on Mac:
- error when trying to delete a connection from Devices list;
- error when trying to check calls history on Android device, Nokia Series 40 phone, Windows Mobile device or iPhone;
- issue with text messages display in SMS manager;
- error when trying to choose a contact from address book in SMS manager plugin
Fixed: exception error when trying to establish connection between two Macs, in case on of them was running OS X Mavericks (10.9)

Version 4.1.1896 | Release Date: 2013-08-21 | Download

Fixed: SyncMate hanging when being inactive for a long time, with Android device connected to it
Fixed: exception error when “Real-time” checkbox was ticked and then unticked in Folders plugin for any pair of folders
Fixed: minor error indication issue in Pictures, Videos & Music plugin

Version 4.0 | Release Date: 2011-11-16 | Download
  • Added: synchronization with Android 4.x devices;
  • Fixed: connection issue for iOS 5.x devices;
  • Fixed: self-ejection of mounted devices during sync process. Occurred when syncing Android and Windows Mobile devices and iPhones;
  • Fixed: application freezing when an incoming request from another Mac was rejected;
  • Fixed: sync loop when mask of Folder* type was used during folders synchronization;
  • ImŃ€roved: autosync with Android via Wi-Fi;
  • Improved: compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7.2, including mounting devices for data synchronization.
Version 3.1 | Release Date: 2011-06-14 | Download
  • Added: synchronization with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via USB cable ("iPhone" connection in SyncMate Wizard;
  • Added: synchronization with iPod nano via USB cable ("Apple iPod" connection in SyncMate Wizard;
  • Added: synchronization with Dropbox account
  • Added: playlists sync between iTunes on Mac and Windows Media Player on Windows PC
  • Added: when syncing videos and music, new playlists can be created in iTunes on Mac, Windows Media Player on Windows PC and on iOS 3.x devices directly from SyncMate interface (iTunes & Video plugin)
  • Added: Mac's hard drive partitions are now automatically detected and can be synced ("Mounted device" connection). Sync of FireWire hard drive disks is supported as well.
  • Added: possibility to increase sync speed between Macs - CPU load can be lessened by disabling encryption for synced data
Version 3.0 | Release Date: 2011-01-13 | Download
    Added: synchronization with Android devices via USB cable, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Added: Android device can be mounted as a volume on Mac (via USB cable, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)
  • Sync with Windows Mobile devices
  • Added: Added: Windows Mobile devices can be now mounted as volumes on Mac via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, additionally to mounting via USB cable
  • Added: SyncMate driver is updated automatically on Windows Mobile device connected to Mac via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Sync with Windows PC
  • Added: "Other" telephone number field is now displayed when syncing MS Outlook contacts on Windows PC with Mac's Address Book
  • Core and GUI
  • Added: specify all possible IP addresses used by synced device to conveniently sync it with your Mac from any location
  • Added: possibility to choose which user account to sync with on Mac or Windows PC
  • Added: connection passwords are stored in Keychain now
  • Added: product registration is replaced with activation, either online or offline
  • Sync with Google Contacts
  • Added: syncing of "Maiden Name" of Google Contacts
  • Synchronization of folders
  • Improved: folders synchronization for all types of connections
  • Added: SyncMate retains last typed filter masks for more convenient and quicker configuration of filters
Version 2.6 | Release Date: 2010-07-02 | Download

- Bonjour support, which lets SyncMate automatically locate and display the list of online Macs on a local network with SyncMate installed.
- With SyncMate 2.6 it is now possible to sync music, video and images between Mac and PC.
- Possibility to import a folder with images or music/video from the synced device directly into iPhoto album or iTunes playlist on Mac respectively.
- Possibility to encrypt data stored in Online Backup account for safety purposes.
- With SyncMate 2.6 you can sync Mac Address Book with Opera contacts on Windows PC.
- Synchronization of Mac Mail notes/Entourage notes/Stickies with Opera notes on Windows PC.
- Conversion of audio files to various formats in iTunes & Video plugin.
- With updated version of SyncMate it is now possible to exclude certain files from synchronization when syncing folders.
- Synchronization of Mac Safari bookmarks with Safari bookmarks on Windows PC
- Full support of Mac OS X 64-bit systems
- Improved synchronization with Google account

Version 2.5 | Release Date: 2009-12-24 | Download

- Added: synchronization with Windows Mobile devices (from version 6) via Bluetooth
- Added: real-time folders synchronization with USB flash drives, PSPs, Windows PCs or other Macs
- Added: automatic synchronization options for any type of connection
- Added: possibility to add USB devices that you don't want to sync now to ignore list
- Added: Safari bookmarks on Mac synchronization with the following browsers on Windows PC: Opera (from version 10), Firefox (from version 3.5) and Chrome (from version 3)
- Added: possibility to save SMS messages and Calls history into TXT, CSV and HTML formats
- Added: search option for SMS manager and Calls history plugins
- Added: video conversion into various video formats for iTunes&Video plugin
- Added: videos, music and images synchronization among several Macs (iTunes&Video and iPhoto plugins respectively)

Version 2.5 | Release Date: 2009-10-06 | Download

- Added: ability to synchronize Mac with Windows PC
- Added: ability to synchronize images, music, videos, folders between your Mac and USB flash drive
- Added: ability to backup your USB flash drive data and easily restore it using time marks
- Added: synchronization between Mac and Sony PlayStation Portable

Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2009-07-15 | Download

- Added: you can now sync your Mac with: another Mac, Google, online server, Nokia series 40 mobile phones in addition to syncing with Windows Mobile devices
- Added: new plugins
- Major interface enhancement: more user-friendly, extended functionality

Version | Release Date: 2008-09-29 | Download

- Added: First Name, Last Name order management in contacts
- Some interface improvements
- Fixed: duplication of contacts list when synchronization with "All" category was applied.
- Fixed: incorrect processing of events marked AM, PM
- Fixed: bug with deletion of sms in bulk
- Fixed: problems with attachment of notes to contacts and calendar events
- Fixed: some problems with time zones

Version 1.4 | Release Date: 2008-08-27 | Download

- SyncMate driver operates without unlocking the device


- SyncMate crash when iCal plugin is operating
- bug with iCal plugin operation with Google Calendar
- bug with messaging plugins operation with Windows Mobile 6.1 devices
Version 1.4 | Release Date: 2008-07-31 | Download

- Added: "Mail" plugin which enables you to sync your mail on Mac with Outlook on mobile device
- Added: "To dos" plugin which synchronizes Tasks in your device and To Dos of iCal on your Mac
- Several interface improvements
- Plenty of minor and major fixes

Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2008-06-26 | Download

- Added: symbols counter and SMS counter while writing and sending messages in SMS manager

Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2008-06-17 | Download

- Added: Dutch, Spanish localizations
- Added: "mount disk" feature which gives you the ability to mount your mobile device as a drive (currently in BETA stage)
- Added: synchronization with Google contacts using "Contacts" plugin
- Added: synchronization with Google calendar using "iCal" plugin
- Added: call filters in "Calls history" plugin
- Added: "Reset history" feature to delete synchronization history for each plugin
- Added: ability to disable automatic synchronization
- Several interface improvements

Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2008-04-04 | Download

- German localization
- New "Calls history" plugin. Ability to check incoming, outgoing and missed calls history
- Synchronization with Firefox
- Synchronization with Entourage
- Indication when device is connected
- SMS sending with delivery confirmation
- Ability to synchronize several calendars in iCal
- Ability to select single flim/song in iTunes playlists
- RTF format support for Notes/Stickies
- Names for notes are taken from contents of notes

Version | Release Date: 2008-02-25 | Download

- Fixed: bug with SMS counter in "SMS manager" plugin
- Fixed: shutting down while WiFi connection and synchronization disabling
- Fixed: several minor bugs and glitches

Version RC | Release Date: 2008-02-18 | Download

- Added: ability to establish Internet connection via USB cable
- Fixed: several bugs in "iCal" plugin
- Fixed: minor bug when manually adding directory in "iTunes" plugin
- Fixed: critical shut down while deleting masseges in "SMS manager" plugin

Version 1.1 RC | Release Date: 2008-02-11 | Download

- Added: SyncMate Expert introduced
- Added: New "SMS manager" plugin. Ability to send, manage and delete SMS using your keyboard
- Added: Ability to change video resolution and fps in iTunes plugin

Version 1.0beta | Release Date: 2007-12-29 | Download

- Added: Synchronization via WiFi
- Added: WM Smartphone compatibility
- Improved: GUI is much more convenient
- Improved: folder addition procedure handling

Version 1.0beta | Release Date: 2007-12-28 | Download

- Added: Synchronization via WiFi
- Added: WM Smartphone compatibility
- Improved: GUI is much more convenient
- Improved: folder addition procedure handling

Version 1.0beta | Release Date: 2007-11-22 | Download
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