OmniGraffle Professional

Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 5.2.3 | Release Date: 2010-06-06 | Download

Fixed a bug where canvas names were exporting to HTML incorrectly.
Bézier lines should now render properly when connecting to shapes, and route better when both endpoints are in the same location.
Fixed a bug where Bézier lines would draw in front of objects.
Fixed a bug when exporting multiple canvas documents with custom origins to PDF would cut off the canvas.
Fixed a regression where indenting objects already in a subgraph would draw connecting lines on top of the objects.
Fixed a bug where exporting a multi-canvas document to PNG would not name the last canvas correctly.
Fixed a NSCalibratedWhiteColorSpace error when using guides and ColorSync.
The tables in the UML-General stencil are now set to connect to their components.
The Faroe Islands are now part of Denmark and not the UK.
Ghana and Ivory Coast were in each other's places, this has been corrected.
Exporting to all OmniGraffle document types now offers file settings, compression, and Quick Look preview options.
When opening documents created on OmniGraffle for iPad, the message is more specific as to the differences between versions.

Version 5.2.2 | Release Date: 2010-03-24 | Download

Release Notes
Released March 24 2010 — Requires Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard or later
New Features

Added a preference to disable multitouch trackpad gestures.
You can now Option-Command-click to select different Bézier control points where multiple Bézier lines are connected.
Added a hidden preference to disable scroll wheel zooming to avoid using momentum scrolling "residue" from the Magic Mouse.
defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniGrafflePro DisableScrollWheelZooming -boolean True (for OmniGraffle Professional)
defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniGraffle DisableScrollWheelZooming -boolean True (for the Standard version of OmniGraffle)
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the color picker would lose focus when inputing stroke color values.
Fixed an "Error while printing" alert when resaving a file on Mac OS 10.6.
Fixed a bug where orthogonal lines would draw incorrectly in place when a connected shape is moved.
Fixed a bug where Bézier lines with both endpoints connected to the same object were not respecting magnets.
Fixed a bug where objects in a shared layer could lose the ability to be reordered.
Fixed a bug where clicking a link to another file exited Presentation Mode.
Fixed a bug where it was possible to rotate and zoom locked objects via multitouch trackpad gestures.
Fixed a bug where undoing after a multitouch gesture undid the previous action instead.
Fixed a bug where making a table out of a single shape didn't render one of the resize handles.
Fixed a pasteboard error when duplicating an object with an EPS image.
Fixed a bug where it was impossible to export to stencil, template, or diagram style on Mac OS X 10.6.
Actions on groups should now work again in Presentation Mode.
Fixed a bug where moving objects forward and backward on a shared layer didn't immediately update in the main view.
Fixed a bug where it was impossible to Tab to cycle through shapes on shared layers.
Fixed a bug where resetting the inspector locations ordered the inspector groups incorrectly.
Installing a stencil now copies the stencil from its location as opposed to moving it.
Fixed a bug where dragging an item into a collapsed subgraph replaced all the contents of the subgraph.
Fixed a bug where tiled images rendered upside down.
Localizations updated.

Fixed a number of crashes when importing Microsoft Visio files.
Fixed a crash when directly opening PDFs.
Fixed a hang in GraphicView.
Fixed an OGRulerView crash when resizing groups with the mouse.
Fixed a crash when making a new shared layer via AppleScript.
Fixed a number of Graphviz crashes when working with subgraphs.

Version 5.2.1 | Release Date: 2009-10-29 | Download

More compatibility fixes for Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard".
Addressed stability issues.

Version 5.2b7 | Release Date: 2009-07-22 | Download
  • Bug Fixes
    • Canvas names are now retained on export to PDF for bookmarking and a document contents outline.
    • Fixed a regression where line labels would lose their fill color on export to Visio XML.
    • Fixed a bug where newly installed stencils via the Finder weren't immediately showing up in the Stencil Window.
    • Addressed a performance issue where canvas thumbnails could lead to a hang when switching back to OmniGraffle.
    • Fixed a bug where resizing a shape would make a connected line jump to a different magnet.
    • Fixed a bug where duplicating a canvas pasted whatever was on the clipboard onto the canvas.
  • Crashes
    • Fixed a problem where the Quick Look plug-in would crash quicklookd when using Cover Flow.
    • Fixed a crash when deleting all instances of a shared layer.
    • Fixed a crash when opening certain Visio files.
    • Fixed an NSCFArray error when deleting a canvas whilst editing a stencil.
Version 5.2b6 | Release Date: 2009-07-02 | Download
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to give a shared layer the same name as a normal layer in a given canvas.
  • You can now name a new shared layer using the name of a previously deleted one.
  • Fixed a bug where rearranged shared layers would regress to their previous state when the file was saved and reopened.
  • Fixed a bug where linked images on shared layers would break their links when dragging said layer to another document.
  • Placed PICT images now are correctly converted to PDFs and render properly.
  • X and Y position input fields in the ruler accessory view are no longer enabled and populated when a line label is selected.
  • Added a UTIImportedTypeDeclarations key to the Quick Look generator's info.plist.
  • Adjusted the sensitivity of multi-touch gestures for zooming, rotating, and resizing.
  • Fixed a reproducible crash when setting the group rank property of a shape using AppleScript.
Version 5.1.1 | Release Date: 2009-01-29 | Download
  • Updated Tier 1 foreign language localizations for strings that were changed or added in the 5.1 release.
  • Fixed a memory leak that could lead to a series of nasty crashes.
Version 5.1 | Release Date: 2008-11-18 | Download

- Improved Visio compatibility adding support for the Enhanced MetaFile graphics format along with many other fixes and changes.

- Improved user interface and focus for the canvases and outline sidebars.

- Added new adjustable arc/wedge and star shapes.

- Addressed stability issues.

Version 5.0.2 | Release Date: 2008-08-19 | Download
  • Localizations
    o A handful of remaining Japanese localization problems have been mended.
    o A large number of fixes have been made to the Japanese Help and User Interface strings.
    o Amended the "Paste and Match Style" string to reflect the iWork apps in German.
Version 5.0.1 | Release Date: 2008-07-22 | Download

OmniGraffle 5.0.1 (including Pro)
Released Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. This is a Universal application.

* Changes
o No changes since the release of OmniGraffle 5.0.1 rc 1.

OmniGraffle 5.0.1 rc 1 (including Pro)
Released Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. This is a Universal application.

* Changes
o No changes since the release of OmniGraffle 5.0.1 beta 5.

OmniGraffle 5.0.1 beta 5 (including Pro)
Released Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. This is a Universal application.

* Bug Fixes
o Made the selected stencil shadow offset a little smaller in the Stencil Window.
o Fixed a bug where the leading value would reset if you edited it while in text editing mode.
o Fixed a "String::swscanf: offset past end of string" error when importing Visio files.
o Fixed an image file format problem when importing Visio files and later saving them as OmniGraffle files.
o Fixed a regression where Visio stencil files would always ask to be saved on quitting OmniGraffle.
o Fixed a bug where notes were not exporting to PDF in certain circumstances.
* Crashers
o Fixed a lingering ColorSync profile crash.
o Fixed a crash when attempting to add magnets to a polygonal shape that had only two sides.
o Fixed a crash in the Stencil Window when filtering out all of the graphics.
o Fixed another zombie-related crash. Stupid zombies.
o Fixed an exception thrown when collapsing the source list in the Stencil Window.

OmniGraffle 5.0.1 beta 4 (including Pro)
Released Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. This is a Universal application.

* Bug Fixes
o Fixed a bug where the Trash could not be emptied after opening a binary Visio file.
o Fixed a unique image ID bug that would pop up after dragging canvases from one document to another.
o Addressed a responder issue where the rulers wouldn't show in templates that had them showing.
o Fixed a Visio import where lots of extraneous text would show up on import.
o "Print canvas on one printer sheet" should no longer offset content to the right when printing a one page canvas.
o Fixed a bug where arrowing up or down in the Corner Radius field would lose focus.
o Fixed a dangerous duplicate graphic ID upon launch bug where objects could become uneditable.
o Fixed a bug where duplicating canvases would disconnect objects from each other in new canvas.
o Fixed a bug where the Outline Editor was not working properly if a template had the rulers showing.
* Crashers
o Fixed a crash involving line labels from legacy OmniGraffle documents and the drawing tools palette.

OmniGraffle 5.0.1 beta 3 (including Pro)
Released Friday, June 6th, 2008

Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. This is a Universal application.

* Bug Fixes
o AppleScript support for the new features in 5.0 has been fleshed out.
o Shared layers now return a result in AppleScript.
o Strokes can now be thinner than .15 pt.
o Fixed a unique image ID bug when copying or dragging canvases.
o Fixed a bug where a canvas wouldn't print if only its shared layers were visible.
* Crashers
o Fixed a crash where labels that were too long to display in the Outline Editor could lead to a crash.
o Fixed a crash involving the Canvas Sidebar thumbnails.
o Fixed an error thrown when opening certain Visio files.
* Localizations
o The Japanese and Simplified Chinese localizations for the User Interface should be much better now, we're still looking into sections of the OmniGraffle Help.

OmniGraffle 5.0.1 beta 2 (including Pro)
Released Friday, May 9th, 2008

Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. This is a Universal application.

* Bug Fixes
o We now check for Applescript when opening a quarantined file.
o Fixed a selection highlight problem in the Canvases Sidebar.
o Mouse actions away from input fields should now accept the current value in the field.
o Fixed a bug where actions on exported PDFs wouldn't go unless you included notes.
o Fixed a scrolling issue in the source list view of the Stencil Window.
o Addressed an issue where changing an object's action didn't always stick if the insertion point was in a different input field.
o The ruler origin is now added to the set of Extras the visibility of which is toggled on and off by the Extras toolbar button.
o Fixed a Visio bug where page breaks in rich text fields was causing all sorts of havoc.
o Fixed a Visio bug where a mix of bold and regular typefaces on the same line would render in odd characters in Visio.
o Fixed a spurious "Can’t make application "OmniGraffle Professional 5" into type reference." error.
* Crashers
o Fixed a crash when importing Visio and Xcode files.
o Fixed an array index error when opening certain PDFs concerning DeviceGray colorspace, amazingly this bug dates back to version 2.1!
* Localizations
o Japanese and Simplified Chinese localization repairs are still underway.

OmniGraffle 5.0.1 beta 1 (including Pro)
Released Friday, May 22nd, 2008

Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. This is a Universal application.

* Bug Fixes
o Tracking input field in the Text Inspector now accepts commas as well as periods.
o You can no longer rename layers in the Action Inspector.
o Fixed the disk image window position.
o Fixed an issue with the Browse Action Tool if the sidebar had focus.
o Custom data set on objects now exports to Visio XML, likewise we now import Visio's metadata.
o Using hotkeys to switch tools no longer destroys the previous tool's stickiness.
o IBTool support is now in place.
o Fixed some line connectivity issues in Visio import.
o Double-clicking a layer thumbnail will now make it the active layer.
o Line labels were losing their background color on Visio import.
o Fixed a bug where copied and pasted PDFs would rasterize when their opacity was changed.
o Non-printing layers no longer have their objects' bounds calculated in an "All Objects" export.
o AppleScript support for subgraphs.
o AppleScript support for connecting shapes.
o We now reset installed stencil state for Graffletopia search results if the file is installed then uninstalled.
o We made the autosave document read-only to prevent accidently modifying it instead of the original on crash recovery.
o Fixed a bug where copying as AppleScript from a shape whose points were made editable yielded AppleScript that resulted in an invariant failure.
o Fixed some scrolling and resizing issues for the Stencil Window.
o Connecting shapes weren't paying attention to the grid or Shift-constraint, they now behave more nicely.
o Fixed a bug where EPS exports were unusable if there was a gradient fill.
o Re-ordered items in the Fonts stencil, and locked the background boxes.
o Template chooser now geos away when a document is opened.
o EOModeld files will now import again.
o Fixed a bug where setting page orientation in the Canvas Size Inspector had no effect.
o Fixed some image loading errors.
o Workspace names will now survive a quit and re-launch.
o We now remove Quick Look previews when anonymizing and sending feedback.
o The Style Brush will now work on shared layers.
o Whenever possible, we now preserve legacy print scale settings.
o Fixed a bug with the Fill portion of the Ruler Accessory View inspector.
o Fixed a bug where OmniGraffle couldn't open an uncompressed OmniOutliner 3 file.
o Template Chooser previews now include shared layers.
o Buttons below the canvas sidebar drop off sooner.
o Fixed a bug where OmniGraffle would throw away all of your changes if you close the second window open on a stencil.
o It's easier to permanently delete legacy master canvases that turned into shared layers.
o Fixed a Visio import issue where extra line or carriage returns were being added to shape labels.
o The Selected Lines: Custom Length setting in the Diagram Layout Inspector is now really working as intended.
o Fixed a bug where shadows of line hops would remain when the hopped line was moved.
o Fixed an issue where gradient fills would go solid when the slider was at the end.
o Notes now exporting to Outliner properly.
o When "Print canvas on one printer sheet" is set, magic is performed on the page number variable.
o Favorite line styles now will keep the basic arrow line ending.
o Fixed a bug with page number variables not printing out correctly if they were on a shared layer.
o Autoscroll now works in the Outline Editor.
o Fixed a bug where lines without a midpoint would not connect to the proper magnet.
o Fixed a weird page orientation/canvas size/page break bug.
o Collapsed subgraphs now get anonymized when sending feedback.
o Shift-Return now should create an item before the selected item instead of after it in the Outline Editor.
o Help tags in the Ruler Accessory View inspector got some capitalization love.
o Fixed an issue where clicking or tabbing out of the canvas width or height field deselected "Auto-adjust canvas size" even if you didn't make a change.
o Locked objects offer their style to the Canvas Style section of the drawing tools, new shapes created with such are no longer locked.
o You can drag style chits onto objects on shared layers now.
o Fixed a bug where holding down Option when creating a line prohibited the creation of midpoints.
* Crashers
o Fixed an exception when using connecting shapes and orthogonal lines.
o Fixed a crash when reverting to the last save and the Layer List View was visible.
o Fixed a hang when opening files that had zero size empty shapes within.
o Fixed a crash with actions on objects that jumped to non-existent canvases.
o Fixed some ColorSync and Color Space crashes.
o Fixed a Stencil Window related crash.
o Killed a zombie crasher. Stupid zombies.
o Addressed a crash having to do with the Ruler Accessory View inspectors.
o Fixed an "Illegal Seek" error when opening Visio files.
o Fixed a printing crash.
o Fixed an error when opening certain Visio stencils.
o Caught an exception when searching Graffletopia from the Stencil Window.
* Localizations
o Fixed the Simplified Chinese translation of the "Flat" diagram style title.
o Removed Quick Look previews from localized resource folders.
o Addressed quite a few Japanese localization issues, this is still ongoing and Chinese is next.
o Fixed the Diagram Layout Inspector in German.
o Fixed the localized spelling of Hungary and Ukraine on the world map stencils.
o Fixed some French translations.
o Removed the GUI Design stencil from the Japanese localization.

Version 5.0 | Release Date: 2008-03-06 | Download
No changes specified
Version 5.0rc1 | Release Date: 2008-02-28 | Download
  • Operating System Requirements
    • OmniGraffle 5 requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later in order to run.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Refined AppleScript support for user data on models and graphics.
    • Fixed some problems with callout text in imported Visio documents.
    • Fixed a possible multiple monitor bug with regards to the stencil window.
    • We now set a quarantine on Graffletopia downloads.
    • We now check for AppleScript when opening a quarantined file.
    • Fixed some problems editing text where the selection highlight and insertion cursor would go missing.
    • Fixed an invalid XML error when exporting to Visio XML.
    • Added AppleScript support for shared layers.
    • Long stencil names should no longer get cut off.
    • Fixed some rendering issues in the canvases sidebar.
    • Text should grow out appropriately based on its justification.
    • Shadows from Visio files should import properly now.
    • Fixed a problem with the undo stack not working when opening/modifying Visio files.
    • The <%Layer%> variable is now available from the Edit Menu.
    • The <%Layer%> variable on Shared Layers no longer reports as "Master" instead of "Shared".
    • Fixed an issue where a placed TIFF file could get saved out with no data.
    • We now tell Graffletopia when we do a download.
    • Fixed an issue where some text would get saved out as an RTFD data structure.
    • Should be able to export to the OmniOutliner 3 format again.
    • Fixed a bug where text alignment was not surviving a save/close/reopen.
    • Adding a new child to a subgraph now properly places the child outside of the subgraph.
    • Fixed a bug where moving groups in the outline editor created a new connection line to them.
    • Images should display correctly in the canvases sidebar.
  • Crashers
    • Fixed an OAColorProfile problem.
    • Fixed a number of crashes having to do with the stencil window.
    • Fixed an ** -[NSCFArray objectAtIndex:]: index (0) beyond bounds (0) error when pasting a copied line label into another label.
    • Fixed an exception when all objects were set to the minimum layout rank.
    • Fixed an application hang when opening an eomodeld file.
  • Localizations
    • Final fit and finish given to Tier 1 localizations.
Version 5.0b7 | Release Date: 2008-02-12 | Download

Release notes.

Version 5.0b6 | Release Date: 2008-01-24 | Download
  • Bug Fixes
    • Small block arrow shapes should now render properly.
    • Fixed some weird text rendering issues when sizing from 13pt to 14pt.
    • Umlauts should now import from Visio files.
    • Fixed some infinite loop issues on certain layouts.
    • Subgraphs should now connect properly.
    • Fixed a bug where the default text offsets were not sticking for some shapes.
    • Fixed an invalid XML error when exporting to the Visio XML document format.
    • Fixed a focus issue in the Canvases Sidebar when selecting all in a layer.
    • Bezier handles on lines now resize when the line is resized.
    • Variables in shared layers now render properly in Presentation Mode.
    • Fixed a cosmetic issue with collapsed Subgraphs in the Outline Editor.
    • Edit -> Layers -> Layer Settings menu items are now enabled.
    • Fixed a bug where a file exported to the OmniOutliner 3 format would not open back up again.
    • You can now import OmniOutliner 2 files again.
  • Crashers
    • Fixed a crash involving guides that would get saved out very far away from their original positions.
    • Fixed an exception thrown when attempting to add a point to a connecting shape.
  • Localizations
    • Localizations have been implemented for the application as well as the Help files. As a result, the disk images are considerably larger than they had been beforehand.
Version 5.0b5 | Release Date: 2008-01-12 | Download
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed some Visio text placement and connection line issues.
    • Visio stencils now always open in well view mode.
    • Line labels in Visio files should open properly now.
    • Fixed some AppleScript issues surrounding exporting with the background.
    • X and Y Position variables are now based on the ruler origin.
    • The kerning field in the Text Inspector now reflects the kerning value of selected text.
    • Fixed a bug where objects on shared layers were getting moved to the back on copy/paste/export.
    • Addressed some Stencil Window resizing issues.
    • Fixed a bug where URL actions wouldn't work in an exported PDF if an image was set as the background on a shared layer.
    • Fixed some vertical text centering problems.
    • OmniGraffle no longer searches the Trash for stencils.
    • Fixed a bug where theTemplate Chooser was blank in the standard version of OmniGraffle.
    • Visio stencils need not be saved as OmniGraffle stencils, and a new icon shows that they are "foreign" stencils.
    • OmniGraffle doesn't save Quick Look previews in autosave documents anymore.
    • Keyboard navigation of the stencil window source list is now available.
    • Window resizing now affects other canvases that are set to fit in the window.
    • The ruler accessory controls now can make strokes thinner than 1 point.
    • Edit --> Select All now works on a shared layer.
    • Template Chooser will open on the last category or directory shown.
    • You can now drag shared layers from one document to another.
    • Fixed a bug where the Close button would remain "dirty" after a save.
    • Items on shared layers now appear in the shape list right away.
    • Fixed some text wrapping issues with Visio files.
    • Addressed some magnet location problems when importing Visio XML files.
    • Placed images are no longer coming in upside down from Visio files.
    • The Install button in the Stencil Window should go away after installing a stencil.
    • Fixed a problem where Quick Look previews wouldn't work so well when checking into Subversion.
    • New canvases created from a template that has multiple shared layers will get all the shared layers.
  • Crashers
    • Fixed an NSFont crash.
    • Fixed a reproducible crash when directly opening certain PDF files.
    • Addressed a number of crashes and errors when opening Visio files.
  • Localizations
    • Localizations are almost complete, however we've run into a snag where the disk images are prohibitvely large for downloading purposes, this release is unfortunately English-only.
  • Licensing
    • A change has been made to the way OmniGraffle runs in unlicensed mode -- While the current beta releases have their own internal license key, in the future OmniGraffle 5.0 will operate for two weeks without a license, then requiring the application of a license key.
    • What happened to OmniGraffle 5.0 beta 4?
    • That particular release wound up on the CD that we're bringing to the Macworld exposition; our team lead is a stickler for proper naming conventions, hence this beta is beta 5.
Version 5.0b3 | Release Date: 2007-12-20 | Download
  • Operating System Requirements
    • OmniGraffle 5 requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later in order to run.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Visio bullet lists should import properly now.
    • Fixed some character encoding problems when importing Visio files.
    • Made a massive fix for AppleScript when running in Leopard.
    • Open vectors in PDF files should open properly now.
    • Fixed some scroll bar issues in the Outline Editor.
    • Stencil searches should automatically scroll to the search results.
    • New stencil search display.
    • Fixed a lot of disabled Help buttons.
    • Fixed some line spacing issues for text objects when using custom fonts.
    • Fixed actions that highlight other objects.
    • Addressed an issue where text could disappear when editing it.
    • Addressed some font sizing issues when importing .dot files.
    • Fixed an issue with the Diagram Tool.
    • Walvis Bay now belongs to Namibia again.
    • Notes should export to PDF again.
    • Added a warning when deleting the last instance of a shared layer.
    • Fixed some automatic layout issues.
    • Pattern fills no longer change color when editing text.
    • Fixed an issue with respect to absolute text rotation.
    • Line labels should collapse with their subgraph now.
    • Style widgets should no longer redraw as often.
    • Fixed some PDF import issues.
    • Undoing a line length change in the Diagram Layout Inspector should properly move the slider.
    • Fixed some display issues when resizing subgraphs.
    • Placed PDF files should render properly in the canvas sidebar.
  • Crashers
    • Fixed a crash when creating a new document via AppleScript.
    • Fixed an exception thrown importing VSD files.
    • Fixed a crash when using AppleScript to move objects to the back.
    • Fixed a crash involving relative path links to images.
    • Addressed a crash involving the stencil window.
    • Fixed another stencil window crash when selecting all stencils.
  • Localizations
    • Foreign language localizations are still underway, and we expect to have them fully integrated in a future beta release.
    • Historical Release Notes
Version 5.0 beta 2 | Release Date: 2007-12-06 | Download
  • Bug Fixes
    • Ruler origin now affects the grid origin.
    • Unused master canvases in older documents now show as shared layers in the first canvas.
    • Fixed a performance issue on some iMac and MacBook models.
    • Fixed a Visio XML export problem where Visio would claim it wasn't valid XML.
    • You can now install stencils from read-only media.
    • Export area exports based on the ruler origin.
    • You can add midpoints to perfectly straight standalone orthogonal lines.
    • Fixed the export size and resolution for the BMP format.
    • Visio import now recognizes font face information.
    • AppleScript can now control stroke thickness.
    • You can now use the mouse scroll wheel in the Template Chooser.
    • Fixed some line routing issues when looping to and from the same shape.
    • New, bigger icons for stencils, Visio files, etc.
    • We now stop doing ColorSync checking on templates and diagram styles in the Template Chooser.
    • Fixed some scroll bar badness.
    • Fixed some outdenting problems in the Outline Edtior.
    • Hooked up some help buttons.
    • The Diagram Tool now handles multiple selections.
    • Fixed a bug with respect to orthogonal lines and shadows.
    • Copy as PDF now works correctly with Photoshop CS3.
    • Fixed a bug where lines would hurtle off to the upper left corner of the document.
    • The Stencils toolbar button puts the Stencil Window away now.
    • Fixed a bug where radial blends weren't completely filling a shape.
    • Resizing the Stencil WIndow is better.
    • Unused master canvases from older documents now show in the first canvas, with their visibility and printing turned off.
    • The Keyboard Shortcuts document is now up to date.
    • Fixed a bug when installing stencils from read-only media.
  • Crashers
    • Fixed a crash when searching for stencils.
    • Fixed a crash when the application was quit with something on the clipboard.
    • Fixed an OGAbstractDocument crash.
    • Fixed a crash when poking around in the Stencil Window.
    • Addressed an exception thrown when moving shapes to a shared layer.
    • Fixed a crash when going to the Help Menu, closing a document, and going back to the Help Menu.
    • Fixed a hang on launch where the licensing code would perform an unnecessary DNS lookup.
    • Fixed a crash when importing Visio files.
    • Fixed an error thrown when opening certain .dot files.
  • Localizations
    • Foreign language localizations are underway, and we expect to have them integrated in a future beta release.
Version 4.2 | Release Date: 2007-07-30 | Download

New Features

  • Document Settings Inspector: A new inspector has been added which shows document creation and change information; allows file compression; and per-document settings for saving the file as a flat file or file package. Currently this inspector resides in the Canvas: inspector group, we are considering breaking it out into its own group; feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • Basic shapes can now be converted to custom polygonal/bezier shapes and vice versa.
  • Stencils and other compressable application resources are now compressed upon building.
  • The Command key will now disable the smart guides for custom magnet placement on a shape.
  • Layers can now be merged.
  • Option-clicking a layer now shows the layer you clicked on, and either shows or hides everything else, depending on whether there was anything else visible.
  • Notes are now searchable via Spotlight.
  • Spotlight can now also index compressed files.
  • New About panel; can reveal build information when the version number is clicked.
Version 4.2b4 | Release Date: 2007-05-03 | Download

Version 4.2b4:

Don't Panic!

  • A very small number of users have been reporting kernel panics on their Intel-based Macs in Mac OS X 10.4.9 when saving files with the OmniGraffle 4.2 beta releases. We are investigating the issue and of course would very much like to fix it if it's a problem in OmniGraffle. Therefore, it's recommended that if stability is absolutely crucial, you should run OmniGraffle 4.1.2, available at our Download Page. However, if you are a brave soul who would like to hazard a kernel panic, we'd also very much like to get your feedback, so that we can look at the data as well as pass it along to Apple.


  • A new autosave routine is in place that takes advantage of Mac OS X 10.4. This results in a cleaner backup operation and also creates autosave backup information for new documents that have not been saved yet.
  • Two new UML line endings have been added.
  • The release disk image now adds a shortcut to the Applications folder.

Bug Fixes

  • The Style: Summary Inspector now updates more dynamically when text attributes have been changed.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with strokes on tables at certain zoom levels.
  • Edited Stone Create LinkBack object dimensions are now maintained.
  • Finally figured out why note help tips weren't sometimes displaying.
  • Groups in Visio files were importing incorrectly. Now they are. Magic.
  • Orthogonal lines are now saving their positions.
  • Using the mouse to remove table columns or rows no longer permenently destroys the data in those cells.
  • Deleting a canvas from the status bar reflects properly in the utilities drawer.
  • Fixed erratic CPU usage while the backup dialog was showing.
  • Fixed a regression where one couldn't tab between table cells or individual graphics.
  • Addressed a regression where auto-resizing table cells grew in the wrong direction when line returns were added.


  • Fixed a crash when exporting OmniGraffle files to extremely large and high resolution raster image formats.
  • Fixed a crash involving OmniGraffle's shadow cache.
  • Addressed a crash when importing .dot files with bad syntax.
  • The changes made to OmniGraffle's autosave behavior has fixed a crash when backing up unsaved files.


  • Foreign language localizations are still underway.
Version 4.1.1 | Release Date: 2006-07-10 | Download
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