Licence: Freeware
Version 3.0 | Release Date: 2011-02-07 | Download


  • Updated User Guide, Read Me File, License File, and added new Quick Start Guide. All are available via the Help menu (Mac) or Options menu (Windows).
  • Quick Start Guide is offered for viewing when opting to Try DarkAdapted from the Welcome to DarkAdapted window. The dialog may be suppressed.
  • Fixed bug where Gamma Toggle Keys would ignore some displays on multiple-display setups, even with Apply to all displays was specified.
  • The pricing structure for DarkAdapted Standard and DarkAdapted Pro has changed. Read more here.
  • DarkAdapted maintains registration information between DarkAdapted 2.x and 3.x.
  • When a demo period ends — and the DarkAdapted Preferences window is open — preferences are now saved for the next demo period and/or when DarkAdapted is registered.
  • Improved memory management.
  • Eliminated slight CPU usage when DarkAdapted was inactive and not set to refresh gamma setting periodically.
  • Gamma fades that affect multiple screens now occur simultaneously instead of consecutively. Examples include invoking a Preset Set and implementing Gamma Toggle Keys that are set to affect all displays.


  • Added Save DarkAdapted Extras to Disk... command to File menu. This allows you to save DarkAdapted Extras to any writeable location on your hard disk. The DarkAdapted Extras folder contains sample Presets files and sample AppleScripts for use with DarkAdapted.
  • Presets and Preset Sets may now optionally be placed at the top level of the system-wide menu, and show their hotkeys.
  • Documentation is now contained in the DarkAdapted application bundle.


  • This is a free update if you registered DarkAdapted Pro within the past 2 years.
    • Your DarkAdapted Pro version 2.3.7 serial will work with the new DarkAdapted Pro 3.0 if you enter it in DarkAdapted 2.3.7 or earlier.
      If you see a registration window when you open DarkAdapted 3.0, we recommend that you quit DarkAdapted 3.0, open DarkAdapted 2.3.7, and enter your registration code there. Then, quit version 2.3.7 and open DarkAdapted 3.0 and it will open as DarkAdapted Pro.
    • DarkAdapted recognizes expired DarkAdapted Pro serial numbers (purchased before 01 January 2009), and offers a discounted upgrade to DarkAdapted Pro 3.0.
  • The system-wide menu's AppleScripts submenu now lets you conveniently open the DarkAdapted Pro Scripts folders in (startup disk)/Library/Scripts/ and (user home)/Library/Scripts. This is useful when you want to add an AppleScript to one of these folders, and thus add it to DarkAdapted Pro's AppleScripts submenu in the system-wide menu.
  • Added Heads-Up Display (accessible in DarkAdapted Pro Preferences) which displays gamma values when they change on each screen. This is enabled by default in DarkAdapted Pro, and the transparency may be changed in DarkAdapted Pro Preferences. Heads-Up Display Windows may also be placed in the position of your choice on any screen. Heads-Up Display Windows remember their positions across all displays, and multiple Heads-Up Display Windows (for different connected displays) may even be placed on a single monitor.
  • Added scroll wheel support for brightness changes, accessible via system-wide menu or Preferences window. A status window appears next to the cursor when changing the brightness in this fashion.
  • Added Control Window Fading (accessible in DarkAdapted Pro Preferences), which fades all Control Windows to a user-specified transparency when DarkAdapted is in the background.
  • DarkAdapted Pro has always based its gamma changes on the monitor's current gamma ramp when DarkAdapted is launched, when Control Displays Independently was invoked. Now, DarkAdapted Pro maintains each display's default gamma ramp even when using one Control Window to control multiple displays (when Control Displays Independently is off). DarkAdapted Standard continues to use a single gamma reference (the primary display), and so secondary display(s) may assume a slight color cast if their gamma tables differ from the primary display.
  • Scheduling window: Edit Event window: Location window: When setting up events based on sunrise and sunset calculations, the Longitude and Latitude may now be obtained from the computer, in addition to the GMT Offset. GMT Offset has been changed to a text field, to accommodate fractional offsets.
  • Brightness Control Hotkeys now allow the Brightness Amount adjustment in increments of 1.0 when not in Percentage mode; in Percentage mode, they adjust in increments of 0.1.
Version 2.3.5 | Release Date: 2009-06-15 | Download

blurb should read (from "DarkAdapted X", which I just marked as a duplicate)

DarkAdapted is an application program. It controls the amount of red, green, and blue in your screen gamma so that you may, for example, preserve your dark adaptation while using your computer.

DarkAdapted is being used by astronomers, planetarium operators, graphics professionals, medical professionals, airline pilots, air traffic controllers, and others worldwide to provide flexible, dynamic control over their monitor's screen color response. Users may define an unlimited number of gamma presets, and invoke them via global hotkeys, by menu selection, or by typing the first few letters of a preset’s name.


Requires 10.3.9

Version 2.2b1 | Release Date: 2007-03-14 | Download
  • This beta expires on 30 April 2007.
  • Improved behavior of Screen Brightness Hotkeys, so that they longer fail to move the gamma sliders in unison when certain hotkeys are selected.
  • Saving the current screen as a Preset now allows replacing an existing preset, in addition to creating a new preset.
  • Presets may now optionally change the state of Gang Sliders and Maintain Relative Values. These settings may optionally be saved in and read from Presets Files.
  • Edit Presets Window allows changing various Preset values, such as color and gang sliders options. Preset colors may also be defined via the standard Color Picker dialog.
  • Edit Presets Window: The Save Presets and Load Presets file dialogs now appear on the same screen as their parent Edit Presets Window.
  • Mac: Pro Option: A minimum allowable brightness may now be selected in the Preferences Window, which enforces a minimum brightness total of all three sliders' raw (0-255) values.
    o This is useful in preventing unreadable screen situations.
    o A minimum brightness setting of between 0 and 400 may be defined. Setting a minimum of "100," for example, forces a Preset of R = 20, G = 20, and B = 20 to result in values of R = 33.3, G = 33.3, and B = 33.3, to maintain a minimum total brightness of 100.
    o If DarkAdapted Pro enforces the minimum brightness rule, the R, G, and B labels to the left of the sliders change to ®, (G), and (B) to indicate that the displayed values have been overridden.
Version 1.3.2 | Release Date: 2006-08-01 | Download
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