Licence: Freeware
Version 5.4.8 | Release Date: 2015-11-15 | Download

When about to set a Drive D: Hard Disk Drive, the Indication Window no longer will display an empty message in case a CD Drive D: is already set.

Version 5.4.7 | Release Date: 2015-11-08 | Download

"Bring DOSBox to front" located in the Dapplegrey-internal Console Window is working again.

Version 5.4.6 | Release Date: 2015-11-01 | Download

When opening the Drives section, no longer an empty indication window will be opened.

Version 5.4.5 | Release Date: 2015-10-04 | Download

DOSBox SVN version checking has been revisited.

Adds latest addition to DOSBox SVN, oplmode=opl3gold, see http://www.emucr.com/2015/09/dosbox-svn-r3936.html?m=1 for details. Get the newest DOSBox SVN version for Mac listed in the signature of VOGONs forum member Dominus at http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=31795

Version 5.4.4 | Release Date: 2015-10-03 | Download

When using Dapplegrey´s Windows 3.1 managing window, the path to the Windows 3.1 sources no longer will be display two "/Volumes" parts in the path text field.

When closing the Preferences window, the preferences will be saved immediately. Previously, the preferences has been saved only when the user told Dapplegrey to quit.

Version 5.4.3 | Release Date: 2015-08-30 | Download

In some circumstances, Dapplegrey still losts the Games List content. When a copy of the Games List is available, the Games List will be restored immediately, which results in the message „The Games List has been restored“, when Dapplegrey starts. Until now, it was up to the user to save a copy of the Games List. Yet, if Dapplegrey starts and it does not find a copy of the games list, it will be saved automatically now (assumed the games list is still intact, though).

Remembers custom drive C: setting within the Toolbox Games now.

Version 5.4.2 | Release Date: 2015-08-22 | Download

The menu item "Run this game with..." has been rmvd from the "OSBox" toolbar item, because it caused the bouncing beach ball if called from within the User´s games list. This Option was seen as a simplified version of the "Drives" -> "Drive C:" setting, which is recommended instead.

Version 5.4.1 | Release Date: 2015-08-12 | Download

The Game Info Window, where you can set the game informations like category, developer, publisher, and so on, displays the correct *.ICO file now, if such a file for the current entry is available at all. If a game comes with a number of *.ICO files the icon to be displayed can be set with the menu item command "Icon file to be displayed" found in the Games menu item.

Version 5.4 | Release Date: 2015-08-02 | Download
In the "Application Support" Area of Dapplegrey, deleting files has been revisited a bit.

The user-made DOSBox Applescripted Wrapper port found at "A self-contained DOSBox system for OS X" at VOGONs will be recognized, too. But be aware, the internals of this AppleScripted DOSBox version doesn’t work from within Dappegrey. With Dapplegrey, you can use this port as usual to run games you’ve added to the Dapplegrey’s Games List.