Licence: Freeware
Version 1.1b21 | Release Date: 2016-02-14 | Download
  • Use the current date when the Set Alarm window activates and the date isn’t currently being edited, which should prevent an old date getting “stuck” and forcing you to explicitly choose today or tomorrow.
  • Update application icon for Retina displays and modern OS X aesthetics — thanks to José Manuel Sánchez for the contribution.
  • Don’t crash on startup if your default voice is a downloadable enhanced quality (”premium”) voice — thanks to Sven-S. Porst for the report and patch.
  • Use SSL to retrieve Pester’s appcast, working around a Sparkle security vulnerability.
  • Don’t include Growl or Sparkle headers (reducing application size).
Version 1.1b18 | Release Date: 2014-01-28 | Download
  • Work around a bug in OS X 10.8 and 10.9 which prevented speech voice changes from taking effect.
  • Fix an issue introduced in 1.1b17 which prevented changes to the sound output device in Preferences from taking effect, or the Preferences window from being displayed after changing the sound output device.
  • Improve clarity and consistency of time remaining display in Pester’s Dock icon. (Build 56: Fix a memory leak introduced by this change.)
  • Fix an issue in which the time remaining would not display in Pester’s Dock icon on OS X 10.8 and later until you toggled the option in Preferences.
  • Permit entry of midnight as “0” (previously you needed to use “00” or “24”.)
  • Update Read Me for changes in Pester 1.1.
  • Improve display of Read Me.
Version 1.1b17 | Release Date: 2013-10-06 | Download
  • Support natural-language date and time entry on OS X Mavericks (10.9), by linking to Perl 5.12 on OS X 10.7–10.9. Perl 5.10 remains in use on Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Make alert sound preview work like alert sound playback.
  • Work around a bug in OS X 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 which caused text in the About window to be off-center.
  • Code cleanups and modernization without (intended) changes in functionality; remove some code which was never used.
Version 1.1b16 | Release Date: 2013-08-22 | Download
  • Added Notification Center alerts on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and later. Use Notifications System Preferences to customize the alert style and behavior. If you select the Alerts style, you can click the Stop Repeating button in an alert to stop a repeating alarm. Unlike Growl, Notification Center only supports one type of alert per application, so the time remaining confirmation is not displayed as an OS X alert. If you have Growl installed, it will still be used for this purpose unless you’ve turned it off. Also unlike Growl 1.x, Notification Center does not inform Pester when an alert disappears from the screen, so repeating alarms don’t wait until you’ve dismissed the alert (or it disappears) to repeat.
  • Don’t wait forever for Growl 2.0 and 2.1 before rescheduling a repeating alarm. This affects repeating alarms for which you have Notify with Growl selected but not Display message and time.
  • Optionally disable display of the time remaining until the next alarm in Pester’s Dock icon, in Preferences. (Thanks to Nur Monson for the contribution.)
  • Permit entry of 12-hour single-digit hour/minute times without punctuation. For example, you can now type “930a”.
  • Mark repeating alarms in the Alarms window with a curved arrow icon.
  • Remove an item from the Edit menu that didn’t do anything useful and should not have been there.
  • Add Retina calendar and volume icons.
  • Improve display of certain sound device names (such as those of AirPlay devices) so that they are consistent with the Sound menu extra.
  • Update the natural language date parser, Date::Manip (fixes for Spanish, Finnish, French, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish).
  • Fix tabbing with Full Keyboard Access enabled.
  • Improve playback of default alert sound.
  • Improve display of long alarm messages in the alarm list window and notification alerts.
  • Optionally log expired alarms to the Console. (Note that you can also view expired alarms in Growl or Notification Center, if you have the corresponding alert enabled.) This is not exposed in Pester’s user interface, but you can quit Pester, type defaults write net.sabi.Pester PesterLogAlarmTimerExpired -bool YES in Terminal and reopen Pester to enable logging; replace YES with NO to disable logging. (Thanks to Mikey Reppy for the suggestion.)
  • Fix speech previews playing through the wrong device when you change Play sound through in Preferences.
  • Greatly improve error handling when restoring alarms and alerts.
  • Offer to automatically move Pester to your Applications folder.
Version 1.1b15 | Release Date: 2012-07-24 | Download
  • Fix rare instances where the Dock displays an inaccurate time remaining.
  • Fix Read Me losing its section navigation. (If you're viewing the Read Me on a Retina display, you may find it gains unwanted horizontal scrolling. To work around this issue, close and reopen the Read Me window.)
  • Fix natural-language date processing on OS X Mountain Lion.
  • Permit entry of single-digit hour/minute times without punctuation or an initial zero. For example, you can now type “930” for 9:30, where previously “0930” or “9:30” was required.
  • Don’t require the discrete GPU on MacBook Pro models from early 2011 and later, on OS X Lion or later. If you’re using an earlier OS X version or an older multi-GPU MacBook Pro, Apple provides no way for Pester to “opt out” of the discrete GPU. You may find gfxCardStatus helpful as a workaround.
  • Update Growl framework to 1.2.3.
  • Update Sparkle to work around a problem with update verification that only occurred after recent OS X security updates.
  • Sign with Developer ID for Gatekeeper on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8).
Version 1.1b14 | Release Date: 2011-11-02 | Download
  • Avoid a crash that can be triggered by dragging the volume slider quickly on OS X Lion. To ensure accurate volume preview, drag the slider more slowly (or use the keyboard if full keyboard access is enabled).
  • Fix a problem with relative date/time display where the cutoff for a larger unit was 999 hours/days; now displays smaller units up to twice the larger unit. Multiple units are still only used up to “days and hours”, not “weeks and days”.
  • Fix a few minor visual glitches on OS X Lion.
  • Update Growl framework to 1.2.2 for compatibility with Growl 1.3 (OS X Lion only).
Version 1.1b13 | Release Date: 2011-06-23 | Download
  • Note: This version requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later, including OS X Lion (10.7); 1.1b12 is the last version of Pester to support Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.
  • Link to Perl 5.10 rather than 5.8, to support OS X Lion. Earlier Pester 1.1 betas are not compatible with OS X Lion.
Version 1.1b12 | Release Date: 2010-10-13 | Download
  • Display alarm remaining time in a friendlier fashion.
  • Fix problem where Pester keyboard equivalents involving the “A” key would not be assigned.
  • Wake up the display when a message is displayed. By putting the display to sleep with ⌃⇧⏏ after setting an alarm, you can thus use Pester as an effective visual alarm. (Just make sure your Mac doesn’t go to sleep or enter a locking screen saver before the alarm expires.)
Version 1.1b11 | Release Date: 2010-08-25 | Download
  • Add Growl alerts. Configure Growl alert appearance and behavior from the Growl System Preferences pane. Growl is optional; install it separately if you wish to use it.
  • If Growl is installed, display an alarm’s time remaining when it is set as a confirmation. You can disable this from the Growl System Preferences pane as well.
  • Fix Preferences not displaying on Mac OS X 10.4.
  • Fix intermittent failure to play the correct speech voice.
  • Fix memory leak on speech completion on Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Make date popup fully functional for French and more functional for Italian and Swedish.
Version 1.1b9 | Release Date: 2010-04-26 | Download
  • If you have no snooze time set, then choose “until,” then cancel, restore the previously selected snooze duration.
  • Handle audio devices being connected/disconnected while Pester is running.
  • Allow keyboard navigation of the Read Me.
  • Expand selectable sound output device (in Preferences) to speech as well as alert sounds (Mac OS X 10.5 and later).
  • Make date popup fully functional for German and Dutch.
  • Fixed some keyboard focus issues with alerts in the Set Alarm window.
  • Make Dock bouncing significantly more reliable.
  • Wait until you stop typing or moving the mouse to bring Pester to the front (optional, in Preferences).
  • Readd “– All” (remove all recent messages) via Option-click.
  • Fix launching on machines without English as the preferred language (sorry!).
  • Don’t allow setting =, `, etc. as the Pester keyboard equivalent.
Version 1.1b8 | Release Date: 2006-10-20 | Download
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