Licence: LGPL
Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2009-06-15 | Download

* Improved performance of VCPROJ generation from *.pro files on Windows (qmake).
* Reworked example networks of SoShader library.
* IDE now also deletes .auto file when saving with "Save Copy As".
* CSOConvertTo3DMask:
o Added an option to use only the seed points for generating the implicit surface function (in contrast to using only the path points).
o The CSOs can now optionally be smoothed internally by a spline approximation to diminish the oscillation of the resulting surface function.
* CSOLiveWireProcessor: on changing the slice while generating a CSO, the module does not crash anymore and prints out a message that the current CSO (with its id) is invalid and should be removed.
* SoView2DCSOEditor:
o Fixed a bug where seed points of CSOs with only 1 or 2 seed points could not be moved.
o Seed points under the mouse cursor are now rendered a little bit bigger.
* WEMInfo: fixed an issue with fired notifications during processing which caused the IsoSurface macro to crash under certain circumstances.
* TestPattern: fixed the interpolation of XRamp and YRamp for complex data types (vec, mat, complex, etc.).
* fixed typos and errata in various documentations.
* Added the ADK documentation to the ADK installer.
* Fixed crash on exit of standalone MeVisLab applications.
* Fixed example networks (replaced modules by publicly available modules): CSOMarkerGenerator, XMarkerListBounds, XMarkerShortestPath, SoGVRDrawOnPlane, SoViewPortRegion, SceneInspector.
* Added GUI panels for: ComplexArithmetic1, ComplexArithmetic2, ComplexToReal.
* HistogramPeakEstimate: fixed a bug which caused the y-values of the peaks to be set to their x-values.

Version 1.5.2 | Release Date: 2008-02-09 | Download
No changes specified