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Version 1.0.4 | Release Date: 2013-03-11 | Download


  • Fixed malloc bug (Paul Stoffregen)


  • Fixed memory leak when calling Ethernet.begin() multiple times.
  • Fixed SD example listfiles.ino
  • Fixed a lot of Esplora examples
  • Added GSM library


  • Sort entries in preferences.txt (Shigeru Kanemoto)
  • Fixed some wrong translations
  • Fixed NPE due to permissions IO error
  • Updated drivers for Windows (all-in-one, signature for Win8)


  • Fixed a bunch of bugs on Mega2560's bootloader (Mark Sproul)
Version 1.0.3 | Release Date: 2012-12-10 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.0.1 | Release Date: 2012-05-21 | Download

* The IDE has been internationalized
* New upload process for the Arduino Leonardo (ATmega32U4).
* and more …

[core / libraries]
* Updated (and official) support for the Arduino Leonardo (ATmega32U4).
* Adding overloads to Wire.write() (for Wire.write(0)).
* Fixing delayMicroseconds() for 20 MHz clocks
* Improved support of ATmega1284P.
* and much more …

* Updated to latest ArduinoISP sketch.
* Fixed ArduinoISP sketch by lowering delay() in heartbeat.
* and other updates.

For a full list see:

Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2011-11-30 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.0.19 | Release Date: 2010-09-03 | Download

ARDUINO 0019 - 2010.09.03

[core / libraries]

  • Revised Ethernet library (by Christian Maglie). This depends on the
    new SPI library, so existing sketches will need: #include <SPI.h>
    added to the top of their code.
  • Added an SPI library (by Christian Maglie).
  • Added aliases for the analog input pins: A0, A1, etc.
  • Added a String class.
  • Added a shiftIn() function (from Wiring).
  • Updated version of Firmata supports Mega and capability querying.
  • More accurate delay() function from BenF.
  • Re-enabling PWM after tone() ends.
  • Added Serial.peek() method.
  • Added Stream base class to Serial object (w/ available(), read() and
    the write(), print(), and println() functions from the Print class).
  • Disabling interrupts while digitalWrite() and pinMode() write to pins.
  • Replacing INTERNAL analog reference with INTERNAL1V1 AND INTERNAL2V56 on
    the Arduino Mega.


  • Added Arduino Fio to the boards menu.
  • Added Arduino Pro and Pro Mini (5V / 16 MHz) to the boards menu.
  • Synchronized with the Processing 1.1 code base, bringing various changes.
  • Modified the parsing of avr-gcc / avr-g++ output and error messages.
  • Toggling RTS on upload for auto-reset with FTDI cables on Linux.
  • Adding control over scrolling in serial monitor.
  • Added drop-down for selecting line endings to the serial monitor.
  • Fixed problem with tabs of the same name but different extensions.
  • Allowing third-party hardware platforms to reference programmers defined
    in other platforms.


  • Re-organized and numbered for easier access and better progression.
Version 0.0.10 | Release Date: 2009-10-19 | Download

Arduino Software Release Notes

0010 - 2007.10.11

  • Support for the LilyPad Arduino.
  • Vista support.
  • Mac OS X universal distribution.
  • Printing!
  • Copy for discourse.
  • New Board menu replaces the Microcontroller menu.
  • New Burn Bootloader menu offers a choice of programmers.
  • New and improved keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed some find/replace bugs.
  • Better auto-format.
  • Improved error messages when uploading.
  • Support for COM10 and higher on Windows.
  • Fixed automatic refresh of the Serial Port menu under Windows.
  • Quaqua look-and-feel on Mac OS X.
  • Reorganization of the Arduino application directory.
Version 0.0.12 | Release Date: 2009-09-18 | Download
  • Added Arduino Nano to the boards menu.
  • Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (8 MHz) to the boards menu.
  • Added Firmata library by Hans Steiner and others. This provides a standard
    protocol for communicating with software on the computer.
  • Added an Ethernet library for use with the Arduino Ethernet Shield.
  • Added a Servo library based on the work of Jim Studt.
  • Added a LiquidCrystal library based on the work in the playground. It
    supports both 4- and 8-bit modes.
  • Improved millis(): it now overflows after 49 days instead of 9 hours, but
    now uses slightly more processing power.
  • Fixed reversing direction bug in Stepper library. (Thanks to Wayne Holder.)
  • Moved insertion of #include <WProgram.h> to after any comments and #include
    statements in the main sketch file. This means that an #include <stdlib.h>
    now works.
  • Upgraded to newer versions of avr-gcc (4.3.0) and avr-libc (1.6). This
    provides support for newer Atmel chips, but may increase the size
    of sketches.
  • Allowing per-board specification of the upload.using preference, allowing
    upload via bootloader to some boards and via a programmer to others.
  • Added return values to some functions in the Wire library to allow for
    better error handling.
  • Fixed random() to work with long values.
  • Creation of an abstract Print base-class to allow Serial, SoftwareSerial,
    and LiquidCrystal to share code for print() and println().
  • Incorporated ladyada's watchdog timer mods to the bootloader source, but
    only compiling them in for the Pro and Pro Mini (because they are included
    in the bootloader being burned on the boards by SparkFun).
Version 0.0.17 | Release Date: 2009-07-25 | Download

0017 - 2009.07.25

[documentation / examples]
* Many new and revised examples from Tom Igoe.

[core / libraries]
* Updated LiquidCrystal library by Limor Fried. See reference for details.
* Updated Firmata library to version 2.1 (rev. 25).
* Replaced the Servo library with one (MegaServo) by Michael Margolis.
Supports up to 12 servos on most Arduino boards and 48 on the Mega.
* Improving the accuracy of the baud rate calculations for serial
communication (fixing double-speed problems on 8 MHz Arduino boards).
Thanks to gabebear.

* Synchronized with the Processing 1.0.3 code base (rev. 5503), bringing
many improvements (listed below).
* New icons and about image by Thomas Glaser (envis precisely).
* Support for multiple sketch windows.
* The serial monitor now has its own window.
* Comment / Uncomment menu item (in Edit) and keyboard shortcut.
* Increase and Decrease Indent menu items (in Edit) and keyboard shortcuts.
* Support for third-party libraries in the SKETCHBOOK/libraries folder.
* Libraries are now compiled with the sketch, eliminating the delay when
switching boards and the need to delete .o files when changing library
source code.
* Arduino now comes as an app file (in a dmg) on the Mac.
* Adding the Arduino Nano w/ ATmega328 to the Tools > Board menu.

0016 - 2009.05.30

[documentation / examples]
* New communication examples (w/ corresponding Processing and Max/MSP code) by
Tom Igoe.

[core / libraries]
* Adding support for the Arduino Pro and Pro Mini 3.3V / 8 MHz w/ ATmega328.
* Adding support for the LilyPad Arduino w/ ATmega328.
* Adding write(str) and write(buf, size) methods to Print, Serial, and the
Ethernet library Client and Server classes. This allows for more efficient
(fewer packet) Ethernet communication. (Thanks to mikalhart.)
* Improvements to the way the Ethernet library Client class connects and
disconnects. Should reduce or eliminate failed connections and long
timeouts. (Thanks to Bruce Luckcuck.)
* Optimizing the timer0 overflow interrupt handler (used for millis() and
micros()). Thanks to westfw and mikalhart.
* Fixing bug that limited the bit() macro to 15 bits. Thanks to Paul Badger.
* Adding ARDUINO version constant (thanks to prodding from mikalhart).

* Ordering the items in the Tools > Board menu.
* Adding "Copy as HTML" command to the Tools menu.
* Eliminating (maybe) the occasional "Couldn't determine program size" errors.
Thanks to the Clever Monkey.
* Moving selection of Linux look-and-feel into the arduino script so it can
be changed by users. Thanks to Eberhard Fahle.

* Adding automatic dependency generation to the Makefile. (Lars Immisch)

0015 - 2009.03.26

[core / libraries]
* Adding support for the Arduino Mega (ATmega1280).

* Reinstating use of core.a library in the build process, slightly shrinking
compiled sketch sizes. (Thanks to William Westfield.)
* Fixing bug in copy for forum (thanks to eried).

0014 - 2009.03.07

[core / libraries]
* Fixing bug that prevented multiple outgoing Client connections with the
ethernet library.

* Clarifying ATmega168 vs. ATmega328 in the Tools > Boards menu.

* Updating the Mac OS X AVR tools to AVR MacPack 20081213. This includes
avr-gcc 4.3.2, which should fix problems with functions called from
within interrupts.

0013 - 2009.02.06

[documentation / examples]
* Adding examples for Parallax Ping Sensor and Memsic 2125 accelerometer.

[core / libraries]
* Adding support for printing floats to Print class (meaning that it works
in the Serial, Ethernet, and LiquidCrystal classes too). Includes two
decimal places.
* Added word, word(), bitRead(), bitWrite(), bitSet(), bitClear(), bit(),
lowByte(), and highByte(); see reference for details.
* Working around problem that caused PWM output on pins 5 and 6 to never go
to 0 (causing, for example, an LED to continue to glow faintly).
* Removing cast macros, since function-style casts are a feature of C++. This
should fix contributed libraries that broke in Arduino 0012.
* Modifying pulseIn() to wait for a transition to start timing (i.e. ignoring
any pulse that had already started when the function was called).
* Fixing bug in random() that limited the ranges of values generated. Thanks
to Mikal Hart.
* Modifying delay() to pause for at least the given number of milliseconds.
* Fixing bug in Ethernet library that interfered with use of pins 8 and 9.
* Originating each outgoing network connection from a different port (in the
Client class of the Ethernet library). Thanks to Paul and joquer.
* Updating ATmega168 bootloader to work with standard distributions of avrdude
(responding to signature requests made with the universal SPI command) and
correctly store EEPROM data. Thanks to ladyada.
* Adding support for the ATmega328. The upload speed is 57600 baud, so you
may need to edit boards.txt or reburn your bootloader if you bought an
ATmega328 w/ bootloader from adafruit or other supplier.

* Omitting unused functions from compiled sketches, reducing their size.
* Changing compilation process to allow for use of EEMEM directive (although
not yet uploading EEPROM data).

Version 0.0.8 | Release Date: 2009-06-17 | Download
No changes specified