Licence: Shareware (Free, $39,)
Version 3.8.3 | Release Date: 2009-06-01 | Download

- Use now the locale defined by the current language when launching the application being localized
- Do not mark a nib file layout as modified when a comment is modified
- Fixed a bug that prevented to read correctly certain TMX files
- Fixed a bug where exporting did not save modified files
- Fixed a bug that prevented a previous search to be reset when searching for file
- Fixed an invalid formatting character detection with certain UTF-16 encoding
- Fixed a bug that prevented a folder from being selected to update a project

Version 3.7.1 | Release Date: 2007-12-06 | Download
  • Check the project automatically after project creation
  • Add xml as a type in the Text editor
  • Optimized nib file version 3 causes iLocalize to abort prematurely the reading of folder content
  • Global/local buttons are hidden if no local file available in the current language
Version 3.7 | Release Date: 2007-11-30 | Download
  • Added full compability with Leopard ibtool (Xcode 3 and 2.5)
  • Ability to choose the format of the project (Leopard only or Leopard and previous version)
  • Ability to ignore empty strings
  • Added contextual menu to copy translation from the Glossary Inspector
  • Added Select All/Deselect All button in preview dialog when updating a project
  • Check inconsistency after editing a string
  • Duplicated keys are now indicated in the strings table
  • Better performance when loading project
  • Better performance when updating a project
  • Fixed file selection if the name of the file is not unique
  • Fixed file update if the name of the file is not unique
  • Fixed double-click to edit strings (Leopard)
  • Fixed Enter key behavior when editing a string (Leopard)
  • Fixed the optimized nib detection mechanism (Leopard)
  • Fixed a bug where the operation sheet would not be closed if iLocalize is in the background
  • Fixed a bug in the statistics computation of strings and words
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent encoding from being detected on PowerPC machine
Version 3.6 | Release Date: 2007-10-15 | Download
  • Handle both legacy and ISO language naming convention (i.e. "English", "en" or "en_US")
  • Ability to have files belonging only to a specific language (local files)
  • Ability to ignore files
  • Ability to export or import glossary in TMX format
  • Handle now .strings file in XML format
  • Language can be renamed
  • Create a backup each time the project is saved
  • Ability to show only project files in the Open Recent menu
  • Added encoding with no-BOM option
  • Ability to rename the source or target language of a glossary
  • New 30 days evaluation period without limitation
  • Requires now Mac OS 10.4
  • Early Leopard support
  • Empty folders in base language are now properly copied in localized languages
  • Modification date of nib file is now correctly reported after each nib modification
  • Fixed a crash when closing the glossary inspector
  • Fixed a bug when trying to drag and drop glossary from a read-only volume
  • Fixed a bug where the progress bar would not report correct information when updating more than one language
  • Fixed error reported when processing symbolic links
  • Fixed the way iLocalize launches applications (e.g. OmniWeb and SubEthaEdit are now properly launched)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor UI enhancements
Version 3.5 | Release Date: 2007-05-14 | Download

* possibility to create glossary with another language than the base language
* smart filter attribute "to check" has been splitted into "translated strings to check" and "invariant strings to check"
* path fields of dialog Update From Bundle are now editable
* added select all/deselect all button in dialog Update From Bundle
* add name of the file when exporting the warnings related to it
* left align file progress column
* do not remove duplicates entries in a glossary that have different translations
* reset localized layout when updating a project now correctly mark each nib file with the "check layout" status
* drag and drop file from project to Finder now copy file to the Finder
* individual settings of the editor can now be changed in the preferences
* mark strings as "to check" when creating a non-existent localized file from the base language in a new project
* don't display nibtool error when nib file does not exist (it will be marked in the project file status column)
* create localized file from base language if it does not exist during update of the project
* "Updated" file status is now displayed even if the "not found" status is displayed too
* do not try to rebase a localized file that does not exist
* fixed a bug that prevented the enter key when editing a glossary entry to jump to the next un-translated entry
* fixed a bug when rebuilding files other than .strings/.nib
* fixed a bug where exporting a project with no .strings/.nib files would display an overflow number in the progress column
* fixed a bug that prevented the editors in the preferences to be persistent after quitting and relaunching iLocalize
* fixed a bug that prevented a new project from being created on Mac OS 10.3.9

Version 3.1.5 | Release Date: 2006-07-11 | Download
No changes specified