Licence: Other Open Source
Version 2.00 | Release Date: 2008-08-23 | Download

Additions include:

* Redesigned Web Alpine interface
* Experimental S/MIME support added in UNIX versions of Alpine
* Attempt to include the attachment filename as part of the name of the temporary file used when viewing an attachment with an external program. Add some randomness to that filename to make it hard to predict the filename. Add a filename extension, usually derived from the type/subtype, to the temporary filename. This was previously done only on Windows and MacOS X.
* Enhance address completion in the composer (TAB command) so that it looks through nicknames, fullnames, and addresses from the address book; addresses from the message being viewed, if any; and the results from LDAP Directory Server lookups for all of the defined directory servers that have the "Use-Implicitly-From-Composer" feature set.
* Make the default character set setting more liberal in what it will accept from the UNIX nl_langinfo call and the various values of LANG seen in the wild
* Remove the Alpine revision number from the titlebar in released versions while leaving it there in snapshot versions
* Add a feature to suppress the display of asterisks when you type a password for Alpine
* Add line wrapping when displaying PRE formatted sections of HTML
* When the Convert Dates To Localtime feature is turned on convert not only the dates in the index screen but also the dates in the MESSAGE VIEW

Version 1.10 | Release Date: 2008-03-17 | Download

Additions include:

* Add the possibility of setting a default role (see Roles Screen) which may be convenient
if your work flow involves acting in one role for a while then switching to another role
and staying in the new role for another period of time
* When Saving and the IMAP server problem "Message to save shrank!" is encountered, ask the
user if he or she wants to continue with the risky Save anyway instead of aborting. This
may be helpful if your IMAP server is broken in this way but be aware that it is possible
there was a real error instead of just a broken server implementation.
* Some configure adjustments for Kerberos detection and for SCO OpenServer 5 support
* Hide INBOX in a collection if it also appears as an Incoming Folder
* Show asterisks for feedback when the user is typing a password
* Performance improvement for threading of large folders
* Previously, the search used to find Pattern matches containing To patterns searched for
both To and Resent-To headers. The relatively complicated search this produces causes
problems when using some deficient IMAP servers. Now the default is to look only for To
headers and ignore the presence of Resent-To. The previous behavior may be restored with
the Use Resent-To in Rules feature.
* Add an Unknown Character Set to help with reading malformed unlabeled messages
* Suppress User Agent When Sending option added
* Map some Shift-LeftArrow escape sequences to LeftArrow
* Add feature Warn if Blank Fcc

Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2007-12-19 | Download

Version 1.00 addresses bugs found in previous releases.

Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

* Crash when using External Categorizer Commands
* Alpine could hang in the CERT validation explanation screen if new
mail arrived while viewing the explanation
* Filter before expunging
* Convert Dates to Localtime was missing the minutes part of
the GMT offset in the message (for example, +0530 in India)
* Configure improvements and fixes
* If INBOX was local then (unseen/total) numbers were being taken
from other incoming folders
* Slightly improved Date parsing and display

Version 0.99999 | Release Date: 2007-11-26 | Download
No changes specified