Angry IP Scanner

Licence: Freeware
Version 3.0-beta4 | Release Date: 2009-03-23 | Download

The next milestone before the 3.0 final, containing many small improvements and bug fixes, see the changelog for details.

Most notably, fixes compatibility issues with MacOS Leopard Java Update 2 and newer, adds command-line support, provides stock icons for buttons under Linux, adds the possibility to add comments to scanned hosts.


  • bugfix: rescanning when display=alive or open does not properly render dead hosts
  • appending from command-line is now supported
  • feeder selection from command-line now also works
  • some layout fixes, especially on windows
  • cross-platform builds fixed: now all platform-specific code is isolated, so no more problems with mixing of 64-bit and 32-bit code
  • Better following of Human Interface Guidelines: File menu renamed to Scan, because ipscan's primary job is not operating on files, some class renames as well for consistency
  • bugfix: xfce is now correctly detected
  • next bits of command-line usage implemented + some refactoring: FeederCreator introduced to reduce dependencies on AbstractFeederGUI
  • Linux/gtk improvements: 64×64 icon is now used by default, WMClass is now set correctly to Angry IP Scanner (before SWT is initialized), so desktop launcher now can provide launching feedback and various docks will now handle launching properly.
  • Mac buttons on Leopard now look right again (it seems that specifying non-default height for buttons makes them look flat) + removed the complexity of the default height
  • MacOS Leopard Java updates that have broken ipscan's application bundle are now supported
  • making Angry IP Scanner really translatable, Estonian example (incomplete) provided
  • added support for button stock icons, linux version now makes use of GTK stock icons
  • not changing the default button height on MAC, maybe it will make buttons appear the standard way under Leopard
  • First bits of command-line support
  • bugfix: still try to load the icon if it is not yet loaded
  • bugfix: StatisticsDialog will no longer appear icon-less if the program was not active at the time of finishing
  • use only IPv4 by default
  • bug #2629462: allow exporting while scanning is in progress (with a warning message). This can be useful in case of synchronization or other bugs when scanning cannot be finished.
  • question added to the end of crippled windows message
  • setting as default for Windows
  • dependencies fixed - deb package will now install on clean systems without java pre-installed
  • FetcherPrefs interface introduced instead of Runnable
  • HTTPSenderFetcherPrefs generified as PortTextFetcherPrefs
  • SelectFetchersDialog now has the preferences button
  • AbstractModalDialog now enforces stricter rules resulting in smaller subclasses
  • refactoring: fetchers prefs introduced
  • comments are now edited in the IP details window
Version 3.0 | Release Date: 2007-11-28 | Download
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