Licence: Shareware (£20)
Version 6.1.1 | Release Date: 2014-03-04 | Download


[JAIKOZ-549] - PODCASTID field disappearing after save file in Jaikoz
[JAIKOZ-835] - Save and Move If Matched should work for Discogs as well


[JAIKOZ-799] - OSX:Jaikoz hanging/crashing on Correct from Subfolder
[JAIKOZ-817] - OSX:Itunes Playlist null pointer exception
[JAIKOZ-840] - OSX:Some systems unable to get Applescript engine
[JAIKOZ-841] - OSX:Regression Open/Add Playlist not loading files


[JAIKOZ-830] - Jaikoz should replace complex apostrophes with simples one
[JAIKOZ-834] - Sign Jaikoz Installation and Jaikoz itself
[JAIKOZ-842] - Better handling of secondary types needed

OSX Improvement

[JAIKOZ-833] - OSX:Speed up model creation

Version 6.1.0 | Release Date: 2014-01-07 | Download

- Not using MB Artist Genre for genres
- Subfolder column has no Column Header nor - does Delete field work
- Album artist not being filled in when it should be
- Some first menu items always uses English regardless of OS preferred language
- fpcalc permissions lost if same version of Jaikoz installed, removed and reinstalled
- Consider number of sources when picking a track match based on acoustid linked to multiple tracks

Version 5.5.0 | Release Date: 2013-08-09 | Download
  • Correct Filename from Metadata and Correct Metadata from Filename icons are too similar
  • Jaikoz stops returning Acoustids for fingerprints, if encounters problem
  • Changing column order of ID3 can break preferences on restart
  • Do not write whole acoustid post statement in logs
  • Artwork not displayed on MacOS when set default encoding to UTF-16
  • Setting one-star rating not saved unless Preferences:Save:Compatability:rating set to iTunes
  • Use acoustids as suggestion for matching track when submitting new release.
saved unless Preferences:Save:Compatability:rating set to iTunes Use acoustids as suggestion for matching track when submitting new release.
Version 4.5.2 | Release Date: 2011-12-11 | Download


  • When finding duplicates by Acoustid should fall back to fingerprint if song has Acoustid Fingerprint but no AcoustId Id.
  • Include Jaikoz version in edit note when Submit New Release from Jaikoz.


  • Updated to use newer version of Discogs API
  • Losing track artist when submit new Various Artist release to MusicBrainz, and another version of the same release already exists in MusicBrainz.
  • Allow SubFolder from Metadata to have a blank rename mask.
  • When have Preferences:Save:General:Deletion Folder set, should not matter if doesn't already exist.
  • StringOutOfBoundsException occurring in Delete Duplicater.
  • Check before submitting barcodes that they have not already been submitted.
Version 4.0 | Release Date: 2011-05-19 | Download

This is an exciting new release of Jaikoz delivered only one day after MusicBrainz NGS was released, we can do this because we work closely with the Musicbrainz development team. Jaikoz is the only tool currently available that has been designed to work with the new Musicbrainz NGS database.

New Features
  • This release is designed to work with the new MusicBrainz Next Generation Schema (NGS). The new MusicBrainz database has a number of improvements such as
    • Uses the new Webservice 2 interface to communicate with MusicBrainz.
    • No longer different release events for a release, instead every release event is now a full release.
    • The same recording (previously track) can now appear on multiple releases.
    • Releases and Recordings can now be credited to multiple distinct artists.
    • Artists can have psuedonames (credits) for different releases.
    Because recordings can now be shared some MusicBrainz Unique Ids no longer exist, but if you update your songs from Jaikoz it will correctly update your songs to use the new MusicBrainz Unique Id.
  • Added Action/Remote Correct/Submit New Release, this will collate the details of the selected songs and open the Add Release web page in MusicBrainz with the artist, release and song information already completed making it much easier to add new releases.
  • Added an artists field that is used to hold each distinct artist credited on a recording/release. This is also used in preference to the artist in the tag browser so that artists are listed individually. For example previously adding the song Jackson by Johnny Cash & June Carter would add a single artist to the tag browser, now two distinct artists will be added Johnny Cash and June Carter, also although the artist field will still contain Johnny Cash & June Carter, the artists field will contain two entries.
  • Added MB Original Release Id , this matches the corresponding Original Release field. Also added View/View the Original Release at MusicBrainz to see the details within MusicBrainz
  • Added View/View Release Group
  • Added the option Preferences/RemoteCorrect/Format/Add EP and Single release types to release title , this can be useful if you have albums and singles with the same name because it is difficult to differentiate between the two and some Media Players such as iTunes will group songs from both releases into one release.
  • MusicBrainz now makes it possible when adding a release to use an artist credit different to the artists usual name, to better reflect the actual release. But for consistency you may want to always want to use the artists usual name, to do so enable the option Preferences/RemoteCorrect/Format/Use Artist Name instead of Artist Credit Name
  • MusicBrainz can now use the same recording on two different release. (previously this was not possible), sometimes although it is exactly the same track it may be titled differently on each release, for example the single version of a song may just be listed as the song name on the single, but listed as song name (single version) on the album. But for consistency you may wish to always use the recordings usual name so you can enable the option Preferences/RemoteCorrect/Format/Use Recording Name instead of Track Name
  • You can now submit Acoustids to the new AcoustId Server directly from Jaikoz. Firstly enter your free AcoustId key in Preferences:MusicBrainz:MusicBrainz Submissions. Then once you have associated your songs with MusicBrainz you can use Remote Correct:Submit MusicBrainz/Acoust Pair to create fingerprints locally and submit MB Id/Fingerprint pairs to the server. This is similar to Submit MusicBrainz/PUID Pair but the fingerprints can be created without accessing the server, the server is only contacted to transmit the information to it. A later release of Jaikoz will probobably start using the AcoustId Server for matching songs, once the AcoustId Server is officially released.
  • In Manual Tag from MusicBrainz can now select a song to match to and use the popup menu to match all tracks to the same release.
  • In Manual Tag from MusicBrainz can now view the selected track and release in MusicBrainz using the popup menu.
  • If you select View/View this Artist at MusicBrainz for a recording credited to multiple artists each artist will open in a new web page.
  • When you add or remove songs from your collection you can now specify which collection to use.
  • Added Select All/None options to the Edit Menu.
  • Added splash screen while Jaikoz starts.
  • MB Artist Id, MB Release Artist Id and MB Disc Id all now support multiple values.
  • Can now open OggVorbis files with embedded ID3 header.
  • Match to Specified Discogs Release now warns you if unable to match to your chosen release because of significant differences in track durations and allows you to match to your chosen release anyway.
  • Delete Duplicates now changed from matching just MB Track Id to match MB Track Id and MB Release Id to preserve expected behaviour, because now an MB Track can be on multiple releases. Added new option to match only on Track Id, so you can delete duplicate versions of the same track even if they are on different releases.
  • Artwork size shown beneath artwork in summary tab.
  • Edit Menu has been reorganised so more in line with OS Standards.
  • Open some files, then cancel, close and reopen it only opens the files it opened before, problem for recent files and drag n drop.
  • Track No incorrectly populated from Discogs for Multi-Disc CD Releases.
  • Custom fields such as %custom1% format mask not working correctly for Rename File/Folder from Metadata.
  • Sliders with limited values allowed now snaps the slider to a valid value.
  • Fix database sometimes being created in incorrect location on upgrade.
Version 3.11 | Release Date: 2011-03-23 | Download

New Features

  • Songs, folders and playlists can now be opened by dropping onto minimized Jaikoz.
  • License can now been installed by double clicking.


  • Improvements to Musicbrainz matching protect against average score being skewed.
  • Improvements to finding the original release when matching from Musicbrainz.


  • Do not support modification error saving mp3s
  • Track no being saved to ID3 v1 tag.
  • Ignore spurious Discogs 404 errors when doing a search.
Version 3.10 | Release Date: 2011-03-08 | Download
New Features
  • Now when you retrieve an acoustic id, the artist and song title are retrieved from AmpliFIND and added to your metadata if your existing artist and title fields are empty, you can adjust this in the Preferences/Musicbrainz/AmpliFIND tab. This improvement means that if you can match a song with no metadata to AmpliFIND you should be able to find the artist and song title even if the songs isn't in the Musicbrainz Database, and if the song is in Musicbrainz but there is no link to it from the Acoustic Id you now have a much better chance of matching it by medata because you have the correct artist and song title.
  • If your songs are already organised one album per folder you can get better matching if you enable Preferences/Remote Correct/Match/Group Songs by folder only.
  • Local correct tasks like Local Artist Correct now only modify songs that do not have a Musicbrainz Id. The reason for this is that Local Correcters are primarily provided to improve the quaility of your metadata in preparation for Msuicbrainz matching, so having run Autocorrecter on a group of songs you may run it again after making some manual edits to match the remaining unmatched songs, and would not expect songs that have been successfully matched to Musicbrainz to be modified further. You can revert to the previous way of working by checking Preferences/Local Correct/Auto Match/Do local correct on songs that already have a Musicbrainz Id.
  • By default Local Artwork Correct ignores folders containing more than fifty songs because it is unlikely that the folder contains only a single album, but sometimes this is the case and you can remove this restriction by checking Preferences/Local Correct/Artwork Correct/Allow Artwork to be loaded from folders containing more than 50 songs.
  • When searching for releases in Discogs now reads upto four page of results, previously only the first page was considered and some matches were missed.
  • Improved Musicbrainz and Discogs matching so that it handles preferred country better.
  • Occasional hang on Autocorrect From Musicbrainz/Discogs, now timeouts after 5 minutes.
  • Autocorrect from Musicbrainz sometimes gives error Arithmetic Divide by Zero.
  • Update Metdata from Discogs always updates discno even if set not to.
  • Match to Release is sometimes matching to completely incorrect match when it should just find no match at all.
  • Discogs matching not handling mutiple discs releases that have subheadings.
  • Still sending queries to Discogs after hit limit.
  • Problem when pasting single column from spreadsheet into Jaikoz.
  • Problem with Preferences if you enter '\' into Correct Metadata from Filename mask.
  • Occasional Null pointer on Puid lookup.
Windows Fixes
  • Japanese text not displaying correctly in main edit window.
Version 3.9.1 | Release Date: 2011-02-04 | Download
  • Jaikoz improved matching algorithm
  • Jaikoz reduced number of queries sent to Musicbrainz.
Version 3.9.0 | Release Date: 2011-01-28 | Download
New Features
  • Added the following new fields to Jaikoz custom1, custom2, custom3, custom4, custom5, fbpm, musicbrainz release group id, musicbrainz work id, occasion, original album, original artist, original lyricist, original year, quality, script, tags, tempo, rating, producer, mixer, djmixer these are all visible within the main edit window and most have been added to the details tab.
  • The following fields were added to provide compatability with extra fields defined by Media Monkey: custom1, custom2, custom3, custom4, custom5 and tempo.
  • The following fields original album, original artist, original lyricist, original year, script, language, engineer, mixer, dj mixer, remixer can now be fixed automatically by Musicbrainz.
  • Can now try and find the original album that a song belongs to, this is especially useful when your version of a song is on a compilation and you want to find the original release but don't want to break up the compilation album. It trys to find the earliest release that the song is listed for as part of Autocorrect from Musicbrainz task, if a match is found it can update the original release,original artist and original year fields
  • By default no additional queries are done to try and find the original release, but for the best (but slower) results you can enable Preferences:Musicbrainz:Automatch:Do Extra Searches to find Original Releases.
  • The original year value can overwrite the year field instead if you enable Preferences:Musicbrainz:Format:Put Original Year into Year field
  • The rating field is shown as stars, in line with most Music Players, you can modify the value by just clicking the mouse or using 0-5 keys.
  • But because the underlying value is interpreted differently by different applications you can specify what interpretation to use when loading the songs in Preferences:Save:Compatibility:Upload and Save rating so compatible, This currently supports Windows Media Player, Media Monkey and iTunes, except we do not display Media Monkey half-star ratings.
  • For Mp3s you can use view and edit the raw ratings within the Popularimeter field within the ID3 Edit Panel.
  • Now shows an upgrade window on first start if updating your version of Jaikoz describing the changes since the last version.
  • By default when songs are moved associated files are moved as well but this can now be prevented if you uncheck Save:General:Move Associated Files.
  • Autocorrect from Musicbrainz is improved for albums that have multiple artists but are not Various Artist albums.
  • Autocorrect from Musicbrainz now generates puids earlier in the matching process if required.
  • Improved the progress monitor to give more information about what Jaikoz is doing.
  • Saving of some mp4s failing with incorrect offsets error.
  • File renaming adding (1) when suffix because just changed .mp3 to .Mp3, or any change of case but not content.
  • Correct from Musicbrainz should not put in Discogs Master Urls.
  • Unable to open mp4 files created by Amadeus.
  • Unable to open some m4a when changed with in Songbird.
  • Can no longer copy/paste multiple values from spreadsheet.
  • Some Jpegs fail complaining of CMMException
  • Changing Preferences:MusicBrainz Format:Disc No doesn't preserve the changes on save.
  • Shouldn't show password in Preferences:Proxy Password.
  • Not updating song in itunes, where media folder is actually a symbolic link to NAS
  • Should set IsCompilation field to 1 rather than true in Ogg and Flac files.
  • Black and White artwork that renders white as transparent renders as black square in preview and thumbnails.
  • Problem with Match to Release when Preferences:Remote Correct:Preferred Release Date is set to No Preference.
  • Paste All Values now works for artwork in all formats, not just the mp3 format.
  • Delete Duplicates messages should reflect options being used.
  • In dialogs should be able to press 'ENTER' key to effect the 'Ok' button
  • Match to Release prevents matching songs from a compilation to a compilation release if artist field is empty for all songs
  • Unable to add multiple artwork for Flac, Ogg and Vorbis from the main edit panel
Version 3.8.3 | Release Date: 2010-11-24 | Download
  • Added Append to Left and Append to Right.
  • Added %G/Cntl-G as shortcut to Find Next and Shift %G/Shift-Cntl-G for Find Previous when using Find/Replace Dialog.
  • Added support for UTF-8 encoded M3U Playlists (.m3u8).
  • Remove display of combo field in the edit pane until you start editing to give a cleaner less cluttered look.
  • Fixed regression with saving artwork that has been downloaded from Musicbrainz or Discogs.
  • Fixed regression with genre changing value when you click on it.
  • Improved memory handling when using Autocorrect from Musicbrainz.
  • Improved matching of Various Artist albums in Autocorrect from Musicbrainz.
  • Fixed TagBrowser not showing linked rows when select value in genre,artist or album that has special characters such as double quotes in their name.
  • Fixed when doing local correct for artwork always say matching four songs,even though matching many more.
  • Fixed preferences lost on upgrade if database deletion fails.
  • Fixed should always read .m3u playlists with ISO-8859-1 encoding rather than default platform encoding.
  • Fixed should log warning if unable to load a file listed in a playlist.
  • Fixed should not use Musicbrainz relationships such as composer if 'additionally' composed .
  • Fixed if you do Change folder for all files it stops when it hits a file marked for deletion, without notifying of any error.
  • Fixed error with some invalid Musicbrainz queries being submitted for tracks without artists.
Version 3.8.2 | Release Date: 2010-11-05 | Download
  • When automatching can now parse track nos using discnotrackno format (i.e 109) common for multi cd releases.
  • Added more shortcut keys (warning this required changing some of the existing shortcut keys).
  • Now if you hold down the Option/Alt key when selecting toolbar buttons the task will only be performed on the currently selected songs
  • Improvements to identify Various Artist release.
  • When you select %S to Save the table cell that is currently selected has its value blanked.
  • Improvements to the upgrade procedure.
  • Using Autocorrect from Musicbrainz when puid match used in a release match and then come to song by song matching it doesn't bother checking the puid again, even though it would actually be valid if just doing song match
  • In Local Artwork Correct you can set min size to 50, but then resets to 100
  • Cannot save file if delete unsupported frames field or if has a IPLS frame.
Version 3.8.1 | Release Date: 2010-10-28 | Download


* Now when load songs from the Jaikoz cache they should load much quicker.
* When you edit a field use keyboard it now clears the field to make it easy to add a new value
* Status column now uses icons to show the status of different songs.
* Edited and Deleted status now uses a more stylish gradient colour.
* Removed the concept of the Missing Colour because it was confusing and not very useful.
* No longer force a name to be required when adding artwork to a Mp3 using a popup.


* Unable to start editing some fields when only using the keyboard
* If copy and paste cells using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse you can't then exit out of the field
* Only some artwork is getting updated for a release
* Jaikoz doesn't trim brackets round Discogs artist matches when multiple artists with same name
* Occasional Nullpointer error saving images
* DiscTotal, TrackTotal and some other new fields now included in export
* Occasional IllegalArgumentException on saving files
* Can now select, copy and paste the Compilation field.
* Tweaked the appearance of Jaikoz

Version 3.8.0 | Release Date: 2010-10-05 | Download
New Features
  • Autocorrect Metadata from Musicbrainz is now primarily release based, this means it will try very hard to find releases that match groups of songs, and songs already saved in an album folder or with the same value in the release field will not get split up after autcorrection. Correction is only done at the individual song level if no matches could be made at release level. Because of this Acoustics Ids are less important then they were so by default Retrive Acoustic Ids is no longer a default task in the Autocorrecter, instead Autocorrect Metadata from Musicbrainz will create acoustic ids as and when they are needed to help in matching, this can be disabled in MusicBrainz/AutoMatch/Retrieve Acoustic Ids as Required to help with matching. There are many reasons why you may want to continue running Retrieve Acoustic Ids , if you do this can be added back into the Autocorrecter tasks at Manipulators/Autocorrecter/Autocorrecter Tasks.
  • But if you want Autocorrect Metadata from Musicbrainz to match to originals releases rather than compilations wherever possible you can do this now. Just check Remote Correct/Match/Prefer do not match to Various Artist Compilations and Prefer do not match to Single Artist Compilations and regardless of your existing metadata Jaikoz will only match to a compilation if unable to find a suitable match to a non compilation release. If you just want to exclude Various Artist Compilations uncheck Prefer do not match to Single Artist Compilations. These options also apply in the same way when using Autocorrect Metadata from Discogs.
  • By default Jaikoz ignores any artwork found by the autocorrecters if less than 130x130 pixels in size, you can set this in Local Correct/Artwork Correct/Ignore artwork smaller than this.
  • By default Jaikoz resizes any artwork found by the autocorrecters if larger than 800x800 pixels in size, you can set this in Resize artwork if dimensions larger than.
  • Added Match to Release/Match Songs to Musicbrainz Release by Barcode which is useful if you are converting your physical discs/records and have the barcode available
  • By default when there is a link from a Musicbrainz to a Discogs Release the song is updated from Discogs as well, but you can disable this in by checking MusicBrainz/AutoMatch/Do not Update from Discogs when matching
  • Added Set Value and Paste as column menu options so you can easily apply changes to whole columns.
  • Added Musicbrainz/AmpliFind/Maximum Cpus to use when retrieving Acoustic Ids, this defaults to one but can be increased to the number of cpus of your computer
  • Added General/Database/Database Folder so that you can specify a different location for the Jaikoz database file.
  • Added option Preferences:Remote Correct:Match:Only Match complete releases that will only do a match if all songs in a grouping match to one album. Essentially this will only match to complete albums, although if you are missing a song from an album it will still allow a match to the album. Using this option is likely to reduce the number of matches you get.
  • Added options Preferences:Remote Correct:Discogs:Only match if matches to Musicbrainz release which is useful if you are an editor of Musicbrainz or Discogs and only want to find matches to Discogs if their metadata matches the corresponding Musicbrainz release, no attempt is made to match to Discogs songs without a Musicbrainz Id.
  • Because many of the tasks such as Autocorrect From Musicbrainz and Autocorrect From Discogs work on song groups the songs are no longer guaranteed to be fixed one by one in the display order so Manipulators/Autocorrecter/Fix Song By Song option has been removed. If you want to run Autocorrecter on sets of songs at a time you can do this by filtering the songs before running the Autocorrecter.
  • Cluster Songs has been completely removed because the clustering is now done as part of the Musicbrainz correction.
  • You can now scroll down the edit window, and tab on the console whilst autocorrecter tasks are running.
  • Paste is now more relaxed, so you can now select paste and then Jaikoz will just ignore fields which are invalid.
  • Now when you run Advanced/Empty Cache not only does it clear the internal database but it reclaims disk space.
  • Now context menu is still available if you do select all, making it easy to make changes to all valid fields, attempt to non-modifiable fields are silently ignored.
  • Can now load songs even if they are a symbolic link or in a folder which is itself a symbolic link.
  • Now when you move songs to a different folder, other non music files within the folder are moved as well.
  • No longer use Permanent Memory Space to store duplicate strings, so no need to increase PermSize parameter when increasing Heap Size.
  • If you use Match to Specified Musicbrainz Release and Jaikoz is unable to match using the id it gives feedback on why.
  • Now when you use the Translate foreign artist names to english where possible the composer, conductor and remixer as well as the artist are translated if necessary.
  • Improved Musicbrainz matching when you have a Western European name as the artist name and the MusicBrainz artist name is not Western European.
  • Polish and Portuguese translations.
  • The context menu for Unknown and Unsupported fields is still the old one
  • If you type multiple words into the search box it brings results that match any word, it should be all words
  • No longer backup jaikozdb to jaikozdb.old when upgrading it can be quite large and is no longer required
  • Update Metadata from Musicbrainz no longer works if only put in unique id without release id
  • The columns menu is only available on the Edit tab not the ID3 Edit tab at the moment.
  • Hangs when use Set Value and then select cancel
  • Start Close Files and select Yes to "would you like to save?", then hit cancel, it cancels the save but not the close, so you lose all your remaining changes.
  • When run autocorrecter it counts as if task done, when just started instead of when completed.
  • Is Compilation flag field being incorrectly updated after Correct from Musicbrainz
  • Should warn about 20 file limit upfront when using free trial
  • If exit with unsaved files and using free trial Jaikoz should not just exit losing your changes.
  • Matching by puid should match on very low score (just track length) if the song has no metadata.
  • When importing back from spreadsheet could get 'Cannot get a text value from a numeric cell' error.
  • Copy & Paste of artwork between fields doesn't always work.
  • Empty folders are not deleted if they have subfolders that are empty.
  • Problem loading files with accents in them, complains erroneously that they are symbolic links.
  • Allow vertical line character '|' in filename on OSX and Linux
  • If cancel loading of songs, and open some new song the songs that were originally cancelled are then loaded.
  • If edit subfoldername so that new name clashes, the filename is changed correctly but status is not set to changed and an attempt to save the file will use old filename name part and then complain duplicate so cannot be saved.
Version 3.7.0 | Release Date: 2010-07-28 | Download
New Features
  • Added AutoCorrect Metadata from Discogs,this works works like AutoCorrect Metadata from Musicbrainz except it is for Discogs. So you can now match all those songs that Musicbrainz failed to find, even better Discogs contains lots of information that you may not have for your existing Musicbrainz matched songs such as genres and higher resolution cover art. Correct Songs from Discogs is release orientated rather than track orientated so it keeps your tracks together, Musicbrainz will be moving this way in the next release.
  • Added Preferences/Remote Correct/Preferred media formats option, this should be set to represent the majority of your Music collection to get better matches. For example if your collection is 90% CD's just check the CD option, if its 60% CD, 35% Vinyl and 5% Digital Media check the CD and Vinyl options. Currently this option is only used when matching from Discogs but will be extended to support matching from Musicbrainz.
  • Added support for completing the Disc No and Track Total fields from Discogs.
  • Added Preferences/Remote Correct/Discogs/Replace if empty or no Musicbrainz Id , now that Discogs can be used to correct songs this allows you to specify that existing field. values should be overwritten unless that song already has a Musicbrainz Id.
  • Added Edit/Set Value providing an easy way to set the all fields to a user entered value without needing to do a separate Copy and Paste
  • Added Save Artwork to FileSystem to main menu and context menus. This will save artwork in songs as folder.jpg, and this is the defacto standard used by many player. It assumes that songs are stored one album per folder, if you have multiple albums in one folder you will still only get one folder.jpg created per folder.
  • Previously if convert a ID3v24 file containing UTF-8 encoded fields to ID3v23 they are converted to UTF-16 even when they could be held as ISO-8859-1 causing problems for Windows Explorer, now they are converted to ISO-8859-1 unless they cannot be represented in that encoding.
  • Added context menu for Match Songs to Specified Musicbrainz Release and Match Songs to Specified Discogs Release
  • Correct Metadata from Musicbrainz will now also correct data from Discogs if it has a link to a Discogs release so there is no need to run Update Metadata from Discogs separately.
  • Remove the option to not write MB Unique ID, MB ReleaseId and MB ArtistId because does not make sense to do this.
  • Some preferences have been moved to better reflect the new Discogs functionality
  • The Preferences/File and Folder Correct/File And Folder naming/Replace From Character With To Character are applied literally to the renaming mask.
  • Correct Metadata from Filename fails if mask contains [].
  • Grouping Add/Replace options do not work if already has a genre UNLESS you have same options set for Genre.
  • When Jaikoz trial license expires and a full licene is entered Jaikoz shutdowns as if it has failed, although on restart it is clear license was accepted.
  • Improvements to all translations
  • Fixed problem with Jaikoz using multiple threads when saving files leading to heavy I/O contention
  • Horizontal scroll using trackpad or shift-click and wheel on mouse was scrolling main window vertically.
Version 3.6.0 | Release Date: 2010-06-12 | Download

New Features

* Match Songs to One Discogs Release
* Match Songs to One MusicBrainz Release
* Match Songs to Specified Discogs Release
* Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz Release
* Can now use Jaikoz behind a proxy server.
* Comprehensive support for genres, when updating genres from Discogs you can specify whether Discogs genres/styles are added to the genre and/or grouping fields and how many genres to add.
* When downloading genres from MusicBrainz you can specify similar option.
* Added Save and Move as a task to the Autocorrecter.
* Added Save and Move if matched as a task to the Autocorrecter. This will move files to the same base folder if they have a Musicbrainz Id.
* Can now have Jaikoz convert filenames (filename and sub folder fields) to ASCII, (i.e Björk becomes Bjork) this is helpful when storing files on some filesystems.
* Can also convert individual characters (i.e ' ' -> '_')


* Tag Browser now allows you to select multiple items from the genre, artist and album lists, and you can add/remove items from your selection.
* Better handling of MP3 files with a corrupt frame, but valid subsequent frames.
* Better handling of MP3 files with encrypted frames
* Reorganised the popup menus so easier to use.


* Tag Browser now indexes lists all genres within songs with multiple genres.
* Added better support for saving multiple genres to ID3v23.

Version 3.5.1 | Release Date: 2010-04-15 | Download

Jaikoz 3.5.1 is a minor release with some small improvements and bug fixes.

- Now uses the new Ogg Vorbis Metadata_Picture_Block standard for cover art, instead of the non-standard Audioshell COVERART field.
- When using Find and Replace window's Replace text box always overwrites the existing text instead of inserting it.
- Unable to clear out any info from the "Not Supported List" as well as the Unknown List" columns located under the ID3 Edit tab.
- Incorrectly complaining that license is used on more than two computers after multiple Jaikoz crashes.
- Dragging artwork from Google Chrome doesn't work.
- Treating Discogs release master ids as if they are release version ids.
- Taking only the first artist from multiple artist releases from Discogs.
- Error 'For input string:' when saving some mp4 files.
- MusicIP should be AmpliFind to match the company rebranding.

Version 3.5.0 | Release Date: 2010-03-16 | Download

New Features

* Delete Duplicates has a number of improvements. From Preferences:Local Correct:Delete Duplicates you can now decide if the duplicated files should actually be deleted like in previous versions or just moved to a Deletions folder. This allows you to review the deletions further outside of Jaikoz, and it also lets you process songs in batches and then check for further duplicates within the duplicates ! Alternatively you can convert deleted files to links to the remaining duplicate, this is useful for preserving your album structure whilst only keeping one physical copy of the song. On OSX links are created as Aliases, on Windows as Shortcuts and on Linux as Symbolic Links. When you choose the link option the linked files are shown with a status of 'L' until they have been saved.
* Standard deletions can also be moved to a special Deletion Folder now, specified in Preferences:Save:General. Its like having your own Trash or Recycle Bin just for Jaikoz.
* You can now specify a different mask for songs on compilations when renaming filenames and subfolders. This is useful for naming your compilations differently to your standard albums, and can be set in Preferences:File And Folder Correct:Rename Folder from Tags and Preferences:File And Folder Correct:Rename File from Tags
* Can now specify whether songs should be removed from iTunes when duplicates are moved to the Duplicates folder using the Preferences:Local Correct:Delete Duplicates:Delete from iTunes if moving Duplicates checkbox
* Added empty columns options, to clear the values of all visible fields in that column. This option is accessible by right-clicking the column header, and a subset of columns can also be cleared from the Edit:Empty Columns menu.
* Added new translations for French, Russian, Danish, Swedish and Norweigen


* Jaikoz playlists in iTunes are now created in an iTunes playlist sub folder.
* Copy/Paste context menus are now available for the fields in the Detail pane.
* Copy can now be selected for multiple rows and columns, previously was only allowed for multiple rows
* The Edit actions such as Capitalizer are now allowed if some of fields selected are suitable instead of requiring all fields to be suitable, unsuitable fields are just ignored.
* If you try and open files from a folder that is already loaded Jaikoz now just ignores files that are already loaded instead of preventing the open completely.
* Improved stability connecting to Lyrics server.


* Contention issues when updating Tag Browser with changes.
* Occasional NullPointerException when clustering songs.
* ArrayList OutOfBoundsException when running in Autocorrecter if you run Delete Duplicates, Save Changes and then another task.
* Symbolic link or alias files cannot be loaded in Jaikoz, they should not be because might also have the original file loaded
* If you run an Edit task such as Capitalizer whilst having a field in the detail tab in the throws of being edited the value in that field gets blanked out
* When I copy the album, artist, and title I noticed that copying out from these fields in the list appends a tab character to everything.
* Language field is showing up in Comments on details tab
* Word replacer not converting &'s to and
* Can now read compressed ID3 frames.

Version 3.4.4 | Release Date: 2010-02-02 | Download

- Fixed contention issues when indexing the tag browser.
- Fixed issue with licensing if Jaikoz crashes.
- Improved identification of when Jaikoz is already running on local machine.

Version 3.4.3 | Release Date: 2010-01-29 | Download

- Added Preferences/Save/General/Pad Numbers option
- Occasional java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException when saving as part of Autocorrecter
- Cannot set Track Total to Never Populate
- Occasional unable to save because of the following error: java.util.ArrayList cannot be cast to org.jaudiotagger.tag.id3.AbstractID3v2Frame

Version 3.4.2 | Release Date: 2009-12-18 | Download

- Updated to work with chnages to Discogs API
- Separate Track No / Track Total field and Disc No /Disc Total and autofix of track total and disc total from Musicbrainz
- Improvements to title matching for Song Matching
- Provide Redo System to redo changes just undone.
- Many improvements to Cluster Albums
- Improved performance when reading and writing files.
- Cover Art images sometimes show as reversed problem fixed
- Fixed RuntimeException when running ClusterAlbums

Version 3.3.4 | Release Date: 2009-10-26 | Download

#1835:Jaikoz complaining cannot open some mp3's that are valid winamp
#1856:Problem updating row in index: Access is denied error fixed
#1903:Unable to retrieve image from memory error fixed
#1916:FLAC cover art saved with type 'Other' now saved with type Cover(Front)
#1941:Unable to save Mood feld in ID3v23 tag fixed.
#1943:Problem with importing large xlsfile fixed.
#1944:When do Advanced/Import it defaults to .csv , should default to .xls or .csv
#1945:Discogs does not always return data gzipped, this is not handled.
#1947:Executing 'Find and Replace' gets slower with the number of replacements fixed.

Version 3.3.0 | Release Date: 2009-09-15 | Download
  • Jaikoz updated for Snow Leopard
  • Now have separate field showing Lyrics Page which can be displayed in browser
  • Occasional OverlappingFileLockException on some saves
  • If drag files from iTunes and have duplicates within iTunes could lead Jaikoz to load the same file twice.
  • Save and Move, files not maintained preserving subfolder hierachy checkbox.
  • Error Message Window can be larger than the screen and hence impossible to dismiss.
Version 3.2.2 | Release Date: 2009-08-19 | Download
  • A link is now stored with downloaded lyrics allowing you to correct any mistakes and you can now find lyrics for songs with apostrophes in the title.
  • Fixed Retrieve Acoustic Id's stopping before completion.
  • Fixed Local Correct Album uses the capitalisation preference of artist.
  • Fixed Songs no longer sorted by filename.
  • Fixed Artwork not being retrieved by Discogs.
Version 3.2.0 | Release Date: 2009-08-07 | Download
  1. Prefer Original Release even if better meta match to later Compilation release option has been added
  2. Match from Musicbrainz can now match songs without a duration in Musicbrainz whilst still rejecting songs whose duration is outside limit of actual song.
  3. Now each thread in the autocorrecter fixes songs one song at a time. For example instead of running Retrieve Acoustic Ids on all songs, then Correct Tags from Musicbrainz on all songs the Autocorrecter now runs Retrieves Acoustic Id on the first song , then Correct Tags from Musicbrainz on the first song, then it starts on the second song.
  4. Fixed problem decoding some artwork with error 'Empty Region'.
  5. Added all numbers to the genre blacklist.
  6. Fixed Base Folder/Sub Folder split can be incorrect for files reloaded into Jaikoz.
  7. Fixed Tag from Filename not working correctly when run from Autocorrecter.
Version 3.1.0 | Release Date: 2009-06-26 | Download

Added connection pooling to solve various database issues, plus some other fixes

Version 3.0.1 | Release Date: 2009-05-29 | Download
  • #1701:Endless loop while auto-renaming files when there is file with same name that is marked for deletion.
  • #1728:ImageData() getPreviewImage() problem
  • #1731:Unexpected Error NullPointerException in readImageFromDatabase
  • #1732:When load songs from amazon and retrieve from database not setting the format field, this prevents Flac files from even saving and prevents viewing of images in some players.
Version 2.9.0 | Release Date: 2009-03-24 | Download

Now supports Export/Import. The Export action is simple and effective. It will allows you to export the details of your loaded songs so that you can also open and edit values within a proper spreadsheet application and then import the changes back into Jaikoz. You can also use it as a backup of your metadata.

Plus many other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 2.8.4 | Release Date: 2009-02-17 | Download
  • Now Supports .m4b (Audio Book) format.
  • When updating images from Discogs should always favour primary image over secondary image.
  • When updating Musicbrainz and receive error 503 Jaikoz does not request that queries are not cached so customers internet connection could just return cached query when retry is attempted.
  • java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0 when using Manual Tag From Musicbrainz.
  • Update tags from Musicbrainz not always updating
  • Filter menu disappearing after saving changes to Preferences.
  • If iTunes update fails Jaikoz should report error message not just error number.
  • Error updating itunes: Input Error length = 1.
Version 2.8.2 | Release Date: 2009-02-09 | Download


  • Can now load all the files within in a Winamp (.m3u) playlist using Open Playlist and Add Playlist, more playlist formats to be added in future releases.
  • Now have Open Recent list for recently opened playlist, files and folders.
  • The current xml file can be returned from iTunes so have dropped the requirement for user to specify the xml file themself and removed the iTunes xml file option.
  • Add support for drag and dropping and copy/pasting images from other applications such as iTunes, Finder and Windows Explorer.
  • Support pict clipping format used by iTunes on OSX for copying/pasting/dragging pictures.
  • Now when images are added in a non portable format such as BMP or PICT Jaikoz automatically converts them to JPG format.
  • Have Expotential retry mechanism when retrying Musicbrainz or Discogs connections to allow server more time to service request.


  • When create iTunes playlist names should use YY-MM-DD and 24 clock for playlist names so in better sorted order.
  • Added support for using PICT Images.
  • Local Artwork Analyser shouldn't try to load images from artwork when there are large number of files in a folder because probably not a single-album folder.
  • Is Compilation Cast Error with java 1.6_0_12.
  • When I use the %artistsort% field in File or sub-folder renaming, it adds the string %artistsort%.
  • iTunes not keeping played count or last played when move file.
  • Analysing column84056 files to process should be Analysing column:84,056 files to process.
  • Need to synchronize hashset between threads to stop CreateAcousticIDs hanging bug.
  • Help Broker problem preventing Jaikoz starting because of problem install of another application.
  • Update Tags from Discogs not always updating artwork.
  • Once Lyrics helper fails it does not reset so you cannot retry without restarting Jaikoz.
Version 2.8.1 | Release Date: 2009-01-15 | Download
  • Updating iTunes with changes from Jaikoz has been completely rewritten and fixes problems with duplicated references to files, dead files and losing ratings when moving files
  • Can now use text copied from other applications such as (spreadsheet) as the basis of pasting into metadata fields.
  • Can now use text copied from within a field as the basis of pasting into the metadata fields.
  • Added Swap Composer with Artist.
  • Jaikoz now uses applescript to allow drag and drop of files into Jaikoz from iTunes, (this is a workaround for a bug in iTunes and as such is slower than I would like).
  • Is Compilation field not shown as enabled even when it is.
  • Making edits to album field causes Jaikoz to lost the filtering settings. eg if I edit the album name, Jaikoz will then display -all- albums for -all- artists, despite still having the artist filter set.
  • Tag browser code for scrolling down fields need to check for key modifiers, so if people running tasks using keys doesnt reset filters.
  • Still problem modifying an mp4 which appears corrupt on write because cant find mdat , should throw error on read.
  • OutOfMemoryError when loading a particular flac file because setupheader on a different off page to comment header.
  • Ignore silly tracknumber such as '-1' when matching tracks against Musicbrainz.
  • Undo can fail when run from the ID3 Edit tab.
  • Problem reading wma files with certain binary metadata fields.
Version 2.8.0 | Release Date: 2008-12-16 | Download
This is a major release with:
  • New iApp Scrollbars
  • Added full support Windows Media Audio , the default format used by Microsoft Media Player.
  • MusicIP Genpuid software upgraded to 1.4, Port 10001 no longers need to be open for good performance.
  • Various bug fixes including some for reading and writing mp4 files
Version 2.7.0 | Release Date: 2008-10-08 | Download
  • Add Save and Copy Option that allows you to save changes to songs and copy them to a different folder.
  • Improved matching algorithm for tracks with no title or default title such as Track1, Track2.
  • Now when you reorder or resize columns the changes are automatically preserved for when Jaikoz is restarted.
Version 2.6.0 | Release Date: 2008-09-18 | Download

Now supports updating tags from Discogs, Update tags from Musicbrainz can now work just from Release Ids and many improvements to Manual Tag from Musicbrainz

Version 2.5.1 | Release Date: 2008-08-07 | Download

Improvements include now sets the preferred musicbrainz country for releases based on the locale of the computer. Now treats ` character the same as ' when finding a match on Musicbrainz. When track matches multiple releases identically pick the release where its total number of tracks matches the total number of tracks loaded into Jaikoz with the same release name. Checks that outgoing access to port 10001 is open and warn if it isn't, this is required for Retrieve Acoustic Ids to work optiminally.

Version 2.5.0 | Release Date: 2008-07-15 | Download
  • Genres can now be fixed from and submitted to Musicbrainz.
  • Retrieval of Acoustic Ids now utilizes multiple cpus if your computer has them to process multiple tracks in parallel.
  • Jaikoz now uses an embedded Database to store details of every release and artist downloaded from Musicbrainz, that is preserved between invocations of Jaikoz. Because this information is held in the database rather than memory this reduces memory usage. Jaikoz uses this locally stored release data so that it doesn't actually have to a lookup for every track if it can find a good match by looking at already downloaded and used releases.
Version 2.4.1 | Release Date: 2008-05-16 | Download

* Now writes UTF16 as UTF16LE rather than UTF16BE
* Colour coding of fields is now optional.
* Only the most common columns are shown by default.
* Can now drag and drop one field onto another.
* Autocorrecter now configured to run all the tasks required to correct your tags.
* Shortcut keys have been reassigned to the most popular tasks, and non standard key mappings corrected.
* Can now read the variable bit rate header for mp3 files encoded with Fraunhofer encoder (VBRI header).
* Added View Artwork FullSize, Undo and View in Musicbrainz/Amazon/Discogs .. all added to the main menu, previously only available from the contextual menu.
* View Artwork Fullsize now works for multiple selections.
* Now Shows vertical lines between columns like iTunes.
* Colour coding for new installations is disabled by default.
* Removed Cancel button from Artwork Full Size Windows.
* Unexpected Problem: 6 >= 6" on startup fixed.
* Fields now show the correct selection colour when you select them.

Version 2.4.0 | Release Date: 2008-04-28 | Download
Support for fifteen new fields such as Record Label, Catalogue No. and Release Wikipedia URL. Most of the new fields can be automatically populated from MusicBrainz. There is a new Delete Duplicates task, a new iTunes style search and some new genre filters. The matching algorithm has been improved. An Italian translation is now available.
Version 2.3.0 | Release Date: 2008-02-25 | Download

Automatic Lyrics lookup using Lyrics Fly.

Drag and drop files and folders from other applications such as Finder and the Desktop to Jaikoz will open the files in Jaikoz. Dragging files from Jaikoz to other applications such as iTunes also works, as if they had been dragged from another application.

Jaikoz now beeps when it has completed a task, configurable sound effects to be added later.

Version 2.2.2 | Release Date: 2008-02-08 | Download

7th of February 2008 Jaikoz v2.2.2 Build 1042 released

This minor release fixes an issue in the Jaikoz installation

There was a problem with settings.jai file in v2.2.1 that affected some customers.

Version 2.2.1 | Release Date: 2008-02-03 | Download

3rd of February 2008 Jaikoz v2.2.1 Build 1041 released

This minor release fixes some regressions in v2.2.0


The Musicbrainz Format Sort Album Artist preferences could not be modified, this is now fixed.
Correct Tags from Filename was broken, this is now fixed.

Version 2.2.0 | Release Date: 2008-01-31 | Download

30th ofJanuary 2008 Jaikoz v2.2.0 Build 1040 released

This is a major release and adds Improved MusicBrainz Matching, Updating iTunes from Jaikoz Files and many other improvements.

- New Features

Added option to prefer albums that have already been used by other tracks when matching tracks in MusicBrainz.
Added option to specify your preferred type of release such as Original Album, Compilation or Single when matching MusicBrainz tracks.
Added option to prefer official albums when matching track in MusicBrainz.
Added option to specify your preferred country when matching MusicBrainz tracks.
Added a Match Score Preference Tab for matching from Musicbrainz that allows you fine control over the Musicbrainz Matching. You can allocate points to each component of the match depending on how important you think it is. For example if you think it is very important that the track selected has a release that it is one of the preferred release types but you are not too concerned that the track number must match you could increase the release types rating, and reduce the track no match rating. The total rating can never exceed 100.
Added option to force tracks matched acoustically to also meet a minimum metadata match threshold.
Added the Cluster Albums task, this analyses all the selected tracks that have been matched in Musicbrainz and groups them by artist and album and tries to reduce the number of release ids the tracks are spread over. Why is this needed? Many albums exist within Musicbrainz as multiple releases, usually this is because the album was released with an extra track in a particular country. All the track ids for an album are unique to that album because of the design of musicbrainz, so that even if there is an identical track on both releases it will have different track ids. Now when a puid is created for a song it is likely to only be associated to one of the track ids. So what typically happens when you look up some tracks from one album in Jaikoz is that it finds matches, but some are for tracks in one version of the release and some in another.
Jaikoz now checks for new versions of Jaikoz when it starts.
Added option for when Retrieving Acoustic Ids to do full analysis on tracks that are not currently in the Music IP database and submit them to MusicIP (this option is not enabled by default).
Previously when images we added to a file, they were saved in memory until the changes were saved, now I have created an Artwork Cache which holds the image data on disk, this considerabbly reduces the memory imprint without effecting performance.
Added Greek translation, thanks to George Antonopoulos.

- New Features OSX and Windows

Your iTunes library can now be automatically updated when files are saved in Jaikoz, this option is enabled by default for OSX and disabled by default fo Windows. You can see the complete set of option on the Preferences/Save/iTunes Autoupdate tab.

- Enhancements

It is now possible to open multiple folders rather than just a single folder (and its subfolders)
There is now a single Preferences Menu instead of the seperate Settings Menus, and now any changes made to your preferences are now automatically saved.
General Memory improvements have reduced average memory usage by 20%.
When the release country is found in MusicBrainz it previously saved the two letter country code (i.e FR), Jaikoz now saves the country name (i.e France).
The composer and sort composer fields can now be populated from the Musicbrainz lookup.
Your license and preferences are now stored in your home folder. Assuming an english locale the location for OSX is /users/username/Library/Preferences/Jaikoz, Windows Vista is C:\Users\paul\Jaikoz and Linux is /home/username/Jaikoz/Prefs.
The Encoder field has been added to the Detail/Info tab
Moved Highlighter and Reports sub menus to top level menus.

- Fixes

Previously the Is Compilation field was not being written correctly for mp3 files.
Previously when matching from Musicbrainz, if a track did not match on the title it would not be returned even if it matched on all the other fields, this restriction has been relaxed, although by default a match on the title is required for a track to get a high score.
Previously Jaikoz could not read Mp4 files created by Winamp, this has now been fixed.
Previously Jaikoz could not save changes to files that were created by faac 1.25, this has now been fixed.

Version 2.1.0 | Release Date: 2007-12-05 | Download

3rd of December 2007 Jaikoz v2.1.0 Build 1039 released

This release adds full support for Flac files, plus some minor improvements and bug fixes.
New Features
Now fully supports tagging of Flac files (Free Lossless Audio Codec), including embedding of cover art, MusicIP and MusicBrainz integration.
Now displays the encoder in the Audio tab and View/Edit tabs.
Now supports viewing linked cover art as well as embedded cover art, linked files are marked as (Link)
When there is a problem with a corrupted or missing images, the details are now logged to the console, and the image is displayed with this image
Previously there could be a problem opening and saving some non-standard Mp4s, this is now fixed.
Previously ID3v24 Frames were not always reading large syncsafe frame sizes correctly, this is now fixed.

Version 2.0.2 | Release Date: 2007-11-19 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2.0.1 | Release Date: 2007-11-14 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.12.1 | Release Date: 2007-10-16 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.12 | Release Date: 2007-09-28 | Download
No changes specified