iWatermark Pro

Licence: Shareware ($30 USD)
Version 1.20 | Release Date: 2012-02-11 | Download
  • - Updated UI of Adv. Tab
  • - Added show console button to Adv Tab.
  • - Fixed Editor Opacity drawing bug. On change sometime displayed incorrectly after change.
  • - Improved DropBox feedback when it fails.
  • - Changed safety check, for input(s) == output
  • if renaming then input can = output if and only if Rename pattern is not: ( "File Name" + "." + "File Ext." ) If output structure is not flat or mirror, input can = output
  • - Changed original demo watermarks to have constant Unquie ID's and name to: "Demo: 1. © + Camera Model" "Demo: 2. © (centered)" "Demo: 3. Photo Info"
  • from old demo watermarks (with random Unquie ID's that cause duplicate when merged from different computer): "Demo: © + Camera Model" "Demo: © (centered)" "Demo: Photo Info" NOTE: User should delete these last 3 old demo watermarks, so when merging watermarks from Dropbox it does not duplicate them. ALSO We recommend duplicating and renaming demo watermarks if you change or edit them.
  • - Now iWatermark reads the folder at: ~/Library/Application Support/Plumamazing/iWatermark Pro/Watermarks/Demos and iWatermark Pro's Application Resource bundle for ".wtk4" files (watermarks) and populated them into watermark list on resetting defaults and 1st launches. (NOTE: 3 fallback defaults are hard coded if not exist in above locations).
  • - When exporting watermarks. If graphics exist in watermark, it will default to checking "imbed graphics used in Watermark"
  • - Bug Fixed: Importing watermarks from V3 with Inverse Text (text color changed to be White)
  • - BUG fixed: Importing watermarks from V3 with with outline effect now sets color to white and width to 45.
  • - Bug fixed: Outline now draw outside of text only. NOTE: This is for V3 compatibility but increase drawing time.
  • - Bug fixed importing V3 output path.
  • - Bug fixed: Layout of text was not working correctly this has been fixed. Include leaving room for outline text.
  • - Fixed spelling "Address"
  • - Improved multi-thread scanning to make system more responsive.
  • - Fixed text layout issue (clipping outline at bottom of text).
  • - Sort by Path
  • - Enabled transfer modes (suggest trying: Normal, Luminosity) for: Inverse, Emboss, and Burn Effects
  • - Enhanced rename to add to new tags: "Month##" = 01, 02,... 12 and "Month Apr" = Jan, Feb,.. Dec left "Month" output text 1 or 2 digit month. ie. 1,2, ... 12
  • - kCGBlendModeLuminosity - Uses the hue and saturation of the background with the luminance of the source image. This mode creates an effect that is inverse to the effect created by kCGBlendModeColor.
  • - added missing tags for phone # ... , alias for and include in menu in text editor insert tag -> addressbook menu
  • - Now hides slide for Scale whan Actual size selected.
  • - Default text effect is now NONE.
  • - Labels for Addressbook tags added and File Information.
  • - New default sample watermarks include sample of what's displayed for Addressbook and File Information (to merge/load them use reset defaults in advanced).
Version 1.19 | Release Date: 2012-01-23 | Download
Version 1.19:
  • - now use dropbox to backup your watermarks and settings and sync them between your macs. from the advanced tab you can create a new dropbox account (2 gb free) then upload to save settings and watermarks. If you have another Mac you can open iWatermark and download from Dropbox to sync watermarks between computers. Great for publishers and large photo workflows.
  • - also a fix for importing settings from the old iwatermark to deal with corrupt settings.
Version 1.18 | Release Date: 2012-01-11 | Download
  • - improved input box UI and scanning feedback.
  • - Fixed Dropplet to allow File menu to set Output folder, Thumbnail older (if separate thumbnail folder is used).
  • - Removed some frameworks and some cleanup getting ready for AppleStore.
  • - Fixed iphoto,apeture plugins which were not being upgraded which caused issue in iPhoto.
  • - Fixed rename file ext. default when 1st run to "jpg" (lowercase).
  • - Enable Dropbox on main screen. Set ouptut to ~/Dropbox.
  • - Fixed Editor when no object are available to not show dialog to select object.
  • - Added Button to Editor preview window to Email, save, and twitter image.
  • - Added install All / uninstall all plugin option.
Version 1.17 | Release Date: 2011-12-27 | Download
  • Added in Advanced tab UI:
  • * "Create log file", show log button.
  • * "Use JPEG Progressive"
  • (iWatermark versions prior to 1.16 used JPEG Baseline).
  • Changed to Default to JPEG Progressive from JPEG BaseLine to save space.
  • Note: 94% time JPEG Progressive are smaller for file of size >10KB
  • Fixed main button for Rename ot select correct tab
  • Fixed no longer display "Slow image processing" when no images are selected
  • Fixed: handling of image that can't be read in the Editor
  • (NOTE: We support all the RAW camera formats that apple does).
  • 1. Add log message when editor can't read source file.
  • 2. And fixed layout to 800 x 600 for image not readable.
  • 3. Log message in console: "unable to read image '/Users/Mark/iWM test/rawimages/bad 10.6 will not read/RAW_CANON_A610.CRW' not supported yet?"
  • Fixed: Opening QRCode Barcode and ISBN barcode so they do not select item if nothing is selected.
  • Changed UI: QRCode barcode and ISBN barcode windows can now remain open, progress indicator etc.
  • Fixed: Generating QRCode barcodes
  • Removed some log messages.
  • Twitter updated to report failure.
  • Fixed the thumbnails so if you don't want a suffix attached it doesn't add "(null)" to the name like this: "filename(null).extension"
  • Fixed but were Dropped Preview would not be correct
  • (ie. used current setting iWAtermark instead of imbeded wattermark).
  • Editor preview now has buttons to email, save and Twitter the preview image
  • QRCode now prefixes GEO: and Youtube: URL with GEO and YOUTUBE when saving.
  • Reordered editor toolbar into three sections (Add Watermark, Watermark Tools, Watermark Name).
  • Added two new options:
  • Advanced Tab: Default to Expanded Main
  • Rename: Copy input creation date to output creation date file.
  • Fixed Thumbnail bug were routine up code added 4 px to width. Thumbnail must be multiple 4 px.
  • Change: Thumbnail Orientation only records if not default Orientation of 1 (saving few bytes of meta data).
  • Fixed: Change Writting code to correctly record blank fields (Rename Suffix, Prefix, Thumb).
  • . To stop reseting these fields to default values when reloaded.
  • Fixed: Hide Dropbox progress dialog when not running.
  • Changed: Added back Quality slider to Rename tab (it's also in Main tab but hidden by default).
  • Added Meta tag to use 1st URL in My Card's addressbook
  • Change log message to include "DPI setting".
  • Cleanup and optimizes some code.
  • Added exporting of BMP (.BMP) and JPEG 2000 (.JP2)
  • Added to EXIF/IPTC/XMP Tab UI "Remove GEO tags from metadata (for location privacy)."
  • Update Droplet to match new verison settings (Note: Requires rebuilding droplets).
  • UI Change: Status errors are now in red.
Version 1.14 | Release Date: 2011-11-30 | Download
  • - changed preview to not scale up picture that are resized smaller than the preview windows.
  • - changed Reg dialog into two sections purchase and registration.
  • - changed un-registration watermark to be small, but more visable.
  • - changed main window's ouptut folder UI. If no output folder is selected the background is yellow.
  • - fixed folder structure when collapsing interface
  • - Added + / - button to editor for adding and removing text/graphic objects.
  • - Rename add graphics and add text popup menu to Text Libray and Graphics library
  • - Added a warning about reading large files such as RAW images can take time to change preview thumbnail.
Version 1.12 | Release Date: 2011-11-28 | Download
  • added status and progress indicator for Dropbox.
  • Moved upgrade UI in Register after Purchase button.
  • BUG: Dropbox fixed deauthentication and reauthentication
  • BUG: after authentication, you no longer have to repeat step. It now complete the step prior to authenticating
  • Added: Create two subfolder if they do not exist to hold Watermarks and IPTC XMP sets files.
  • Addded redesign of Apeture preset exports (.plist) files.
  • Updated UI in main window into 3 steps: 1, 2, 3.
  • Preview window now updates if open when watermark is changed via drop down menu.
  • NOTE: if you edit a watermark it currently preview open preview will be closed.
Version 1.11 | Release Date: 2011-11-22 | Download
  • Fixed not processing registration issue. Notifies on correct registration.
  • Add check for input folder same as output folder
  • Change input folder area message wording including displaying # of valid image files.
  • Change input folder area to be yellow if no image files are found matching filters.
  • Changed input area tooltip to include upto first 11 folder in the input list.
  • Added an alert when file extension is not deleted.
  • Fixed font side in Aperture Export plugin dialog.
  • Updated droplets to include above changes.
  • Remove one of two preview button on the main tab.
Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2011-11-21 | Download
Version 1.1
  • Added: Aperture Editor plugin enabled. Updated UI and added info to manual about using Aperture and iWatermark Pro
  • Aperture Editor plugin with layout option and opactiy option.
  • Basic Aperture Export plugin
  • Fixed: Meta data tag to work with space or not ie. "Date Created", and "DateCreated" work. Previous version did not support "Date Created' but Meta data insert menu inserted it.
  • Fixed: restricted Output and Thumbnail to being set to only folders.
  • Added Create Droplet in File menu. Create droplet based on current watermark and settings on your desktop.
  • Added keyboard navigation to change image (left and right Arrow), commandSpace to see preview to main screen.
  • Added Rename options for upper/lowercase extension.
  • Added custom file extension support.
  • Added reset to default renaming.
  • Added tokens for suffix, prefix, and File Ext.
  • Added: Zoom icon to preview windows.
  • Changed Editor to auto edit inserted text.
  • Changed formatting of rename file name to use new tags instead of hardcoding suffix/prefix.
  • Fixed: Creative Common insert graphics not showing. (Scale was set to Zero).
  • Fixed: log message when importing watermark with no text.
  • Fixed: Remove debugging Grid / Cross when "Show Handles is enabled"
  • Fixed: selecting thumbnail output folder via drag and drop
  • Fixed: Thumbnail not in separate folder did not place in same sub folder as image.
  • Fixed: Thumbnail were not being created in folders.
  • Fixed: Thumbnail now disables quality when JPG is not selected or thumbnails are disabled.
  • Removed some log message when saving settings.
  • Fixed: Spelling/processing of Insert Tag / Add Text for EXIF>FNumber. including Flash On/Off and ISO Film Rating.
  • Added: Address Book insert Tag menu for "Me", company, and emails.
  • Updated iPhoto plugin to use new Rename options.
  • Updated Rename tab to make file ext. required. And to add warning dialog. Reset to default set File type to "JPEG".
  • Added to Editor Utilties menu "TwitPic" support to send pictures to Twitter.
  • Tag procesing and insertion:
  • Changed tag Year to mean "Year Created", and added alias "Year Created". Added Tag "Current Year". fixed spelling in "Latitued" tag. Added Insert Tag submenu items for File Attributes: , .
  • Twitter Keychain stuff for iwatermark
  • added fix for missiong extensions.
  • some cleanup of code
  • Added: dropbox setting sync. Dropbox App status: Development
  • change dropbox key
  • made plugins universal 32/64bit.
  • QRCOde generating now support PPC and 32bit Intel.
  • Registation now reports failed registation.
  • Remove NSLog message, and Optimize some code and log failers for Barcode (ISBN, and QR Code) generation
  • Aperture Editor plugin with layout option and opactiy option.
  • Basic Aperture Export plugin
  • Change scaling for 90 and 270 to respect rotation. for Horz and Vert. % scale.
  • Change Shutter speed to y/x from y / X (no spaces).
  • Bug: When seting DPI now saves TIFF Resolution as well.
  • Updated Preview windows title to display watermark name and file cnt.
  • Bug: Preview window no longer closes and reopens when updating new image in Main screen.
  • Updated Droplet to display preview window when input preview
Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2011-09-13 | Download
  • Great new icons and graphics by Michele Zamparo.
  • Added: iPhoto Plugin (install External Plugin via File menu). Work and watermark directly in iPhoto.
  • Added: Quicklook plugin (install External Plugin via File menu).
  • Coming soon: Aperture plugins. Already enabled removing Aperture plugins if installed manually.
  • New: Added option to replace graphics in Tool Menu
  • New: Added Email Watermark image in Tool Menu
  • New: in Tool Menu Preview Watermark (in iPhoto plugin and iWatermark Editor Shortcut: Command-Shift-Space)
  • Updated look, toolbar icons, main screen and button.
  • Cleaned up some code.
  • Disabled Tools menu items: Copy to clipboard, save as file, email, and preview when option for Watermarking and/or resizing are not selected.
  • Fixed "Show Preferences file" in advanced.
  • Added Install/uninstal option for plugins in File menu.
  • Fixed bug in Registration key was case sensitive, it now case insensitive
  • Updated log option had a bug did not turn off thing correctly. It turned every thing off :(. Fixed..
  • Updated console log message to show log option changes as follows:
  • iWatermark Pro[3080:a0f] loggingOptions>> Added: Scanning 22
  • iWatermark Pro[3080:a0f] loggingOptions>> Removed: Editors 20
  • also cleaned up wording of log message for scanning.
  • creates plugin folders on install if needed.
  • ~/Library/Application Support/iPhoto/Plugins/
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-Ins/Export/
  • Sync of prefs works now for v8.1.2 and V9.1.5 and iPhoto (added code for plugin and iWatermark Pro application to save prefs then sync to disc when deactivated. and sync from Disk then load prefs when it's re-activated).
  • IPTC setting are now loaded / saved correctly.
  • added iPhoto special meta data menu. since this data is not in the image yet (we add it on export).
  • Fixed bug: Meta data tag: Title does not currently maps to ObjectName.
  • Updated manual for all the changes. Also new screenshots, icons and graphics.
  • Editor: Effect now has preview blend modes
  • Main Screen: preview added to input on main screen. Updates when images are changed.
  • Many other changes, fixes and improvements.
Version 2.5.1 | Release Date: 2011-05-23 | Download

[Add] - new and better icons and graphics by italian artist michele zamparo.
[Add] - some fixes.
[Mod] - updated the documentation.
[Add] - versions for shareware and for the mac app store.

Version 3.2.0 | Release Date: 2008-07-22 | Download

[bug] Update system is now working again
[bug] No longer leaves iWatermark.log files
[bug] Watermark Editor no longer gets stuck in the task bar [Windows Only]
[mod] Improved the Windows controls when used without a visual theme
[bug] Creating a new watermark no longer inserts <nl>
[Mod] If the watermark contained an image, but no longer does it auto switches to text.
[Mod] Editfield tooltips are now platform sensitive.
[Bug] Fixed Transparency & Offset slider wonkiness
[Add] Is smarter when saving, preventing the loss of watermarks.
[Mod] Minor interface adjustments to the Watermark Editor
[Mod] Minor interface adjustments to the main window.
[Bug] Resize handles more elegantly when resizing to a NIL object.
[Bug] Fixed a crash that could occur with feedback window on some Windows XP (Windows Only)
[bug] Textalignment is working again.
[mod] Watermark Editor Preview doesn't flicker so much anymore. (Windows Only)
[Bug] Start Processing Menu Item now is active again.
[Bug] Filter by Keywords now works correctly on Leopard.
[bug] Filter by Comments now works correctly on Leopard.
[Add] Ability to duplicate watermark sets
[Mod] Watermark storage system has been stripped down and rebuilt.

Version 3.1.2 | Release Date: 2008-03-28 | Download

[Bug] Fixed a crash when quitting the application while the Editor Window was open.
[Bug] Resizing fields now register changes again.
[bug] Error with Dynamic Menus
[Bug] Fixed a bug that was preventing the watermark editor from opening (Windows Only)
[Mod] Handles corrupted meta data more elegantly (if possible)
[Bug] Fixed a bug with the iDisk handler.

Version 3.0.8 | Release Date: 2006-07-11 | Download
No changes specified