Funtastic Photos

Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 1.0.8 | Release Date: 2012-02-24 | Download

What's New in 1.0.8
* Now includes 100 1-Click Styles.
* NEW Many new effects.
* IMPROVED some existing effects.
* IMPROVED image loading time.
* FIXED a handful of bugs including the meta data issue.

Version 1.0.7 | Release Date: 2011-09-27 | Download

*** Please note that this release is Intel only and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or newer ****

• Improved Lion compatibility.
• Improved the speed in various areas.
• Added new effect modules.
• Added a new Layout module, that'll images to be printed at specific sizes.
• Added a menu option for exporting to Apple Aperture.
• Updated internal framework.
• Fixed a bunch of issues.

Version 1.0.5 | Release Date: 2009-05-13 | Download

This latest release of Funtastic Photos has undergone optimization, resulting in faster performance for the overall product. Customers using PowerMac G5s have noticed the biggest improvement. We've added the ability to re-locate the Funtastic Photos documents folder. Simply hold down the option key while starting Funtastic Photos, a dialog will appear allowing the user to select, or create a new documents folder. Double clicking Funtastic Photos documents in the Finder, now works correctly. Funtastic Photos will now alert the user when the permissions are incorrect on the users documents folder. Fixed a minor bug that could occur with accidently clicking on the Documents Name. Fixed a bug that was causing some images to be over-saturated when exported or shared. Temporarily removed the ability to generate thumbnails for movies until further notice.

Version 1.0.4 | Release Date: 2009-03-11 | Download

Funtastic Photos 1.0.4 includes InstallEasy, a new technology that was created to make it easier to install and update Funtastic Photos. InstallEasy will help the user to maintain only a single copy of Funtastic Photos within the user's Applications folder. A new update system that can auto install future versions of Funtastic Photos. Red Eye Reduction system, enables the red eye to be removed from photos. Dynamic Sharpen effect, isolates the edges and makes their definition clearer, it can increase the focus on a blurry image. Funtastic Photos now uses the Apple Help for it's help system making it easier for people to view the help, as well as print it out. We've even re-organized the help menu to make it easier for people to find relevant information. The Fun Card Maker has been beefed up adding even more customization options. A more detailed list of changes can be found within the help of Funtastic Photos.

Version 1.0.3 | Release Date: 2008-12-17 | Download

Funtastic Photos 1.0.3 update improves the printing. This release resolves the issue whereby some high resolution images were not being printed at high resolution. Printing portrait greeting cards is now easier as Funtastic Photos will rotate them correctly and no longer requires additional rotation of 180Ë™. The printing resolution has also been doubled, allowing higher quality printing when available. Minor fixes include toolbar enabling/disabling and a rotation error in the Save As Copy dialog.

Version 1.0.2 | Release Date: 2008-12-01 | Download
  • Turbo Charged several 1-Click Styles and effects as we optimized and re-factored our Gaussian Blur to be 330% faster than before.
  • Even More 1-Click Styles, we've added A Fish Eye Lens, A Split ND Filter Prototype, Hand Tinted Photo simulator, Polaroid and Erratic Image. These new 1-Click Styles brings our total to over 50!
  • New Date & Time stamp effect, stamps the date and time that the photo was taken, comes complete with retro style and customization features.
  • More Fun Card Options, can now remove the postmark and change the image used for the stamp.
  • Improved the iPhoto Support, Funtastic Photos is now able to find iPhoto libraries when they are not in the default location.
  • Added a flash to the built-in iSight camera grabber, slightly improving the light when capturing photos.
  • MobileMe, fixed a couple of bugs, including a serious one that was preventing some MobileMe users from using the service.
  • We've made a number of modifications to the Browser, making the experience more pleasant and nailing a bug, caused by some movie files on Mac OS X 10.4
  • Photo Cubes now have assembly instructions printed in the white space making it easier for everyone to assemble photo cubes.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs in other places, such as the overlay effect, Print and Layouts, and amongst others the MotionBlur effect.
Version 1.0.1 | Release Date: 2008-10-15 | Download
  • Optimized a whole bunch of areas.
    Opening Funtastic Photos, loading images and some effects are now much faster than before.
  • More 1-Click Styles.
    Pencil Effect, Soft HDR'ish, Blue Print, Memories, and Color Halftone are all new 1-Click Styles.
  • Improved Some 1-Click Styles.
    We improved both the 1910s Early Color and the 1980s Lomography to give more realistic and satisfactory results.
  • New Halftone Effect.
    Creates a really cool effect replicating an old printing technique.
  • New Fun Card Options.
    Can now change the scaling mode, copy the Fun Card or Save it as an image.
  • Can now use Fun Cards with Zimbra and Thunderbird.
    Utilizing the new features added to the Fun Card Maker, Fun Cards can now be sent through Zimbra, Thunderbird and other previously incompatible e-mail clients.
  • Enhanced the sharing to photo sharing sites.
    We made the description field bigger, giving more room to type. The title, Description and tags are now stored with the Photo. Added an option to preserve or ignore the original meta data, plus a new option to embed your name, contact link and Copyright into the meta data. Lastly we added an option to auto hide the upload window when its finished uploading.
  • Insert How This Effect Was Made.
    When sharing photos online, use this option to automatically type out in english how the photo was edited, enabling people seeing your photo to duplicate the effect (Right Click in the Description or Caption Field of the Uploader and select "Insert How This Effect Was Made").
  • A couple of minor effect enhancements.
    We improved the performance of the levels effect, replaced the sliders with new double sliders. Added a new option to the interlace effect, Thin Lines. Renamed Text to Captions & Text. Added Waves to the Reflection and Diamonds to the Mosaic Effect.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of mean old bugs.
    Funtastic Photos is now much more reliable than ever and we fixed some really evasive bugs too.
  • Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2008-08-20 | Download
    No changes specified