Licence: Freeware
Version 2.4.0 | Release Date: 2014-09-25 | Download

New Features

An all new random cover generation algorithm, which generates covers using many different color schemes and cover styles

Now when you click the Generate cover button in the Edit Metadata dialog a cover based on the book metadata is generated using random colors and styles. You can customize the random cover generation by long clicking the Generate Cover button, which will popup a dialog where you can create new color schemes and customize other aspects of the generated cover as well.
Edit Book: Redesign the saved searches pop-up as a dockable window. Editing saved searches now happens inline and the global search/replace keyboard shortcuts work in the saved searches window
Edit book: Change the text of the 'Mark selected text' menu entry depending on whether it will mark or unmark the text
Edit metadata dialog: Allow undoing a metadata download by long-clicking the Download metadata button and choosing "Undo last metadata download"
Edit metadata dialog: Allow undoing the changes to individual fields by right clicking on the field and selecting Undo after a metadata download.

Closes tickets: 1223367
Download metadata dialog: Allow using Enter key to select cover and left/right keys to move between metadata results.

Closes tickets: 1369178
Fix the row numbers in the book list remaining wide when switching libraries if some books were marked before the switch.

Closes tickets: 1369152
Fix keyboard focus not going to cover grid after doing a search.

Closes tickets: 1369160
DOCX Input: Support for the keepNext paragraph property to keep successive paragraphs on the same page.
Template language: New template functions: raw_list() to return the items in a list such as tags without any sorting/formatting applied to them; author_sorts() to return the author sort strings from the authors table for the authors in the book.

Bug Fixes

Fix a regression in 2.3 that broke creation of collections on the device when metadata management was set to manual.

Closes tickets: 1371976
E-book viewer: Fix displaying multiple pages per screen not working in calibre 2.x with some books, due to a change in Qt 5.

Closes tickets: 1372066
E-book viewer: Fix unintuitive behavior of back and forward buttons when going all the way back to the first item in the history.

Closes tickets: 1367992
Conversion: Do not allow default (user-agent) style rules to ever override style rules defined in the input document, regardless of CSS selector specificity.

Closes tickets: 1369753
Workaround for Qt 5 regression that broke selecting multiple icons in Preferences->Column icon rules
Fix tags with angle brackets not being displayed in the Book Details panel

New news sources

Hurriyet Daily News and Al Monitor by spswerling
VICE News by Adrian Tennessee
Jagran Josh by Krittika Goyal

Improved news sources

Today's Zaman
Wall Street Journal
High Country News

Version 1.45 | Release Date: 2014-07-18 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.27 | Release Date: 2014-03-07 | Download

New Features

An option to add multiple books from inside a ZIP or RAR file. Right click the Add Books button and choose 'Add multiple books from archive'.
Database backend: Make the database backend more robust when the calibre library is placed on flaky filesystems. Now when an I/O error occurs while writing to the database, the connection to the database is closed and re-opened and the operation is retried.
Closes tickets: 1286522

DJVU Input: Speedup extraction of text from DJVU files by implementing the BZZ decoder algorithm in C
Bug Fixes

MOBI Input: Fix empty <a> tags not being handled correctly in rare cases when the markup is bad enough to be parsed only using the fallback HTML parser.
Closes tickets: 1288430

Edit book: Fix column number of cursor shown in the bottom right being one less than it should be.
Edit book: Fix names for non-BMP unicode character (Such as emoticons) not being displayed in the lower right corner. Also allow these characters to be searched for by name in the Insert special character tool.
Do not show system tray notification popups while analyzing books on device, as they can be slow on systems that display multiple messages serially instead of replacing the last message
Linux installer script: Do not use the filesystem to pass the downloaded tarball to tar as it is possible for malicious code running on the users computer to alter the download file between signature verification and calling tar to extract the files.
DJVU Input: When extracting embedded txt from TXTz sections in DJVU files, fix incorrect extraction of txt when the djvutxt external program is not present.
Closes tickets: 1286771

Edit Book: Fix import HTML file as new book not working on OS X
Wireless device driver: Fix a regression that prevented it form working with the Calibre Sync Android app.
Fix a regression in 1.26 that caused width and height attributes on <img> tags to generate CSS width and height properties without a 'px' suffix
Linux binary installer: Fix an error when using proxies and python 3 with the new installer script
Closes tickets: 1286274

Edit book: When exporting files, fill the choose filename popup with the name of the file being exported as the default name
Make the new Linux installer script compatible with python 2.6.
Closes tickets: 1286011

Improved news sources

American Thinker
Arguments and Facts
Financial Times

Version 1.12 | Release Date: 2013-12-24 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.12 | Release Date: 2013-12-24 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.9.24 | Release Date: 2013-03-22 | Download

bugfixes and stuff - see

Version 0.9.22 | Release Date: 2013-03-08 | Download

Release: [08 Mar, 2013]

New Features

Linux driver for the Tolino ebook reader.
Closes tickets: 1151901

Kobo driver: Add support for the new 'Archived' collections in Kobo firmware 2.4.0 and improve handling recommendations and previews.
Closes tickets: 1150852

Metadata search and replace: Allow replacing the entire set of identifiers instead of only a specific identifier when doing a search and replace. To do this, choose a source field other than identifiers and set the destination identifier type to: *
Show a brief description of every action when customizing toolbars in Preferences->Toolbars
Allow drag and drop of books from the calibre book list onto the button for Convert book, Edit metadata, Remove Book, Tweak Book, Polish books, etc.
Bug Fixes

CHM Input: Fix incorrect decoding for CHM files whose hhc file is also a content file.
Closes tickets: 1151721

Conversion: Add the double low quote to list of characters that are converted to ascii.
Closes tickets: 1152207

Amazon metadata download: Update plugin to handle changes to Amazon site that could cause some covers to not be downloaded. Also fix finding metadata for books with + in their titles.
Content server: Fix a bug that prevented the cover being updated when files are downloaded from the content server
Conversion: Handle the use of @import CSS rules inside <style> tags in HTML files
Book polishing: Do not error out when polishing epub files that have XML comments in their OPF metadata section.
Book polishing: Do not error out when updating covers in EPUB files that have entries int heir manifest that point to missing files
Book polishing: Fix a bug that could cause updating covers to error out in some books
Fix updating the calibre application id in EPUBs that also use the application id as the package id.
Apple driver: Fix bug preventing sending books to iBooks if no books have been previously added to iBooks.
Closes tickets: 1141078

EPUB/AZW3 Output: Fix splitting on page breaks ignored if the page breaks are inside an element which itself has a page-break-after style applied.
EPUB/AZW3 Output: Fix incorrect splitting of html at page-break-after page breaks in certain circumstances (The split element being the first child of a parent that contains other split elements).
Closes tickets: 1139317

New news sources

Various new Polish news sources by Unknown
Improved news sources

Le Devoir
New York Times Book Review
Various Polish news sources
Release: 0.9.21 [01 Mar, 2013]

New Features

Content server: When browsing random books, add a button to the book page to get another random book.
Closes tickets: 1134958

Kobo driver: Update cover uploading for Kobo firmware 2.3.1 and later.
Closes tickets: 1135649

Add a tweak under Preferences->Tweaks to try to recoginze numbers inside text fields like title when sorting. This will cause Book 2 to sort before Book 100. However, it is slower and can have trouble when the text starts with a number. If you want numeric sorting you should use the series field for it.
Closes tickets: 1132025

Get Books: Update the Amazon and Foyles store plugins
Add a setting in Preferences->Tweaks that controls the sorting of the Copy to Library and Quick Switch menus. If the number of libraries is larger than the set value, the lists are sorted alphabetically instead of by frequency of use.
Closes tickets: 1133691

Driver for Iriver Story EB12.
Closes tickets: 1132583

Edit metadata dialog: When pasting in copied text into the comments area, you can now choose to discard all formatting. Right click on the comments area and select 'Paste and Match style' which will paste the copied text as plain text formatted in the current style.
Book polishing: Make updating cover a separate option, so you can now update metadata without updating the cover.
Linux build: Install zsh completion for the calibre command line utilities
Bug Fixes

Conversion: Do not rescale fonts sizes/adjust line heights for text based drop caps defined using a separate <span> tag (drop caps defined using :first-letter were already handled correctly)
E-book viewer: Fix clicking links going to slightly incorrect locations in some books.
Closes tickets: 1132641

E-book viewer: Fix rendering of pages for right-to-left text in paged mode is reversed.
Closes tickets: 1132626

E-book viewer: Fix bug in rendering prefixed svg tags in the cover pages of some EPUB files.
PDF Output: Do not error out when embedding a font that calibre cannot subset, instead embed the full font
Book polishing: Fix bug that caused the ORIGINAL_EPUB format to be replaced by the EPUB format when polishing a book with both ORIGINA_EPUB and EPUB
Polishing books: Ignore unsupported fonts instead of erroring out on them.
Closes tickets: 1132085

Make bulk edit of custom columns respect the "apply changes" checkbox even if the value to set has not changed
New news sources

Financial Times (US subscription version) and Nezavisne Novine by Darko Miletic
Geopolityka by chemik111
Democracy Journal by David Nye
HNOnline by Ladislav Lencucha
Various Colombian news sources by Ismael Mejia
Improved news sources

Science News
Die Zeit (subscription version)
Release: 0.9.20 [22 Feb, 2013]

New Features

Book polishing: Add an option to smarten punctuation in the book when polishing
Book polishing: Add an option to delete all saved settings to the load saved settings button
Book polishing: Remember the last used settings
Book polishing: Add a checkbox to enable/disable the detailed polishing report
Add a separate tweak in Preferences-Tweaks for saving backups of files when polishing. That way you can have calibre save backups while converting EPUB->EPUB and not while polishing, if you so desire.
Content server: Allow clicking on the book cover to download it. Useful on small screen devices where clicking the Get button may be difficult
Driver for Energy Systems C4 Touch.
Closes tickets: 1127477

Bug Fixes

E-book viewer: Fix a bug that could cause the back button in the viewer to skip a location
When tweaking/polishing an azw3 file that does not have an identified content ToC, do not auto-generate one.
Closes tickets: 1130729

Book polishing: Use the actual cover image dimensions when creating the svg wrapper for the cover image.
Closes tickets: 1127273

Book polishing: Do not error out on epub files containing an iTunesMetadata.plist file.
Closes tickets: 1127308

Book polishing: Fix trying to polish more than 5 books at a time not working
Content server: Add workaround for bug in latest release of Google Chrome that causes it to not work with book lists containing some utf-8 characters
Closes tickets: 1130478

E-book viewer: When viewing EPUB files, do not parse html as xhtml even if it has svg tags embedded. This allows malformed XHTML files to still be viewed.
Bulk metadata edit Search & recplace: Update the sample values when changing the type of identifier to search on
Fix recipes with the / character in their names not useable from the command line
Closes tickets: 1127666

News download: Fix regression that broke downloading of images in gif format
EPUB/AZW3 Output: When splitting the output html on page breaks, handle page-break-after rules correctly, the pre split point html should contain the full element
Fix stdout/stderr redirection temp files not being deleted when restarting calibre from within calibre on windows
E-book viewer: When viewing epub files that have their cover marked as non-linear, show the cover at the start of the book instead of the end.
Closes tickets: 1126030

EPUB Input: Fix handling of cover references with fragments in the urls
New news sources

Pravda by Darko Miletic
PNN by n.kucklaender
Various Polish news sources by fenuks
Improved news sources

Various Polish news sources
Release: 0.9.19 [15 Feb, 2013]

New Features

New tool: "Polish books" that allows you to perform various automated cleanup actions on EPUB and AZW3 files without doing a full conversion.
Polishing books is all about putting the shine of perfection on your ebook files. You can use it to subset embedded fonts, update the metadata in the book files from the metadata in the calibre library, manipulate the book jacket, etc. More features will be added in the future. To use this tool, go to Preferences->Toolbar and add the Polish books tool to the main toolbar. Then simply select the books you want to be polished and click the Polish books button. Polishing, unlike conversion, does not change the internal structure/markup of your book, it performs only the minimal set of actions needed to achieve its goals. Note that polish books is a completely new codebase, so there may well be bugs, polishing a book backs up the original as ORIGINAL_EPUB or ORIGINAL_AZW3, unless you have turned off this feature in Preferences->Tweaks, in which case you should backup your files manually. You can also use this tool from the command line with ebook-polish.exe.

Driver for the Trekstor Pyrus Mini.
Closes tickets: 1124120

E-book viewer: Add an option to change the minimum font size.
Closes tickets: 1122333

PDF Output: Add support for converting documents with math typesetting, as described here:
Column coloring/icons: Add more conditions when using date based columns with reference to 'today'.
Bug Fixes

Transforming to titlecase - handle typographic hyphens in all caps phrases
Dont ignore file open events that occur before the GUI is initialized on OS X
Closes tickets: 1122713

News download: Handle feeds that have entries with empty ids
Fix a regression that broke using the template editor
Do not block startup while scanning the computer for available network interfaces. Speeds up startup time on some windows computers with lots of spurious network interfaces.
New news sources

Navegalo by Douglas Delgado
El Guardian and More Intelligent Life by Darko Miletic
Improved news sources

New Yorker
Le Monde (Subscription version)
NZ Herald
Release: 0.9.18 [08 Feb, 2013]

New Features

New metadata source: Edelweiss, a catalog of books that is updated directly by publishers. To enable it, go to Preferences->Metadata download and enable the Edelweiss plugin.
Closes tickets: 1091073

Add an option to add extra spacing between rows in the book list. (Preferences->Look & Feel)
Closes tickets: 1117907

Column coloring/icons: Add a 'days ago' condition, useable with columns that store dates to set colors/icons based on the number of days before today
E-book viewer: Add shortcuts Ctrl+= and Ctrl+- to increase/decrease text size.
Closes tickets: 1117524

When showing possible duplicates after adding books, also show the file formats.
Driver for Trekstor Ventos Tablet
Bug Fixes

Conversion: When transliterating unicode characters, handle « and » correctly.
Closes tickets: 1117270

Fix adding books from multiple directories with multiple books per directory treating opf files as an ebook
Fix download metadata window not resizable on smaller screens
Closes tickets: 1116849

Tweak Book: When rebuilding azw3 files handle <a> tags that have name but not id attribute, these are apparently produced by kindlegen.
Closes tickets: 1112934

Fix regression in advanced column color rules.
Closes tickets: 1118678

New news sources

VICE Magazine Deutschland by Alex
Libertad Digital by Darko Miletic
Improved news sources

El Mundo today
Birmingham Post
Japan Times
The Toronto Star
Le Monde (subscription version)
Globe and Mail
Release: 0.9.17 [01 Feb, 2013]

New Features

Allow adding user specified icons to the main book list for books whose metadata matches specific criteria. Go to Preferences->Look & Feel->Column icons to setup these icons. They work in the same way as the column coloring rules.
Allow choosing which page of a PDF to use as the cover.
Closes tickets: 1110019

To access this functionality add the PDF to calibre then click the edit metadata button. In the top right area of the edit metadata dialog there is a button to get the cover from the ebook file, this will now allow you to choose which page (from the first ten pages) of the pdf to use as the cover.

Add option to turn off reflections in the cover browser (Preferences->Look & Feel->Cover Browser)
PDF Output: Add an option to add page numbers to the bottom of every page in the generated PDF file (look in the PDF Output section of the conversion dialog)
Add the full item name to the tool tip of a leaf item displayed in the tag browser.
Closes tickets: 1106231

Bug Fixes

Fix out-of-bounds data causing errors in the Tag Browser
Closes tickets: 1108017

Conversion: Handle input documents that use multiple prefixes referring to the XHTML namespace correctly.
Closes tickets: 1107220

PDF Output: Fix regression that caused some svg images to be rendered as black rectangles.
Closes tickets: 1105294

Metadata download: Only normalize title case if the result has no language set or its language is English
New news sources

Dob NeviNosti by Darko Miletic
La Nacion (CR) by Douglas Delgado
Improved news sources

Baltimore Sun
Harvard Business Review
Victoria Times
South China Morning Post
Seattle Times
Release: 0.9.16 [25 Jan, 2013]

New Features

News download: Add support for logging in to sites that require javascript for their logins.
Closes tickets: 1101809

News download: Do not convert all downloaded images to JPG format. This fixes the problem of PNG images with transparent backgrounds being rendered with black backgrounds
CHM Input: Support hierarchical table of contents. Do not generate an inline table of contents when a metadata table of contents is present. Also correctly decode the text in the table of contents
Get Books: Add the store
Make custom yes/no columns using icons put text values under the icons.
Driver for LG E400 and SayCoolA710
Closes tickets: 1103741, 1104528

Speed up device connection when there are lots of books on the device by not generating cover thumbnails unless they are actually needed.
Have the metadata download dialog remember its last used size.
Closes tickets: 1101150

Bug Fixes

Fix deleting a custom column that was used in a column coloring rule makes the column coloring preferences panel unusable
Closes tickets: 1103504

Store caches outside the config directory for non-portable calibre installs
PDF Output: Dont crash if the user has a font on his system that is missing the OS/2 table
Closes tickets: 1102403

Conversion: Do not error out because of an error in user supplied search replace rules.
Closes tickets: 1102647

Conversion: Replace all non-ascii characters in CSS class names, as they cause problems with some broken EPUB renderers.
Closes tickets: 1102587

Do not choke when reading metadata from MOBI files with incorrectly encoded metadata fields
Conversion: Preserve ToC entries that point nowhere instead of causing them to point to a non-existent file
E-book viewer: Allow entries in the Table of Contents that do not point anywhere, instead of just ignoring them.
Content server: Fix the 'Previous' link in the mobile version of the content server webpage skipping an entry
Closes tickets: 1101124

New news sources

Contemporary Argentine Writers by Darko Miletic
Improved news sources

St. Louis Post Dispatch
Metro UK
Michelle Malkin
Release: 0.9.15 [18 Jan, 2013]

New Features

Linux MTP driver: Detect devices that have MTP interfaces even if their USB ids are not known
Content server: Allow picking a random book by clicking the 'Random book' link on the start page. You can also refresh the random book page to get a new random book
E-book viewer: Add an option to hide the toolbars in the viewer window (Preferences->Miscellaneous->Show controls in the viewr preferences). You can unhide them by right clicking in the viewer window.
Kobo driver: Speedup initial connect by avoiding unnecessary update of series metadata in some situations.
Closes tickets: 1099190

Get Books: Allow the store plugins to be dynamically loaded so that future website changes of a store dont require a calibre update to fix Get Books.
Wireless driver: Always replace file when resending a previously sent book to the device, even if the title/author have changed.
Add PocketBook Pro 912 driver.
Closes tickets: 1099571

When creating/exporting epub and mobi files, add the calibre book identifier as a special field in the book's metadata. This allows third party tools to identify the book record in calibre to which the file belongs.
Wireless driver: Add support for using the book uuid as the filename
Remove the experimental tag from the subset fonts feature, since there has been only one reported problem (now fixed) with it in the two months since it was released
Bug Fixes

Get Books: Update the amazon, waterstones and plugins to account for website changes
MOBI Input: Do not choke on MOBI files with incorrectly encoded titles.
Closes tickets: 1100601

Font subsetting: Fix a bug in the parsing of the GSUB table that could cause some ligatures to not be included in the subset font
E-book-viewer: Fix TOC links without anchors not scrolling to the top of the current flow
LIT Input: Handle lit files that set an incorrect XML mimetype for their text.
Closes tickets: 1099621

Catalogs: Fix 'X' being droppen from isbns on export
Closes tickets: 1098325

Fix an error when editing date in the main book list and all visible dates are blank.
Closes tickets: 1098675

Fix calibre-smtp using incorrect escaping for non-ascii attachment filenames
Closes tickets: 1098478

Conversion: When subsetting fonts, handle multiple @font-face rules referring to the same physical font
Content server: Update metadata when serving azw3 files
CHM Input: Handle chm files that contain files with url unsafe filenames.
Closes tickets: 1100610

Content server: Fix custom icons for top level categories incorrect.
Closes tickets: 1095016

Kobo driver: When resending a file to the device, update the filesize in the Kobo db to prevent the device from deleting the file.
Closes tickets: 1100607

New news sources

Asco de Vida by Krittika Goyal
Schattenblick by ThB
Improved news sources

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Smithsonian Magazine
Philosophy Now
The Economist
Business Week Magazine
Release: 0.9.14 [11 Jan, 2013]

New Features

When adding multiple books and duplicates are found, allow the user to select which of the duplicate books will be added anyway.
Closes tickets: 1095256

Device drivers for Kobo Arc on linux, Polaroid Android tablet
Closes tickets: 1098049

When sorting by series, use the language of the book to decide what leading articles to remove, just as is done for sorting by title
Bug Fixes

PDF Output: Do not error out when the input document contains links with anchors not present in the document.
Closes tickets: 1096428

Add support for upgraded db on newest Kobo firmware
Closes tickets: 1095617

PDF Output: Fix typo that broke use of custom paper sizes.
Closes tickets: 1097563

PDF Output: Handle empty anchors present at the end of a page
PDF Output: Fix side margins of last page in a flow being incorrect when large side margins are used.
Closes tickets: 1096290

Edit metadata dialog: Allow setting the series number for custom series type columns to zero
When bulk editing custom series-type columns and not provding a series number use 1 as the default, instead of None
Catalogs: Fix issue with catalog generation using Hungarian UI and author_sort beginning with multiple letter groups.
Closes tickets: 1091581

PDF Output: Dont error out on files that have invalid font-family declarations.
Closes tickets: 1096279

Do not load QRawFont at global level, to allow calibre installation on systems with missing dependencies
Closes tickets: 1096170

PDF Output: Fix cover not present in generated PDF files
Closes tickets: 1096098

New news sources

Spectator Magazine, Oxford Mail and Outside Magazine by Krittika Goyal
Libartes by Darko Miletic
El Diplo by Tomas De Domenico
Improved news sources

Sueddeutsche Zeitung mobil
Boerse Online
New York Review of Books
Il Messaggero

Version 0.9.13 | Release Date: 2013-01-04 | Download

Release: 0.9.13 [04 Jan, 2013]

New Features

Complete rewrite of the PDF Output engine, to support links and fix various bugs
calibre now has a new PDF output engine that supports links in the text. It also fixes various bugs, detailed below. In order to implement support for links and fix these bugs, the engine had to be completely rewritten, so there may be some regressions.

Show disabled device plugins in Preferences->Ignored Devices
Get Books: Fix Smashwords, Google books and B&N stores. Add Nook UK store
Allow series numbers lower than -100 for custom series columns.
Closes tickets: 1094475

Add mass storage driver for rockhip based android smart phones
Closes tickets: 1087809

Add a clear ratings button to the edit metadata dialog
Bug Fixes

PDF Output: Fix custom page sizes not working on OS X
PDF Output: Fix embedding of many fonts not supported (note that embedding of OpenType fonts with Postscript outlines is still not supported on windows, though it is supported on other operating systems)
PDF Output: Fix crashes converting some books to PDF on OS X
Closes tickets: 1087688

HTML Input: Handle entities inside href attributes when following the links in an HTML file.
Closes tickets: 1094203

Content server: Fix custom icons not used for sub categories
Closes tickets: 1095016

Force use of non-unicode constants in compiled templates. Fixes a problem with regular expression character classes and probably other things.
Kobo driver: Do not error out if there are invalid dates in the device database
Closes tickets: 1094597

Content server: Fix for non-unicode hostnames when using mDNS
Closes tickets: 1094063

Improved news sources

Today's Zaman
The Economist
Foreign Affairs
New York Times
Harper's Magazine
La Stampa
Release: 0.9.12 [28 Dec, 2012]

New Features

Drivers for Kibano e-reader and Slick ER-700-2
Closes tickets: 1093570, 1093732

Add support for downloading metadata from Amazon Brazil.
Closes tickets: 1092594

Copy to library: Allow specifying the destination library by path.
Closes tickets: 1093231

When adding empty books, allow setting of the series for the new books. Also select the newly added book records after adding.
PDF Output: Add a checkbox to override the page size defined by the output profile. This allows you to specify a custom page size even if the output profile is not set to default.
Add usb ids for newer kindle fire to the linux mtp driver
Bug Fixes

Linux: Temporarily redirect stdout to get rid of the annoying and pointless message about mtpz during libmtp initialization
Fix multiple 'All column' coloring rules not being applied
Closes tickets: 1093574

Use custom icons in the content server as well.
Closes tickets: 1092098

New news sources

Various Ukranian news sources by rpalyvoda
Improved news sources

La Voce
Harpers Magazine (printed edition)
Pajamas Media
NSFW corp
The Hindu
Nikkei News
Release: 0.9.11 [21 Dec, 2012]

New Features

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all ☺
When connecting to MTP devices such as the Kindle Fire HD or the Nook HD, speed up the process by ignoring some folders.
calibre will now ignore folders for music, video, pictures, etc. when scanning the device. This can substantially speed up the connection process if you have thousands of non-ebook files on the device. The list of folders to be ignored can be customized by right clicking on the device icon in calibre and selecting 'Configure this device'.

Allow changing the icons for categories in the Tag Browser. Right click on a category and choose 'Change category icon'.
Closes tickets: 1092098

Allow setting the color of all columns with a single rule in Preferences->Look & Feel->Column Coloring
MOBI: When reading metadata from mobi files, put the contents of the ASIN field into an identifier named mobi-asin. Note that this value is not used when downloading metadata as it is not possible to know which (country specific) amazon website the ASIN comes from.
Closes tickets: 1090394

Bug Fixes

Windows build: Fix a regression in 0.9.9 that caused calibre to not start on some windows system that were missing the VC.90 dlls (some older XP systems)
Kobo driver: Workaround for invalid shelves created by bugs in the Kobo server
Closes tickets: 1091932

Metadata download: Fix cover downloading from non-US amazon sites broken by a website change.
Closes tickets: 1090765

New news sources

MobileBulgaria by Martin Tsanchev
Various Polish news sources by fenuks
Improved news sources

Le Devoir
Nin online
Birmingham Post
The Independent
Various Polish news sources

Version 0.9.2 | Release Date: 2012-10-11 | Download

Release: 0.9.2 [11 Oct, 2012]

New Features

Wireless driver: Speed up deleting of multiple books
E-book viewer: Add options to hide the scrollbar and show reading position in full screen mode.
Closes tickets: 1047450

News download: Add a field to allow recipe authors to tell calibre to remove duplicate articles that a re present in more than one section from the download.
Metadata download: Turn off the use of the published date for the earliest edition a book as the published date. The earliest edition was identified via, which has rather poor data, leading to the occasional incorrect result. If you want this feature back, you can turn it on again via Preferences->Metadata download.
Bug Fixes

ODT Input: More workarounds for the image positioning markup produced by newer versions of LibreOffice.
Closes tickets: 1063207

Metadata download dialog: Fix selected cover being changed when covers are re-sorted after download completes
MTP driver: Ignore errors when getting the driveinfo.calibre file from the device and simply regenerate it
E-book viewer: Use the system locale settings to display the 24/12 hour clock in full screen mode
Closes tickets: 1063209

Content Server: Make OPDS initial page respect the fields to display tweak
Fix regression that caused calibre to not use OPF files when adding books recursively from directories with multiple books per directory
KF8 Output: Fix handling of input documents that have URL unsafe characters in the file names of their images.
Closes tickets: 1062477

Fix enumeration type custom column not being merged.
Closes tickets: 1061602

New news sources

PVP Online, Mobile Nations, The Verge and Television Without Pity by Krittika Goyal
Improved news sources

Pubblico Giornale
Der Spiegel
Cosmo UK
The Sun UK
Release: 0.9.1 [05 Oct, 2012]

New Features

New driver for the Kobo Touch version 2.0+ firmware and Kobo Glo and Mini. See for details
Closes tickets: 1024983, 1059585

Driver for Motorola Defy XT
Closes tickets: 1061903

Wireless driver: Always use automatic metadata management, regardless of the setting in Preferences->Devices
Sending books by email: Allow sending to multiple email addresses at once separated by commas.
Closes tickets: 1052332

KF8 Output: Add the css passed in through the extra css conversion option to the generated inline ToC.
Closes tickets: 1052343

Windows: No longer use fontconfig to scan the system for available fonts. Instead use the Windows API. Should fix crashes/instability caused by fonts that fontconfig cannot handle
When editing a blank (undefined) published date in the edit metadata dialog, have the calendar popup jump to the current date instead of the date 1-1-101
Closes tickets: 1058531

FB2 Input: Add support for th, code and strikethrough tags and also rowspan, colspan and align attributes.
Closes tickets: 1059351, 1058591

Bug Fixes

Get Books: Update Woblink
Position the next selected book better after deleting multiple books from the library view
Closes tickets: 1051135

Allow using the Enter key to select the cover in the metadata download dialog
Closes tickets: 1060472

PDF Output: Handle embedded fonts better on linux
HTML Input: Guess mimetype correctly for references to image files without file extensions.
Closes tickets: 1059349

Catalog generation: Workaround for bug in the ICU library on older OS X systems that caused catalog generation to fail when certain non-ascii characters are present in the metadata.
Closes tickets: 1057862

Wireless driver: Do not abort if BonJour registration fails, as we can still use broadcast to connect
KF8 Output: Fix invalid output being generated for some files with very large blocks of contiguous non-ascii text
New news sources

IOL News and The New Age by Darko Miletic
Improved news sources

FC Knudde
Foreign Policy
Washington Post
Twitch Films
Nature News
Release: 0.9.0 [28 Sep, 2012]

New Features

For a summary of the major changes in calibre between 0.8 and 0.9, see
Bug Fixes

KF8 Output: Fix handling of & < and > entities in the text. They were sometimes being incorrectly unescaped.
Calibre portable: Add a manifest to the portable installer exe to prevent the application compatibility wizard from warning about a possible failed installation on windows 7. Also fixes installer requiring admin privileges on some computers
Closes tickets: 1057042

EPUB metadata: Fix book producer not being set when updating EPUB metadata
EPUB metadata: Fix incorrect namespace on the role attribute of <dc:creator> tags when updating the metadata in EPUB
Get Books: Fix incorrect price retrieval from
Closes tickets: 1055785

MTP windows driver: Fix main memory and storage card sometimes swapped
Closes tickets: 1055129

PDF Output: On windows, remove any embedded fonts before generating the PDF as on windows, Qt generates image based PDFs when embedded fonts are present.
Closes tickets: 1053906

MTP windows driver: Do not try to connect to unsuitable devices such as the iPhone.
Closes tickets: 1054562

KF8 Input: Handle files that use non ascii paths/anchor names in the guide entries.
Closes tickets: 1053751

New news sources

Pubblico Giornale by iusvar
Improved news sources

Monitor Online
El Pais
Chronicle of Higher Education
Baltimore Sun
Mac World
Maximum PC
Financial Times UK
Release: 0.8.70 [21 Sep, 2012]

New Features

Support for connecting MTP (non disk based) devices via USB, such as the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD (Windows Vista and newer and Linux only)
calibre can now detect and connect to devices that do not present themselves as USB disks to the operating system. Newer Android devices all use the 'MTP' protocol when connected via USB. calibre now supports devices using this protocol on both Windows (Vista and newer) and Linux.

Calibre Portable: Create a new installer that does not require manually unzipping the Calibre Portable folder. Instead just run the installer and point it to the location you want to install to.
Calibre Portable: Add support for multiple libraries created inside the 'Calibre Portable' folder.
In the main book list when editing a blank published date, use a default value of Jan 2000 so that changing the date it easier
Template language: Add function approximate_formats() to get list of formats saved in the db for a book as opposed to the formats that actually exist on disk
Template language: Add a couple of new functions to get the path to individual book formats and the calibre library as a whole
Drivers for HTC Flyer and Trekstor 4ink
Bug Fixes

Conversion: Do not error out when tags have unparseable color attributes.
Closes tickets: 1053583

AZW3 Output: Do not error out if the input document contains embedded fonts of less than 1040 bytes.
Closes tickets: 1052892

Catalogs: Fix AZW3 output not properly indexed
Get Books: Remove Beam Books due to lack of response to issues with the store.
Windows: Ignore drives A: and B: when scanning for the drives belonging to a device
Kindle driver: Fix generation of apnx files for newer kindle firmware.
News download: If the output format is set to azw3, generate periodicals in mobi format as amazon does not support azw3 periodicals.
New news sources

Various Hungarian recipes by laca
NSFW Corp by Darko Miletic.
FC Knudde and Stamgasten by drMerry
Improved news sources

Indian Express
London Review of Books (subscrption version)
Doghouse Diaries
Release: 0.8.69 [14 Sep, 2012]

New Features

E-book viewer: Add a button to the toolbar to switch themes easily
Closes tickets: 1047992

When downloading metadata for many books, if some of them fail, add an option to the downloaded message to show the failed books in the main book list, so that they can be individually processed easily
Remember last used window size of the conversion dialogs.
Closes tickets: 1049265

Kindle driver: Turn on sending of azw3 files to kindles by default, since the KK now has azw3 support
Conversion: Add support for CSS pseudo classes :hover, :link, :visited, :first-line, :focus, :active, :first-letter
Wireless device driver: Make the default save template not use folders
Bug Fixes

Fix a regression in th previous release that broke sending of books to the second SD card in SONY readers
Closes tickets: 1047992

Fix a memory leak when scanning for devices in windows
Ebook-viewer: When displaying mathematics, reflow equations that dont fit on a single line
Catalogs: Do not mark the AZW3 catalog as a periodical, as most Kindle devices cannot handle AZW3 periodicals
Content server: When using a custom IP address to listen on via Preferences->Tweaks advertise that IP address via BonJour.
Fix ebook catalog generation on linux systems where the encoding is not UTF-8.
Closes tickets: 1048404

New news sources

History Today by Rick Shang
Improved news sources

De Volksrant
Metro UK
Die Zeit (subscription)
Birmingham post

Version 0.8.68 | Release Date: 2012-09-07 | Download

New Features

Drivers for the Nokia N9, Viewsonic 7e, Prestigio PER3274B and Coby Kyros 7035
Closes tickets: 1046794 , 1046544

Add a tutorial on creating catalogs to the User Manual and a link to it in the create catalogs dialog
Wireless device connections: Add an option to force calibre to listen on a particular IP address. Access it by customizing the plugin in Preferences->Plugins
Android driver: Add an extra customization option to configure the directory to which ebooks are sent on the storage cards.
Closes tickets: 1045045

Add an option under Preferences->Look & Feel->Book Details to hide the cover in the book details panel
The Calibre Companion Android app that allows wireless connection of Android device to calibre is out of beta. See
Bug Fixes

Fix sorting by author not working in the device view in calibre when connected to iTunes
Closes tickets: 1044619

Fix using the 'configure this device' menu action not validating settings
Device drivers: Ignore corrupted entries in metadata.calibre, instead of raising an error
PDF Output: Do not error out when generating an outline which points to pages that have been removed.
Closes tickets: 1044799

PDF Output: Fix incorrect page numbers being generated in the outline when converting some books
PDF Output: Reduce memory consumption when writing out the PDF file, by using a stream
EPUB metadata: When there are multiple <dc:date> tags use the one with the earliest date as the published date
Improved news sources

Wall Street journal (subscription version)
Houston Chronicle
Various Romanian news sources
Business Week Magazine

Version 0.8.50 | Release Date: 2012-05-04 | Download

New Features

Tweak Book: Allow tweaking of KF8 MOBI files. Useful to fine-tune the result of a conversion. Right click on the book and select Tweak Book to use the feature. Note that tweaking a MOBI file that contains both KF8 and older MOBI6 will cause the MOBI6 version to be discarded.
AZW3 output plugin. This output plugin generates pure KF8 mobi files. These only work on the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch with latest firmware.
Conversion: Allow easy re-ordering of the search and replace expressions in the conversion dialog. Also apply the expressions in the same order that they were entered when doing the conversion.
Automatically add the Tag 'Sample Book' when an Amazon sample is added to calibre
FB2 Input: Better handling of inline images.
Closes tickets: 989869

Bug Fixes

KF8 Output: Fix section to section jumps not working for documents with multi-level ToCs
EPUB Input: Handle the case of the metadata ToC containing a reference to the cover HTML file.
Closes tickets: 993812

CHM Input: Handle files with deeply nested markup and non html files listed at the start of the manifest.
Closes tickets: 993607

KF8 Output: Workaround Kindle Touch bug that causes the book to be rendered as black pages when a height is specified for <body>
Fix regression in 0.8.49 that broke italics detection in heuristic processing on 32-bit systems.
Closes tickets: 991380

KF8 Output: Fix joint MOBI6/KF8 books not being recognized as MOBI files by older Kindles
KF8 Output: Fix errors when processing documents with HTML comments and/or XML processing instructions
Get Books: Amazon fix prices not being found. B&N fix details link. fix cover image. Website changes to various EU stores
FB2 Input: More robust base64 decoding to handle embedded images that are incorrectly encoded.
Closes tickets: 990929

Fix scrolling with the cover browser updating only the selection in the book list, not the current book.
Closes tickets: 990881

Save to Disk: Do not run out memory when saving very large files on systems with low RAM.
Closes tickets: 990741

FB2 Output: Use 2 letter language codes in preference to 3-letter ones to not break poorly implemented FB2 readers
Closes tickets: 990026

EPUB Input: Auto set the media-type for OPF manifest entries with an empty media-type
New news sources

George Monbiot by Darko Miletic
El Mundo by atordo
AraInfo and Diagonal by Ruben Pollan
Improved news sources

National Post
Daily Mirror
Newsweek Polska

Version 0.8.48 | Release Date: 2012-04-20 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.8.45 | Release Date: 2012-03-30 | Download

0.8.45 [30 Mar, 2012]
There's a feed that can be accessed for future updates

Version 0.8.40 | Release Date: 2012-02-17 | Download

Release: 0.8.40 [17 Feb, 2012]

New Features

Amazon metadata download: Support the new 'Book Description' section that Amazon publishes for some books. Also workaround the amazon US servers occasionally returning broken markup leading to calibre not finding any matches for books on Amazon.
Kindle driver: Add an option to allow using page counts stored in a custom column. Go to Preferences->Plugins and customize the Kindle driver, to tell it to use a custom column to get page count data. See for details.
Template language: Add a current_library_name() function that can be used to return the name of the currently opened library in calibre
Driver for Xperia Neo and PocketBook A10
Closes tickets: 930788

Bug Fixes

Fix regression in 0.8.36 that caused the calibredb command to not properly refresh format information in standalone calibre-server processes
Fix regression in 0.8.39 that broke getting covers from some epub files on OS X.
Closes tickets: 932507

Reading metadata from HTML files: Do not take a very long time for very large HTML files. Also fix reading metadata from meta tags with multiple spaces before the content attribute.
Closes tickets: 932262

EPUB Output: Fix splitting breaking internal links in the epub, if the links pointed to files with URL unsafe characters in their file names.
Closes tickets: 929966

Fix auto adding not leaving languages field blank when book has no defined laguage
Closes tickets: 930648

New news sources

Asian Review of Books by Darko Miletic
Albert Mohler, Desiring God, Living Stones and Resurgence by Peter Grungi
Novinite BG by M3 Web
Catholic Daily Readings by adoucette
Consortium News and Microwave and RF magazine by kiavash
Improved news sources

Samanyolu Haber
Le devoir
Daily Mirror
Common Dreams

Version 0.8.33 | Release Date: 2011-12-30 | Download

New Features

LIT Input: Switch to non-recursive algorithm, to allow conversion of files with deeply nested markup.
Closes tickets: 909535

Content server: Do not show the original_* formats in the mobile interface. Also upgrade to the latest CherryPy release.
E-book viewer: Add option in viewer preferences to control how much the font size is changed when you click the make fonts bigger/smaller buttons.
Closes tickets: 908980

E-book viewer: Allow changing font size via Ctrl+Mouse wheel
Closes tickets: 908975

Kobo driver: Hide previews and recommendations from the book list. You can customize the Kobo plugin if you would like to see them via Preferences->Plugins
Bug Fixes

Copy to library: Fix title sort not being copied
PDF Output: Add custom size conversion option to the GUI (it was only present on the command line before)
Add missing --keep-ligatures option to the ebook-convert command line
Closes tickets: 909182

Fix rendering of non ascii characters in generated masthead images when downloading news for the Kindle
Linux binary: Disable qt-sp-api as it causes crashes/performance issues on various distros
E-book viewer: Ensure that reference mode highlighting is removed from the book when reference mode is closed.
Closes tickets: 908982

Fix unable to load plugins from files on GNOME/XFCE desktops
Fix regression that broke customizing toolbars on non English calibre installs
Conversion pipeline: Disable HTML 5 parsing if it results in deeply nested trees.
Closes tickets: 908818

Do not loose position in book list on device connection/sync, if a search is active.
Closes tickets: 908553

Fix regression in 0.8.32 that broke deleting books if the path to the library contained non-ascii characters on linux
Closes tickets: 908068

New news sources

NYTimes Global by Krittika Goyal
Grantland by Barty
Improved news sources

Echo Online
La Razon

Version 0.8.29 | Release Date: 2011-12-02 | Download

New Features

When searching for author names with accented characters, allow the non accented version to match. For example, searching for Nino will now match Niño.
Closes tickets: 879729

Driver for Blackberry Playbook, Motorola Electrify and Samsung Galaxy GIO S5660
Closes tickets: 805745 , 898123 , 897330

Metadata search and replace, make the regular expressions unicode aware
Bug Fixes

Fix regression in 0.8.28 that broke sending PDF files to iTunes
Closes tickets: 896791

Metadata download, do not strip # from titles.
Closes tickets: 898310

Conversion pipeline: Do not error out on books that set font size to zero.
Closes tickets: 898194

News download: Respect the delay setting when downloading RSS feeds as well.
Closes tickets: 897907

EPUB Output: Ensure that xml:lang is set if lang is set as ADE looks for xml:lang, not lang
Closes tickets: 897531

Content server: Reduce memory consumption when sending very large files
Closes tickets: 897343

Preserve capitalization of Scottish author names when downloading metadata
Fix update title sort in bulk metadata edit not using language information
Fix sorting by published column in the download metadata dialog broken
Closes tickets: 896832

Allow use of languages field when generating CSV/XML catalogs
Closes tickets: 896620

Get Books: Fix
When calculating title sort for a book based on its language, only use the specified language not a combination of the language and english
Closes tickets: 896412

New news sources and Szczecin by Michal Szkutnik
Vanity Fair by Barty
Skylife by thomass
Daily Writing Tips by NotTaken
TechDirt by Krittika Goyal
Cosmopolitan UK by Dave Asbury
Improved news sources

Metro NL
Ming Pao
Rolling Stones Mag
Buffalo News

Version 0.8.26 | Release Date: 2011-11-12 | Download

Tweak to control sorting of date type columns. You can choose to have them sorted only by displayed fields

Driver for the Trekstor 3.0

Performance improvements when evaluating templates, and in particular general program mode templates

Version 0.8.18 | Release Date: 2011-09-09 | Download

New Features

Kindle news download: On Kindle 3 and newer have the View Articles and Sections menu remember the current article.
Closes tickets: 748741

Conversion: Add option to unsmarten puctuation under Look & Feel
Driver of Motorola Ex124G and Pandigital Nova Tablet
Allow downloading metadata from To use it, configure the amazon metadata source to use the Japanese amazon site.
Closes tickets: 842447

When automatically generating author sort for author name, ignore common prefixes like Mr. Dr. etc. Controllable via tweak. Also add a tweak to allow control of how a string is split up into multiple authors.
Closes tickets: 795984

TXT Output: Preserve as much formatting as possible when generating Markdown output including various CSS styles
Bug Fixes

Fix pubdate incorrect when used in save to disk template in timezones ahead of GMT.
Closes tickets: 844445

When attempting to stop multiple device jobs at once, only show a single error message
Closes tickets: 841588

Fix conversion of large EPUB files to PDF erroring out on systems with a limited number of available file handles
Closes tickets: 816616

EPUB catalog generation: Fix some entries going off the left edge of the page for unread/wishlist items
When setting language in an EPUB file always use the 2 letter language code in preference to the three letter code, when possible.
Closes tickets: 841201

Content server: Fix --url-prefix not used for links in the book details view.
MOBI Input: When links in a MOBI file point to just before block elements, and there is a page break on the block element, the links can end up pointing to the wrong place on conversion. Adjust the location in such cases to point to the block element directly.
New news sources

Various Polish news sources by fenuks
Improved news sources

Kopalnia Wiedzy
Philadelphia Inquirer
Honolulu Star Advertiser
Philadelphia Inquirer

Version 0.8.11 | Release Date: 2011-07-22 | Download

Release: 0.8.11 [22 Jul, 2011]
New Features

When doing a conversion from some format to the same format, save the original file

When calibre does a conversion from the same format to the same format, for example, from EPUB to EPUB, the original file is saved as original_epub, so that in case the conversion is poor, you can change the settings and run it again. The original is automatically used every time you run a conversion with that format as input. If you want to disable this, there is a tweak that prevents calibre from saving the originals in Preferences->Tweaks. You can easily replace the converted version with the original in the Edit metadata dialog by right clicking on the list of formats in the top right corner.
Conversion pipeline: Add an option to control the height of the blank lines inserted by calibre
Drivers for bq DaVinci, Samsung Galaxy ACE GT-S5830 and Medion e-reader
Get Books: Add stores Chitanka and Bookoteka. Remove at store's request
Content server: Add a link at the bottom of the mobile interface to switch to the full interface.

Closes tickets: 812525 [External link]
Update the kindle icon shown when a Kindle is connected to use a picture of the Kindle 3

Closes tickets: 810852 [External link]
MOBI Output: When converting epub documents that have a start element in their guide, use it to mark the starting position at which the MOBI file will be opened.

Closes tickets: 804755 [External link]
News download: Add a default Accept header to all requests

Bug Fixes

Fix regression that broke loading translations from .po files in the working directory
Fix conversion dialog not allowing series numbers larger than 9999

Closes tickets: 813281 [External link]
Conversion pipeline: When adding/removing entries to the manifest, ignore unparseable URLs instead of erroring out on them
SD Card in Azbooka not being detected

Closes tickets: 812750 [External link]
Conversion pipeline: Strip out large blocks of contiguous space (more than 10000 contiguous blanks) as these slow down the conversion process and are almost always indicative of an error in the input document.
ebook-convert: Abort if a keyboard interrupt is raised during parsing
Regex builder: Show a nicer error message when the user has the file open in another program on windows.

Closes tickets: 811641 [External link]
When converting in the GUI, set all identifiers present in the book's metadata in the output file, if the output format supports them.

New news sources

Utrinski Vesnik by Darko Spasovski by zapt0
Los Andes by Darko Miletic
De Luns a Venres by Susana Sotelo Docío
Nikkei News subscription version by Ado Nishimura

Improved news sources

Die Zeit
Wired (UK)

Release: 0.8.10 [15 Jul, 2011]
New Features

Add a right click menu to the cover browser. It allows you to view a book, edit metadata etc. from within the cover browser. The menu can be customized in Preferences->Toolbars
Allow selecting and stopping multiple jobs at once in the jobs window

Closes tickets: 810349 [External link]
When editing metadata directly in the book list, have a little pop up menu so that all existing values can be accessed by mouse only. For example, when you edit authors, you can use the mouse to select an existing author.
Get Books: Add and fix price parsing for the legimi store
Drivers for Samsung Infuse and Motorola XPERT
Tag Browser: Make hierarchical items work in group searched terms.

Bug Fixes

Allow setting numbers larger than 99 in custom series columns
Fix a bug that caused the same news download sent via a USB connection to the device on two different days resulting in a duplicate on the device
Ensure English in the list of interface languages in Preferences is always listed in English, so that it does not become hard to find
SNB Output: Fix bug in handling unicode file names
Fix sorting problem in manage categories. Fix poor performance problem when dropping multiple books onto a user category.
Remove 'empty field' error dialogs in bulk search/replace, instead setting the fields to their default value.
Fix regression that broke communicating with Kobo devices using outdated firmware

Closes tickets: 807832 [External link]
LRF Input: Fix conversion of LRF files with non ascii titles on some windows systems

Closes tickets: 807641 [External link]

New news sources

Techcrunch and Pecat by Darko Miletic
Vio Mundo, IDG Now and Tojolaco by Diniz Bortoletto
Geek and Poke, Automatiseringgids IT by DrMerry

Improved news sources

Freakonomics Blog
Computer Act!ve

Release: 0.8.9 [08 Jul, 2011]
New Features

Kobo Touch: Display Preview Tag for book previews on the device
Improved display of grouped search terms in Tag Browser
When adding HTML files to calibre, add an option to process links in breadth first rather than depth first order. Access it via Preferences->Plugins and customize the HTML to ZIP plugin
Conversion pipeline: Add option to control if duplicate entries are allowed when generating the Table of Contents from links.

Closes tickets: 806095 [External link]
Metadata download: When merging results, if the query to the xisbn service hangs, wait no more than 10 seconds. Also try harder to preserve the month when downloading published date. Do not throw away isbnless results if there are some sources that return isbns and some that do not.

Closes tickets: 798309 [External link]
Get Books: Remove OpenLibrary since it has the same files as Allow direct downloading from Project Gutenberg.
Add functions to the template language that allow getting the last modified time and size of the individual format files for a book. Also add a has_cover() function.

Bug Fixes

Fix true/false searches dont work on device views

Closes tickets: 807262 [External link]
Fix renaming of collections in device views

Closes tickets: 807256 [External link]
Fix regression that broke the use of the device_db plugboard

Closes tickets: 806483 [External link]
Kobo driver: Hide Expired Book Status for deleted books. Also fix regression that broke connecting to Kobo devices running very old firmware.

Closes tickets: 802083 [External link]
Fix bug in 0.8.8 that could cause the metadata.db to be left in an unusable state if calibre is interrupted at just the wrong moment or if the db is stored in dropbox
Fix sorting of composite custom columns that display numbers.

New news sources

Blog da Cidadania and Noticias UnB by Diniz Bortolotto
Galicia Confidential by Susana Sotelo Docio
South China Morning Post by llam
Szinti Derigisi by thomass

Improved news sources

Computer Act!ve
Metro News NL
Spiegel Online International
Telegraph UK

Version 0.8.8 | Release Date: 2011-07-01 | Download

New Features
-Make author names in the Book Details panel clickable. Clicking them takes you to the wikipedia page for the author by default. You may have to tell calibre to display author names in the Book details panel first via Preferences ->Look & Feel ->Book details. You can change the link for individual authors by right clicking on the author's name in the Tag Browser and selecting Manage Authors.
-Get Books: Add 'Open Books' as an available book source
-Get Books: When a free download is available for a search result, for example, for public domain books, allow direct download of the book into your calibre library.
-Support for detecting and mounting reader devices on FreeBSD.
-When creating a composite custom column, allow the use of HTML to create links and other markup that display in the Book details panel
-Add the swap_around_comma function to the template language.
-Drivers for HTC G2, Advent Vega, iRiver Story HD, Lark FreeMe and Moovyman mp7
-Quick View: Survives changing libraries. Also allow sorting by series index as well as name.
-Connect to iTunes: Add an option to control how the driver works depending on whether you have iTunes setup to copy files to its media directory or not. Set this option by customizing the Apple driver in Preferences ->Plugins. Having iTunes copy media to its storage folder is no longer neccessary. See for details
-Remove the delete library functionality from calibre, instead you can now remove a library, so calibre will forget about it, but you have to delete the files manually

Bug Fixes
-Fix a regression introduced in 0.8.7 in the Tag Browser that could cause calibre to crash after performing various actions
-Fix an unhandled error when deleting all saved searches
-Fix row numbers in a previous selection being incorrect after a sort operation.
Fix ISBN identifier type not recognized if it is in upper case
-Fix a regression in 0.8.7 that broke reading metadata from MOBI files in the Edit metadata dialog.
-Fix handling of filenames that have an even number of periods before the file extension.
Fix lack of thread saefty in template format system, that could lead to incorrect template evaluation in some cases.
-Fix conversion to PDB when the input document has no text
-Fix clicking on first letter of author names generating incorrect search.
-Also fix updating bulk metadata in custom column causing unnneccessary Tag Browser refreshes.
-Fix a regression in 0.8.7 that broke renaming items via the Tag Browser
-Fix a regression in 0.8.7 that caused the regex builder wizard to fail with LIT files as the input

Version 0.8.7 | Release Date: 2011-06-24 | Download
New Features Connect to iTunes: You now need to tell iTunes to keep its own copy of every ebook. Do this in iTunes by going to Preferences->Advanced and setting the 'Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library' option. To learn about why this is necessary, see: Add a couple of date related functions to the calibre template langauge to get 'todays' date and create text based on the value of a date type field Improved reading of metadata from FB2 files, with support for reading isbns, tags, published date, etc. Driver for the Imagine IMEB5 Closes tickets: 800642 Show the currently used network proxies in Preferences->Miscellaneous Kobo Touch driver: Show Favorites as a device collection. Various other minor fixes. Content server now sends the Content-Disposition header when sending ebook files. Allow search and replace on comments custom columns. Add a new action 'Quick View' to show the books in your library by the author/tags/series/etc. of the currently selected book, in a separate window. You can add it to your toolbar or right click menu by going to Preferences->Toolbars. Get Books: Add as a book source. Fix a bug that caused some books downloads to fail. Fixes to the Legimi and stores Closes tickets: 799367 Bug Fixes Fix a memory leak that could result in the leaking of several MB of memory with large libraries Closes tickets: 800952 Fix the read metadata from format button in the edit metadata dialog using the wrong timezone when setting published date Closes tickets: 799777 Generating catalog: Fix occassional file in use errors when generating catalogs on windows Fix clicking on News in Tag Browser not working in non English locales. Closes tickets: 799471 HTML Input: Fix a regression in 0.8.6 that caused CSS stylesheets to be ignored Closes tickets: 799171 Fix a regression that caused restore database to stop working on some windows sytems EPUB Output: Convert
tags with text in them into as ADE cannot handle them. Closes tickets: 794427 New news sources Daytona Beach Journal by BRGriff El club del ebook and Frontline by Darko Miletic Improved news sources Le Temps Perfil Financial Times UK
Version 1.43 | Release Date: 2011-01-01 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.7.35 | Release Date: 2010-12-23 | Download

New Features

Add a simple to use Rich text editor for comments to the edit metadata dialog.
"You can now easily add formatting like bold/italic/lists/headings/colors/etc. to book comments via the edit metadata dialog"

E-book viewer: Add a right click menu item 'Inspect' that allows you to inspect the underlying HTML/CSS source of the currently displayed content
When deleting books from the library if a device is connected and the books are also present on the device ask the user if the books should be deleted from the device, the library, or both.
Add device drivers for Trekstore eBook Player 7, Sanda Bambook, ALuratek Color, Samsung Galaxy, LG Optimus, Motorola Droid 2 and Sunstech EB700
Closes tickets: 8021 , 7966 , 7973 , 7956

Add an entry to the menu of the calibre library button to select a random book from your calibre library
Closes tickets: 8010

SONY driver: Add a couple of special extra collections for all books by author and all books by title, to workaround the broken sorting on newer SONY models. To enable these collections, go to Preferences->Plugins->Device Interface plugins and customize the SONY plugin.
Edit metadata dialog: When downloading metadata, make the table of matching books sortable
Closes tickets: 7951

Add a success message after a database integrity check completes successfully
Search and replace: When using regular expression mode, add a special input field '{template}' that allows use the templating language to create complex input fields. Also allow setting of series_index by search and replace using the same syntax as in the book list, namely, Series Name [series number]
Bulk metadata edit: Add option to automatically set cover from the cover present in the actual ebook files
Closes tickets: 7947

E-book viewer: Show format of current book in the title bar.
Closes tickets: 7974

Add a tweak to control how author names are displayed in the Tag Browser and Content Server
FB2 Output: Restore sectionizing functionality
Bug Fixes

When in narrow layout, reserve 40% of available width in the book details panel for series/formats/etc and use the rest for comments
Closes tickets: 8028

PDB Input: Fix failure to block-indent PML sections
Closes tickets: 8019

Tag browser: When renaming items dont reset the library view and try not to scroll the Tag Browser itself
Conversion pipeline: Fix broken link rewriting for inline CSS embedded in HTML
Fix regression in 0.7.34 that broke recipes using extra_css to link to SONY device fonts
Closes tickets: 7995

SONY driver: Don't upload thumbnails as they slow down post disconnect processing on older models
Content server: Fix a bug that allowed remote users to read arbitrary png/gif/js/css/html files
Closes tickets: 7980

On X11 initialize fontconfig in the GUI thread as Qt also uses fontconfig internally and fontconfig is not thread safe. Fixes a few random crashes on calibre strartup
When using the remove specific format actions, only show available formats in the selected books
Closes tickets: 7967

Linux binary build: If setting system default locale fails, try setting locale to en_US.UTF-8 instead
Have the title sort tweak respected everywhere
PocketBook 701 driver: Swap the main memory and card drives on windows
Fix regression in templating that caused series_index to be shown even when book had no series
Closes tickets: 7949

Content server: Fix regressiont hat broke browsing by rating
Content server OPDS feeds: Fix parsing of author names as XML
Closes tickets: 7938

New news sources

NRC Handelsblad (EPUB version) by veezh
CND and wenxuecity - znjy by Derek Liang
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis by Darko Miletic
Improved news sources

Business Week Magazine
Gazet van Antwerpen
La Nacion
New England Journal of Medicine
Journal of Hospital Medicine

Version 0.7.28 | Release Date: 2010-11-12 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.7.23 | Release Date: 2010-10-08 | Download

New Features

Drag and drop to Tag Browser. You can use this to conveniently add tags, set series/publisher etc for a group of books
Allow switching of library even when a device is connected
Support for the PD Novel running Kobo
Move check library integrity from preferences to drop down menu accessed by clicking arrow next to calibre icon
Nicer, non-blocking update available notification
E-book viewer: If you choose to remeber last used window size, the state of the Table of Contents view is also remembered
Closes tickets: 7082

Allow moving as well as copying of books to another library
Apple devices: Add support for plugboards
Allow DJVU to be sent to the DR1000
Bug Fixes

Searching: Fix search expression parser to allow use of escaped double quotes in the search expression
When saving cover images don't re-encode the image data unless absolutely neccessary. This prevents information loss due to JPEG re-compression
Fix regression that broke setting of metadata for some MOBI/AZW/PRC files
Fix regression in last release that could cause download of metadata for multiple files to only download the metadata for a few of them
Closes tickets: 7071

MOBI Output: More tweaking of the margin handling to yield results closer to the input document.
Device drivers: Fix regression that could cause geenration of invalid metadata.calibre cache files
Fix saving to disk with ISBN in filename
Closes tickets: 7090

Fix another regression in the metadata download plugin
Fix dragging to not interfere with multi-selection. Also dont allow drag and drop from the library to itself
CHM input: handle another class of broken CHM files
Closes tickets: 7058

New news sources

Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery by jonmisurda
Anand Tech by Oliver Niesner by bucsie
Il Fatto Quotidiano by egilh
Serbian Literature blog and Rusia Hoy by Darko Miletic
Medscape by Tony Stegall

Improved news sources

The Age
Wiki news
Times Online
New Yorker
Revista Muy Interesante

Version 0.7.12 | Release Date: 2010-07-30 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.6.36 | Release Date: 2010-01-25 | Download

New Features

Catalog generation in MOBI format
Driver for Inves Book 600
Show notifications on OS X even when systray icon is disabled.
Bug Fixes

Fix memory leak in catalog generation
Fix regression that broke PML output
Fix bug in MOBI Input
Closes tickets: 4643

Replace commas with semi-colons in download tags
Closes tickets: 4650

Fix catalog output format dropdown empty in linux
Closes tickets: 4656

Fix display of non-English characters in OS X notifications
Closes tickets: 4654

Add .cbc to list of book formats
Closes tickets: 4662

Content server: Mobile page breaks if library contains empty books. Now fixed.
Support old 212 byte header PDB files
Closes tickets: 4646

Fix regression that caused wrong error message to be displayed when device is out of space
New news sources

Harvard Business Review Blogs by Brian_G
Neowin by Darko Miletic
Greensboro News and Record by Walt Anthony
Hot Air by Walt Anthony
ionline by Darko Miletic
The National Review Online by Walt Anthony
Improved news sources

Ars Technica
Sports Illustrated
Common Dreams
Wired Magazine

Version 0.6.36 | Release Date: 2010-01-25 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.6.12 | Release Date: 2009-09-11 | Download

* Ignore invalid proxies
* Implement #3447 (Option to limit parallel processes)
* calibredb: Handle the case when the user specifies the same to delete id multiple times
* calibre has a new installation layout with all the resources (icons, fonts, etc) in separate files. Also on linux, the install and develop commands have changed, they no longer modify the system pythonpath. See the INSTALL file for details.
* New recipe for The New Republic by cix3
* Fix #3425 (Messages often incorrectly display unicode text)
* Stanza integration: Show number of books available for each tag/series/author in the catalog view
* Fix #3424 (Batch conversion to epub failed 0.6.11)
* Implement #3408 (Disable Latest version display)
* Implement #3429 ("Cancel All" or similar when editing a large group of books)
* Change recipes to using ISO639 language codes
* calibredb:Fix regression causing calibredb to not notify the main GUI of a change
* Fix #3405 (Incorrect display of eReader small caps)
* Search box: use system default colr as normal background instead of white
* Add a wiazrd to help in the creation of header and footer removal regexps
* Stanza integration:Implement result pagination. Fixes #3412 (Add alphabetical sub directories to content server)
* Stanza integration: Increase timeouts when sending covers/book files to one hour
* Disable cover browsing and tag view buttons when viewing books on device
* Fix #3448 (Problems loading HTML files in v6.11)
* Implement #3444 (More Information on Metadata page)
* Split up English recipes by country
* Use native (KDE/GNOME) file open dialogs on linux
* Preliminary driver for the Fox It? ESlick
* Fix bug causing the calibre server to open files in read-write mode instead of read-only
* Updated recipe for The CLimate Progress Blog
* Fix #3403 (calibre-server alt text wrong)
* Fix #3451 (converting a PRC to EPUB creates a shortened epub file)
* Implement #3418 (Break long lines in txt files)
* Fix #3288 (Published Date issue)
* Ebook viewer: j/k keys scroll by a small amount again

Version 0.6.0 | Release Date: 2009-07-24 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.5.10 | Release Date: 2009-05-01 | Download
  • Fix #2351 (Cannot email when using SSL SMTP server with login)
  • Driver for the Ectaco Jet Book? by James Ralston
  • MOBI Output: Fix download of Chicago Tribune
  • Fix #2350 (conversion of a mobipocket file (huffdic compressed) fail)
  • Fix #2352 (cant add a prc ebook to calibre)
  • Fix #2371 (error 32 while removing books from calibre-reproducible)
  • New recipe for US News by Darko Miletic
  • Fix #2358 (HTML to ePub conversion results in duplicated content / incorrect breaks)
  • MOBI Input: Fix parsing of some old MOBI files that contain unclosed <p> tags leading to a hanging EPUB conversion
  • Fix #2372 (when converting .cbz files on OSX, Calibre chokes on OSX metadata files)
  • Fix #2311 (Failure to parse an lrf file)
Version 0.5.9 | Release Date: 2009-04-23 | Download
  • Fix #2300 (Epub multilevel TOC output flawed.)
  • Updated recipes for Telepolis. The news and articles have now been split into two separate recipes, for better formatting.
  • Fix #1994 (Save to disk or send to device changes author sort order)
  • New recipe for by Pu Bo
  • New recipes for various computing blogs by Darko Miletic
  • Fix bug in calibre content server that would cause it to not work if yur library has books with blank author fields
  • Implement #2325 ('Fetch All News Now' Option)
  • MOBI Output:Fix bug that cause MOBI conversion to sometimes fail when linking to an external stylesheet
  • MOBI Input: Fix reading of tags stored in metadata in MOBI files
  • Update odfpy (used to conver Open Office? documents)
  • PDF Input: calibre now supports conversion of PDF version > 1.5 as well
Version 0.4.141 | Release Date: 2009-02-25 | Download
  • Refuse to set metadata in DRMed MOBI files as this can lead to files that dont work on the device
  • Implement #1929 (OSX: Meta Information? shall be accesible by hitting Command(Apple)+I)
  • Fix #1934 (Would like to assign a year (not a full date) to a title)
  • Fix #1886 (Value Error?: invalid literal for float(): size) and #1887
  • New recipe for La Mujer De mi Vida by Darko Miletic
  • Move MOBI output out of beta status, since it's pretty stable
  • Make PDF conversion on OSX more robust. Fixes #1927 (PDF->MOBI traceback)
  • Fix #1926 (Author column sorts by original name instead of latest database entry)
  • Initial support for the Kindle 2
  • New recipe for Courrier International and updated Le Monde by Mathieu Godlewski
Version 0.4.137 | Release Date: 2009-02-13 | Download
  • Fix #1835 (Bug with name on subscription books)
  • Fix #1820 (Error when saving to disk a book with 2 or more dots in the Title)
  • Updated Ars Technica recipe
  • Fix nasty bug in handling of dates in the database. This can prevent calibre from starting. An update is highly recommended
  • MOBI Input:Fix handling of numeric entities and convert empty <pre> tags to <div> as they cause incorrect rendering in most HTML renderers
  • Fix #1805 (spurious [if> 's found in title and chapter)
  • Implement #1843 (Various updated recipes for better EPUB support)
  • EPUB Output:Replace newlines and all other whitespace in TOC with simple spaces, as Adobe DE cant handle non space whitespace characters in the TOC.
  • Fix #1845 (Coverflow images off by 1)
  • Fix #1826 (sending to SD card on reader)
  • Fix #1823 (Calibre crashes on import of Mobipocket file)
  • New recipe for Chicago Breaking News by Darko Miletic
  • Add various extra dependencies to the linux binary installer that are not usually present on 64bit systems
  • Fix #1846 (Calibre can not download images with space in their name)
  • Make EPUB the default output format and the preferred format for the 505 and 700
  • Edit documentation to specify that calibre supports only Textread and MOBIBook PRC files
Version 0.4.130 | Release Date: 2009-01-23 | Download
  • News download:Convert all downloaded images to JPG and retry downloads on DNS errors. Also translate "Table of Contents" in gnenerated MOBI TOC.
  • Recipe for The American Spectator by Darko Miletic
  • Support for merging multiple comics into one in comic2pdf
  • Implement #1677 (Task tray status boss option)
  • EPUB viewer:Support quotes in the path to embedded font files
  • Fix #1658 (Not able to view some PDF files)
  • Fix #1641 (4.129 crashes when Reader device is attached)
  • Fix #1669 (xkcd recipe improvement: bubble help)
  • Fix #1649 (any2mobi fails to convert "Die Zeit" News ePub Files) and #1650
  • Read metadata from files on Cybook
  • Create mobi-meta command line tool and make cover extraction from MOBI files more efficient
  • EPUB Output:Improve handling of <br> tags that are children of <body>
  • EPUB output:Set --remove-paragraph-spacing to off by default
  • Fix #1645 (Picks up thumbnail not cover from some Mobipocket files)
  • Fix Cybook detection in windows
  • Fix #1639 (Calibre can not handle properly URL's with non-ascii characters)
  • Fix conversion error when book list is filtered before conversion completes
  • MOBI output:Improve conversion of tables and Fix #1654 (Tor ePub fails in any2mobi)
  • Windows installer now refuses to continue if calibre.exe is running
  • EPUB output:Map <br> tags that are childern of <body> to <p> </p> to get ADE to display them as line breaks.
  • Implement feeds2mobi
  • EPUB Output:Remove object and embed tags when using profile PRS505 as they cause the reader to crash
  • LIT Input:Workaround for LIT files created by Reader Works? that have quoted ampersands in their filenames. Fixes #1627 (Failed to convert LIT to EPUB)
  • Plugin to read metadata from RAR files
  • Add MOBI as an output format to the GUI. calibre now fully supports MOBI output, except for conversion of comics.
  • Recipe for La Prensa by Darko Miletic
  • Fix calibredb add not refreshing book list in GUI
  • Strip empty <style,title,script> tags from EPUB. Fix #1660 (epub to LRF minor problems)
  • Remove comments, etc. from Newsweek download
  • Fix #1652 (Feed Books? ePub fail in any2mobi) and #1653
  • The GUI no longer tries to migrate the old library1.db automatically. Use calibre-debug --migrate for this.
  • Implement #1661 (Start minimized in tray)
  • Recipe for the Freakonomics Blog by Kovid Goyal
  • Fix #1626 (bad font size on "The New Yorker" recipe)
  • Recipe for The Age by Matthew Briggs
  • Improve metadata reading from LIT files
Version 0.4.130 | Release Date: 2009-01-23 | Download
  • News download:Convert all downloaded images to JPG and retry downloads on DNS errors. Also translate "Table of Contents" in gnenerated MOBI TOC.
  • Recipe for The American Spectator by Darko Miletic
  • Support for merging multiple comics into one in comic2pdf
  • Implement #1677 (Task tray status boss option)
  • EPUB viewer:Support quotes in the path to embedded font files
  • Fix #1658 (Not able to view some PDF files)
  • Fix #1641 (4.129 crashes when Reader device is attached)
  • Fix #1669 (xkcd recipe improvement: bubble help)
  • Fix #1649 (any2mobi fails to convert "Die Zeit" News ePub Files) and #1650
  • Read metadata from files on Cybook
  • Create mobi-meta command line tool and make cover extraction from MOBI files more efficient
  • EPUB Output:Improve handling of <br> tags that are children of <body>
  • EPUB output:Set --remove-paragraph-spacing to off by default
  • Fix #1645 (Picks up thumbnail not cover from some Mobipocket files)
  • Fix Cybook detection in windows
  • Fix #1639 (Calibre can not handle properly URL's with non-ascii characters)
  • Fix conversion error when book list is filtered before conversion completes
  • MOBI output:Improve conversion of tables and Fix #1654 (Tor ePub fails in any2mobi)
  • Windows installer now refuses to continue if calibre.exe is running
  • EPUB output:Map <br> tags that are childern of <body> to <p> </p> to get ADE to display them as line breaks.
  • Implement feeds2mobi
  • EPUB Output:Remove object and embed tags when using profile PRS505 as they cause the reader to crash
  • LIT Input:Workaround for LIT files created by Reader Works? that have quoted ampersands in their filenames. Fixes #1627 (Failed to convert LIT to EPUB)
  • Plugin to read metadata from RAR files
  • Add MOBI as an output format to the GUI. calibre now fully supports MOBI output, except for conversion of comics.
  • Recipe for La Prensa by Darko Miletic
  • Fix calibredb add not refreshing book list in GUI
  • Strip empty <style,title,script> tags from EPUB. Fix #1660 (epub to LRF minor problems)
  • Remove comments, etc. from Newsweek download
  • Fix #1652 (Feed Books? ePub fail in any2mobi) and #1653
  • The GUI no longer tries to migrate the old library1.db automatically. Use calibre-debug --migrate for this.
  • Implement #1661 (Start minimized in tray)
  • Recipe for the Freakonomics Blog by Kovid Goyal
  • Fix #1626 (bad font size on "The New Yorker" recipe)
  • Recipe for The Age by Matthew Briggs
  • Improve metadata reading from LIT files
Version 0.4.127 | Release Date: 2009-01-09 | Download
  • Fix EPUB version of Christian Science Monitor. Fixes #1578 (News - dl News not saving .epub properly)
  • EPUB output: Add option to not split files on page breaks
  • Fix #1572 (View window pop-under)
  • Refactor Cybook device driver to use common USBMS device class. Significantly improve the performance of conversion from MOBI for large books. Hopefully this does not come at the price of any regressions.
  • Additional support for reading UTF-8 encoded Mobipocket books.
  • Added recipe for Heise Telepolis (thanks to Darko Miletic)
  • Fix #1577 (Language config on MacOSX)
  • Add series index to calibredb's stanza output. Fixes #1502 (Add more metadata to calibredb's Stanza output)
  • Fix #1579 (Problem retrieveing image file as cover)
  • Fix regression in news download scheduling system. If you set news to be downloaded using calibre versions before 0.4.125, all the scheduling/account information for the downloads may be lost. You have to reset the recipes for download. Sorry for the inconvenience. Fixes #1580 (News Download Duplicates & Unscheduled downloads)
  • Read metadata from ebooks in zip archives. Fixes #1570 (FB2 metadata from ZIP archive)
  • Fix #1585 (Fedora Download page has wrong package name)
  • EPUB output: Don't split on page breaks when converting from PDF files, since PDF files have page breaks after every page. This makes reading EPUBs generated from PDFs more pleasant.
  • Support the CALIBRE_CONFIG_DIRECTORY environment variable
  • Fix Cybook driver on windows
  • Initial implementation of PDF cropping tool, pdftrim
  • Fix #1556 (Traceback on conversion PDF to LRF)
  • Fix #1555 (Suse 64 bit Error)
  • Support for the Cybook in OS X
  • Recipe for Joel on Software (thanks to Darko Miletic)
  • Fix #1569 (browser /calibre-server conflict?)
Version 0.4.123 | Release Date: 2008-12-30 | Download

Fix regression in 0.4.122 that affected the handling of HTML entities

Version 0.4.115 | Release Date: 2008-12-17 | Download
  • Add 'Show similar books' item to eight click menu'
  • Fix #1402 (automatic downloading error)
  • New recipe for Liberation (thanks to Darko Miletic)
  • Fix #1388 (Creation of the default cover in a recipe crashes)
  • Updated recipe for The New Yorker (thanks to Darko Miletic)
Version 0.4.99 | Release Date: 2008-10-20 | Download
  • Fix #1183 (Unicode Encode Error?: 'ascii' codec can't encode character)
  • Improve performance of log viewer
  • Fix #1190 (Problems adding meta information fetched from web.)
  • Fix #1184 (Error CSSStyleDeclaration: Unexpected token)
  • Fix #1187 (Producing blank ePub files.)
  • Implement reference mode and bookmarks in ebook-viewer
  • Fix #1188 (When clicking the configuration button the following error occurred)
  • Add support for user stylesheets to ebook-viewer
  • Fix #1180 (Error converting accented characters)
Version 0.4.95 | Release Date: 2008-10-09 | Download
  • Read cover image from EPUB files
  • Fix extraction of images from some MOBI files
  • Add support for following links when using --level1-toc and --level2-toc
  • Fix any2epub crashes converting lit file and add new epub icon
  • Workaround for anchor rendering bug in ADE
  • Implement Feature Request For Exporting ebook file and image DB Info
Version 4.8.4 | Release Date: 2008-09-19 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.7.16 | Release Date: 2007-01-01 | Download

New Features

Driver for the Kindle 3
Users can now customize what actions appear in the toolbar and context menus via Preferences->Interface->Toolbars
Draw a thin broder around the cover in the edit metadata dialog.
Closes tickets: 6605

Create (almost) all temporary files in a subdirectory so as not to clutter up temp directory
FB2 Output: Add option to try to generate FB2 sections from the TOC. This may or may not work, depending on the file, so use with care.
Add an option to remove all tags from selected books in the bulk metadata editor.
Add a tweak to control how the dates in the Date column are formatted.

Bug Fixes

Fix regression in 0.7.15 that broke the Similar books action and the add books to library from device action
Closes tickets: 6630 , 6576

Add ZIP and RAR to the input format order preferences.
Closes tickets: 5879

Update podofo in all binary builds to 0.8.2. Should fix bug where setting metadata in some PDF files would cause file truncation.
Add/remove header wizard: When running on PDF input, replace non breaking spaces with normal spaces, since it is hard to write regexps to match non breaking spaces with the regex builder wizard.
Fix crash is user tries to switch libraries whiel a device is being detected
Closes tickets: 6589

Title sort now ignores leading quite character. Only applies to newly added books.
Closes tickets: 6594

Conversion pipeline: Don't fail if parsing extra css raises an exception. Instead just ignore it.
SONY driver: Use the tz field (available in newer readers) to set timestamps correctly, when available.
Shortening file paths: Handle the case of very long filenames with periods in them.
Closes tickets: 6566

New news sources

The TMZ and Atlanta Journal Constitution by Tony Stegall
Consumerist and Gawker Media by Trickery
Improved news sources

National Review Online

Version 0.4.136 | Release Date: 2006-02-10 | Download
  • When saving to disk, also save the date. When importing from disk (ebook per directory), if an OPF file is present, use that to read metadata, including date. Adds new dependency on python-dateutil. Rewrite the Add books code for greateer speed and also fix the bug causing the Add books progress dialog to sometimes not close on windows.
  • Fix bug in handling of author names with commas when sending books to device
  • Fix nasty typo that broke cover fetching in 0.4.135
  • PRS505/700: Dont fail to detect the device if SD card is buggy
  • Detect Cybooks with buggy firmware (firmware incorrectly reports vendor/product id)
  • New recipe for Pobjeda by Darko Miletic
Version 0.4.131 | Release Date: 2006-01-26 | Download
  • Fix #1681 (Error convertin to MOBI)
  • Fix #1679 (Multiple calibre icons in OSX dock after fetching news)
  • Make dialogs resizable with scroll bars so that the GUI becomes more netbook friendly. Fixes #1583 (Popup screens are too large for the desktop.)
  • Implement ability to specify a time of day for scheduled news downloads. Fixes #1397 (Inability to Specify exactly download schedule for news)
  • Fix #1639 (Calibre can not handle properly URL's with non-ascii characters)
  • EPUB output:Handle style attributes more robustly
  • Activate the Preferences menu item on OSX
  • New recipe for the Teleread Blog by Kovid Goyal
  • Fix #1695 (Cover Pages in Penguin samples)
  • Fix #1682 (Passing files to Reader)
  • Fix #1656 (html2epub losing tag class and style attributes)
  • Plugin to set metadata in MOBI files
  • Fix #1688 (problem with special characters in mobi)
  • Fix #1686 (Buttons in the options menu of custom news not wide enough)
  • Various stability fixes for any2lit and any2mobi
  • Fix bugs in Cybook/Kindle drivers
  • Recipe for Shacknews by Docbrown00
  • Recipes for Critica de la Argentina and El Cronista by Darko Miletic
Version 0.4.129 | Release Date: 2006-01-18 | Download
  • MOBI Output:Command line support for converting to MOBI via the command any2mobi (thanks to Marshall T. Vandegrift)
  • Improved Cybook device detection on windows
  • Fix #1623 (Filter stats update)
  • Fix #1639 (Calibre can not handle properly URL's with non-ascii characters). New recipe for Sueddeutsche by Oliver Niesner
  • Fix #1608 (Cover not found in Mobipocket file)
  • Kindle driver for OSX and Windows. Better Cybook detection in windows. The prs500 command now supports the Cybook and Kindle drivers.
  • Add progress dialog for saving to disk. Also Fix #1624 (Reading meta-data dialogue box doesn't close in windows XP)
  • Generate thumbnails when adding books to the Cybook
  • Fix #1631 (Cover Image from epub cut in half)
  • New recipes for Pagina/12 and Infobae as well as an updtaed recipe for Clarin (thanks to Darko Miletic)
  • Recipe for Sueddeutsche by Oliver Niesner
  • Fix #1625 (Only imports one author from Mobipocket (.prc) files)
  • New recipes for Ambito and El Argentino by Darko Miletic
  • MOBI Input: Strip geographic tags from converted MOBI markup as ADE doesn't handle them gracefully.