Pear Note

Licence: Shareware (39.99)
Version 3.1.4 | Release Date: 2014-10-09 | Download
  • Fixed compatibility issues with OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Fixed bug in displaying highlighter color picker
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes
Version 3.1.3 | Release Date: 2014-03-19 | Download
Pear Note Changelog AppCast for Pear Note releases en Version 3.1.3 Wed, 19 Mar 2014 17:39:42 GMT 10.6.0 Version 2.1.1 Mon, 24 Oct 2011 15:48:18 GMT
Version 3.1.2 | Release Date: 2014-01-16 | Download
  • Fixed code signing issue in 3.1.1 which caused OS X to report Pear Note as damaged in some cases.
Version 3.1.1 | Release Date: 2014-01-15 | Download
  • Improved compatibility with OS X Mavericks (10.9)
Version 3.1 | Release Date: 2013-03-13 | Download
  • Pear Note is now fully Retina-capable. So, if you've got a fancy new Retina MacBook Pro, Pear Note should now look a lot prettier. If you don't have one, then just pretend you never read this line.
  • Support for images that can be used in Pear Note for iOS version 2.1 or greater
  • Fixed bug where saving (including autosave) would cause the slides to move back
  • Fixed bug that caused shared documents with special characters to display improperly when hosted on Dropbox
  • Fixed bug in audio/video/slides section headers
  • Fixed bugs in Spotlight results for Pear Note documents
  • Fixed bugs in QuickLook generator for Pear Note documents
  • Other bug fixes
Version 3.0.3 | Release Date: 2012-09-06 | Download
  • Fixed bug that prevented changing slides on Snow Leopard
  • Fixed bug that prevented time from showing properly when there was more than 10 hours
  • Fixed bug that caused hang when closing a document while recording
  • Fixed bug that could cause errors in saving when the default save directory is deleted
  • Fixed bug that caused a crash when closing a document
Version 3.0.2 | Release Date: 2012-08-03 | Download
  • Fixed bugs causing various crashes
  • New Share button
  • Fixed bug in buttons that caused them to be slightly fuzzy
Version 3.0.1 | Release Date: 2012-07-25 | Download
  • Fixed bug that caused crashes when closing document that contained slides
  • Began signing with Developer ID for Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion
  • Fixed bug in crash log submitter that prevented crash logs from being sent
  • Fixed display bugs that occured when opening a new document
  • Fixed bug that prevented changing slides if a document was locked
  • Fixed bug that caused autosaving to fail when attempted while recording was still getting started
Version 3.0 | Release Date: 2012-04-26 | Download
  • Note - 3.0 is a major new version which drops support for Mac OS X Leopard. Version 2 will continue to work on Leopard, but do not install version 3 on Leopard.
  • Support for Auto Save and Versions in Lion
  • Support for full-screen mode in Lion
  • New recording/playback engine improving efficiency and enabling new settings including HD video recording in Lion (HD video recording requires a capable camera)
  • Integration with Call Recorder for Skype from Ecamm for taking notes on Skype calls
  • Updated interface and application icon
  • Updated QuickLook plugin to include slides
  • Removed in-app search feature as it duplicated Spotlight and is not allowed within a sandbox
  • Version 2.1.1 | Release Date: 2011-10-24 | Download
    • Fixed bug that prevents File->Open from working on Lion
    • Fixed bug that prevented underline from syncing properly to iPad version
    • Fixed bug that could result in a broken web player when sharing
    • Improved search handling of documents created on the iPad
    Version 2.1 | Release Date: 2011-08-31 | Download
    • Updated file format to work with upcoming Pear Note for iPad
    • Fixed major incompatibility with Lion which could cause recordings to disappear in certain situations
    • Fixed bug that prevented QuickLook from reading Pear Note documents on Lion
    • Fixed bug that prevented Pear Note documents from showing up in Spotlight results on Lion
    • Sped up quitting
    Version 2.0.6 | Release Date: 2011-07-04 | Download
    • Fixed issues with running on Lion
    • NOTE: Importing Keynote and Powerpoint slides files directly (as opposed to through their respective applications) is no longer supported. See this for more information.
    Version 2.0.5 | Release Date: 2011-05-10 | Download
    • Updated sharing template such that the web player will now play on newer versions of iOS on the iPad
    • Added preference for how much time to jump back
    • Improve handling of PowerPoint documents
    • Reduced disk space used by app
    • Decreased playback CPU utilization
    • Bug fixes
    Version 2.0.4 | Release Date: 2011-02-18 | Download
    • Improved stability
    • Improved recording error handling
    • Improved error handling when adding slides
    • Fixed bug that could occur when adding slides to a previously saved document
    • Added checking for other instances of Pear Note running on startup
    Version 2.0.3 | Release Date: 2010-12-22 | Download
    • Limited CPU utilization when recording and playing
    • Added support for Snow Leopard text substitution
    • Improved search robustness
    • Improve robustness of web sharing feature
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes
    Version 2.0.2 | Release Date: 2010-11-08 | Download
    • Limited CPU utilization when idling
    • Fixed bugs causing occasional crashes
    • Improved performance of sharing notes
    • Improved search speed
    • Fixed user interface bugs
    • Other miscellaneous bug fixes
    Version 2.0.1 | Release Date: 2010-08-16 | Download
    • Fixed bug in updating search cache that caused Pear Note to crash
    • Improved web sharing layout for very long recordings
    Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2010-08-09 | Download
    • Completely overhauled user interface
    • Added sharing feature to share notes on the web
    • Added playback speed control
    • Greatly improved search speed and accuracy
    • Added support for multiple slides files in a single note
    • Added support for disabling spell checking
    • Added text transformations
    • Improved importing experience
    • Numerous other improvements
    Version 1.4.2 | Release Date: 2010-06-09 | Download
    • Handle errors in recording and importing more gracefully
    • Improved first launch experience
    • Fixed crash that could occur in upon launch
    • Fixed crash that could occur when autosaving
    • Fixed crash that could occur when importing a recording
    Version 1.4.1 | Release Date: 2010-04-13 | Download
    • Handle errors when recording more gracefully, including automatically restarting recording where appropriate
    • Improved ease of entering license code when Pear Note expires
    • Added menu item to forget all slide changes
    • Fixed crash that could occur when Pear Note trial expires
    Version 1.4 | Release Date: 2010-02-15 | Download
    • Added image support, allowing images to be dragged onto the text area
    • Added Find in Slides support
    • Added RTFD as an additional export option when a document contains images
    • Added menu item to save default window position for new documents
    • Improved QuickLook generator
    • User interface improvements
    • Numerous reliability and stability improvements
    Version 1.3.6 | Release Date: 2010-01-08 | Download
    • Fixed bug that prevented reverting to a saved document
    Version 1.3.5 | Release Date: 2009-12-11 | Download
    • Added menu items for opening Video and Slides windows
    • Improved handling when errors occur during recording
    • Improved consistency of position within the timeline when opening a document
    • Fixed bug that caused reinstalling license into all accounts to fail
    • Fixed bug that caused navigation to fail in rare cases
    • Fixed bug that caused video to shrink
    • Fixed bug that caused video to disappear from video window in rare cases
    Version 1.3.4 | Release Date: 2009-11-20 | Download
    • Improved the process of importing slides and media
    • Added PDF service to make it easier to get slides from PowerPoint or Keynote into Pear Note
    • Modified jumping to a slide during playback to select the time the slide was up for the longest, rather than the first time it showed
    • Preserve whether slides or video window are visible when re-opening a document
    • Fixed bug that caused the total number of slides to disappear when the sidebar is resized
    • Fixed bug that prevented canceling exporting audio/video
    • Fixed crash that could occur when undoing highlighting or lists
    • Improved handling of windows that try to appear off screen
    • Improved robustness and stability
    Version 1.3.3 | Release Date: 2009-10-19 | Download
    • Changed slider to stretch with the window size
    • Improved error handling when importing media
    • Fixed bug in audio and options view that caused things to disappear when resizing
    • Fixed bug that could cause documents to never load when opened in limited circumstances
    Version 1.3.2 | Release Date: 2009-09-28 | Download
    • Added preference to disable highlighting characters
    • Added logic to notice when run from somewhere other than Applications and offer to move myself there if so
    • Improved robustness in slides switching
    • Fixed bug that caused crashes when recording on Snow Leopard
    • Fixed bug in Quick Lists that caused misbehavior when selection included a mix of lists and no lists
    • Fixed bug that could cause the wrong slide to show when rewinding
    • Fixed bug that caused the highlight well to not show selection when using menu or keyboard shortcut and no text is selected
    • Fixed bug that caused the adding slides dialog to pop up on the wrong screen
    • Fixed bug that caused Find Next and related menu items to fail
    • Fixed typo in slides tooltip
    • Additional bug fixes
    Version 1.3.1 | Release Date: 2009-09-01 | Download
  • All features are now supported under Snow Leopard
  • Fixed bug that caused adding some Keynote or Powerpoint files on Snow Leopard to fail
  • Modified video recording to be more robust and create smaller recording files by utilizing QuickTime X on Snow Leopard
  • Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2009-08-18 | Download
    • Added Quick List feature to quickly add lists/outlines to Pear Note documents
    • Added Highlighting feature to highlight important text within the document
    • Added preference for default font to be used when creating new documents
    • Other bug fixes
    Version 1.2.3 | Release Date: 2009-07-22 | Download
    • Improved support for misbehaving UVC webcams
    • Properly handle quoted phrases in search
    • Fixed bug that could cause a document to become corrupted if a recording failed
    • Fixed bug causing video preview to sometimes not show
    • Fixed bug causing search indicator to sometimes not show
    • Improved error handling
    • Other bug fixes
    Version 1.2.2 | Release Date: 2009-06-19 | Download
    Pear Note Changelog AppCast for Pear Note releases en Version 1.2.2 Fri, 19 Jun 2009 19:38:08 GMT
    Version 1.2.1 | Release Date: 2009-06-03 | Download
    Pear Note Changelog AppCast for Pear Note releases en Version 1.2.1 Wed, 03 Jun 2009 03:36:25 GMT
    Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2009-04-24 | Download
    Pear Note Changelog AppCast for Pear Note releases en Version 1.2 Fri, 24 Apr 2009 04:48:12 GMT
    Version 1.1.3 | Release Date: 2009-02-13 | Download
    • Fixes to license validation code to make it more reliable
    • Fix to bug related to switching between using betas and not
    • Fix to bug that caused Pear Note to silently proceed when recording failed in the background
    • Fix to bug that caused Pear Note to hang in certain cases when recording failed
    • Workaround a bug in QuickTime that causes some video cameras to occasionally fail to record on the first try
    • Fix error messages when recording fails
    • Handle typed characters while recording is still starting up more cleanly
    • Fix to preserve toolbar state
    • Fix to bug that prevented exporting audio/video
    • Added slide content to search metadata
    • Improved support for exporting large audio/video files
    • Fix to search window to ensure old contents go away
    Version 1.1.2 | Release Date: 2009-01-06 | Download

    Fix to bug introduced in 1.1.1 that caused a crash when recording hours of medium quality video

    Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2008-12-21 | Download
    No changes specified