Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2014-07-21 | Download

Querious 2 is massive upgrade, throughly enhancing appearance, usability, features, performance, and everything inbetween. So far we've added OVER 170 NEW FEATURES and improvements.

Here's just a small sample…

  • Full support for views, triggers, functions, procedures, and events
  • Blazing fast import and export (even faster than mysqldump!)
  • Duplication of databases (including data!), even between servers
  • Monitor server status and running processes
  • Access the server Error Log and Slow Query log
  • Rich and powerful editor for CSV/Tab files
  • Table relationship mapping
  • Significant table data editor improvements
  • Upgraded custom query autocomplete and table reference
  • More convenient little goodies than you can shake a stick at
  • And much more!
Version 1.1.4 | Release Date: 2011-12-16 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.1.3 | Release Date: 2011-10-06 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.1.2 | Release Date: 2011-09-27 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.1.1 | Release Date: 2011-09-17 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0 | Release Date: 2011-09-15 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2011-09-15 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.0.2 | Release Date: 2009-04-28 | Download
========================================================= 1.0 beta 6 =========================================================

- SSL connections
- Window titlebar shows a lock icon when using a secured connection (SSH or SSL)
- Improved error detection on file importing.
- MySQL timeout values are now specifiable in preferences
- The window title now always shows the user name

- Vastly reduced memory usage when exporting and importing to/from CSV, Tab, and SQL. This has cured all memory-related crashes during these processes.
- Exporting is much much faster.
- Better handling of mysql passwords for saved connections that use SSH. Existing passwords will be lost in Keychain, sorry.
- When you click on the Query view, the focus is put on the query text view immediately so you don't need to click on it.
- The query text view should work better with using Tab as the autocomplete trigger key. If it is set, then it'll use it to trigger autcomplete only if there are possible completions. If not, it will insert a tab.
- Queries for requesting db, table, and column names in the Query view now happen serially to each other rather than in parallel which reduces load on the database server.

- Fixed several memory leaks
- Fixed a crash where editing the username in the table without commiting it, and then clicking on the change password button would cause it to crash.
- When opening a tab file records document, it wouldn't set the line ending properly which would cause a problem on save.
- Likely avoided a crash with the autocompletions in the query text view. Not confirmed.
- Now handles modifying binary data fields from the content table view properly
- If an UPDATE doesn't actually change a row (because it just sets a value to the same value), it no longer sees it as an error.
- Renaming a column in the documents window is properly undoable.
- Backticking appropriately when renaming a table and adding privileges for db, table, or column
- Changing the query syntax text font works again.
- Added work around for Cocoa bug which affected the Add Item menu item in the Connection menu
- Multiple item delete now properly says "database" or "tables" or "databases and tables" appropriately

========================================================= 1.0 beta 5 =========================================================

- SSH lets you hop from one machine to another
- You can use a non-standard SSH port now.
- When the MySQL connection dies, Querious will automatically try to reconnect. If it can't, an error message will be displayed.
- Added Refresh View / Refresh All to the Connection menu.
- Import and Export panels now select the database currently selected in the window.
- Redesigned preferences window
- The query confirmation dialog now has syntax coloring
- The query confirmation dialog now has a checkbox to suppress it being shown every time
- The delete rows (in Content) confirmation dialog has a checkbox to suppress it being shown every time
- You can now rename databases and tables by selecting them and pressing the return key to begin editing.
- You can now begin renaming a column in the Columns view by pressing return when the row is selected.
- The databases shelf view now has a contextual menu item with Delete, Rename, New Database, New Table, and Open in New Tab.
- There's now a Feedback window (Help -> Provide Feedback), which can also be used to report crashes and errors when they occur
- Added a progress indictator next to the Run Query button in the Query view
- You can now select a specific range of text in the Query text view and execute just that selected query/queries
- Added a customizable keyboard shortcut/trigger for autocomplete
- Tweaked autocomplete so it doesn't insert text automatically

- When performing a query in the Query view, the results table is emptied so that it's clearer when new results are returned.
- The Columns list does not allow editing of lengths of columns where the types don't have editable lengths

- Should now support MySQL BIT type columns properly everywhere
- Much better drag and drop in the Saved Queries view.
- When applying changes to the Column view, it will no longer remove to-be-added columns which had errors
- When you reorder columns in the Column view, the proper rows are selected after the drop
- The window title is now again the nickname of the connection if there is one.
- Flushing privileges after every change now.
- The Import panel will now allow chosing files without extensions.
- Fixes a bug with parsing queries. It accidently nuked the existing query info when encountering a single-line comment.
- When you change a column type to a numeric, and/or a numeric from allowing nulls to not null, the default value is an empty string or null, it'll be changed to 0 appropriately.
- The Users list now behaves nicer when adding, removing, or renaming users and hosts.
- Fixed an error which would cause unexpected behavior in the Columns view
- Select Next/Previous tab menu items work properly after the tabs have been drag-reordered
- Added a case for breaking out of an endless SSH connection error loop if it occurs

Version 1.0 b4 | Release Date: 2009-01-09 | Download
No changes specified