Licence: Shareware ($25)
Version 2.5.4 | Release Date: 2011-11-15 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2.2.1 | Release Date: 2010-04-02 | Download

FIX: CMD-L showed empty list because of Gmail changes.
UPDATED: Spanish translation by Juan Antonio
FIX: Unwanted scrolling when using Google Talk in the main window (Spanish only)
FIX: Auto Sign-in didn't work when password wasn't stored in the keychain
FIX: Possible fix for account switching/loading problem.

Version 2.1.6 | Release Date: 2010-03-26 | Download


Released March, 26 2010 - download size 6.7 MB
NEW: Support for iWork/Send via Mail

Mailplane now supports the Share > Send via Mail menu items. Depending which app you use (Numbers, Pages, Keynote), you can send your document as a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, or as native format. As a result, Mailplane will compose a new message and attach the document to it.

NEW: Load "Rapportive" Gmail plugin

Load "Rapportive" Gmail plugin to replace ads with contact information. You can enable the plugin per account. Open Preferences > Accounts > Advanced to change the setting.

Updated Translations

Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) by Jim Chiu
French by Michel Tribet
German by Patrick Scheips
Norwegian by Vidar Ramdal
Romanian by Ovi Pascui
Russian by Igor Terekhov
Bug fixes

FIX: Cmd-T only worked on first result page.
FIX: Some keyboard shortcuts/menu items/toolbar items stopped working because of Gmail changes
FIX: Rare authentication/Load problem at startup
FIX: iPhoto Gallery "Tell a friend" now inserts the link/text into the message body.
FIX: External URLs clicked in a "separate" window opened inside Mailplane instead of the preferred browser.
FIX: "Inserting Image" lab feature didn't work in separate windows.
FIX: Italian only: Chat in main window caused unexpected scrolling.

Version 2.1.5 | Release Date: 2010-03-03 | Download

EW: Support for the new and fast Gmail "separate" windows (more information).
FIX: PDF menu item wasn't created on Mailplane installation
FIX: Growl notifications didn't open in the main window when the main window was hidden.
FIX: Adobe Flash 10.1 beta 3 prevented attachments uploads.
FIX: Memory leak when using drag and drop
FIX: Inbox or separate window could become grey after a drag and drop operation
FIX: Initial URL for Gmail didn't always have the correct scheme
FIX: Separate window didn't close after archive, delete, or report spam.
CHANGE: Removed custom WebKit nightly frameworks as the Google has fixed the "duplicating chat box" problem.
FIX: open location in AppleScript didn't work
FIX: Typo in help menu

Version 2.1.2 | Release Date: 2009-12-11 | Download

Tiger and Snow/Leopard versions available

Main Features

* NEW: “Service” menu items
* NEW: Insert images into message text
* NEW: Licensing/Evaluation panels
* NEW: Multiple rich text signatures
* NEW: Offline Gmail
* NEW: Warn user about unsaved changes.

Composing Emails

* CHANGED: Screenshot button and menu item are now always enabled.
* NEW: “View/Acutal Size” menu item
* NEW: Insert images into message text
* NEW: Mail/Insert/Email Address first/lastname ordering
* NEW: Multiple rich text signatures
* NEW: Support for alias drag and drop
* UPDATED: “Media Browser” now supports Lightroom


* NEW: Create labels in the Apply/Remove Label panel
* NEW: Offline Gmail
* REMOVED: Preferences/Tweak UI/Hide Spam Counter
* REMOVED: Tweak UI / Hide Spam Counter


* IMPROVED: AppleScript support
* NEW: “Service” menu items
* NEW: Set “Do not disturb” mode in Applescript

Multiple Accounts

* CHANGE: Active account is selected in preferences
* CHANGED: Drawer account columns are now resizable.
* CHANGED: Keyboard shortcut check alert is now a sheet.
* NEW: Mailplane shows message in main window when switching accounts.


* NEW: “Preferences/Tweak UI/Always open notifications in a new window”
* NEW: Chat notifications

General Improvements

* CHANGED: Discard button/menu item
* CHANGED: Release notes window after update installation isn’t shown anymore
* CHANGED: Status Bar
* NEW: “View/Acutal Size” menu item
* NEW: Enable “Check for Update” to send anonymous system profile
* NEW: Licensing/Evaluation panels
* NEW: Polish translation
* NEW: Use swipe gestures to move back/forward
* NEW: View/Text Encodings sub menu.
* NEW: Warn user about unsaved changes.
* REMOVED: Missing translations
* REMOVED: Offline Indicator
* REMOVED: Preferences/Advanced/Check for update watches cutting edge.

Version 2.0.8 | Release Date: 2009-04-08 | Download

New in 2.0.8 :

UPDATE: Spanish translation
FIX: Safari 4 beta/Chat in a "popped out" window did scroll when typing.
FIX: Advanced attachment feature didn't always work.
FIX: Obsolete scrollbars when composing in a separate window.
FIX: CMD-clicking "Open as Google document" link opened the document in the default browser instead of Mailplane.
FIX: Talk Window/Safari 4: Console messages when hiding application
FIX: Command-L stopped working because of Gmail changes
NEW: If you have Flash 10 Mailplane will use "Advanced attachment features" to upload attachments.
FIX: Resize problems after monitor resolution changes
FIX: Error 407 when using a proxy server requiring authentication.

Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2008-12-10 | Download

- Gmail 2 Support

Navigate “Quick Links” (Google Lab Feature)
Gmail Video Chat Support
“Enable Google Talk Window” preference
Navigate to Label
Apply/remove label auto completion
Hide Spam counter, hide invitation box, highlight row in overview
mailplane:// URLs
Gmail 2.0 keyboard shortcuts tip
Full support for Gmail 2 and new menu items

- Composing Emails

Improved: “Attach File” button
mailto URL improvements
Writing Direction menu
Use “Copy and Paste” to Attach files and pictures
Picture Attachment Dialog
Drag and drop of text inside the same window
Attach Folder and file bundles
Mac OS X Address book integration

-Multiple Accounts

Switch to account keyboard shortcut
Account Drawer improvements


Improved: Growl notifications
“Do not disturb” mode
Sound and Color
Growl notification show account name
“Background” account notifications!

- Integration

OmniFocus “Clipping” Plugin
Post form (Google spreadsheet or LiveJournal comments)
Auto-BCC for Highrise

- General Improvements

Improved: Keychain Access
Online Help
“Close instead of Hide” preference
Safari extensions check
Improved registration panels
Improved auto update
Network Diagnostics
Improved Authentication
Changed: Account loading and “View->Reload Page”
Performance improvement
Download improvements
Inspect Element menu item
Resize multiline text fields

Version 2.0 release candidat | Release Date: 2008-11-23 | Download

New: Gmail Video Chat

This release supports the brand new Gmail Video Chat feature. To get it working: download and install the Gmail Video Chat plugin. Gmail Video Chat is only available for Intel Macs.

To support "Gmail Video Chat", Mailplane now works with your system's WebKit only. Make sure you have Safari 3.2 installed. Mac OS X Tiger users: Please upgrade to 10.4.11.

Improved: "Attach File" button

When you directly attach a file using the "Attach File" Gmail button, the attachment is optimized as when you drag and drop the file.

Improved: Growl notifications

Growl title shows "Sender: Subject" and if available a picture fetched from the local address book.

Changed: Sign out

Because many users complained about the new sign out feature: Mailplane now either terminates (only one account) or opens the account drawer (more than account). This is how it worked before "release candidate 1".

Tip: ⌘-click does the Gmail sign out.

Bug fixes:

  • Login didn't work for some Google Apps users with
    single sign on
  • Spam counter didn't hide for Google Apps users with disabled chat
  • When starting in "hidden" mode, Mailplane didn't check for new messages as it didn't authenticate the active account
  • Separate compose window now shows correct title (to/subject).
  • Long Unicode download file names were truncated
Version 2.0b8 | Release Date: 2008-08-28 | Download


Version 1.61 | Release Date: 2008-03-10 | Download

New Italian translation.
The Catalan, French, German, Norwegian, and Romanian translations have received an update, too.

Bug fixes:
* Drag and drop to dock didn't work in all cases, especially MAC OS X Tiger users did experience the problem.
* Mail->Go to menu items were disabled

NB: 1.61 is the latest stable version.

Version 1.73.2 | Release Date: 2008-03-05 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.54.1 | Release Date: 2007-11-25 | Download
  • "Oops 007" error messages when viewing Netflix HTML messages
  • Some help pages didn't work under Leopard (error message: Internet Connection Required)
  • Brazilian Portuguese users get the English localization
  • Offline indicator doesn't go away on main window.
Version 1.54 | Release Date: 2007-10-31 | Download

- Forces gmail to use older version, so that it works with Mailplane
- etc

Version 1.53 | Release Date: 2007-10-24 | Download

Important: Please update before October, 31st as Mailplane 1.52 will expire

Release notes:

Leopard ready iPhoto Plugin

The old iPhoto plugin was based on the SIMBL InputManager. As InputManagers are not supported in Mac OS X Leopard, a new iPhoto plugin is provided.
When the plugin is installed, you can choose Mailplane as your email application in iPhoto/General preferences. The icon in the lower part of iPhoto is then changed to Mailplane, too.

However, the Option key to compose in instead of Mailplane isn't supported anymore. Please change your preferred email application in iPhoto preferences.

Installation: The update will remove the old InputManager-plugin and then automatically install the new plugin. If you don't have rights to add the plugin to iPhoto, you'll be asked for your administration password. Just cancel the dialog box, if you like to install the plugin later. Make sure you restart iPhoto after the update. To install or remove the plugin manually, please go to preferences and then select Photos.
Brazilian Portuguese and Korean Translations
Mailplane features two new languages:
Korean by Calvin Jeong
Brazilian Portuguese by Leonardo Otsuka

This is excellent news - thanks Calvin and Leonardo!
Use the "Help->Support and Feedback" window to send translation related feedback.
Drag and drop text and URLs
You can now drag and drop text or URLs to your message text.
Open external Links in Firefox
For Safari, OmniWeb, Camino users: If you like to open an external Link in Firefox instead of your preferred browser you can now press Shift while clicking the link.
This is an existing feature, but I like to mention that you can use the Option key to open an external link in background. This way Mailplane stays active, and your link is opened for later reading.
Leopard and download destination folder
The first time you start Mailplane under Leopard, it will check the download destination folder. If it still points to your Desktop, it will be changed to "Downloads".
Tweak UI/Gmail text size

Tweak UI: It is now easier to set the Gmail text size to 100%.
This is a reported WebKit bug: When you use a setting other than 100%, the text may be increased/decreased when deleting lines or pasting text.
Known Leopard problem: Screenshots

Screenshots do not work under Leopard. However, this may be fixed in the 10/26 release.
New Advanced preference to watch "cutting-edge" releases

If you like to test and try the very latest features before they are released to all users, then this setting is for you.
Mailplane may be less stable
English only, "cutting-edge" updates are not translated
Help may not be updated
Released more often than stable releases

If you still like to be part of it, go to Advanced preferences and turn on the setting. You can always go back to the latest stable release by downloading it here:
Bug Fixes
• New Mail notifications stop working
Mailplane waits after after authentication dialog (moving the mouse gets it going again)
Password was not cleared in authentication dialog box after an account sign out
Screenshot toolbar item does not work on separate window
Drag and Drop of logo in main window leads to composition of new message
Korean/Japanese only: Delete key stops working

Version 1.52 | Release Date: 2007-09-26 | Download

Mailplane is ready for the upcoming Mac OS X release. The same Mailplane version now runs on both 10.4 and 10.5 releases of the operating system. I am still working on the iPhoto plugin, the screenshot function, and some minor (e.g. toolbar repaint) stuff. But, other than that all features work just fine.

Mailplane features two new languages: Finnish by Mikko Aarnio and Catalan by Albert Simo. Kudos to Mikko and Albert for their great work!
Use the "Help->Support and Feedback" window to send translation related feedback.

Sometimes you need to send a picture without any optimization, and want keep size, file type, and picture quality. Just press the Command key while dropping the file. The mouse cursor will change to "Link" instead of "Copy" to indicate that no optimization will be performed.

Do you like to launch Mailplane whenever you start your Mac or log into your account? Add Mailplane to your system preference account login items. If you check the "Hidden" option, Mailplane won't open any window when it starts.

- Download units changed from "k"/"m" to "KB"/"MB"
- Separate window progress indicator shows more accurate progress
- Removed Message Sent/Discarded alert when using Mailplane without Growl

- Initial main window position not in upper left corner
- Folder path layout problem
- No Growl: Annoying "Download started" message box
- Crash when closing an initializing compose window
- Double clicks instead of Single clicks in Talk window
- Folder path layout problem
- authentication of gmail email address with mixed case (e.g. [email protected]) interpreted as Google Apps domain. In case of Google Apps accounts, the inbox didn't load
- Some users experienced an offline indicator after successful authentication.

Version 1.51 | Release Date: 2007-09-03 | Download
  • NEW: Languages - Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Icelandic, Dutch, Japanese
  • NEW: Edit Format and Font menu items. Enables you to use shortcuts to make text bold (Cmd-B), italic (Cmd-I), underlined (Cmd-U), centered (Cmd=|) etc.
  • NEW: Insert Email Address panel (Cmd-Option-A). Either composes a new message, or inserts one or more email address into the to, cc, bcc, or body fields.
  • NEW: iMedia Browser (see Window menu or Cmd-4)
  • NEW: Account preferences and authentication window have now a "Create new Gmail account" button.
  • NEW: "Mail->Insert" submenu to insert (file, screenshot, text snippets, and email addresses)
  • NEW: New "Create Message and attach File..." menu item in dock menu and notifier menu.
  • NEW: Translator feedback button on "Support and Feedback" window
  • NEW: Download window has a "clean all" button to remove all inactive downloads
  • CHANGED: Insert text snippet has a new shortcut (Cmd-Option-I)
  • CHANGED: Toolbar "fixed Space" in customize panel
  • CHANGED: "Google Find" menu item has a new Shortcut: Cmd-Shift-F
  • CHANGED: Less icon bounce at startup
  • CHANGED: Moved the "Open Main window" menu item up
  • CHANGED: Pictures can now be dropped on the message text to attach them to the current message. Tip: to app icon to create a new message
  • CHANGED: The last active preference window tab is remembered in user defaults
  • FIXED: Focus problem after clicking "Reply" (characters get executed instead of entered)
  • FIXED: After long inactivity freeze on click or refresh
  • FIXED: Links stopped working after sending a message with a faulty email address
  • FIXED: Window resize when opening drawer didn't work with multiple screens
  • FIXED: Preference window position did change when switching folders
  • FIXED: Removed obsolete characters from Google Talk notification.
  • FIXED: "Ghost" Talk window
  • FIXED: Preference window position after restart
  • FIXED: Crash when closing an initializing separate compose window
Version 1.49 | Release Date: 2007-07-26 | Download
  • NEW: Romanian translation by Ovi Pășcui (mailto:[email protected])
  • NEW: Online news (e.g. known bugs) displayed on feedback window
  • NEW: Getting started guide button on welcome window
  • NEW: Getting started, Online resources in Help menu
  • NEW: Online/Offline indicator can be disabled in Advanced preferences
  • FIXED: mailto and "Send Link" from browser did wrong decoding
  • FIXED: When replying some keystrokes got executed instead of entered into the text field
  • FIXED: Spell Catcher didn't work. Update to the latest WebKit did solve the problem.
  • FIXED: Force Quit now shows "Mailplane" instead of "Mailplane_" - this should solve the double notifier icons problem.
  • FIXED: Crash when closing separate window immediately after opening
  • FIXED: "Show original" didn't work with latest WebKit
  • CHANGED: "Send Feedback..." menu item renamed to "Feedback and Support..."
  • CHANGED: Separate window now remembers size and position and still cascades correctly if you open more than one
  • CHANGED: Optimize Photos does preserve the PNG file type. All other types are converted to JPG.
  • CHANGED: re-new authentication when switching to another account
Version 1.47 | Release Date: 2007-06-04 | Download
  • NEW: Custom sound for unread message notification
  • NEW: Connection security icon tooltip
  • NEW: "Open Main Window..." menu item in status item menu
  • CHANGED: Growl/Sound are not shown/played when opening Mailplane or switching to another account
  • CHANGED: Do not notify (growl/sound) older entries
  • CHANGED: Removed reflections from status item icon
  • CHANGED: "Open Message...", "Open Message with Screenshot...", and "Configure Accounts..." active Mailplane before opening the window
  • FIXED: In some cases wrong authors were displayed in the status item menu and growl notification messages
  • FIXED: Unread message counter displayed in status item, drawer, and application icon didn't match the inbox counter
  • FIXED: "Sign out" link didn't terminate Mailplane if only one account was defined
  • FIXED: Changing the avatar in Talk window didn't work
  • FIXED: Special characters in Growl and status item menu didn't work
  • FIXED: Status item menu missed entries in some cases
  • FIXED: Custom stylesheet didn't work with spaces in file or folder names.
  • FIXED: Downloads with already existing names are not overwritten. The new download gets renamed.
  • FIXED: Some typos
Version Beta | Release Date: 2007-04-06 | Download
No changes specified