Licence: Freeware
Version 1.1.1 | Release Date: 2009-08-29 | Download

Version 1.1.1 Release Notes

  • Patched memory leaks
  • Snow Leopard compatibility
  • Task window no longer closes whenever any app window is closed.
  • Redesigned Sync window UI. No longer UI glitches when it locates more than one device.
  • When syncing for the first time after launch, the iPod is selected and all that is required is hitting sync.
  • Text shadow for purple tasks should is darker.
  • Improved syncing stability across multiple syncs
  • "Mark as Pending" works
  • General stability and usability improvements
  • Updated a few frameworks we use to the latest version
  • Selecting a task in one list and switching to another list no longerkeeps the task in that same cell selected.
  • The topmost device is pre-selected in the sync window so all that is required is hitting enter to sync.
  • Preferences menu item now works.

Version 1.1 release notes:

  • Syncing with the iPhone version!
  • The menubar icon was cut off one pixel on the right
  • Pref panes have been rearranged slightly
  • Sync has been moved to the File menu
  • More info pref pane no longer links to beta signups but to the app instead
  • The menubar icon now has an active state if there are important tasks
  • Various app windows are now brought to the foreground when using the menu icon
  • SimpleTask can now be opened at login automatically
  • New introduction screen splash and video
  • Preference to show the app on a menubar item click and the menu on right click
  • Preference for choosing the default task color in the add dialog
  • Preference to change whether new tasks show up at the beginning or end of the list
  • Tasks can now be imported from csv-formatted files in addition to exported
  • Fixed a bug with task rows "ending" after a certain width
  • New automatic on-quit backups and live restoring to backup functionality
  • Removed the format menu, it isn't used anywhere
  • No color is now known as "Gray"
  • Got rid of the color view in favor of Finder-style inline color images
  • Exclamation point can now be used to toggle a task's importance
  • Minor cell drawing improvements
  • Clicking the menubar icon in menubar-only mode now hides the window if showing
  • The search field can now be used without typing any text into it
  • Double clicking the empty space now shows the add sheet
  • Whether or not the toolbar is being shown is now saved
  • Preferences are now much more organized
  • Matt Gemmell now mentioned in the about box for MGScopeBar (somehow didn't make it into the credits file for the first release... sorry Matt!)
  • CocoaAsyncSocket is mentioned for some of the source code in relation to syncing
  • Menubar icon is now available (with optional dock icon disabling)
  • Preference checkbox for enabling or disabling sound effects
  • Reorganized many parts of the preferences window
  • The edit popup is now shown on the left if the window is too far to the right
  • Searches can now be filtered by task color
  • Moved the add button and mode selector buttons one pixel down
  • New checkbox images
  • Global hotkeys for both showing the app and adding a task
  • Tasks can now be exported and imported in CSV format
Version 1.0 (Public Beta) | Release Date: 2009-05-04 | Download
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