Licence: Freeware
Version 1.3.2 | Release Date: 2012-12-06 | Download
  • Alfred iTunes Mini Player compatibility improvements for iTunes 11 (Note: The cmd+alt+[key] shortcut keys in the Mini Player have now changed to using cmd+ctrl+[key] e.g. cmd+ctrl+up for random album)
  • Work around iTerm2 pause when running terminal commands

Version 2 announced!

Version 1.3.2 | Release Date: 2012-08-24 | Download

New Features / Improvements

  • Notification Center:
    • New Advanced > Notifications prefs for 10.8 to use Notification Center instead of Growl for notifications / extension outputs
    • Option to remove notifications from Notification Center by clicking on them (in Alfred's Advanced > Notifications preferences)
    • Contextually show Notification Center [instead of Growl] in Script Extension prefs if NC being used in 10.8
  • Search for kMDItemKeywords when looking for Applications to allow e.g iCal to match Calendar
  • Option to escape $ in extensions, fixing a long standing issue with great extensions such as AlfredTweet
  • Minor performance improvements when cleaning up Alfred window
  • Update to compiling with Xcode 4.4
  • Option to remember destination history for copy/move actions to save re-searching for folders (on by default in Alfred's Features > File Navigation preferences.
  • More friendly OS X "Contacts Access" request message
  • Allow numerics in scheme part of URL recognition

Bug Fixes

  • Fix dragging images directly from Safari into image wells (for custom search icons etc)
  • Fix Emacs key binding interference with new File Buffer keys
  • Prevent 1p from being prefixed to 1Password names in Alfred's preferences
  • Make File Buffer preferences Powerpack Only (accidentally left in for non-functional prefs for non-Powerpack users)
  • Add new isMountainLion framework to start introducing new Mountain Lion features e.g. Notification Center
  • Make Powerpack code field slightly wider to cater for different font sets
  • Implement delegate to always show 10.8 notifications, even if Alfred is active
  • Fix cmd+ shortcuts in file system navigation which was broken in improving file buffer emacs bindings support
  • Fix URL detection which was incorrectly treating email addresses as urls when using the email keyword
  • Fix a few spelling mistakes in Alfred's preferences

Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2012-07-17 | Download

New Features / Improvements
1. Quick Look file based results:

Tap the Shift key (or ⌘Y) to view the OS X Quick Look window for the selected result
Works in default results and File System navigation
Hide preview window with Shift key (or ⌘Y)

2. Alfred file buffer - "Multi File Select"
Buffer view above Alfred input field with mouse-over preview
Multiple file selection from Finder Selection
Use ⌥ with arrows to interact with the file buffer (instructions in File Buffer preferences)
Actions for multiple files such as copy, move, delete, email
Configurable expiry of buffer

3. 1Password Improvements:
Option to show 1Password bookmarks in default results without '1p' keyword
Add additional 1Password keychain discovery logic when using Dropbox
Automatically re-cache 1Password data when the 1Password keychain updates
Make 1Password matching case insensitive
Ignore conflicted dropbox files to prevent duplicates
Fix the Tab autocomplete for bookmarks
Copy 1Password 1Click URL to the clipboard for the selected item with ⌘C

More improvements:
Ability to drop files directly into image wells (e.g. Extensions)
Option to show thousands delimiter in calculator output
Show all configured matches in default results with scrollbar instead of maximum of 9
Option to make Alfred's result text smaller making Alfred feel more compact
Option to hide Alfred before showing Large Type (in Appearance > Large Type prefs)
Update the 'share' button in the Usage prefs to make it easier to tweet stats
Add a new 'quit all' command to quit all running applications
Add support for transient data in Clipboard History - Makes Alfred play better with e.g. Text Expander
Improved subtext rendering, more clear / readable
Update CacheFly CDN distribution links to cname on
Re-enable clipboard history when deactivating / reactivating Powerpack license
Place maths calculation result back into the search query by suffixing your query with =
Export Alfred UTI types (theme / extension) for better OS integration
Remove more OS deprecated code for future proofing
Make "Action all items" option to "Action visible items" now Alfred shows loads of results by default
Make cmd+return reveal in Finder by default, plus work in file system navigation
Defend against rare case insensitive duplicates from the Application Cache
Allow Tab through actions panel workflow if Tab set as action modifier
Respect the fade in option for Large Type window in Alfred's appearance prefs
Support ideographic full stops in URLs (automatically convert them to decimal point)
Show the current selected track in iTunes mini player when iTunes is paused
Don't show the iTunes track growling (from global hotkeys) when the mini player is visible
Launch iTunes in the background when showing the Mini Player and iTunes is not launched (10.7+)
Add to knowledge when using Open and Open With actions
Update twitter icon to new style
Make ebay searcher UTF8
Update Google Mail to Gmail now that Gmail is globally used
Replace Yahoo Weather with Wunderground (now that Yahoo weather no longer works with URL scheme)
Remove searcher (no longer works with URL scheme)
Option to configure the subject line when emailing files (Features > Email prefs)
Improved initial search performance by removing unnecessary pre-checks

Bug Fixes:
Fix spelling / grammar mistakes in iTunes, Email and Calculator prefs
Prevent an odd situation in Global Hotkeys prefs outline view right menu
When using a Global Hotkey for web searches, correctly escape newlines
Change 'The Netherlands' to 'Netherlands' in Alfred's location prefs
Prevent stack log error when double clicking empty space in Custom Searches table
Fix potential nil string in Clipboard Merging from halting Clipboard History
Hidden option around memory leak in OS X 10.7.4 (if people ask for this)
More reliable key tap rejection to prevent false action / quick view activation
Better invalidation of window shadow on size change
More defensive code against large query strings and invalid metadata

Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2012-02-13 | Download

New Features

  • Assign custom actions and extensions to Contact Viewer metadata types
  • Configurable advanced 'Show Alfred' global hotkey with ability to bring selected text into Alfred
  • Ability to set a filter's default action to an extension instead of just opening it. Allows for improved workflow for selecting a particular file and actioning it with a custom action
  • Ability to 'replace' a current extension of the same name when importing - allows for easier upgrading of extensions
  • Renaming of hotkeys is now possible by right clicking (or double clicking) on the hotkey in the list
  • Added a 'help' keyword which gives quick access to search Alfred's help site
  • Intelligent type matching with spell / define keywords. If you start spelling with a capital letter, ensure this is carried through to all spelling suggestions
  • Drag reordering URLs in Alfred's URL global hotkeys prefs to set tab (or window) order in your default browser
  • Drag reorder Applications / Files in Alfred's File Group extension prefs to set launch order


  • Wildcarding in the clipboard history view with * for more flexible searching through history
  • Non anchored Name search for snippets in the clipboard viewer (for more 'interesting' matching)
  • The iTunes Mute keyword now mutes iTunes instead of setting volume to 0. This allows toggling of mute by typing mute again. Automatically un-mutes on playing from mini player.
  • Turn off iTunes Mini Player DJ mode when selecting a random album to prevent confusion
  • Workflow extension parameters now have the option to be Required / Optional / None, allowing for keyword to be linked directly to workflow with no extension
  • De-duplicate URLS which are in history and are typed as new so you don't see URLs twice (once typed and once from history)
  • Place cursor position to the right of the path when using a global hotkey to open a file path in Alfred's file system navigation
  • Improved URL matching for localhost and sites which use ports (e.g. localhost:8888)
  • Ignore certain schemes from URL recognition e.g. site: kind: as these work better on fallback / finder based searches
  • Improve some of the help subtext throughout the preferences for clarity
  • Remove all spaces from query for maths calculation as they are unnecessary. Also allows for space delimiting on large numbers for clarity
  • Remove legacy code from Alfred, doing a nice big tidy up on the way for improved efficiency
  • Add a gap in the Features > Default Result prefs between Essential and Extras
  • Improved contact card notes field (no longer truncates to the right for multiple lines)
  • Improvements to iTerm2 focusing after 'open terminal here' and terminal commands
  • More useful message on invalid licenses
  • Allow for valid spaces in URL recognition
  • Add the additional items which are now synced to the help text in the syncing prefs

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent the confirmation dialog from showing when deleting from views in Alfred's preferences when no rows are selected
  • Defend against potentially dodgy iTunes metadata, especially with Match
  • Use the correct Amazon online store when Ireland is selected as locale
  • Make sure the application name is correctly shown in the Global Hotkeys list when dragging a new application in
  • When using the Random Album function outside of the iTunes Mini Player, reload the library if needed instead of doing nothing
  • Change spelling to Luxembourg in locales (tsk tsk @vero)
  • Fix wording for AppleScript extension subtext (was accidentally the same as shell script)
  • Correctly encode URLs typed into Alfred which contain accented characters
  • Fix keypad enter key to work in contacts viewer
  • Make default Facebook search UTF-8
  • Clear search context when changing query prefix (fixes e.g. exiting contact viewer, then prefixing name with google)
  • Trim the 'custom home folder location' before use as trailing newlines gave strange behaviour
  • Ensure that contacts are still opened in the contact viewer with the new filter action customisation
Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2011-08-23 | Download

- Make Alfred more resistant to potential unexpected problems caused by shell extensions
- Better identification of contacts which can be viewed in the Alfred contact viewer
- Fix incorrect subtext for non PP / MAS contacts in Alfred's results
- Fix fallback searches from showing '{query}' in the prefs, correctly show '...'
- Add Intel only Growl library to standardise for website / app store compliant
- Deferred pasting with 'snip' keyword to keep consistency with clipboard navigator
- Register Alfred's defaults setting earlier in initialisation for robustness
- Remove froogle search due to complications (users can add a custom search for this instead)
- Change 'Search Google Mail' web search to work with new style gmail URLs
- Setup Lion build server and auto build / release scripts
- Email keyword with an additional space stops keyword from working
- Add Israel to selectable Locales

Version 0.9 | Release Date: 2011-05-11 | Download

New Features:

Global Hotkeys [Powerpack]
Custom Terminal Commands + Improvements [Powerpack]
Preference Syncing [Powerpack]
iTunes Mini Player Improvements [Powerpack]
iTunes DJ Support - best way to randomise your iTunes library (toggle in prefs)
Overhaul Preferences

Other New Features & Improvements

Drag files out of Alfred into other apps [PP]
Update 'Custom Sites' editor view and allow for custom images
Add the ability to hide, quit, force quit currently running applications
Add iTunes and Clipboard to usage graph [PP]
increase size of text area for filenames while browsing the file system [PP]
Update to latest version of FMDB by @ccgus
Truncation and general UI improvements around text display
User definable home folder, default to ~/ [PP]
User definable tab key (auto-complete or action) [PP]
Make AppleScripts run with osascript rather than NSAppleScript
Stop pre-compiling applescripts and compile / cache on the fly on users' machines
Add email attachment support for Outlook (thanks @jdfwarrior) [PP]

Version 0.8.2 | Release Date: 2011-02-27 | Download

New Features:
* Address Book Integration [initial work] - ability to view contacts in Alfred (Powerpack)
* Import and Export of Alfred Themes (Powerpack)
* Search within files using the 'in' keyword
* Change 'find' and 'open' behaviour to allow scrolling past the max displayed results (configurable in the preferences between 20 and 40)
* Custom url scheme for automatically adding custom searches to Alfred
* Option to make 'email' keyword launch gmail with an email for that contact (Powerpack)
* Option for iTunes mini player to only play longer albums when selecting random features (5 or more songs, Powerpack)
and many more.

* Make cmd+o open folders in Finder when in File System Navigation. Also, add option to default to return opening folders in Finder (Powerpack)
* Add custom searches to the selectable fallback search lists (Powerpack)
* Sending files as attachments through Sparrow mail is now supported (Powerpack)
* Add Mouse Scroll wheel / Track Pad scrolling of results
Improve file finding to not wildcard word anchored search queries
* Add 'reload' keyword to reload the application cache
and more.

See the whole changelog at

Version 0.7.2 beta | Release Date: 2010-10-24 | Download

NEW: Clipboard History (Powerpack)
Improved: File System Navigation (Powerpack)
Improved: iTunes Mini Player (Powerpack)

See the whole changelog at

Visit the keyboard help page to see all default keboard shortcuts.

Version 0.7.1 beta | Release Date: 2010-09-23 | Download

iTunes Mini Player Improvements (Powerpack)

Significantly improved iTunes Mini Player, now indexes the iTunes Library XML directly. Improvements include:

- Browsing music by Genre/Album/Artist
- Animated scrolling through related artwork for selected result
- Ability to play a random album
- Non indexed drive and NAS support - Much more resilient against missing metadata
- Supports all types of music imported into iTunes (wav etc)
- Very basic Playlist support (this will improve soon)
- Using a temporary Playlist to provide a predictable playlist order
- If Alfred core is already showing, make iTunes hotkey show the mini player rather than hide core
- Make rating work off of persistent id rather than 'current track' to make more reliable
- Delete iTunes database on upgrade to ensure the latest version of indexing.
- Make refresh view work on dark L&F (will be made more consistent in future release)
- Keyboard shortcuts for current song star rating (cmd+alt+number)
- Change play hotkey to alt+cmd+down to group with forward and back
- Add alt+cmd+up for random album at any point
- Pad the persistent id hex string with 0 to match db id (make album show correctly on random)
- Add 'Play random album' inside individual Genre nodes (at top for easy access)
- Add 'Artists for genre' inside individual Genre nodes
- Ability to ignore the tracks that aren't ticked in iTunes (optional in prefs, includes all by default)
- Show more playlists and better icons to represent playlist type
- Filtering of playlists by typed name inside playlist node
- Add +1 onto the descriptor at index playlist loop as missing last playlist item
- cmd+r hotkey to reindex itunes library (when player open)
- prevent selection panel from taking first responder (so focus always stays in text input)
- Option to Play all songs by a particular artist: SLOW so 'hidden' option for now using boolean pref key itunes.showPlayAllTracksByArtist

New Features:

- New usage counter on the about tab - see how addicted you are ;)
- Option to filter out calendar items in file find preferences
- Added Romania, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil to locales

Bug Fixes:

- Fire selection changed when using the mouse to update the right hand summary (affects all panels, fs nav, actions etc)
- Capture keyboard input immediately after hotkey activation for cases where Alfred is prevented from opening instantly
- Correctly show iTunes artwork for artwork with non-square aspect ratio
- Better 'forced' single tap support with hotkey.forceSingleModifier hidden pref
- Prevent potential instability if OS X can't identify the location of some core apps like and

Version 0.7 beta | Release Date: 2010-08-30 | Download

New Features:

* Powerpack: Tab based result actions, press tab on a result and perform actions such as Open With or Copy To
* Powerpack: Added file system navigation with quick access using / (for root) and ~ (for home)
* Powerpack: Add Powerpack tab to preferences with info and licence mechanism
* Powerpack: added 'email' keyword to create an email to a contact using
* Many under the hood architectural and performance changes in preparation for Powerpack
* Pressing space before typing a query now gives a shortcut to open files (use ' for same shortcut)


* Improve the hotkey display in results, now showing enter under the selected result
* Improved 'About' tab in Prefs with hints of the new branding
* Much improved system command icons
* plist files are no longer hidden by default now that we are hiding system files

Version 0.6.6 beta | Release Date: 2010-07-12 | Download

New Features:

- System command to show the trash with default keyword 'trash'.


- Simplify the Appearance preferences by removing some options and setting better defaults
- General code improvements and optimisations

Bug Fixes:

- Fix crash on directly running Applescripts with cmd+number

Version 0.6.4 | Release Date: 2010-06-20 | Download

* Overhauled preferences making them easier to use and more scalable for future features
* Added 'Bugs' tab into preferences to simplify reporting bugs
* Added Appsfire to default web searches with keyword 'app' to search for apps
* Increased speed of App searching by ~365% further reducing the CPU load
* Many 'under the hood' changes to prepare for future features

Bug Fix:
* Mixed mode UTF8 encoding on both default and custom searches - should make web searches more reliable

Version 0.6.2 | Release Date: 2010-05-18 | Download

- Sparkle integration for auto-updates
- "Play" keyword which filters by music files and plays them in your default player
- New system commands - sleep, shutdown, restart, logout, screen saver, empty trash, lock
- Added 'run' command to filter by and run applescripts (no args yet)
- Experimental option to search for apps by file system name (useful for users in a non-English locale wanting to find apps in English)

See the full Changelog here:

Version 0.6.2 beta | Release Date: 2010-05-18 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.6 beta | Release Date: 2010-04-27 | Download

New Features:
- Ability to add your own custom web searches, including local urls such as spotify
- Optional fuzzy matching on Applications, for example thl would find The Hit List. Note: you get more accurate results with this option disabled and using Spotlight Comments instead.
- Added signup email box to beta tab
- Added folders to default search (e.g. 'desktop' to open Finder to Desktop). Work in progress - yet to be properly filtered
- Added Russia and Austria to locales, added Froogle Germany
- Update Austrian locale to use and

- Much much better calculator based on Graham Cox's GCMathParser:
- Can now use F keys or double tapping modifier keys (including cmd+cmd) as the Alfred hotkey
- Changed default Wikipedia web search to more reliable search rather than /wiki/{query}
- Finder is now found with default searcher
- Austria now get and by default
- Built with XCode 3.2.2 / new optimisations

Bug Fixes:
- Fix buffer flushing issue in lex parser for calculator

Version 0.5.6 | Release Date: 2010-04-05 | Download

A few highlights:

- Performance: Pre-caching of apps & significant speed improvements
- Basic update checker which pops up “Update available” message
- Improved local search scope preferences
- Improved relevancy and accuracy of results (This is just the start, there’s still a lot to do here)
- shortcut creation (using “bitly” keyword)
- UI design tweaks
- Added new countries to locales
- Advanced calculator (using ‘=’, still experimental)

Full change log:

Version 0.5.6 | Release Date: 2010-04-05 | Download

New Features:

  • Add Poland to web locales


  • Load result icons on a separate thread to prevent momentary glitching every so often
  • Change 'status bar' to 'menu bar' in appearance prefs tab

Bug Fixes:

  • Prevent empty query (spaces) from returning irrelevant search results
  • Prevent config cog from showing over text field when both hats (menu bar / main window) are hidden
Version 0.5 | Release Date: 2010-03-21 | Download
Version 0.5 Release Notes New features:
  • Dictionary "Spell" and "Define"
  • Basic calculator
  • Google’s I’m feeling lucky added with keyword "lucky" (this will be improved in the future)
  • Wolfram Alpha added to the standard web searchers with keyword "wolfram"
  • Google translation added with keyword "translate" – Translates both sentences and websites
  • Added Flickr search with keyword "flickr"
  • Added with keyword "ask"
  • Spotlight Comments – you can set a comment of "ff" for Firefox and Alfred will find it
  • Improved hotkey selection field
  • Ability to change keywords for web searches
  • Ability to disable unwanted websites from results
  • Option to prioritise items with Spotlight Comments at the top
  • Preference to save window position
  • Option to always show subtext under results if available
  • Preference to turn off Alfred fade-in
  • Added a "Reindex" button to the experimental tab
  • Ability to configure the "Esc" key behaviour
  • Ability to disable "find" and "open" keywords
  • Experimental feature to allow a comma as decimal
  • separator (for locales such as Germany)
  • Experimental feature to ignore the locale for Google and Wikipedia
  • Option to choose how many results are shown
  • Option to remove text at bottom of window
  • Tweaks to the dark theme
  • Correctly URL encode a + as %2b (which means things like Google calculator will now work)
  • Locale system overhauled (need to re-set your locale)
  • Remove the status bar icon before quitting so it doesn’t leave a gap
  • Special characters now shown correctly in hotkey field
Known issues:
  • Address book: If launching a contact and there is a search in the contacts search field, the contact doesn’t show
  • Iconography not updated in prefs due to time constraints
  • Search relevance needs further improvements (main focus of next release)
  • Help pages need to be populated in more details
  • Window positioning not remembered on first change, but remembered from 2nd move
  • Spotlight Comments don’t get prioritised above standard searches (eg. Spell…)
Version 0.4.1 | Release Date: 2010-03-06 | Download
  • Ability to hide status bar icon. When status bar icon is hidden, you see a small cog for ‘preferences’ on the Alfred main window.
  • Changed status bar icon to a simpler hat
  • More flexibility for hotkey selection
  • Simple tickbox to ignore emails in ‘find’ and ‘open’ searches
  • Added System Preference Panels to default search (eg ‘Appearance’)
  • Once launched, show Alfred on double clicking icon in /apps or the icon in the dock
  • Pressing Esc clears the search term. If there is no search term, Esc will hide Alfred
  • Multi page preferences dialog
  • Ability to search Google Mail using ‘Gmail…’
  • Make ‘tab’ autocomplete work more reliably
  • cmd + W now closes the preferences window
  • Default Hotkey changed to ‘alt space’ – Check and update your hotkey!
Version 0.4 | Release Date: 2010-03-03 | Download
No changes specified