Licence: Freeware
Version 1.1.1 | Release Date: 2007-08-06 | Download

Changes in version 1.1.1
* Fixed a bug which caused AudioSlicer to crash if no ID3 tag was found in the mp3 file

Changes in version 1.1
* Universal binary (works now on Intel Macs)
* Recoded silence analyzer to run optimally multi-threadd on multi-core machines
* Reengineered build process of required libraries to happen automatically in Xcode
* Added a link to open the new manual pdf from the help menu
* Switched from id3lib to taglib for unicode support (chinese and other wide-char languages are fine now)
Several minor bugfixes

Version 1.0.3 | Release Date: 2006-07-11 | Download
No changes specified