Licence: GPL
Version | Release Date: 2008-06-30 | Download

New Features:

* Core | Added Auto Starting rule to seed large swarms first; useful when many overseeded torrents are in the queue or the upload capacity is far above average
* UIv3 | Friend Chat (double click on friend icon to chat)
* UIv3 | Ability to share content from your computer by dragging it to a Friend
* UI | Protocol overhead is now shown in the speed graph
* UI | Downloads can now be moved and renamed while running - torrent will be auto-paused
* UI | New "rename" action which renames torrent file, save file and displayed name at same time
* UI | Plugin log views now support autoscrolling, pausing and regex filtering
* UI | Plugin menu items which in the right-click menu now appear in the "Torrent" menu also
* UIv3 | Experimental option to use Mozilla/Firefox as browser widget on any platform (XulRunner or Firefox 3 must be installed)
* Plug | Added support for plugins to easily use an external configuration file for settings
* Plug | Plugins can now have full control over on-complete and on-removal file moving
* Plug | Added resource downloader to provide way to download files from Sourceforge
* Plug | Added API methods to generically pop up the message box to a user
* Plug | Added API methods to listen to download-complete events
* Plug | Added various convenience methods for using log views and config models
* Plug | Added API to allow native UI objects to be added to config views
* Plug | Added some more methods for plugins to control some transport mechanisms
* Plug | Added ability to add menus to status entry objects
* Plug | Plugins can now open files using default application handlers


* Core | Built-in plugins can now be disabled - it didn't work properly in earlier versions
* UI | Create Vivaldi views for each DHT in use
* UI | Added support for rotation in Vivaldi view
* UI | Peers view hostname column now sorts host names by the most significant part first
* UIv3 | Finished fixes for the new styled dialog which are now default in Vuze/Vuze Advanced
* UIv3 | Added friend icon next to activity entry
* UIv3 | New plugin bar look (removed arrows, added selectable list all plugin bar views)
* Core | added "upload_only" flag to AZMP/LTEP handshakes, disconnect any uploading_only peers we don't need / that don't need us when disconnect seeds when seeding is set
* Core | Further startup speed improvements
* Core | Speedup of various file batch operations (priority changes)
* Core | Added option to allow the removal of files linked outside the save directory when removing data
* UI | Column menu option to disable fast renaming in files view, changed fast rename to behave more like the windows explorer
* UI | In console UI, shrunk help text down to be more concise

Corrected bugs:

* Core | Fixed bug which stopped downloads being stored in the chosen directory
* Core | Fixed bug which prevented torrent files from being moved properly
* Core | Reopening torrents does not delete files when setting some of the already existing files to DND anymore
* Core | Fixed bug which prevented UPnP mappings from being successful when a SOCKS proxy was used
* UI | Fixed bug where delete icon on toolbar was not present on OSX
* UI | Blank cells are now properly put at the bottom when sorting a table column
* UIv3 | Fixed bottom of list views not repainting properly
* UIv3 | Remove type headers when switching to date sorting
* Core | Made change so that plugins could not inadvertently turn off Azureus extension protocol
* Core | The UDP tracker client option has been nonfunctional for quite a while now -> fixed
* Core | Fixed various file-priority-change related bugs that resulted in error states

Version | Release Date: 2008-03-04 | Download

New Features:

Core | Added uTorrent PEX support
Core | Azureus probes trackers for UDP-capabilities on first scrape/announce now and uses udp instead of http where available
Core | Added option to enforce IP bindings even when the specified interfaces are not available (useful when Azureus should not use certain network interfaces)
Core | Intervene with http seeds if progressive stall imminent
Core | Message user on startup if they have installed Azureus to read-only location
Core | Added dnd status to XML stats
UI | Added option for "Open Containing Folder" menu action - which may integrate better with non-standard file browsers
UI | Added option for "Show Torrent Menu" -- Users can now decide to see the Torrent menu in the menubar or not
UI | Fast Renaming (not moving) in the Files tab (click on name column) and Open Torrent dialog (click on dest. name column)
UI | Completed downloaders column
UI | Added start/stop to category menu
UI | Added per-category speed limits
UI | Added per-category option setting
UI | Added multiple-torrent options setting to MyTorrents view
UIv3 | New menu configuration for Vuze and Vuze Advanced UI's
UIv3 | Activity Tab
UIv3 | Vuze Login from client
Plug | Added Network Status plugin to perform some basic network tests
Plug | Allow plugins to specify their minimum JDK requirements

Core | Further memory footprint reductions; for additional tweaks see
Core | Reimplemented LT extension protocol code
Core | DND/Compact (aka Delete) priority now deletes all files that do not share pieces with normal/high priority files
Core | Queuing rules now don't start any further torrents if the global up/download speed limits are reached
Core | Made the crypto handshake a bit less predictable
Core | Added support for IPv6 compact announces (client) and udp-multiscrapes (client+server)
Core | Take note of more peer-source selections
Plug | Added support for plugins which implement mainline DHT
Corrected bugs:

Core | Request limiting/Priorities no longer pinch off LAN peers if seperate LAN speeds are enabled
Core | Increase time Azureus holds open listen socket on close to reduce dual-start window
Core | Allow ~ character in tracker addresses to support I2P
Core | Determine app name correctly on OSX so that restart works for renamed apps
UI | Shells no longer use the low-res frog icon, the normal main window icon is now used instead
UI | Limiting comments in General View to 5k characters under WinXP to avoid crashes due to faulty comctl32.dll
UI | Setting speed parameters manually now disables autospeed
Plug | Encode spaces correctly in get-right web seed urls

Version | Release Date: 2007-12-27 | Download

2007.12.21 | Azureus Vuze

FEATURE: UI | Added "Check Files Exist" menu option [amc1]
FEATURE: Plug | Perform low resource usage tracking of online torrents for swarm cross-population purposes [Parg]

CHANGE: Core | Added option to disable download speed focus [The 8472]
CHANGE: Core | Reduced memory usage for many-torrent instances [The 8472]
CHANGE: UI | Multiple selected torrent export now works [amc1]

BUGFIX: Core | Fixed IP filters not working when ALLOW instead of DENY was used [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Improve rebuffering behaviour when real-time pieces are too slow for any peers to get in time [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Ensure minimum buffer requirements are factored into ETA calculation [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | Eliminated various memory leaks [The 8472]

Version | Release Date: 2007-10-03 | Download

New Features:

UI | Added "All Peers" view

Core | Added workarounds for some buggy UPnP router implementations
UI | NAT status bar indicator and health icons now ignore UDP and LAN-local connections
Corrected bugs:

Core | Fixed bug where a torrent's save location is "forgotten" when a recheck is done in some circumstances
Core | Fixed MacOSX playback bug
Core | Fixed update restart bug

Version 3.0.2 | Release Date: 2007-08-21 | Download

Version | Release Date: 2007-06-20 | Download
  • FEATURE: Core | IP Filter Autoloading. Supports DAT (eMule), P2P (PeerGardian, splist), and P2B v1,2,3 (Peer Gardian 2) formats. [TuxPaper]
  • FEATURE: UI | Option to display divider lines every 60 updates on the Statistics view [amc1]
  • FEATURE: Plug | Added helper class to make listening to download events across all downloads easier [amc1]
  • FEATURE: Core | Azureus AutoSpeed v2 Beta [ranul]
Version | Release Date: 2007-05-29 | Download

FEATURE: Core | Byte-level download control for Downloads [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Speed tester wizard [ranul,Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Added "Transfers Bar" (similar to the "Download Bar") [amc1]
FEATURE: UI | Correctly identifies FoxTorrent and Blizzard Downloader peers [amc1]
FEATURE: UI | Determines version information for Bits On Wheels and Opera peers [amc1]
FEATURE: UI | Vivaldi view can use mouse wheel too zoom now (requires clicking on the view first) [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: UI | Date Completed column [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: UI | (Beta) Various Auto Speed algorithms [ranul]
FEATURE: UI | Auto-open MyShares if any shares [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Handle 503s better with webseeds [Jochen Seifarth,Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Disable HTTP authentication dialog for webseeds [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Reduce DHT registration counts for queued torrents [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Running Azureus while azureus is already running now brings Azureus to front [TuxPaper]
CHANGE: UI | OSX: Make minimize to status bar icon hide the main window instead of putting it in the doc [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: Core | Updater now works on Vista with security challenged users [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: Core | Fixup "Get Right" webseed handling as per the spec [Jochen Seifarth]
BUGFIX: Core | Fixed bug which sometimes prevented corrupted torrents being removed properly [amc1]
BUGFIX: Core | Fix rare case where app dir on win32 could report wrong azureus dir on multi-az computers [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: Core | Prevent upnp dispatcher queue from growing too large [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Limit UPnP write-request exec threads [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | Fixed force starting a torrent via the Open Torrent Window options. [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: Speed Tester Wizard (Advanced UI)
FEATURE: Added Date Completed column to Library
FEATURE: Progressive download and streaming via UPnP Media Server
CHANGE: OSX: Make minimize to status bar icon hide the main window instead of putting it in the doc
BUGFIX: Updater now works on Vista with security challenged users

Version | Release Date: 2007-04-16 | Download

FEATURE: Core | Auto-speed: added control for forced-max network speed [Parg]

BUGFIX: Core | 100% CPU problem in network code under some conditions [Parg]

Version | Release Date: 2007-04-06 | Download

2007.04.05 | Azureus

FEATURE: Core | Option to clear stored tracker list used for creating torrents [amc1]
FEATURE: UI | Option to add full UPnP debug information to the log view [amc1]

BUGFIX: UI | Fixed issue where excessive file checks were being done when generating the torrent context menu [amc1]

FEATURE: Message boxes that are related to content now display a thumbnail

BUGFIX: "Currently Downloading" section of Home tab sometimes stopped drawing itself
BUGFIX: Password prompt (if option enabled) when restoring from system tray
BUGFIX: 2nd line of progress column no long displays "ETA" when non ETA info is shown
BUGFIX: Content in error state should be resumable now (once the user fixes the cause of the error)

Version | Release Date: 2007-03-18 | Download
  • FEATURE: Core | Alerts can now be shown in individual message popup boxes [amc1]
  • FEATURE: Core | Alerts can now be suppressed and shown on demand [amc1]
  • FEATURE: Core | Per-peer upload/download speed limits [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Per-category upload/download speed limits [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Per-torrent super-seeding via MyTorrents context menu [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Option to auto-download and install updates [TuxPaper]
  • FEATURE: UI | Overall piece map for Piece View [TuxPaper]
  • FEATURE: UI | New "Peer ID" columns in the Peers View [amc1]
  • FEATURE: Plug | Plugins can now add their own status indicators on the status bar [amc1]
  • FEATURE: Plug | Plugins can now add menu items to the system tray, download bars, menu bar [amc1]
  • FEATURE: Plug | Plugins can now remove menu items that are created (allows for dynamic menus) [amc1]
  • FEATURE: Plug | Added extra methods on DownloadManager making it easier to listen to download events [amc1]
  • CHANGE: Core | Include msvcr71.dll in Windows installation bundles, for compatibility with Java6 [Nolar]
  • CHANGE: Plug | Added full set of config parameter methods for completeness [amc1]
  • BUGFIX: Plug | UPnP plugin now correctly attempts to remove existing mappings if they are in the way of new mappings [amc1]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Fix Re-adding a torrent causing "1-" or "-1" directories or files [TuxPaper]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Fixed bug where files were sometimes moved into a subdirectory, where the directory name was only one character long [amc1]
  • BUGFIX: Plug | Fixed bug where some plugin menu items didn't appear under certain conditions [amc1]
  • FEATURE: Columns auto-hide when there's not enough room for them to display nicely
  • FEATURE: Added Quality column to "Last Downloads" and "Library" views
  • FEATURE: Warn on trying to delete paid for content
  • FEATURE: Ability to use cache peers
  • FEATURE: Auto-download updates
  • FEATURE: Filtering for Library view
  • CHANGE: Warn when trying to play a piece of content that's been removed from the filesystem
  • CHANGE: Font size tweaks for some fonts that need to fit into a specific area (like buttons and tabs)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed versions prior to sometimes thinking they were originally 2.5.0.x
Version | Release Date: 2007-01-25 | Download
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Version 2.5 | Release Date: 2006-08-22 | Download
No changes specified
Version | Release Date: 2006-07-09 | Download
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