Licence: Other Open Source
Version 1.6 | Release Date: 2009-03-04 | Download
  • Features
    • Database metadata fetching has been rewritten and is now much faster.
    • BaseTen-specific SQL tables and views have also been optimized to require a smaller number of queries when making a connection.
    • Queries sent after receiving change notifications from the database have also been made simpler.
    • Database metadata is now shared across database contexts.
    • Thread safety in metadata classes.
    • Query logging is possible again. Query results are logged as well.
    • Rewrote most parts of generic connection panel implementation. The panels should now work more reliably.
    • Host existence is now checked before asking the user for login credentials.
    • BXSynchronizedArrayController now sets created objects' foreign key fields if its content is bound to another synchronized array controller.
  • Bug fixes include:
    • BaseTen
      • Self-updating collections now work even if they were initially empty.
      • Reconnecting after system sleep no longer requires SSL if set to prefer.
      • Password will only be stored into the Keychain if it's known to work.
      • Importing entities with equal names from an Xcode data model now works.
      • BaseTenModifications.sql is now included in the framework bundle.
      • More errors are reported, such as fetching from an inexisting entity.
    • BaseTenAppKit
      • User-supplied IPv6 addresses are now handled correctly.
    • BaseTen Assistant
      • SQL syntax in certain queries.
      • Helper tables are now removed before replacing entities.
      • Making changes to an Xcode data model no longer requires the assistant to be restarted.
      • Port number field now accepts an empty value after it has been filled once.
      • The main window's position is now stored into preferences.
      • The assistant's help now works.
Version 1.0RC2 | Release Date: 2007-11-20 | Download
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