Blink Lite

Licence: Freeware
Version 3.2.0 | Release Date: 2014-03-25 | Download

What's New in Version 3.2.0

* Added network bandwidth utilization for audio calls
* Added option to conference menu to tell when participants list has changed
* Added menu item to open last Instant Messages window
* Added OTR for SIP Message sessions
* Added rich text capabilities for Chat sessions
* Allow using Alert panel even when screen saver is active
* Allow File transfer of entire folders as zip archives
* Detect pending hold requests to disable session buttons accordingly
* Retry alternative route in case of server failure
* Show progress indicator when adding audio from Chat window
* Refactor changing presence state
* Start a new session from scratch if proposal fails
* Imediately fail to start session if we have no IP address
* Imediately fail sending SMS if we have no IP address
* OTR fixes for SMS messages
* Strip spaces from URIs in contacts
* Bring main window on top when clicking on the system menu icon
* Discard availability UI notifications for myself
* Don't bring up file transfer window when sending screenshots
* Always send own icon after starting a chat session
* Highlight DND SIP accounts with red
* Log when starting session from a call transfer request
* Don't play local ringtone if early media is active
* Show Activity tab on logs window load
* Print connectivity failure in sip registration status for some PJSIP errors
* Don't require OTR encryption for Bonjour sessions
* Improved parsing of sip addresses called from external applications
* Allow dragging folders over Audio session to start File transfer
* Fixed rendering incoming image file transfer in Chat window
* Allow dropping folders over Chat window to start File transfer
* Log when IP address changes
* Stick visually Chat messages from the same recipient together
* Add system address book at the end of the group lists when searching matching contact
* Don't print connection system messages for replayed Chat history
* Don't print OTR encryption errors in Chat window
* Refactor purging of temporary files
* Print SIP registration details once
* Added toggle Outgoing calls group to contextual menu
* Don't require presence to enable start chat menu item
* Added Opus codec 1.1
* Added send snapshot from camera to Chat sessions (click on Grab toolbar menu)
* Added advanced option to automatically send anonymous calls to Answering Machine
* Remove contact from online group when subscribe for Presence is disabled
* Don't update iCloud settings for accounts that have this feature disabled
* Properly capture exceptions when creating a new SIP account
* Refactored publishing icon URLs for presence
* Purge temporary snapshot files on exit
* Use 101 as the telephone-event SDP payload type
* Added toolbar button to start audio call from SMS window
* Added copy/paste from Watcher list to Contact list
* Added DND until call is ended
* Added job title and organization for Address Book contacts
* Added Jabber and all Email addresses to AB contacts
* Unmute microphone before starting an audio call
* Enable audio button only if session is not in progress
* Disable Presence if contacts sync is disabled during enrollment
* Lookup icons in blink presence contacts only
* Handle multiple URIS when create presence contact from another contact
* Use first SIP URI as name if missing for Address Book contacts

Version 3.1.1 | Release Date: 2013-10-27 | Download

What's New in Version 3.1.1

* Fixed broken logging
* Use ICE nat traversal for new sip2sip accounts
* Fixed restoring contacts from backup
* Don't notify in UI for presence subscriptions to myself
* Mark SMS messages as failed if DNS lookup fails

Version 3.1.0 | Release Date: 2013-10-12 | Download

What's New in Version 3.1.0

* Added OTR protocol for end-to-end private Chat conversations
* Added SMP protocol for verifying remote fingerprints for private Chat conversations
* Added per Contact/Session storage option for private Chat conversations
* Added a safety timer for Music application muting when they fail
* Mark pending outgoing Chat messages as failed if the DNS lookup fails
* Mark privacy for each Chat messages using a coloured lock
* Added option to purge Logs saved to files in Preferences
* Allow starting Audio call from Chat window
* Honor remote preference for not logging Chat to local history database
* End Session when reinvite fails for last stream
* Refactored toggling visibility of Collaborative editor
* Don'r render system message when cancelling Chat session
* Show loading indicator in chat view when connecting session
* Don't duplicate system Chat message when a chat stream fails
* Fixed marking failed Chat messages
* Fixed startup if default Account is None
* Fixed reusing Audio tile after one SIP route fails
* Use white font for failed Chat messages
* Fixed display of packet loss in Audio tile
* Fixed DNS lookup blockiness
* Fixed crash when in-dialog request fails to be sent within a subscription
* Fixed memory leak by initializing the handler after the stream initialized
* Properly handle mutex creation failures
* Fixed reusing Chat sessions in same window
* Fixed position of Call transfer contextual menu
* Fixed detecting when Music has been paused
* Fixed handling errors in remove_stream
* Improved Chat connection messages
* Improved performance of LDAP queries
* Improved performace of loading System Address Book
* Handle System Address Book changes incrementally
* Don't set a default DTMF delimiter to #
* Use single global c line when creating SDP
* Relax Opus codec matching when doing SDP negotiation
* Always put useinbandfec in SDP for Opus codec

Version 3.0.0 | Release Date: 2013-08-22 | Download

What's New in Version 3.0.0

* Added audio ultra-wideband support for 32 kHz sample rate
* Added Acoustic Echo Cancellation for 32kHz sample rate
* Added Automatic Gain Control for microphone input
* Added 32kHz and removed 8kHz sample rate for Speex codec
* Added Chat privacy setting to avoid logging messages to history
* Added icons to History menu items
* Added availability notifications for Mountain Lion or newer OSX versions
* Added option to start multiparty Conference when all participants are available
* Added speech synthesis menu item to tell when a Contact becomes available
* Moved Availability indicator on the right side of the contacts
* Added hide/show option for menu items of History Groups and History Contacts
* Added contextual Group menu items for selection of the history period
* Added special groups toggle in main interface bottom left contacts button
* Remove contacts from Missed Call Group after succeesful calls
* Fixed automatic hangup on RTP timeout per account
* Fixed fall back to alternative route
* Fixed Presence handling bugs
* Fixed high CPU usage when many contacts get presence updates
* Fixed Call Hold to stop streaming
* Fixed hogging the GUI when re-loading file transfer history
* Fixed number of missed calls for Contacts in Missed Calls Group
* Fixed a random crash when Screen Sharing session ends
* Fixed initializing smileys theme
* Fixed duplication of replicated SMS messages
* Fixed fall back to alternative SIP routes
* Beautify codec names in Preferences panel
* Improved general logging
* Reduced startup and shutdown time
* Reduced overall application memory usage
* Reload model after deleting policy entry
* Fixed calling logging function
* Skip connecting to chat replication server if chat replication password not set
* Handle hanging ringing sessions with a clean up timer
* Auto select authorized account for session to XMPP contacts
* Increase GUI responsivness when session ends
* Don't try publish after application ended
* Update history menu section titles

Version 2.3.1 | Release Date: 2013-06-26 | Download

What's New in Version 2.3.1

* Added notifications for MacOSX 10.8
* Added menu option to copy history contact uri to search bar
* Fixed deleting source contact when merging
* Fixed selecting None as audio device
* Stop spinning wheel if authentication fails
* Replace synthetic myself contact with handling new presence notification for myself
* Bundle Python framework within Blink application

Version 1.7.0 | Release Date: 2012-08-31 | Download

What's New in Version 1.7.0

* Refactored Contacts Management. For more information see
* Added session history synchronization with service
* Added chat messages replication with service
* Added window menu entry to open Chat conversations
* Added Cmd-F keyboard shortcut for search contact
* Added Cmd-W shortcut for closing the chat window
* Added nickname support for MSRP conferences
* Fixed handling failed chat messages when connection drops
* Fixed exceptions in the debug window
* Fixed memory leaks in session and stream management
* Fixed a race condition in subscription for conference-info
* Fixed accounting of media type when chat session is cancelled
* Fixed race conditions in account registrar and subscription handler
* Fixed handling for Min-Expires header for REGISTER methods
* Fixed handling for incoming INVITE with inactive audio offer
* Fixed handling re-INVITEs with an empty body
* Fixed displaying our own contact on Bonjour conferencing
* Fixed discovery of Bonjour announced Conference servers
* Fixed stopping outgoing ringtones in some situations
* Fixed handling refresh interval from Min-Expires for SUBSCRIBE methods
* Fixed parsing errors for SIP URIs
* Fixed crash when the realm field is empty in authentication headers
* Fixed memory leaks in Session Info panel
* Fixed memory leaks in Chat Windows
* Fixed memory leaks in Conference Panel
* Fixed setting session failure reason on local transport error
* Fixed timestamp display in Chat sessions
* Fixed Engine failure on bogus incoming REFER requests
* Fixed crash on RTCP decryption when using SRTP
* Fixed some Subscribe method related exceptions
* Fixed setting Chat Window title when there is none to be set
* Fixed a race-condition when adding or removing a Stream
* Re-mapped window keboard shortcuts
* Re-init Session Info panel when re-connect chat session
* Improved display of SIP account in the account popup button
* Handle callto: URLs dialled from external applications
* Terminate all Sessions when going to sleep
* Improved printing of SIP Registration errors
* Improved handling of ringtones when in Silent mode
* Turn off speech synthesis when in Silent mode
* Prevent waking up the computer by Bonjour events
* Hide unnecessary scrollbar in settings section view
* Print audio stream info in Debug Window also if added later
* Implemented Sandboxing
* Removed stopping audio applications functionality

Version 1.6.2 | Release Date: 2012-02-16 | Download

What's New in Version 1.6.2

* Fixed syncing default TLS verify server global setting with accounts
* Fixed handling IPv6 name servers
* Fixed retransmissions of previously failed chat messages
* Small layout changes to Session Info panel

Version 1.6.1 | Release Date: 2012-02-09 | Download

What's New in Version 1.6.1

* Added STUN servers settings to NAT traversal
* Fixed XML parsing errors that caused high CPU load
* Fixed reactivating Bonjour account after a TLS transport change
* Fixed bug that prevented the software running on Snow Leopard
* Fixed searching for non-ASCII characters in contacts list

Version 1.6.0 | Release Date: 2012-02-04 | Download

What's New in Version 1.6.0

* Added selection of alternative SIP outbound proxies
* Added start sessions with multiple media and participants from urls:
sip:[email protected];[email protected];media=audio;media=chat
* Added support for droping files over audio sessions
* Added do not disturb setting
* Added pause/resume support for Spotify
* Improved handling of desktop sharing negotiations
* Close audio drawer when opening chat window
* Fixed display of bonjour contact in drawer
* Fixed lookup of bonjour contacts in contacts list
* Fixed validating toolbar buttons in Chat window
* Fixed stopping Screensharing when shared window is closed
* Fixed removing a stream if a negative response was received
* Fixed blocking of internal timers when menus are being displayed
* Fixed checks for private Chat messages
* Do not handle the same media stream type twice
* Do not use the dial plan of disabled accounts
* Reply with 200 OK to in-dialog OPTIONS requests
* Allow conferencing of bonjour contacts with normal contacts
* Avoid opening drawer if no audio session is active
* Fixed handling of rejected and missed calls
* Shut Blink down if a fatal error occurs in the Engine
* Check for an attribute in sms viewer as the view is shared with chat
* Open external links from account page in system web browser
* Avoid printing chat ended message if stream failed
* Fixed reacting to MediaStreamDidFail on ChatController
* Don't start speech recognition if audio call is in progress
* Use display name if found than tel number when format uri
* Improve reason text when invite to conference fails
* Fixed crash on overflow error
* Fixed crash when bogus G722 payload is received
* Fixed building sipfrag payloads
* Fixed performing DNS lookups within a SIP transaction

Version 1.5.0 | Release Date: 2012-01-06 | Download

What's New in Version 1.5.0

* Added Multiparty Screensharing
* Added Keychain support for password storage
* Added voice over support for blind people
* Added speech recognition for Alert Panel commands
* Added keep window on top functionality
* Added custom labels in Address Book entries
* Added auto-answer per contact
* Say incoming caller name using speech syntezis
* Added Voice Assistance Tools menu items
* Refresh search when Address Book has changed
* Allow * # and , for pause in post-dial DTMF
* Do not render non-text messages in chat view
* Fixed a memory leak in session info panel
* Fixed a memory leak in chat window controller
* Fixed a memory leak in audio controller
* Fixed rejecting proposal when adding new stream
* Fixed restoring volume to VLC player
* Remove participants who did not join conference after 5s delay
* Don't update codec info if call transfer is in progress
* Refactored Logging window
* Refactored Alert panel

Version 1.4.0 | Release Date: 2011-12-06 | Download

What's New in Version 1.4.0

* Added redial
* Added dialpad
* Added night volume control for incoming audio ringtone
* Added directory lookup for sip2sip contacts
* Restore iTunes volume smoother
* Fixed audio status when session ends
* Accept both Enter and Return to start a session
* Fixed selecting per account inbound audio ringtone
* Automatically reload Address Book when changed
* Fixed calling sip uris passed to Blink before start
* Improved logging

Version 1.3.0 | Release Date: 2011-11-05 | Download

What's New in Version 1.3.0

* Added Address Book integration
* Added Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Supression
* Added Screen Sharing using built-in MacOSX VNC viewer and server
* Added Window Screenshot Sharing to Chat window
* Added automatic weekly contacts backup
* Several bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.2.0 | Release Date: 2011-08-20 | Download

What's New in Version 1.2.0

* Added Chat sessions
* Added Desktop Sharing client sessions
* Added File Transfer sessions
* Added Collaborative Editor sessions
* Added conference information to Audio Sessions drawer
* Fixes for Bonjour Account detection
* Better preferences section name
* Improved alignment of sip settings page elements
* Auto-append domain to entered text in search list results
* Updated preferences panel descriptions
* Replaced Add to conference button in search with a dragable contact
* Play alert tone when remote conference added audio
* Improved DNS lookup logging
* Update tooltips in preferences panel
* Check if the accounts GUI has been initialized
* Fixed check for account registration error
* Reload curent selected account after add/remove an account
* Make logging statements more consistent
* Refactored session logging
* Save add contact panel info
* Save add group window info

Version 1.1.1 | Release Date: 2011-07-05 | Download

What's New in Version 1.1.1

* Refactored Preferences Panel
* Serialize sqlite operations in a single thread
* Refactored account handling in main window
* Refactored account handling in preferences panel
* Improved settings migrations to Blink Pro

Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2011-05-27 | Download
No changes specified