Licence: GPL
Version 6.0 | Release Date: 2007-10-27 | Download

BB- Core: Lots of fixes and performance improvements
BB - Statistics: Added many feed / guide related reports
BB - Statistics: Added feeds without traffic report
BB - Statistics: Added feeds in multiple guides report
BB - Statistics: Made feeds and guides in reports clickable
BB - Core: Added statistics collection and display
BB - Post to Blog: Added multiple selected articles blogging
BB - Core: Various small fixes (internationalization, missing resource keys)
BB - GUI: Showing no ugly pending / missing image icons
BB - Core: What’s Hot — Greatly updated
BB - Core: Post to blog — multiple articles support
BB - Plugin: Added Toolbar Plugin type
BB - Core: Cleanup manager enhancements
BB - GUI: Improved the layout of the Tools menu
BB - GUI: Photo display brieft and full modes improved
BB - Core: Corrected recognition of the service level when giving user/pass during installation
BB - Core: Added option (for plug-in manipulation) not to update Search Feeds automatically
BB - Core: Fixed the bug with showing and not updating feeds (after sync-in)
BB - Core: Improved What’s Hot link titles resolution algorithm
BB - Core: Added Plug-in auto-deployment module to pre-install important plug-ins (BB-Connect)
BB - GUI: Scrolling when mouse is over the pagination view
BB - GUI: Improved mouse and keyboard navigation in What’s Hot / Find dialogs
BB - GUI: Better HTML entities recognition in What’s Hot links titles
BB - GUI: What’s Hot settings are stored between invocations
BB - GUI: Added What’s Hot settings synchronization
BB - GUI: Small controls in What’s Hot / Find dialogs
BB - GUI: Updated images loading and caching to load last images first
BB - GUI: Many pagination control fixes
BB - Core: Added new BlogBridge Connect feature to deliver news flashes (plug-in)
BB - Core: Updated translation documentation
BB - GUI: No jumps when pages is gradually loading images
BB - GUI: Lots of What’s Hot enhancments
BB - GUI: Added Ctrl-Ins, Shift-Ins, Shift-Del to text areas and fields
BB - GUI: Adding a new guide before the selected
BB - GUI: Enabled copying / moving feeds with Ctrl-C/V/X
BB - GUI: Focusing article title in feed properties
BB - GUI: Fixed trimming of article pub. date
BB - PTB: Adding time to the publication date when posting to blogs
BB - SmartFeed: Added Amazon Tag SmartFeed to search Amazon tags
BB - SmartFeed: Fixed not updating SmartFeeds when new articles arrive
BB - Core: Added What’s Hot feature
BB - GUI: Added articles pagination
BB - GUI: Fixed the stale article after the search feed deselection
BB - GUI: Improved feed rendering speed through shifting some code to a worker thread
BB - SmartFeeds: Removed smart feed article limitation
BB - Cleanup: Fixed the problem with removing random articles during cleanup (not the old ones first)
BB: Search Feed performance improvements
BB: Increased responsiveness during massive updates
BB: Range selections in the articles view
BB - Core: Sharing feeds during OPML import
BB - GUI: On exit, if there are downloads going on, show the confirmation dialog
BB - GUI: Added “[ ] Pinned articles only” option to search dialog
BB - GUI: Fixed “Left” over the article text moves focus away
BB - GUI: Mac - Updated file chooser
BB - GUI: Mark articles are read / unread per date group (context menu)
BB - GUI: New icons for Search and Query Feeds instead of prefixes

Version 5.3 | Release Date: 2007-04-19 | Download
  • Ability to automatically tag pinned articles.
  • Ability to hide guides with no unread feeds.
  • Article sort order is preserved per feed.
Version 5.2 | Release Date: 2007-04-06 | Download

Plug-in support and database compacting/backup are the two major new features in this release.

Complete changelog:

* BB - Core: Fixed lockup with database access in some cases
* BB - Core: Fixed NPE when system tray is not supported
* BB - Core: Added database compacting on exit
* BB - Core: Added database compact / backup commands to the Tools menu
* BB - Core: More intelligent hidden feed updating
* BB - Sync: Registering only successful synchronization attempts
* BB - Sync: Fixed problem with plug-ins synchronization
* BB - GUI: Showing clickable working folder in the about box
* BB - GUI: When TABing into the articles pane the article is selected
* BB - GUI: Fixed Shift-TAB not working in the dialogs
* BB - GUI: Fixed always focused border around the selected guide cell
* BB - GUI: Fixed reporting no keywords when no keywords are configured
* BB - GUI: Disabled (Shift-)Del when the feeds pane isn’t selected
* BB - SmartFeed: Added ‘*’ wildcard for matching tagged objects with any tags
* BB - SmartFeed: Improved initial SmartFeed scanning speed
* BB - SmartFeed: Added “Entire Article” query feed parameter
* BB - Plug-ins: Code type support
* BB - Plug-ins: Resource type support
* BB - Plug-ins: Highlighting newly installed plug-in and enabling it by default
* BB - Plug-ins: Asking to exit after plug-in configuration change
* BB - Net: Added GZIP compression support

Version 2.16 | Release Date: 2006-07-11 | Download
No changes specified