Licence: Shareware (US $20)
Version 2.2.8 | Release Date: 2010-04-01 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2.2.2 | Release Date: 2009-08-28 | Download

2.2.2 (build 3078)
28 Aug 2009 12:26:15 PDT

[ BPE2 ] Fixed phonebook tokens and OS X 10.6
[Messages] Added possible work-around for Not Found error when syncing Nokia Series 40 5th Ed. FP1 phones
[Messages] Fixed message sync and OS X 10.6
[Messages] Turned off threaded message sync for better stability with OS X 10.6
[Phones] Added protection for hands-free being activated when not configured at setup

2.2.1 (build 3044)
28 Jul 2009 01:42:40 PDT

[AddressBook] Exporter name was not localized
[Chat] Chat window would not consistently hide message contents
[Chat] Spotlight importer had wrong UUID
[Phones] Added basic support for SyncML 1.2
[Phones] Added potential work-around for error sending SMS with Hands-Free enabled on some Samsung phones
[Phones] Added potential work-around for LG VX10K becoming unresponsive during setup
[Phones] Added two potential work-arounds for SyncML issue with Nokia 7310
[Phones] Added work-around for character encoding issue with LG VX10K
[Phones] Added work-around for ERROR when reading SMS from SIM card on Sony Ericsson phones
[Phones] Added work-around for T68 not updating draft message status after sending
[Phones] Displayed wrong number for own phone number on some phones
[Phones] iPhone 3.0 DUN service will be ignored, was causing problems with setup
[Phones] Samsung phones (and others with limited character encoding options) had stopped working
[Phones] Should not have offered to update BPEnabler on Symbian Series 60 5.0 phones
[Plugins] Disabling a plugin could cause problems if BPE2 was not restarted.
[Setup] Added warning if all conduits were disabled

2.2.0 (build 2978)
22 Jun 2009 13:29:41 PDT

[ BPE2 ] Added Spanish localization
[Calls] Volume window did not close after call ended
[Messages] Added support for reading SMS from Nokia Series 40 5th and 6th edition phones
[Messages] Message Window should not have ignored the save-on-device option when draft SMS had already been saved to a folder
[Network+Power] Network name was not decoded from some types of phones
[Phones] Added potential work-around for problems dialing on Samsung SGH-T519
[Phones] Added work-around for bad message encoding on Hands-Free with Sony Ericsson T610
[Phones] Added work-around for error when dialing using Hands-Free on Nokia N85
[Phones] Added work-around for error when priming audio buffer in OS X 10.4
[Phones] Added work-around for mystery call showing up when adding a Motorola Q9h
[Phones] Added work-around for Samsung SGH-F110 becoming unresponsive after phone number request
[Phones] Added work-around for slow message reads on Symbian phones with 400+ SMS
[Phones] Calls were not transfered to Hands-Free channel on some phones if auto-connect was not enabled
[Phones] Commas in last-name-first phonebook entries displayed incorrectly
[Phones] Concatenated SMS were not properly decoded from some types of Samsung phones
[Phones] Connecting calls on BPEnabler channel were not detected as ended if call was transfered to HF channel and not answered
[Phones] Extended work-around for error when dialing on Hands-Free to Nokia N78
[Phones] Fixed error 301 when sending SMS on Nokia series 40 phones
[Phones] Phone name was not removed from the system audio device list if Hands-Free was open when quitting
[Phones] Phonebook was not read from some Motorola phones when Hands-Free was enabled
[Phones] Re-instated delayed newline when sending SMS on Samsung phones
[Phones] Running setup assistant for a connected phone did not completely close open channels
[Phones] Setup assistant should not have showed a connection error if an alternate connection was established
[Phones] SMS send was broken for Symbian phones in 2.1.3
[WinMo] BPEnabler for Windows Mobile updated to 1.05 with support for phones with Broadcom Bluetooth
[WinMo] Incoming and sent messages saved to Windows Mobile phones can now include the sender/recipient's name
[WinMo] Messages on Windows Mobile phones may not have sent if the "Save to Computer" option was enabled
[WinMo] Messages on Windows Mobile phones were being deleted before or after sending
[WinMo] Unread messages can now be saved to Windows Mobile phones

2.1.3 (build 2903)
05 May 2009 12:02:46 PDT

[ BPE2 ] Name lookup for numbers was broken when viewing text messages and calls in the main windows
[AppleScript] Call result property now returns specific values instead of localized text
[Bezel] Bezel window did not display properly if window effects were disabled
[CallLog] Entries were not read from some types of Sony Ericsson phones
[FlashReactor] Keyboard reactor option was not saved
[Messages] Missing date alert should not have been shown if messages were being moved to trash
[Phones] Added BPEnabler 1.01 for Windows Mobile phones (major re-write)
[Phones] Added work-around for error sending longer SMS on some Samsung phones
[Phones] Added work-around for error when reading call log from Sony Ericsson S302
[Phones] Added work-around for LG CU515 falsely reporting caller ID capabilities on DUN channel
[Phones] Added work-around for Motorola error when sending SMS on Hands-Free channel
[Phones] Added work-around for Samsung error when sending longer SMS
[Phones] Added work-around for sending SMS on Hands-Free channel of Motorola CDMA phones
[Phones] Changed work-around for phones that want a CR after sending SMS, to use a delayed timer
[Phones] Connecting to phone from menu would not work under limited circumstances
[Phones] Fixed 10-15 second delay when dialing or answering calls on BPEnabler devices
[Phones] Setup assistant still showed error when sending BPEnabler, even though there was no error
[Phones] SMS header was read incorrectly from some Samsung phones
[Phones] SMS with multiple recipients could not be saved to Symbian phones

Version 2.1.2 | Release Date: 2009-04-03 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2.1.1 | Release Date: 2009-02-08 | Download


New message chat interface!
Adds support for sending to multiple groups.
Adds option to edit message dates.

Supports dialing keypad tones during a call (great for picking up voicemail).
Adds audio indicators and volume control for Hands-Free mode.
Improves reliability of Hands-Free (recommend OS X 10.5.6).

Improves message sending on Motorola and Sony Ericsson phones.
Improves calls, phone and status indicator support for the iPhone.
Includes new versions of the BPEnabler for Symbian phones.

Adds new setup assistant that simplifies adding a phone.
Auto-completing address field includes photos and improves selection between multiple phone numbers.
"Smart" addresses let you click a contact to initiate a new call, message or chat.
Adds missed call/message indicators to dock and menu bar icons.

New documentation! Available from the Help menu or online.
Improved AppleScripts, including integration with Apple Address Book.
And dozens of other improvements!
A detailed list of changes is available in the version history.

Version 2.0.10 (build 2288) | Release Date: 2008-05-23 | Download

[ ] Fixed validation problems upgrading data files with no data
[ ] Opening a BPE2 data file from the Finder will now attempt to import the data file
[ ] Plugin updates left over from beta versions could prevent BPE2 from launching
[ActivityMonitor] Fixed crash if window was closed with running activities
[ActivityMonitor] Queued actions will cancel faster
[AppleScript] Changed call states "connecting/connected" to "answering/answered" to avoid conflict with "connected" Bluetooth phone property
[AppleScript] Some commands did not show up in the AppleScript dictionary on 10.5
[Calls] Added work-around to prevent duplicate incoming calls on phones that give caller ID after a call is answered
[Calls] Call-ended event should have been triggered even if call ended due to loss of Bluetooth connection
[Calls] Calls should have been marked as ended if Bluetooth connection was dropped and could not be re-established
[Calls] Crash could occur when adding new phone if Bluetooth channel could not disconnect
[Calls] Fixed 10.4 redraw issue with call window.
[Calls] Fixed crash when logging certain types of Talk-Thru errors
[Calls] Forward-delete now works like backwards-delete in call list
[Calls] Left channel should not have muted on laptops if analog audio device was plugged in
[Calls] Mark-call-as-ended ended call even if user clicked Cancel
[CharCounter] Counter window will close faster when message window closes.
[Messages] Added fix for rare crash if Message Center was open when sending SMS
[Messages] Added possible work-around for crash on send
[Messages] Certain types of SMS could not be read from Samsung phones
[Messages] Changes to messages by the phone (while connected) would not be picked up under some circumstances
[Messages] Delete button in message window did not work for SMS stored on devices.
[Messages] Forward-delete now works like backwards-delete in message list
[Messages] Incoming SMS could become un-deleteable under some circumstances
[Messages] Mark-as-read is now enabled if ANY messages in the selection are unread (instead of ALL messages)
[Messages] Message Center location column did not update if folder was renamed
[Messages] Message Center will not mark-as-read if message view is hidden
[Messages] Message window now supports mark-as-read
[Messages] Message window should not have closed after displaying incoming SMS for some Motorola phones
[Messages] Validation failed when creating a new data file: all types of problems for new users
[Messages] Vertical mouse drag now selects multiple messages
[Phones] Added fix for Talk-Thru on 10.4
[Phones] Added possible work-around for incoming SMS on Palm 680
[Phones] Added work-around for saving/sending Unicode SMS on some Samsung phones
[Phones] Cancelled actions should not have displayed errors
[Phones] Changed Samsung SMS send command to work-around 321 error
[Phones] Closed connections could sometimes crash or prevent future connections
[Phones] Extended Talk-Thru warning to all Nokia S60v3 phones
[Phones] Failed attempt to init Hands-Free channel could prevent successive connection attempts
[Phones] Fixed issue saving/sending SMS on some Samsung phones
[Phones] Gregorian calendar year will be used when saving SMS, even if computer is non-Gregorian.
[Phones] Improved audio reliability on iPhone and other Talk-Thru-only devices
[Phones] Improved caller ID recognition for phones breaking GSM spec.
[Phones] Improved Talk-Thru error handling
[Phones] Link in preferences was not localized
[Phones] Sending SMS from BPEnabler with save-to-phone option did not move SMS from drafts to sent folder.
[Phones] Serial Bluetooth channel should have closed if all dependent services were disabled
[Phones] Switching channels for Talk-Thru will be much faster
[Phones] Turned off SDP caching to work-around zombie channels
[ScreenSaver] Multiple screen savers could start if password protection was enabled and password dialog was left unused.
[ScreenSaver] Screens did not un-dim on OS X 10.5 when screen saver was stopped.
[StatusMenu] Connect Talk-Thru menu option was not visible for some Talk-Thru-only phones
[StatusMenu] Fixed crash if device name was not found

Version 2.0.9 | Release Date: 2008-04-12 | Download
  • [ ] Added French localization
  • [ ] Fatal CoreData errors will always be shown; no longer considered internal error
  • [ ] Fixed activity window background
  • [ ] Fixed date column drawing overlap
  • [ ] Fixed reactors and bluetooth range events
  • [ ] Nickname will no longer be preferred over first/last
  • [ BPE2 ] Added backup and restore options to File menu
  • [AdvancedPref] 'Set as background' was broken
  • [AppleScript] Fixed exception that could occur when working with messages
  • [BezelNotif] Outgoing call window title should not have been 'Incoming Call'
  • [Calls] Call window now supports print command
  • [Calls] Capital letters P and W are now allowed in phone numbers
  • [Calls] Delete key should not have deleted selection if window was not key
  • [Calls] Hangup will use open channel if preferred channel is not available
  • [Calls] If hangup or ignore fails, BPE2 will offer to end call tracking
  • [DockStatus] Crashed if MenuBarStatus was disabled
  • [Messages] Added auto-recovery of folders that may have disappeared due to circular parent/child references
  • [Messages] Added work-around for folder list's obsession with scrolling to the selected row
  • [Messages] Collapsing a folder with selected sub-folders will now select the parent folder
  • [Messages] Delete key should not have deleted selection if window was not key
  • [Messages] Device sub-folders' counts did not update when the device folder changed
  • [Messages] Fixed crash when deleting messages from device folders
  • [Messages] Fixed crash when deleting more than one device folder
  • [Messages] Fixed exception when importing or deleting messages
  • [Messages] Fixed ordering issue when moving folders
  • [Messages] Improved message reading speed by skipping memory with 0 SMS... we're trusting that no phones get this wrong
  • [Messages] Improved separation of messages with duplicate IDs
  • [Messages] Message counts were not updated after moving a message out of a device folder
  • [Messages] Message window will close instead of hide when sending to prevent issues with window focus, expose, and others
  • [Messages] Messages marked as read sometimes became unread again
  • [Network+Power] No longer depends on Status Menu plugin
  • [Network+Power] No longer depends on Status Menu plugin
  • [Phones] Added split-view, window resizing to prefs
  • [Phones] Added warning for SMS saving on some Samsung E-series phones
  • [Phones] Added work-around for 10.5 bug where channel-open notifications went missing
  • [Phones] Audio channel was not closed after some fatal audio errors
  • [Phones] Devices will be considered Talk-Thru capable if the Hands-Free channel is present, even if we can not connect during testing
  • [Phones] Failed device setup would interfere with following attempts
  • [Phones] First dialog of setup did not close if Bluetooth connection failed immediately
  • [Phones] Fixed crash that could occur if % (percent) character appeared in contacts or SMS on some phones
  • [Phones] Fixed issue sending SMS on some Motorola CDMA devices
  • [Phones] Fixed soft-crash when sending SMS on Motorola phones
  • [Phones] Improved error handling when attempting to send SMS on devices that don't save
  • [Phones] Incoming messages should not have been re-saved to devices if mark-as-read was not enabled
  • [Phones] Reduced occurrence of error message when BPEnabler can not connect
  • [Phones] Removed invalid exception if sending failed on some text mode phones
  • [Phones] SMS with multiple recipients were not saved/send properly on Symbian phones
  • [Phones] Talk-Thru Supported property will now reflect Talk-Thru testing results
  • [Preferences] Hidden windows were shown if app was un-hid with pref window open
  • [ScreenSaver] Did not stop on 10.5
  • [StatusMenu] Talk-Thru status should not have been shown if Talk-Thru was present but no call service was running
  • [UpdatePlugin] Updates will not be checked at launch if last check was too recent
Version 2.0.8 build 2042 | Release Date: 2008-03-09 | Download

[ BPE2 ] Added update type to advanced prefs
[ BPE2 ] Auto-Complete window would show when BPE2 was un-hid
[ BPE2 ] Duration for the SmartFilter pattern 'in the last X' have been reduced so that 1 day = today, 2 days = yesterday+today, etc.
[ BPE2 ] Fixed crash that would occur when checking system idle time if OS X did not find an HID service
[ BPE2 ] Fixed phone number matching for short numbers with national dialing prefixes
[ BPE2 ] Phone numbers without names would sometimes display using another entries name in SMS with multiple recipients
[AddressBook] Maiden names will no longer be used
[AppleScript] 'dial' can be called on an existing call, instead of always creating a new one
[AppleScript] 'send message' can be called on an existing message, instead of always creating a new one
[AppleScript] added 'caller value' and 'receiver value' properties to call class for direct access to string values
[AppleScript] Added 'parent folder' attribute to message folders
[AppleScript] added 'sender value' and 'recipient value' properties to message class for direct access to string values
[AppleScript] added methods to create new phonebook contacts
[AppleScript] calls are sorted by date, so fetching 'the last call' will return the most recent call
[AppleScript] changes to some object properties were not saved
[AppleScript] more call and message properties can be set now
[AppleScript] renamed 'device' property to 'storage device' (messages) and 'device used' (calls)
[AppleScript] renamed 'save' command to 'export'
[Calls] Added support for printing multiple calls per page
[Calls] Empty filter selection was not saved/restored in Call Center
[Calls] Notes field lost focus when call was active
[ClockSync] Time-zone will not be used when setting clock if phone did not use one when queried
[Date+Time] Fixed setting date on some Samsung phones
[DockStatus] App icon is restored when quitting
[iTunes] Overlapping BPE2 events could cause iTunes volume to restore too low
[MenuStatus] Talk-Thru options should not have been hidden if HandsFree service failed when phone was added but now appears to be available
[Messages] Added support for printing multiple messages per page
[Messages] Exception when deleting messages will be ignored
[Messages] Fixed error saving messages to Motorola phones after sending
[Messages] Fixed sending/saving messages with multiple recipients to Windows Mobile phones
[Messages] Folder-loading progress indicator was not resized properly
[Messages] Mark As Read option in Message Center context menu did not activate
[Messages] Saving sent messages to phone could result in duplicate messages
[Messages] Sent folder will change name and show progress indicator when messages are sending
[Network+Power] Network name was not included in device info
[Phones] Added message notification setup results to device info
[Phones] Added support for saving status reports on certain phones
[Phones] Added work-around to detect Siemens SX1
[Phones] Added workaround for phones that don't OK after dialing
[Phones] Auto-connect could fail under certain circumstances
[Phones] Concurrent channel access is no longer disabled for all phones
[Phones] Device definitions file was downloaded to the wrong location
[Phones] Enabling auto-connect will connect faster
[Phones] Fixed another bug with incoming audio connections on OS X 10.5
[Phones] Fixed bug where SMS would not actually be sent for some Motorola phones
[Phones] Fixed exception reading SMS with some types of attachments
[Phones] Fixed issue with BPE2 not accepting incoming audio connections
[Phones] Fixed phonebook parsing on some Samsung phones
[Phones] Status reports were not requested on some phones
[Phones] Voicemail SMS will now be ignored for some phones running BPEnabler
[Sound+Speech] Fixed rare exception

Version 2.0.7 (1975) | Release Date: 2008-02-21 | Download

Version 2.0.7 (Fassung 1975)
2008-02-22 13:38:34
[App] Fixed iTunes, iChat, DVD Player integration

[App] Custom content font will override saved message and call note fonts

[App] Fixed number/name matching for phone numbers with national prefixes identical to Brazilian operator codes

[App] Rectangular Address Book images will now be scaled proportionally

[App] Added Japanese localization

[AddressBook] Optimized auto-complete for phone numbers

[AppleScript] Added 'starting' event for calls

[AppleScript] Added ring profile access

[AppleScript] Sub-folders of folders should not have included smart device folders

[DockIcon] Added DockIconStatus plugin

[iCal] BPE2 will bring itself to the front if iCal hid us during export

[Messages] Canceling a message sync will disable syncing until the next time the device connects

[Messages] Device sub-folders can now be deleted

[Phones] Added warning for SMS reboot issue on LG KU990 (Viewty) and LG U8XXX

[Phones] Added work-around to BPEnabler for "out of memory" error and rejected incoming calls on S60v3 FP1 devices

[Phones] Fixed the fix for phones that error on valid message notification settings

[Phones] Removed voicemail filter for Motorola phones as it was blocking real SMS

Version 2.0.6 (Fassung 1948)
2008-02-11 11:00:43
[App] Added delay before checking for updates at startup

[App] Added font options to Advanced preferences

[App] Fixed issue with SmartFilters matching devices

[App] Fixed issue with white stripe at the bottom of the preference window

[App] Fixed phone number matching for Brazilian phone companies

[App] Fixed some issues with phonebook strings and groups

[App] Trigger event filter was not ignored if filter was turned off

[App] Uninstaller now removes BPE2 Address Book plugin-ins

[AddressBook] Address Book entry will be selected when exporting

[AppleScript] Added device property to call, message and message folder objects

[AppleScript] Added example "Bluetooth Phone In-Range" trigger script

[AppleScript] AddressBook will no longer open BPE2 when script menu is opened

[AppleScript] Call 'recipient' property changed to 'receiver' to avoid conflicts with message 'recipient' property.

[AppleScript] Changed "Bluetooth Phone In-Range" trigger events from "yes/no" to "entered/exited"

[AppleScript] Fixed issues moving messages and folders

[AppleScript] Scripts will now run from a background app. This allows BPE2 to run while scripts are executed, multiple scripts can be run at once, and scripts can run commands that require execution to be suspended.

[Bezel] Bezel notifier should not have re-opened during ringing calls

[Bezel] Prevented app from being brought to front when window is clicked

[Bezel] Should not have opened multiple windows for outgoing calls

[Calls] Caller ID did not show up for some Motorola phones when call was dialed from the phone's keypad

[Calls] Caller ID was slow to update when dialing calls from some phones' keypads

[Calls] Errors after a successful hang-up using Talk-Thru should not have been shown

[Calls] Fixed crash after pressing call buttons for Sony Ericsson phones

[Calls] Fixed issue with Talk-Thru on OS X 10.5

[Messages] Added support for re-saving messages with alpha-numeric senders on certain types of phones

[Messages] Added work-around for phones that report incorrect message state

[Messages] Extra trailing characters should not have been added to some types/lengths of SMS

[Messages] Folder count preference was not updated when changed

[Messages] Merging of SMS parts now matches on message state, address and ID, instead of just ID

[Messages] Message edit window would get out of sync and stop saving if a draft message stored on a phone was re-read while the window was open

[Messages] Message window will close if a message has been deleted

[Messages] Message window will refresh if a message has changed

[Messages] New Message Center icons

[Phones] Added option to save SMS on phone after sending

[Phones] Added option to set SMSC address for individual phone models

[Phones] Added possible work-around for incoming SMS notification on LG Viewty

[Phones] Added possible work-around for sending SMS on some Verizon phones

[Phones] Added work-around for phones inserting extra spaces into responses

[Phones] Added work-around for wrong or no incoming SMS displayed on some Series 40 phones

[Phones] Changed layout of prefs to fit in options menu

[Phones] Faster sending of multi-part or multi-recipient messages for phones supporting +CMMS

[Phones] Fixed issue where messages were saved as draft or unread on Sony Ericssons and a few other phones

[Phones] No need to show empty error after updating device definitions

[StatusMenu] Added work-around for strange way OS X would place a new call/msg window behind other windows if BPE2 had been hidden when the new window was opened

Version 2.0.5 (1877) | Release Date: 2008-01-09 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2.0.2 | Release Date: 2007-11-04 | Download

2.0.2 (1680)
05 Nov 2007 14:26:14 PST

[App] (10.5) Column visibility settings were not saved
[App] (10.5) Corrected index of window menu items
[App] (10.5) Fixed another optimistic locking error
[App] (10.5) Moved metadata so Spotlight can find it
[App] Address field displayed number instead of name
[App] Auto-completion will merge entries with matching phone numbers
[App] Fixed exception during meta-data sync
[App] Improved responsiveness when metadata is being created
[AppleScript] Added incoming text message sample script
[AppleScript] Reactor did not allow selection of text scripts
[Messages] Fixed event type for message triggers
[Messages] Fixed exception when trying to send an SMS when no devices are added
[Messages] Folder selection was not maintained after moving messages
[Phones] Added option to install BPEnabler on WinMo phones that can't be identified
[Phones] Fixed error when answering calls
[Phones] Fixed exception merging messages with no text
[Phones] Fixed exception on unexpected disconnect
[Phones] Fixed missing icon on BPEnabler upgrade window
[Phones] Improved Talk-Thru error handling
[Triggers] Fixed table header drawing issue
2.0.1 (1654)
31 Oct 2007 18:16:12 PST

[App] Export sheet will remember last selection
[App] (10.5) Debug file now supports AS
[App] (10.5) Fixed some alert drawing issues
[App] (10.5) BPE2 would not relaunch automatically
[StatusMenu] Added call and message window options
[Phones] (10.5) Fixed optimistic locking failure on incoming SMS
[BPEnabler] Added support for Motorola Q
[BPEnabler] Phone number with type-characters were not parsed correctly on WinMo phones
2.0 (1640)
26 Oct 2007 21:34:48 MST

[App] Added background-only option
[App] Fixed crash when closing preferences window
[App] Moved advanced options from menu to preferences
[Messages] Fixed data store issue with OS X 10.5
[Messages] Fixed issue where some messages would not show in status menu
[Messages] Opening a call by URL could cause exception
[Phones] Fixed phone number type on Motorola phonebooks
[Phones] Long service names should not wrap
[Sound+Speech] Fixed exception if sound was playing when call was ended
[StatusMenu] Added new icons for Leopard

Version 2.0b10 | Release Date: 2007-10-04 | Download

[Messages] Messages did not appear when selected
[StatusMenu] Messages marked as read did not appear in menu

Version 2.0b8 | Release Date: 2007-09-03 | Download

[Phones] Added delay to polling events while connections are in progress
[Phones] Added second try to BPEnabler file transfer
[Phones] Fixed connection issues on phones with rotten serial channels
[Phones] Fixed enabler matching for Motorola Windows Mobile phones
[Phones] Fixed issue with missing names when saving SMS to pre-Symbian 9 phones
[Phones] Reconnect occurred if actions were active when disconnect called
[Phones] UIQv2 phones should not have shown Call Log service as supported
[Phones] added warning for missing file transfer features
[Phones] added workaround for older Bluetooth HF
[Phones] date-sync will ignore time-zone specific offsets

Version 2.0 beta 5 | Release Date: 2007-07-27 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2.0b2 | Release Date: 2007-03-08 | Download
No changes specified
Version BluePhoneElite 2 1.0 | Release Date: 2007-01-23 | Download

Version 1.0.9 | Release Date: 2006-07-09 | Download
No changes specified