Licence: GPL
Version 1.3.2 | Release Date: 2012-07-13 | Download

Developer-signed for OS X 10.8’s Gatekeeper.

Improved configurations for Battlespire, Blood and Alien Incident.

Fixed The 7th Guest being incorrectly detected as playing MT-32 music when set up for General MIDI.

Improved mouse-locking to unlock properly when activating Exposé or the Cmd+Tab app switcher, and to prevent locking over the menu or dock when in fullscreen.

Fixed extra drives appearing in drives list when running a duplicated gamebox.

Fixed DOS window getting resized incorrectly when there was insufficient screen space to show the window at its minimum size.

Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2012-05-29 | Download

What’s new in Boxer 1.3:

New features:

  • Volume control slider in the statusbar and menu, with Cmd+Up/Cmd+Down shortcuts. (CPU speed shortcuts have been moved to Cmd+Opt+Up/Down.)
  • Save screenshots to the Desktop with Cmd+Shift+S.
  • Fast-forward games with Cmd+Opt+Left arrow.

Improvements to gameboxes and importing:

  • Gameboxes remember all the drives you had mounted last time, even when the drives aren’t part of the gamebox. This makes it super-easy to keep an external folder mounted as a drive, e.g. for sharing documents or utilities.
  • Closing the import window while it’s running an installer lets you finish up the game import immediately (instead of stopping the import.)
  • Missing gamebox icons are regenerated next time you launch the gamebox.

Smarter input handling:

  • You can now paste text from OS X into any DOS program.
  • Your keyboard’s media keys can now be used to pause, resume and fast-forward the emulation.
  • More useful keys added to the Send Key menu.
  • Mouse-button shortcuts now work better for games that require a left-then-right-click or right-then-left-click (e.g. Cannon Fodder, Ultima Underworld.)
  • Added detection for Turkish and US International keyboard layouts.
  • Switching your OS X keyboard layout also switches the DOS layout if possible.

More helpful help:

  • Help guides for patching games and installing game expansions.
  • More helpful advice when trying to import games that are inside Windows installers (e.g. GOG releases), and better help for Windows-only games.
  • More helpful advice when trying to import a Classic Mac OS game or hybrid MacOS+PC disc.
  • Clearer warnings when trying to run a Windows-only program from the DOS prompt.

Bugs squashed:

  • Fixed arrow-keys and function-keys occasionally getting stuck when “Ignore OS X hotkeys while a game is running” was enabled.
  • Fixed CPU-speed keyboard shortcuts not repeating properly when held down.
  • Fixed broken import of GOG release of Rayman.
  • Fixed hang during import of GOG release of Betrayal at Krondor.
  • Fixed missing music in GOG release of Dragonsphere.
  • Fixed GOG games starting up with the wrong configuration when launched immediately after importing.
  • Fixed soundcard-related crashes in Alien Breed: Tower Assault, Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel and others.
  • Configuration fixes for Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers and Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True.
  • Improved detection of Blackthorne and Ignition.
  • Fixed Game Inspector program list appearing blank if the default program wasn’t in the list.
  • CD audio playback is now paused properly while the emulator is paused.
  • OS X 10.7: Fixed windows restoring with the wrong position after being quit in fullscreen.
Version 1.2.2 | Release Date: 2012-02-11 | Download

What’s new in Boxer 1.2.2:

Improvements to keyboard input:

  • Numeric keypad support for Macbooks and Apple Wireless Keyboards: Press Cmd+U or hold down Fn to make 789/UIO/JKL act as a numpad.
  • Toggling Numlock now displays a notification bezel.
  • Send Key menu now indicates the current Numlock and Scroll-lock status.
  • Insert key on non-Mac keyboards now properly acts as Insert key in DOS.

Improvements to the DOS prompt:

  • You can now paste text into the DOS prompt to execute DOS commands. (Pasting into DOS programs will arrive in a future update.)
  • DOS prompt now unpauses when drag-dropping new drives into the window.
  • Fixed REVEAL command ignoring the path you specify, and improved its error messages.


  • Fixed regression in 1.2.1 that caused crashes during gamebox startup.
  • (Hopefully) fixed occasional hangs when starting up a DOS session.
  • Fixed savegames not getting saved correctly in Seasons of Sakura and 3 Sisters’ Story.
  • Fixed MT-32 detection for release of Battle Chess II.
  • Prevented OS X’s own Ctrl+F7 shortcut from interfering with the DOS window.
  • Changed the default games folder location back to [home folder]/DOS Games. This does not affect existing games folders.
Version 1.2.1 | Release Date: 2012-01-28 | Download

What’s new in Boxer 1.2.1:

Rendering fixes:

  • Eliminated screen-tearing in fullscreen and windowed mode, woohoo!
  • Fixed crappy fullscreen performance on certain Mac models.

Game compatibility fixes:

  • Fixed crashes and broken CD imports when importing games that contain BIN+CUE images (affected Dungeon Keeper, Castles II, Redneck Rampage and others.)
  • Fixed CD copy protection in the release of Pro Pinball: Timeshock.
  • Fixed hang when switching CDs in Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars.
  • Fixed crash when launching Comanche 3 installer.
  • Fixed hang when launching FIFA ’94 installer.
  • Fixed CD copy protection in abandonware rips of Steel Panthers 2.
  • Fixed juddering animations in Commander Keens 4–6.

Input fixes:

  • Updated Joypad integration to improve joystick mode switching. This relies on an update to the Joypad iOS app, which will arrive in the iOS App Store shortly.
  • Fixed keyboard lag in other applications when Boxer was busy and “Ignore OS X hotkeys while a game is running” was enabled.
  • Fixed (thankfully rare) issue where keyboard stopped responding after quitting Boxer, when “Ignore OS X hotkeys while a game is running” was enabled.
  • Improved mouse pointer behaviour when “Use seamless mouse pointer” is enabled.
  • Fixed keys sometimes getting ‘stuck’ if Cmd was pressed while they were held down.
  • Fixed controller axis mappings for Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS stick.

Other fixes and tweaks:

  • Removed choice of DOS Games folder location when launching Boxer for the first time. This now defaults to Documents/DOS Games, though the location can still be changed later from the Preferences window (or moved/renamed in Finder.)
  • Fixed bug in Inspector panel that was preventing changes to settings from getting saved occasionally.
  • Fixed notification icons and bootleg cover art being scaled incorrectly on OS X 10.5.
  • Boxer now always auto-pauses in the background while waiting at the DOS prompt.
  • Made help pages look tidier and prettier.
Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2011-10-31 | Download

Roland MT-32 support:

  • Emulates the Roland MT-32/CM-32L Sound Module, beloved of Sierra and Origin fans everywhere. Big kudos to the Munt project for their emulation!
    Emulation requires MT-32 or CM-32L ROMs, which aren’t legal to bundle with Boxer. Drag your own ROMs into Boxer’s Audio Preferences to enable the emulation.
  • Displays secret game messages from the MT-32’s LCD in a spiffy bezel overlay.
  • Detects if you’ve got a real MT-32 plugged in, and pipes MT-32 music to that automatically. No configuration needed: just a MIDI-to-USB cable.
  • Autodetects MT-32-compatible games: just tell the game to play MT-32 music and you’re all set.

Easier CD-swapping for multi-CD games:

  • Adding a new CD will replace any previous one, using the same drive letter. No more shuffling drives around when you need the next disc!
  • The Drives Inspector displays inactive CDs along with the currently-active one, so you can swap back and forth between CDs quickly. (You can also cycle through CDs with Cmd+Shift+left/right.)
  • Extra CDs can be imported into the gamebox from the Drives panel while playing, making them always available to swap between.

Much more reliable importing from Good Old Games:

  • Custom DOSBox emulation settings are now imported along with the game files, to ensure the game works as it should: no need to fix sound settings or mess with drive mounts.
  • These settings are used to pick the right program to launch automatically, so you can get playing straight away.

A laundry-list of other improvements and bugfixes:

  • No more switching Spaces by accident! OS X’s own function key and arrow-key hotkeys are now suppressed while playing, in all OS X versions. May require a tweak to your Universal Access preferences: see Boxer’s Preferences panel for details.
  • Added options to Mouse Inspector to modify/disable Boxer’s Ctrl+click and Ctrl+Opt+click mouse button shortcuts, to fix games that give these key combos their own behaviour.
  • Improved game startup times.
  • New look-and-feel for program panel to fit in better on Lion.
  • Tweaked fullscreen scaling to reduce stretchmarks.
  • Added friendly explanations when a drive could not be mounted or unmounted.
  • Game import can now be cancelled while it is scanning a game folder.
  • OS X 10.5: Suppressed “This game appears to be ignoring your joystick” warning when Gamepad Companion or ControllerMate are running.
  • OS X 10.7: Fixed mouse disappearing ‘behind’ the Inspector panel in seamless mouse mode.
  • OS X 10.7: Fixed drives disappearing from Drives panel when dragging them around.
  • OS X 10.7: Fixed occasional mis-importing of CDs.
  • OS X 10.7: Fixed spurious drive-added/drive-removed notifications when starting a game.
  • Fixed incorrect D-pad directions on Playstation 3 controllers.
  • Fixed trackpad taps not getting registered in certain games.
  • Fixed crash at startup when scanning disc images that have unreadable files (affected some releases of Theme Hospital.)
  • Emulation fixes for Siege, The Incredible Machine, Wizardry VII, Car & Driver, Cannon Fodder, Broken Sword, Jetfighter 2, F-14 Tomcat, Terminators 2029 and Rampage, Elite Plus, Ignition, The Pandora Directive, Mechwarrior, MDK, A.T.A.C, B-17 Flying Fortress, Dogfight, Harrier Jump Jet, Angel Devoid, Screamer, Turrican II, The Lion King, Wolfenstein 3D, Geekwad, Return of the Phantom, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Dawn Patrol and Xenon II. (phew!)
  • Game import fixes for Super Tetris, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Quarantine, System Shock and Wing Commander III.
Version 1.1.1 | Release Date: 2011-08-02 | Download

Joystick improvements:

  • Better controller mappings for:
    • Logitech Dual Action, RumblePad 2, and Fx10 series gamepads
    • Logitech Formula Force, MOMO Racing and G25/G27 series wheels
    • 3rd-party XBOX 360 controllers
  • CH Flightstick Pro throttle emulation works better with gamepads and displays the current throttle level on-screen.
  • Per-game option to disable joystick emulation, to avoid interfering with external tools like Gamepad Companion.
  • If a game seems to be ignoring your joystick input, Boxer will remind you to turn on joystick control within the game.
  • Reduced axis deadzone from 25% to 20% to make sticks more sensitive.
  • On most controllers, buttons 5-8 are now also bound to the four DOS joystick buttons.
  • Improved gamepad detection to more reliably apply twin-stick racing wheel layout.

Better disk handling:

  • The program panel now discovers programs located on ISOs and floppy-disk images, and can set them as the default program for a gamebox. This makes it much easier to play games that have left all their programs on the CD.
  • Drives are scanned for available programs in the background, resulting in quicker gamebox startup.
  • Added support for .IMG and .VFD floppy-disk image formats.
  • Fixed floppy-disk images hanging on PowerPC Macs.

Fixes for 10.7 Lion:

  • Fixed nasty fullscreen lag under Lion.
  • Fixed occasional Lion crash when tapping the DOS window’s close button on a trackpad.
  • Disabled restore-windows-at-startup in Lion, to prevent numerous startup bugs and general misbehaviour.

General fixes and tweaks:

  • New bezel notifications for switching to fullscreen, pausing, adjusting CPU speed and adding/removing drives.
  • Flicker-free fullscreen transitions, smooth crossfades in program panel, and other cosmetic improvements.
  • Automatic configuration for Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies and Metaltech: Earthsiege.
  • Disabled blur effect behind Inspector panel in preparation for App Store compatibility.
  • Removed Growl support, now that it has been superseded by built-in bezels.
Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2011-07-15 | Download

Joysticks, Baby!

  • Emulates four kinds of DOS-era joysticks: regular joystick/gamepad, Thrustmaster FCS, CH FlightStick Pro or racing wheel.
  • Plug-and-play support for Mac-compatible USB and Bluetooth game controllers, with instructions for getting your 360 or PS3 controller working in OS X.
  • Native Joypad support: turn your iPhone into a gamepad, with custom layouts for each DOS joystick type.
  • A new Inspector panel for tweaking joystick settings while you play.

OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility:

  • Supports Lion’s new-and-improved fullscreen mode.
  • Limited support for Lion's new resume features: quit while playing, and Boxer will start up with the same game next time.
  • Boatloads of Lion-specific bugfixes, large and small.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Hold [fn] to override Boxer’s Ctrl-click and Opt-click shortcuts: so they’re sent directly to DOS instead of simulating a right-click/middle-click.
  • The Mac’s display is now prevented from going to sleep while a game is running and unpaused.
  • Added an option in the cover-art dropzone’s right-click menu to do an image search for the current game.
  • Expanded help for Inspector window panels.
  • Fixed a couple of crash bugs when closing the DOS window.
  • Improvements to game importing, and configuration fixes for a zillion more games.
Version 1.0.2 | Release Date: 2011-04-21 | Download

Improvements to game importing:

  • Physical CD-ROMs are now ripped as disc images during game importing: fixes copy protection in many games and makes CD audio into a part of the gamebox.
    If you’ve had copy protection trouble with a game you imported from CD, try importing it again now.
  • Better progress messages, option to skip lengthy CD rips, and various other tweaks to game import UI behaviour.

Better PowerPC compatibility:

  • Fixed corrupt graphics in CGA and Tandy emulation modes on PowerPC Macs.
  • Reverted default CPU speed back to 3000 cycles, to improve PowerPC performance and fix timing issues in several old games.
    If you find that any of your older games now run too slow, please send me a bug report!

Fixes to mouse and keyboard handling:

  • Mouse input is now enabled for all games, not just ones that ask for the mouse. Fixes mouse control in Space Crusade, Fantasy Empires, Precision Simulator and others.
  • Tweaked three-finger tap gesture to prevent accidental clicks and work more like OS X's own single and double-taps.
  • Fixed mouse getting unlocked whenever the window size changes.
  • Tweaked how key repeats are handled, fixing misbehaviour in some games when holding down a key.

Shoutouts to my MT-32 bros:

  • Added documentation for making games play through a real MT-32: search for ‘mt32’€ from the Help menu.
    No MT-32 emulation yet, for now Boxer only supports the real thing.
  • Optional MIDI delay for early-model MT-32s to fix lockups and missing instruments (see documentation for details.)
  • Fixed CoreMIDI output leaving notes hanging when you pause or quit.

Other nice things:

  • Per-game option to close the window once the game exits to DOS. Off by default but can be toggled from the Game Inspector panel.
  • Fixed crashes when launching programs from Finder while a DOS session is open.
  • Doubleclicking a gamebox in Finder while it is waiting at the DOS prompt will now start the gamebox’s default program.
Version 1.0.1 | Release Date: 2011-04-02 | Download

Boxer 1.0.1

Improvements to game importing and disk-image handling:

  • Support for mounting and importing from .IMA floppy-disk images.
  • Better importing for many Good Old Games releases: standalone .GOG disc images are now properly recognised and imported as .ISOs.
  • ‘Auto-Pause in Background’ option is now ignored while importing a game, to allow lengthy installer operations to complete unattended.
  • Extra volumes no longer appear in Finder when Boxer is importing from a disk image.
  • Newly-imported gameboxes with duplicate names now get a different suffix to avoid them looking like sequels.

Input fixes and tweaks:

  • Fixed Shift keys sticking when pressed simultaneously (sorry pinball game fans!)
  • CapsLock state is synchronised correctly at startup and when switching back to Boxer.
  • Added F11 and F12 shortcuts to Send Key menu.
  • Changed speed up/slow down CPU shortcuts to Cmd-Up and Cmd-Down.
  • Cursor now vanishes correctly after unpausing when "Follow mouse when Unlocked" is enabled.

Other fixes:

  • Boxer now prevents you from choosing to keep your games directly in an OS X system folder (Documents, Applications, your Home folder etc.) Subfolders of these are still fine of course.
Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2011-03-25 | Download

Boxer 1.0 Final (20110325.2)

Yeah baby! I’m sick of release candidates, let’€s roll!

UI tweaks:

  • Added Cmd-P to pause, with option to auto-pause while minimized/in background.
  • Reintroduced Cmd-Left and Cmd-Right shortcuts for nudging the CPU speed up/down.
  • Reorganised menus to collect these options into a new Emulation menu.
  • Three-finger tap on trackpad to simulate clicking the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously (requires multitouch trackpad.)

General improvements and fixes:

  • Preliminary support for developer previews of OS X 10.7 Lion.
  • Fixed dock and menu not hiding when entering full screen mode quickly.
  • Fixed mouse not unlocking properly when Cmd-Tabbing, and cases of mouse buttons getting stuck.
  • Fixed Ctrl, Alt, Shift and CapsLock occasionally getting stuck when switching applications or using global shortcuts.
  • Cleaned up some mistakes in application help.
  • Added auto-configurations for Royal Flush Pinball and Case of the Rose Tattoo.
Version 1.0RC2 | Release Date: 2011-02-22 | Download

1.0 Release Candidate 2 (20110222.1)

Shelf art a-go-go

  • Enlarged games folder shelf background up to 4000x4000 pixels (depending on your Mac's maximum texture size), to avoid running out of shelf for big games collections.
  • Shelf background will also be applied to all subfolders in your games folder that contain gameboxes of their own.
  • The background image can be found at [Home]/Application Support/Boxer/Shelf Artwork/, and replaced with your own if you prefer.

More help, vicar?

  • Comprehensive searchable application help, bundled with Boxer and available from the Help menu.
  • Help buttons on various windows to assist with game importing, rendering options, sound card settings etc.
  • Acknowledgements and full license legalese.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixed game importer erroneously rejecting .CDR disc images.
  • Improved importer's game detection to catch more Windows-only games.
  • Fixed "Import new games" droplet sometimes not getting created.
  • Cancelled imports will no longer show up in the Recent Documents menu.
  • Preferences window now remembers what panel it was on last time.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when closing game window.
  • Improved installation process for Fable.
  • Added auto-configuration for Privateer 2.
Version 1.0RC1 | Release Date: 2011-02-04 | Download

1.0 Release Candidate 1 (20110204.1)

UI and behaviour improvements:

  • 10.6-only: Ctrl+arrows Spaces shortcuts will be remapped to Cmd+Ctrl+arrows while a DOS window is active, to prevent them interfering with game controls.
  • Added 512x512 versions of 3.5" and 5.25" floppy-disk icons for bootleg cover art, to complement existing hi-res CD-case artwork. (Will only apply to newly-imported games.)
  • Added new Send Key menu shortcuts for special keys like Pause, Insert and Num Lock.
  • CD-ROMs mounted in OS X will not be auto-mounted in DOS if the current gamebox contains bundled CD-ROMs of its own, to keep the Drives list tidy.

Bugfixes and emulation tweaks:

  • Fixed severe flickering in fullscreen mode on Intel GMA950 Macs (older Mac Minis and Macbooks).
  • Fixed transposed < and § keys on European keyboards.
  • Made keyboard layout detection more liberal to better handle 3rd-party keyboards.
  • When changing the name of a newly-imported gamebox, launching the game or closing the window will commit your changes instead of discarding them.
  • Reimplemented aspect-ratio correction so that all graphics modes are now scaled consistently to 4:3.
  • Fixed skinny videos in Privateer 2.
  • Fixed garbage characters when quitting Need for Speed.
  • Fixed copy-protection check for Warcraft II, the fix for which may help other games with picky CD-checks.
  • Improvements to installer detection to fix occasional bad guesses of default installer.
  • Added auto-configurations for Jetfighter, Rogue, Castle Adventure and Below the Root.
Version 1.0beta2 | Release Date: 2011-01-23 | Download

Better UI:

  • Access the application menu and Dock while in full screen mode by Cmd-clicking to unlock the mouse.
  • Use the Inspector and other Boxer windows, switch applications and spaces, and do (almost) everything else without leaving full screen.
  • Inspector now disappears when you lock the mouse and reappears after unlocking.
  • Redesigned program selection workflow to get out of your way quicker.

Better DOS:

  • Reintroduced NETWORK, HOST and JOIN commands from Boxer 0.87 for starting IPX network games at the command line.
  • Reintroduced LAUNCH command for launching a program from anywhere in DOS, and REVEAL command for opening the current/specified DOS path in Finder.
  • More liberal file permissions for files and folders created by DOS, and more robust handling of drives marked as read-only.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Boxer now warns when opening a Windows-only program from Finder.
  • Increased audio mixer rates for higher-fidelity audio.
  • Game importer no longer acts forgetful about which game you dropped onto it.
  • Better CD importing and installer detection.
  • Autoconfiguration for a bunch more games.
  • Added “Report a bug” item in application menu!
Version 1.0beta | Release Date: 2010-12-23 | Download

What’s new in 1.0 beta?

  • Everything.
  • Literally, everything: Boxer is redesigned from the ground up to be faster, stabler and slicker than ever.
  • Breeze your way through game installs with a smarter, clearer and more helpful game importer.
  • Smooth out the jaggies with your choice of rendering styles, or stick with the sharpest pixels in the West.
  • Prettify your gameboxes with cover-art straight from Boxer.
  • Tweak settings while you play with the shiny new Inspector Panel.
  • Drag-drop folders and images to mount extra drives in DOS.
  • And much, much more.

Note: Joystick support is no longer available in Boxer 1.0beta. It will be reintroduced in Boxer 1.1.

Version 0.87 | Release Date: 2009-08-30 | Download
  • Based on DOSBox 0.73 for faster, stronger, more assertive emulation.
  • Ostentatious shelf background for newly-minted DOS Games folders.
  • Smarter game installer and lots of game compatibility fixes.
  • Many interface refinements to make Boxer tidier, more helpful and less autocratic.
  • Friendlier messages for DOS commands to make those trips to the DOS prompt bearable.
  • Snow Leopard-compatible after more bugfixes than I care to admit.
Version 0.85 | Release Date: 2008-12-24 | Download
  • More reliable behaviour and bugfixes galore.
  • Doesn’t screw up your Spaces any longer. (It seemed like a good idea at the time…)
  • Smarter game installation that’s better at figuring out how to prepare games.
  • Improved game detection and support for more hard-to-please games.
  • More handy DOS commands to make life on the prompt more bearable.
  • Clearer dialogs and friendlier choices when you quit a game.
  • G3 PowerPC support (you poor things.)
Version 0.8 | Release Date: 2008-10-25 | Download
  • More toys. Boxer 0.8 comes with 4 ready-to-play sample games, rounded out with a set of useful DOS utilities.
  • Drag-drop game installation. Drag CDs and game folders onto the new installer droplet to install and package them. Import a game’s CD so you can play the game without it. Increased DOS disk space lets those really big CD games install.
  • Smarter friendlier behaviour. Launch Boxer to browse your games folder now, instead of a DOS prompt. Sensible default locations in place of nagging questions. Game packages remember your CPU speed adjustments. Games on read-only drives are copied to ensure they can save their data.
  • Better Mac integration. Boxer now automatically supports non-US keyboards, scales the window better for large screens, and makes sure Spaces keyboard shortcuts don’t interfere with games. And if you have Growl, Boxer will show pretty notifications too.
  • More power-user features. Hold down Option as you launch a game package to choose a program inside it. Easily start IPX networks. [autoexec] blocks now let you run programs on auto-mounted drives.
  • ¿Habla Español? Boxer speaks Finnish, German, and now Spanish and Swedish too.
Version 0.71 | Release Date: 2008-06-03 | Download
  • Default to a larger window size on hi-res screens (1440×900 and above.)
  • After creating a new package, show the containing folder in Finder.
  • Fixed error in OS X 10.4 when installing to a new package.
  • Fixed error in OS X 10.4 when reporting an error (oh, the irony), and use fallback for error reporting if is not available.
  • Improved troubleshooting documentation.
Version 0.7 | Release Date: 2008-05-31 | Download
  • Install games straight from a CD (or folder of install files) into a new game package
  • Better CD-ROM copy-protection support
  • Built-in Gravis Ultrasound drivers
  • Auto-configuration for a dozen more games
  • Support for games that need to be installed into specific subfolders
  • More sensible and robust drive-mounting behaviour
  • Better fullscreen appearance
  • Detection of Windows-only programs
  • Fixes for errors under OS X 10.4 and better error handling overall
  • Support for Disk Utility's .CDR disc images
  • Clearer and more helpful documentation
  • Prettier icons!
Version 0.65 | Release Date: 2008-03-17 | Download
No changes specified