Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 3.1.1 | Release Date: 2014-12-01 | Download

Bug: Fixes most of the glitchy invalidation with the new line numbers

Bug: Works around the "unicode bug" that has been plauging chocolat since the beginning

Note: More efficient and faster storage of text attributes

Note: Version 3.x adds Yosemite support and costs $15 (if you already bought it then please ignore this message). There is no charge to use 3.x on Mavericks.

Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2013-08-01 | Download

Feature – Snippet editor!
Feature – Indentation guides!
Feature – Select Next/Previous/All Occurrences
Note – New default snippets
Note – New go completions
Bug – Updated CSS completions, including text-shadow

Version 0.2 | Release Date: 2012-02-05 | Download
Crash – Fixed a crash with diagnostics
Bug – Fixed a bug where pasting wouldn't work in certain cases
Bug – Cursor is now back to being invisible again on dark themes. On the plus side, it doesn't flicker all the time.
Note – Simplified the menus a bit
Bug – Copying and pasting a line now pastes it at the correct indentation level
Bug – Drawing multicursor blocks on column 0 now works
Bug – Copy and pasting in multicursor mode works properly again
Version 0.1 | Release Date: 2012-02-01 | Download
Feature – Multicursor editing (aka blockedit)
Feature – Live error checking
Feature – Code completion now works on Snow Leopard
Bug – Paste now respects indentation (use cmd-ctrl-V to paste verbatim)
Bug – Fixed automatic unindentation
Bug – cmd-R now works with unsaved files
Bug – cmd-R and friends now reuse terminal windows
Bug – Fixed a bug where Chocolat would fail to clean up temporary files
Version 0.0.57 | Release Date: 2012-01-10 | Download
Feature – The icon has been improved a touch
Feature – cmd-alt-up/down to select outer and inner bracketed blocks.
Bug – Fixed a bug with project find.
Bug – Scripts now get their context updated each run. (fixes a regression with comment-line in the last update)
Bug – Comment Line no longer deletes text from the start of unindented lines
Bug – Comment Line now selects roughly the same region after commenting
Bug – Ligatures are off by default
Version 0.0.56 | Release Date: 2012-01-02 | Download
Feature – Recent projects menu
Bug – Recent files now disambiguates files with the same name
Note – Boosted maximum number of recent documents to 25
Feature – Now applies heuristics to determine whether a file uses tabs or spaces for indentation, and if spaces, what the tab size is.
Feature – Line numbers now displayed proportionally
Bug – The mouse cursor now contrasts with the background color.
Note – Moved Run/REPL/Build/etc actions to the root of the Actions menu to make them more visible
Bug – Comment line now supports more languages + block comments
Bug – alt-rightarrow no longer skips to the start of the document if pressed at the start of the last word
Note – Nixed the find bar animation
Bug – Fixed that annoying beep when pressing escape in the find bar
Bug – The find bar no longer 'jumps' forward when deleting the whole query
Bug – Fixed 'Use Selection for Find' (and no, I'm not going to change the shortcut! >:o)
Bug – The find bar now scrolls the text view to keep itself in the same place, if possible
Version 0.0.55 | Release Date: 2011-12-27 | Download
Crash – Fixes a regression from the last update where the cache would be modified while it was saving
Version 0.0.54 | Release Date: 2011-12-26 | Download
Bug – Large performance improvements when typing
Feature – Wrap guideline (work in progress)
Feature – ctrl-cmd-left/right to switch between splits
Feature – Added context menu items to Move File/Directory to Trash
Note – Now shows the project name in the window title.
Bug – Go to File now respects tabs
Feature – Cmd-Return in Go to File will open in a new split
Bug – choc called with no arguments now launches Chocolat.
Bug – Made choc faster at launching Chocolat.
Crash – Fixed an occasional crash in the symbol list
Version 0.0.53 | Release Date: 2011-12-12 | Download
Feature – Swipe left and right to go back/forward
Note – Added a close button to the documentation viewer
Bug – Rewrote Go to File to be much faster
Bug – Files ending with ".com" now appear in the source list.
Bug – Fixed a situation where the source list would not be updated if directories under it changed
Bug – Fixed a minor bug that caused some harmless error messages about FSEvents to be printed (the horror)
Version 0.0.52 | Release Date: 2011-12-07 | Download
Bug – The at key now works
Version 0.0.51 | Release Date: 2011-12-06 | Download
Bug – Rewrote autopairing algorithm to be less irritating
Feature – Selecting text and pressing a quote key wraps the text in quotes and add escapes sequences
Version 0.0.50 | Release Date: 2011-12-02 | Download
Feature – Web Preview has been moved to a split. Activate it with cmd-ctrl-alt-P as usual.
Feature – Documentation viewer (occupies the same space as the web preview split). Activate with cmd-ctrl-alt-D.
Feature – Jump to Documentation. Position your cursor over or next to a word, then press cmd-shift-J. This is *really* cool.
Crash – Fixed a bug where failing to spawn a subprocess would cause phantom crash reporter dialogs.
Crash – Next/preview symbol with no selection in the symbol list.
Crash – Possibly fixed a race condition in syntax highlighting
Bug – Performance increases from fixing a case where the text view would be drawn too often
Note – Tweaked code completion confidence some more. It's now more confident about CSS. No longer shows any code completion if the word matches in its entirety.