Compare Folders

Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 3.4.3 | Release Date: 2011-10-13 | Download


User editable difference ranges for criteria
Size, date created, and date modified can be specified

UI Enhancements

Duplicate Items includes Folder One and Folder Two result lists


Fixed inspector not updating for files
Allow comparisons to be saved whenever two folders are selected
Use case insensitive file extension checks for FilePeek

Version 3.4.2 | Release Date: 2010-11-23 | Download


UI Enhancements

* Added visual highlighting to folder icons during drag and drop
* Enabled truncation for last visible line for item paths in the Get Info window (10.5+ only)


* Fixed "Copy To.." not replacing files
* When clicking Dock icon (or re-entering app), if there's no main window it re-opens automatically now
* Fixed drag and drop on folder icons not updating Recent Folders menu (and document)
* Fixed copied item not appearing in status text
* Fixed bug where setting folder 2 wouldn't update it's document properly
* Tweaked Date Created - Folder 2 default color to a darker yellow for legibility

Version 3.2 | Release Date: 2009-07-01 | Download


* Multiple selection support for editing comments and lock state for items in Item Inspector
* Reset dialog removed, now clears all accordingly
* Removed .mac/MobileMe and iDisk upload support (3rd party usage is no longer a focus of this service)
* Comparison Details is kept updated with information regardless of whether a file has been opened
* Comparison Details remembers if open across launches
* Added Item Inspector menu item and improve loading performance
* Properly exclude any item that exists within a hidden folder or is hidden itself from results
* Properly exclude only contents of .app (not .app*, like .apple or others)
* Added content exclusion support for .menu, .plugin, .preferencePane
* Detect writability of license file and alert user accordingly
* Leak and memory usage optimizations throughout the app
* Fixed comparison sheet showing when saving an already completed comparison
* Improved warning for merge workflow
* Icon column: remove title and make it fixed width (not resizable)
* Fixed window title not updating when saving a comparison
* Minor UI enhancements: truncate name and difference columns in the middle, alignment improvements

Version 3.1 | Release Date: 2008-06-11 | Download
  • Merge support
    • Customizable, multi-threaded engine for merging results
    • Allows moving or copying of results
  • Folder size calculation now displays logical size [includes bundled file formats as well, like RTFD]
  • New look and feel for the Welcome screen (accessible under the Help menu and on first launch)
  • Added layout switcher toolbar item
  • Display difference in size between items in Similar Items' Difference column
  • Removed quit on window close behavior and adjust accordingly
  • Recent Items/Recent Comparisons no longer adds duplicate items [as well as other optimizations]
  • Info windows are now a 1:1 relationship and don't open duplicates
  • Fixed incorrect formatting of file sizes which would create erroneous results
  • increased file size precision to 2 decimal places
  • Properly degrade to byte(s) in file sizes instead of using 0.XX KB
  • Fixed folder type registration (for drag acceptance) on 10.5
  • Save Text Results now respects byte preference
  • Rollovers only occur if the application is active
  • Removed toolbar button and disable zoom button on preferences titlebar to match other apps
  • Fixed uninstall window not going away if canceled
  • Fixed clear button in iDisk Uploads to disable if no items are present
  • Various memory optimizations
Version 3.0 | Release Date: 2007-12-18 | Download
  • Difference Engine 2.0
    • Optimized performance to handled tens of thousands of items in results (limited only by memory now)
    • Don't show package contents in results
    • Display package's type appropriately
    • Removed extra preference checks that occurred during a comparison (faster performance)
    • Fixed odd extensions showing for folders with "." in the their path
  • "FilePeek" Item Action
    • shows the contents of files in a HUD window for preview and comparison, including:
      • web (html, htm, xhtml, webarchive)
      • movie (mov, mpeg, mpg, avi, dv)
      • image (png, gif, jpg, jpeg, tiff, tif, bmp)
      • text (txt, rtfd, rtf, css, php, m, h, c, cpp, java, xml, plist, doc)
      • PDF (pdf)
  • Live results filtering via search field in toolbar
  • "Archived Selected" Item Action to create zip archives (using the zip tool)
  • Memory optimizations for the entire app
  • Basic plugin architecture now supported
  • Numbers are formatted using the system's setting
  • Dates are formatted using the system's setting (short and long styles)
  • Review Changes dialog shows appropriate options when quitting
  • Calculate iDisk sizes up to GB appropriately
  • Added preference for interface animations
  • Added Credits section to About window
  • Minor UI polish across the entire app
  • Fixed copying to prefer local cp over bundled cp
  • Enabled basic AppleScript support (no custom suite or behavior yet)
  • Upgraded included Growl to 1.1.2
  • Upgraded included Smart Crash Reports to 1.2.1
Version 2.6 | Release Date: 2007-04-22 | Download


* Show Icons is now a per-comparison option instead of a global one
* Save to Text for generating text-based reports of results of a comparison
* Added option to scroll Similar Items results together (when one scrolls so does the other)
* New Growl notification for copying
* Added tab-switching keyboard shortcuts and menu items
* Completely rewritten and redesigned Help
* Revised demo functionality: [DEMO] is in the title, General pane tracks remaining number of trial comparisons, a Buy Now! button appears once the trial expires and updates occur immediately instead of when attempting to compare the next time
* Added option to quit without saving
* Choose custom sound from the same list as that found in the OS X Sounds preference pane
* Dragging now copies the full description of an item instead of the name only
* Folder paths are now clickable rollovers, including a reset button
* When switching tabs or layouts an animation occurs
* Get Info window now displays the detected difference for a Similar Item
* When attempting to open a Recent Folder or Comparison the item will be checked and if it can't be found, a prompt will let you know and it can be removed from the menu
* Updated Smart Crash Reports support to 1.2
* Updated Growl support to 0.7.5
* Fixed toolbar and menu items not properly disabling after folders have been reset
* Fixed jagged icons in results
* Upgraded included version of cp to a Universal one
* Fixed inspector not following selection when switching tabs
* Fixed registered user's name not appearing in General, registration also updates immediately now
* Rebundled the Spotlight importer for saved comparisons
* Fixed byte count not updating results when changed
* Fixed status text not properly updating when resetting from a folder's contextual menu
* Fixed dock icon badges sticking when canceling, quitting, or relaunching
* Fixed issues with recent items not loading when clicked
* Upgraded Sparkle support to use SparklePlus 1.1
* Minor visual tweaks to alignment and text, rename sheet is now resizable
* Fixed bug in List Files in Uninstall Assistant that would list files that weren't necessarily present
* Removed hardware-related portion of Feedback window, as SparklePlus addresses this
* Dragging items now properly copy to the URL pasteboard as well (including multiple items)
* Contextual help buttons are now re-enabled