CrashPlan PRO

Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 3.2 | Release Date: 2012-03-16 | Download

This release offers new features and addresses issues from the previous release. We've also made a few changes that improve CrashPlan's performance.

New Features / Enhancements
  • Automatically pause backups when you're running low on battery. This option allows you to conserve battery power when you're running low by not backing up. Backup resumes when battery power returns to a level you specify or when you are plugged back in.
  • Permission option when restoring files for another user. When you're restoring files, you have the option to restore file with the original user's file permissions or with the permissions belonging to the person who is restoring.
  • Automatically pause backups over selected networks or interfaces. You now have the option to automatically pause backups when you are on specific networks (e.g., Wi-Fi) or using specific interfaces.
  • Mac users: Menu bar icon and controls. There is now a CrashPlan menu bar for Mac users. Windows users have appreciated the easy access to basic CrashPlan features right from the menu bar. Now Mac users can enjoy this same convenient feature.
  • Version retention settings are now based on the highest priority backup set for a specific destination (not all ALL destinations.)
  • New file types are automatically excluded from backup. /var/log/lastlog, /var/log/btmp, /var/log/wtmp
Bug Fixes
  • Real-time file watcher now works properly on Linux installations with 3.x series kernels.
  • Attaching an archive no longer adversely affects existing archive.
  • Setting up a backup to an attached drive no longer redirects to the local install path of CrashPlan.
Version 3.01 | Release Date: 2008-06-10 | Download

The focus on this release was incremental changes to support upgrading our existing installed base. No major new features, just minor tweaks, adjustments and enhancements. Since most of you are upgrading from 3.4.2008 release, we recommend you read the 4.24 release as most of the new functionality was added then.

Private Data Password Administration
Users can now lock their 448bit key with a password that is unknown to you. This feature allows CEOs and CFOs to meet compliance needs and have data secured from all parties. This also allows you to extend backup service offering to third parties who require their data be private. As an administrator, you have control over whether this feature is available for any computer or organization. Custom installers can be created that disable this feature by default.

Additional Regex Support
You may now specify exclusion patterns using regular expressions. For example, to exclude any folder called "Podcasts" regardless of where it is located, you would specify:
To exclude a movies and audio, one could do something like this:
Website Changes
• PRO Server Master Key requests now accept additional information that's not required

PRO Server
• User:Computer - several additional details about computer are now on default screen including location, version, and OS specifics
• Organization:Edit - you may now move an org to be a child of any other org at any time
• Reports:Usage - Fix for computers that are not actually using PRO Server as a destination
• Backup File Selection - generic cross platform file selection concepts are now case insensitive to keep things easy for admins. (i.e. to back up all user's desktop files you may now use ":alldesktops" in addition to ":AllDesktops"
• Server:Verify Management - The interval is now an admin setting that may be changed. Interface improved to be more intuitive / sensical
• User:Deactivate - All computers for a user now manage the deactivation independent of user deactivation
• Org:Deactivation - When deactivating orgs and users, their original names are freed up for reuse
• Deactivation - For installations with more than 3,000 computers, we've sped up the deactivation speed considerably. Should now be sub second.
• Manager Account - You may now promote a read only manager to see all organizations in a PRO Server, not just a child one and their respective children
• Archive Validation - Added some additional healing technology around bad archives to help avoid having to completely start over

PRO Client Desktop
• Settings:Security - When activating private data password, we warning you an extra time to not lose your password
• Settings:Network - Public and Private IP addresses have more user friendly display
• Settings:Advanced:Time - Small display issue where you can't change the time without touching the day - fixed!
• Backup:File Selection - Click folder in list now shows file in finder
• Backup:File Selection - It was possible to change file selection and avoid a rescan. Not critical, but annoying as heck. This has been fixed
• Backup:Source - Performance enhancements to reduce CPU usage when displaying statistics
• Backup:Destination - Fixed display bug in the detailed destination screen where it could falsely say backup was incomplete when in fact, it was.
• Backup:Destination - shows detailed information about the status of the destination
• Backup:Destination - If the destination's USB drive was detached, but you were 100% backed up, you wouldn't know the destination was in fact, not ready. This has been fixed. Error messages have priority over backup complete messages in display
• Backup:Archive Location - Fixed bug that could prevent you from relocating a backup archive
• Restore - Settings no longer revert to default if you are switching panes
• Restore:Original Location - User Interface could look very broken when restoring to original location - fixed
• Language - CrashPlan now speaks German!

PRO Client Backup Engine
• Archive - Improved exclusion of CrashPlan archives from backup regardless of location
• Archive - Enhanced the way we store data blocks during backup and restore. This will allow us to more easily add features down the road. Also added some additional information to help in disaster recovery.
• Restore - When restoring to another volume, that volume is used as the temporary holding point as data is received to avoid copying the file later. This speeds things up if you're restoring directly to a USB disk.
• Synchronization - Better handling of timeouts in high latency environments
• Installation:automation - When installing in an automated push fashion with SMS or puppet, the service now waits for user login if that is required for setup.

PRO Client Installer
• Default.xml - We no longer default (guess) their first and last name based on e-mail address
• Default.xml - Defaulting to user name when being pushed out via SMS could result in not grabbing username correctly - fixed.
• New accounts - These no longer need to be e-mail addresses. All that is required is that they be unique

• Installer - Fixed PRO Server installer to not let service stop when logging out of windows server
• Fixed situation where system tray status would not know name of computer during restore job
• Installer now configures windows firewall correctly for CrashPlan
• Installer - End user license agreement in english unless translation is available
• pagefile.sys is now explicitly prevented from being backed up

• Changed default install location
• Folder shortcuts in restore panel now work
• Spacing adjusted on new account screen
• Many Installer improvements
• Upgrades - upgrade script enhanced to better support user based installs
• /mnt is no longer excluded from selection list

Mac OS X
• Many changes to support running engine as a user instead of system user to support file vault
• We now use smarter locations for various supporting folders (i.e. the log folder is now where it should be, not buried in the Requires a new installation to take effect.
• CrashPlan Desktop - File Selection - Click folder in list now shows file in finder
• Installer:File Locations - logs now go in logs, cache files in caches, etc