CRM Haven

Licence: Freeware
Version 6.0 | Release Date: 2013-09-13 | Download

What's New in Version 6.0

[Fix] Now handles foreign characters better when importing from the Apple Address Book.

Version 5.2 | Release Date: 2013-06-27 | Download

What's New in Version 5.2

[New] Compatible with MacOS X Mountain Lion.
[New] You can now set the direction of the sorting of Client searches to Ascending, Descending or None.
[New] When sending bulk emails in an eMailMerge you can now send them: as individual personalised emails, non-personalised in groups of 100 (or other) or non-personalised as one large group.
[New] When sending bulk emails in an eMailMerge you can now send them with multiple attachments rather than just one.
[New] When editing a Client, there is now an icon next to the ClientOrganisation that looks up that company on an Article search site.
[New] There is now an option to turn off the auto-formatting of imported fields. Auto-formatting makes Names title-case, postcodes uppercase and email/web addresses lowercase.
[New] There is now a quick Email option to send to lots of people.
[New] CRM Views.
[New] Double-clicking an Event in the Edit Client window now opens the text in a window allowing you to edit multiple lines.
[New] Double-clicking a client in the Clean Clients Preview window will allow you to view and edit the client details.
[New] Clients can now be given a Nickname.
[New] As you click the Tabs in the Clean Clients window the list of Replace and Case fields updates to reflect the currently visible fields. This means you can clean new fields without having to close and reopen the Clean Clients window.
[Fix] You can now change the Date of a Client event in the Events window.
[Fix] There is no longer an error when checking for Duplicates with quotation marks in their names.
[Fix] The Import Preview now shows foreign characters correctly.
[Fix] The Add/Edit Client window is now a floating window. As you navigate to other clients in the main window, the Edit Window also changes.
[Fix] Searching for fields using ‘Contains/doesn’t Contain’ now works properly - it no longer ignores Null values.
[Fix] Reduced the number of fields the SpotFind searches for data in to increate the speed and reduce the server load.
[Fix] If there are Clients who have no email address there is now a warning when you go to perform an email merge. You can either cancel or continue with the remaining email addresses. The list of ineligible Clients shows in the Error window.
[Fix] Fixed an error where many fields were not being duplicated properly.
[Fix] Fixed an error during looking up the OrganisationName from a CSV file where a database error would occur while adding a blank OrganisationName or index
[Fix] Fixed a bug where importing a csv file with lines ending with a comma would result in a blank client being imported.
[Fix] Fixed a bug where fields were not being imported when Duplicate Detection was turned off.
[Fix] Cleaning with a ClientOrganisation csv file now properly handles Organisation names containing single quotes.
[Fix] Cleaning names no longer brings up encoded garbage text.
[Fix] Buttons no longer show a tick next to the last chosen item. This stops this option being chosen if the user presses down on a button but moves off before letting go of the mouse.

Version 5.1 | Release Date: 2012-01-22 | Download
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