Licence: Freeware
Version 0.4 | Release Date: 2009-11-19 | Download
  • NEW Twitter Plug-in built-in.
  • REMOVED Ability to change window styles on Snow Leopard. This feature uses private APIs (a no-no) which no longer work in 64-bit apps. And on Snow Leopard, Cruz runs as 64-bit by default. My bad.
Version 0.3 | Release Date: 2009-10-11 | Download
  • NEW Cruz runs as 64-bit on Snow Leopard. On Leopard, Cruz still runs 32-bit to support Flash. Sorry Leopard folks, that's the way it is.
  • NEW Typing Command-Return in the browser web search field now opens search results in a new tab or window (depending on your preference settings).
  • NEW "Links from other applications open in current tab in current window" option in Behavior Preferences
  • NEW Right-click a browser tab to see a context menu with some options for that tab
  • FIX for bug where error logging could flood the console when windows showing Flash content were hidden
  • FIX for broken "Reveal in Finder" buttons in the Downloads Window under Snow Leopard
  • UPDATED Shortcuts
  • UPDATED User-Agent Strings
Version 0.2 | Release Date: 2009-03-10 | Download
  • NEW Spiffy new icon
  • NEW Full Page Zoom
  • NEW Better labels for Browsa Plugin Pref Panes in Prefs window
  • NEW added 'Download Linked File As...' context menu item
  • NEW Preference: Hide all windows while not active
  • NEW Click-through/non-activattion support added for dragging the favicon from background windows.
  • NEW Adding JavaScript fluid.isGrowRunning() method. returns true if Growl notifications can currently be displayed. otherwise false.
  • NEW Added updated User-agent strings.
  • FIX for crasher when attaching files when Safari4 is installed
  • FIX Selected download folder now persists correctly.
  • FIX drag/reordering tabs now works correctly (Before they were not *truly* reordered and you would see strange behavior when using keyboard shortcuts for next/prev tab)
  • FIX Annoying "Are you sure you want to close this window?" dialog no longer shown when you close the last window with multiple tabs and "Closing the last window only hides the window" pref is set
  • FIX return of the 'Look up in Dictionary' context menu item for defining terms in
  • FIX for bug where tab at incorrect index would be selected when closing the tab at the first index in a window with multiple tabs open
  • FIX only hide system menubar when entering FullScreen if the fullscreen screen is the screen with the menubar
  • FIX URLs are only added to the recent URL auto-complete list when a URL load is successful
  • FIX URLs can now be dragged from the location bar (via their favicon) to Firefox and non-webkit-based browsers to load the URL
  • FIX URLs can now be dragged from the location bar (via their favicon) to the Finder to create .webloc files (property lists)
  • FIX Removed crazy 1 second delay on app launch where first tab is visible and then hides.
  • FIX For an extremely annoying issue where certain key presses would cause system Beep (especially bothersome in Google Reader when typing GReader keyboard shortcuts).
  • FIX for shortcut recorder bug where the global shortcut would not be registered until the General Preferences Pane is shown for the first time.
  • FIX User-selected "Continuous Spell Checking" setting now persists across launches.
  • FIX Growl Notifications are now visible while in FullScreen Mode.
  • FIX More accurate default User-Agent String (includes correct WebKit version number, OS X version number and machine processor type).
  • FIX for issue where popup windows of a small size (created by with width and height features specified) would erroneously cause app to use that small size when creating the next new window.
  • FIX successive clicks on a link with target="foo" will correctly open the existing window with the frame named "foo" rather than creating a new window.
  • FIX improved support for features.
  • FIX Improved behavior for autocomplete/recent URL popup menu in the browser location bar.
  • FIX Tab switching via command-{ and command-} is no longer slow. dunno why :O.
  • ThumbnailPlugIn: FIX for resolution of URLs beginning with "https://".
  • WebThumbnailPlugIn: FIX for crasher that could sometimes occur in Enhanced Google web thumbnail SERPs
  • BrowsaPlugIn: NEW option for "Navigation Bar is always hidden". Nice for those sites (like where the "navbar appears when moused over" option is annoying.
  • BrowsaPlugIn: FIX Improved UserAgent String behavior and fixed some UAString UI glitches.
  • BrowsaPlugIn: NEW Preference for opening clicked links in system default browser
  • BrowsaPlugIn: FIX "New windows open with" preference now defaults to "Home Page"
Version 0.1 | Release Date: 2008-10-11 | Download
No changes specified