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Licence: Included with OS
Version 0.0 | Release Date: 2009-09-07 | Download

Refactored and splitted up the Source-Code for faster Development.

Here the Subdivisions:
1 Connection-Class
3 Documents
8 different Helper-Classes
23 Images
1 Main-Class
7 different GUI-Classes
3 Language-Files (default, english and german)
1 Config-File
1 Sound-File
1 TextWindow-Class

Improved Functionality of System Information, About and Settings with new Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)

Added a Progressbar that displays the Status of the current Scan in %

Added a StatusBar that displays the current Status and other Information

Added a Search for the searching of Words and/or Phrases in the Output

Added Functions for setting the Text- and Background-Color in the Tabs

Improved (automatic) loading/saving of Settings (in a .xml-File)

Different Locales for German and English (Language Files)

Improved Mac OS X Design

Choice between a MenuBar at the Top (System default) or the "Windows-like" MenuBar inside the Program

Added Text to Speech (plus a Checkbox to enable/disable)

Added a Menu Search

Replaced some Tooltips instead of Labels

Removed Intervall-Resizing

Added some Enter-KeyListeners

Added a Sound that displays if Scan's done

The Output (=Open Ports) is now sorted

Fixed many Bugs (e.g. 'Close all Tabs but the selected one'-Bug where every Tab but the last one or first one had been closed or ProgressBar increasing in Connection)

Changed Window-Setting allways on Top to false at Settings, About and System Information

Added the License, the Disclaimer and an Article about Portscanning (german) to the MenuBar

Many other Code/Function Optimizations and Improvements and Bug Fixes