Licence: Shareware (19 €)
Version 1.7.1 | Release Date: 2013-05-29 | Download
  • iMessage messages to more receipients possible (seperate by comma e.g. [email protected],[email protected])
  • Add phone number to contact: now possible if contact had no phone number
  • New filter for smart callinglists: Calls today before X days
  • More menu items for the callinglist context menu
  • Add contact using name of the reverse search result
  • Retina graphics

  • Current call duration has not been updated in collapsed callmonitor
  • Voicemail and fax messages could not be retrieved with FRITZ!Box users
  • iMessage messages was not sent to the entered address
  • Reduced window size of the general Dial!List settings
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • Changes for the activation of the license
  • Reliable FRITZ!Box communications
  • Fixed a problem for FRITZ!Box 6360 Firmware 05.28
  • Fixed crash on 10.6 when opening the license window
Version 1.7 | Release Date: 2013-04-05 | Download
  • Delete Voicemails and Fax messages
  • Call Monitor can appear "Always on top" as an option
  • Show externally started calls in the Call Monitor / Current Calls
  • Setup Wizard for an easy Dial!List configuration
  • Support for FRITZ!Box Users
  • ENTER key is used again to start a call
  • Copy Call Details from the call list
  • Delete contact name of a phone number (Calling list > choose phone call > right click)
  • "Call Monitor" window and "New Call" window have independent positions
  • FRITZ!Box password is not necessary
  • Retrieve call memos via AppleScript
  • Commit Call memo to AppleScript actions
  • Call Monitor keeps track of the state expanded / folded
  • Resolved session login error
  • Resolved error adding a new phone number to an existing contact
  • Crash fixed
  • Show FRITZ!Box type and firmware version fixed
  • Voicemails: Counter was in some cases wrong
  • Voicemails without a phone number had a random contact name
  • New call window and call monitor was sometimes out of sight
  • Not all DECT extensions has been detected
  • Error when closing the settings fixed (if changed)
  • Various bug fixes
Version | Release Date: 2012-08-04 | Download
  • NEW: OS X 10.8: Notification Center
  • NEW: OS X 10.8: Gatekeeper signed
  • NEW: Global Service Menu Entry "Dial with Dial!Fritz"
  • NEW: AppleScript-Interface extended (Pass more parameters "Extension", "Line" to the Dial-Call)
  • NEW: Preferences dialog box improved
  • NEW: new URL-Protocol "dial://Phone number" implemented
  • NEW: Mac App Store license is detected
  • FIX: fixed Crash
  • FIX: improved Voicemail / Fax request
  • FIX: ignore empty reverse search entries
  • FIX: updated reverse search definitions
  • FIX: solved problems on Mac OS X 10.5
  • REMOVED: PPC-Architecture is no longer supported!
Version 1.4 | Release Date: 2011-08-10 | Download
  • NEW: Native Objective-C Cocoa app (better performance, more powerful and no AppleScript error messages)
  • NEW: Compatible with OS X Lion 10.7
  • NEW: Facelifiting
  • NEW: Grouped Calling Lists by Date
  • NEW: Automatic updater for the reverse search
  • NEW: Enable / Disable Dock and menu icon
  • NEW: Badge for new calls in the system menu bar and the Dock icon
  • NEW: Option for autostart at login
  • NEW: Advanced parameters for script actions
  • NEW: New Script Action "SagWerSpricht"
  • NEW: Change the arrangement of the contact fields (in the settings of the calling list)
  • FIX: Reverse Search fixed
  • FIX: Adaptations to new FRITZ!Box firmware (retrieval of existing lines)
  • FIX: Fixed an export bug
Version 1.3.2 | Release Date: 2009-09-07 | Download
  • NEW: Compatibel with Snow Leopard 10.6
  • FIX: Fixed an error when testing the extension in the preferences
  • FIX: Displays the correct name in the calling monitor after a reverse search
  • FIX: Password error with special characters fixed
  • FIX: Fixed problem with the session login
Version 1.3.1 | Release Date: 2009-06-11 | Download

Note: Re-save Dial!Fritz settings after updating!
  • NEW: Adaptation to new session login of the AVM firmware
  • NEW: Filter for callinglists (adjustable through the settings in the callinglist)
  • NEW: Renew Contact Cache
  • NEW: Callmonitor: Show Contact in Address Book
  • NEW: Parameter passing to AppleScript actions on Hang-up
  • NEW: Sparkle-Updater integrated
  • NEW: Reverse Search for Belgium
  • FIX: Dialing with DECT devices
  • FIX: Multiple entries in callinglist
  • FIX: Multiple entries in callinglist after reverse search removed
  • FIX: Reactivate Callmonitor after sleep mode
  • FIX: Renamed location name was (sometimes) not saved
  • FIX: Errors corrected in the English localization
  • FIX: Lines (Fixed and VoIP) will correct synronized in settings from the Fritz!Box
  • FIX: Fritz!Box-Name and Firmware-Version will displayed in preferences
  • FIX: Reverse search for Germany, Netherlands, Italy fixed
  • FIX: Internal bug fixes
Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2008-10-17 | Download


  • NEW: Callinglist saves calls durable and without limitation
  • NEW: Create own intelligent Callinglists (Smartlists)
  • NEW: Caller-Details in the Callinglist
  • NEW: Print the Callinglist
  • NEW: Caller Statistics
  • NEW: Add phone number to an existing Contact
  • NEW: Delete Calls from the Callinglist
  • NEW: Context-Menu in the Callinglist
  • NEW: New callinglist categorie "New Calls"
  • NEW: Import of CSV Fritz!Box-Callinglists
  • NEW: Export-Dialog with extended CSV-Export
  • NEW: Export optimized Callinglist for iPhone / iPod-Touch
  • NEW: Extented Menu "Recent Calls" for incoming calls and calls in absentia
  • NEW: Transfer contacts into the Fritz!Box-Phonebook
  • NEW: Adjustable date format for the callinglist
  • NEW: Added a refresh option for the Callinglist
  • NEW: Option to delete calls from the callinglist after x-Days
  • NEW: Memos are editable
  • NEW: Memos can be created from the Callinglist
  • NEW: integretad the calltop protokol (so you can dial from callto-links)
  • NEW: Bookmarklet: Dial selected text from your browser
  • NEW: Global Hotkey for"New Call"
  • NEW: AppleScript-Actions gets a array with caller details
  • NEW: Reverse search from the Callinglist
  • NEW: Callinglist saves caller names from the reverse search
  • NEW: Reverse search for calls started outsite of Dial!Fritz
  • NEW: Addes reverse search for Austria
  • NEW: Addes function "Test Phone" in the extension preferences
  • NEW: Save preferences without area code possible (Luxembourg)
  • NEW: Progress dialog for saving preferences
  • NEW: GUI-Changes
  • NEW: Gray Menu-Icon, if calling monitor is not connected
  • NEW: Caller name in the callmonitor will not longer switched with phone number
  • NEW: Description for AppleScript-Actions
  • NEW: Button to open / edit an AppleScript-Action
  • NEW: Added Toolbar-Icon for "New Memo" in the Callinglist
  • NEW: Callinglist sortable
  • FIX: Outgoing calls with DECT-Extension possible
  • FIX: Reverse search for Germany
  • FIX: Wrong Script-Actions was executed When dialing without confirmation dialog
  • FIX: Added Timeout, if Fritz!Box is not available
  • FIX: Growl-Changes
  • FIX: Speed improvements when dialing and in loading the Callinglist
  • FIX: Memory optimized
  • FIX: HTML-Chars for names from the reverse search wasn´t displayed correct
  • FIX: Name of a renamed location was not saved
  • FIX: Fixed error when dialing a phone number with a Fritz!Box-Code
  • FIX: Image of a contact was sometimes not displayed


  • NEW: New AppleScript-Action "Speak Name", which speaks Name of a Caller
  • NEW: New AppleScript-Action "Send Mail", sends a Mail with calling details of a Caller

Version 1.2.1 | Release Date: 2008-03-03 | Download
  • Errors when changing the preferences fixed
  • Reverse Search fixed (Umlaute)
  • Error in Reverse Search (Swiss, Germany) fixed
  • Phone numbers for an search result couldn´t be chosen (New Call dialog)
  • Column width in the Caller list and in the Memos will be memorized
  • Selected Group in the Caller list will be memorized
  • Outgoing line will be memorized
  • Error when export the Caller List fixed
  • After timeout a phone number must be dialed two times
  • Error in the Caller list: Message *theName* not defined fixed
  • Activating WLAN with ISDN-Configutation generated an error
  • NEW: Showing label (Mobil phone, Privat, ...), on "Call in Absentia"
  • NEW: Growl: called line will be displayed, "Call in Absentia" can now be edit separate (e.g. show sticky)
  • Callback-Button couldn´t be clicked
  • GUI-Changes
  • Crash after sleep mode fixed
  • Help files integrated
  • "Hang-Up" when dialing fixed
  • Menü-item "Callmonitor" memorize activating/deactivating
  • Error when loading the Caller list fixed
  • Displaying contact: For a company the name will be shown first
  • Calls in the Callmonitor was sometimes "overwritten"
  • Speed up showing the Caller list
  • Caller list: Search also looking in fields time and line
  • When the Caller list is open it will be automatically refreshed after every call
  • New Call: Shows if entering phone numbers by keyboard is possible
  • Removied Max and Moritz dummy entries by AVM from the Caller list
  • Various optimizations
  • When outgoing number contained the country code in the middle (e.g. 0049), it was replaced with a 0
  • Added support for english Fritz!Box firmware
  • Callmanager scrolls on a new call table on visible line
  • Caller list fixed for the old firmware versions
  • Fixed displaying firmware modell "Fritz!Box Fon"
  • Error in the Caller list fixed when a contact should be added to the Address Book
  • Problem when dialing italian phone numbers fixed
  • NEW: Displays all current calls in the Caller list (also calls which was started outside of Dial!Fritz)
  • NEW: Call-by-Call: Displays the pre-selection
  • Call-by-Call: Fixed an error in the preferences when entering and deleting
  • NEW: Call-by-Call: Posibility to input direct a pre-selection in the New Call dialog
  • Optimizated reverse search
  • NEW: Added Italy to the reverse search
  • automatically reverse search for the country code of the phone number
  • Growl: Fixed error when displaying informations
  • NEW: Growl: Displays call duration when the call is finished
  • WLAN-Menu item will be disabled on Fritz!Box without WLAN
  • WLAN-State will be automatically refresed
  • NEW: Dial!Fritz is scriptable (AppleScript)
  • Improved releability for the callmonitor
  • Fixed error message when opening the preferences
  • NEW: Added Plug-Ins for Quicksilver, Launchbar and Filemaker
  • NEW: Integrated updater for AppleScript-Actions


  • Build as Universal-Binary
  • Error when inserting the past board fixed
  • Error when entering to much numbers fixed

Address Book Plug-In:

  • Error "An error is occured!" fixed

Entourage Plug-In:

  • Error: Phone number couldn´t be commited to Dial!Fritz


  • Adapted Adium-Scripts on Adium 1.2
  • Bugfixes in Script-Actions

Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2007-11-15 | Download
  • Menubar integration
  • New Gui
  • Quick-Dial of recent calls
  • Integrated Address Book - Search
  • Display, save und search into the Fritz!Box-Calling list
  • Optionally display the calls with Growl
  • Reverse search for unknown phone numbers (at the momentan for Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands)
  • Creating a new contact to the Address Book
  • Applescript-Actions for in- / and outgoing calls
  • Fritz!Box-Password will be saved in the Keychain
  • Possibility for different locations or Fritz!Boxen
  • Call Back-Button for calls in absentia
  • Selection of the outgoing call number/line
  • Memos
  • Callmonitor with Auto-Reconnect
  • Widget: Address Book does not have to be opened longer, to add new favorites
Version 1.1.2 | Release Date: 2007-06-02 | Download
No changes specified