Disk Tracker

Licence: Shareware ($30)
Version 2.4 | Release Date: 2008-05-21 | Download

Version 2.4 (22-May-2008)

New Features

* Universal Binary version
* Scan into .zip, .sit, and .sitx archives
* Allow decompression from .zip, .sit, and .sitx archives
* Allow compression into .sit and .sitx archives
* Catalog window contents can now be sorted on the contents of any column

Bug Fixes

* Icons now consistently draw properly on Leopard
* Correct icons and item kinds are now returned far more often
* Properly color icons according to label color
* Exported text file name now has correct .txt extension
* Allow initial serial numbers greater than 9999
* New "Scan Mounted Volume" media selector dialog box
* Decrease scroll wheel sensitivity
* Correctly handle left/right scrolling on scroll wheel/ball
* Fix -36 scan errors when trying to scan server volumes with insufficient privileges
* Fix hang when scanning folders with more than 32,000 items
* Fix "Find" dialog date pickers to work with scanned date or modification date criteria types
* Improve corrupt catalog file handling
* Improve responsiveness when clicking column headers to change sort order
* Fix broken Item filter edit dialog box
* Fix "Edit Parameter" dialog date pickers to work correctly
* New system to identify media during update process makes process more foolproof
* Allow cancellation of scan process from the "names match" or "dates match" alert boxes
* Add "Force Update" button to "disk is already scanned" dialog box
* Properly present user interface to ask for permission to update disks when using batch scanner
* Fix scan error causing some files to be omitted from some StuffIt archives
* Fix possible crash during label printing
* Fix possible catalog corruption causing catalog window to open blank
* Fix possible crash when closing search report window
* Fix 100% processor utilization after clicking path pop-up button in catalog window
* Fix potential crash when application starts up
* Eliminate Mac OS X-irrelevant "Faster batch scanning (disables "Stop" button)" checkbox in General Preferences
* Fix potential crash when scanning corrupt self-extracting .sea archives
* Fix minor visual glitches

Version 2.3.3 | Release Date: 2006-07-14 | Download
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