Licence: GPL
Version 0.74 | Release Date: 2010-05-12 | Download
  • Several small game specific fixes/hacks/support. (Offensive, Roadhog, GTA installer, Kingdom O' Magic soundcard detection, Pirate booter, Armored Fist installer)
  • Add the S3-specific 640x480 256 color mode. (fixes regression in "Wooden Ships and Iron Men" and "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream")
  • Fix a stack overflow that could crash DOSBox.
  • Add fake microphone input. (fixes Talking Parrot)
  • Modify adlib turn off code, so that it doesn't turn off in cases where the same sound is repeated over and over again.
  • Several small fixes to the CDROM audio code.(HOMM2, Redneck Rampage and others)
  • Several improvements to the CDROM emulation code. (fixes Alpha Storm and GT Racing 97)
  • Some small CPU fixes that might fix something.
  • Handle opcode 0xff subcode 7 as invalid instruction. (fixes dif-2 & others)
  • Some hercules fixes. (Testdrive)
  • Improve support for blanked parts that wrap around to the start of the screen. (fixes Magic Circle demo and Sid&Al)
  • Remove old OPL cores as the new ones seem to work very nicely.
  • Modify movie recording code so that the movies aren't corrupt when you exit dosbox without stopping the movie.
  • Change RGB3x scaler to look more pretty.
  • Improve initial register values compatility of the GUS.
  • Added autodetection for Gameblaster. (games can find it now)
  • Change render preferences a bit to be more compatible with Windows 7.
  • Add DOS fixes to terminate program. (fixes Fortune Teller)
  • Add FFREEP. (fixes Trucks)
  • Improve FPU ST80 in C mode when writing zero. (fixes Antigok)
  • Add special int10 scanline function. (fixes mz700 and probably lots of games that mess with them)
  • Fix scrolling in rarely used video modes. (fixes Orphee)
  • Modify game specific hacks a bit so that Kick off 3 works again.
  • Lots of fixes to the INT10 video parameter table. (Seven spirits of ra and others)
  • Add VGA blanking in machine=vgaonly. (used by Alien Carnage)
  • CGA, PCJr, Tandy: Add video blanking, change display start latch timing, sync pulse width correction.
  • PCJr, Tandy: implement vertical retrace interrupt.
  • PCJr, CGA: line-by-line video emulation.
  • PCJr: support on-screen change of color modes 4medium to 16low. (used by Ghostbusters booter)
  • Hercules: Add green and amber monochrome support.
  • All machines: only update the video timing when needed. (Jungle Hunt, others that synchronize to the video screen might profit)
  • Several small DOS fixes.
  • Some UMB related fixes. (The Legacy without UMB)
  • Fix version number of DSP for SB 1.5. (fixes a few games)
  • Several VGA emulation improvements. (Allertone football manager)
  • Some Tandy fixes. (Mech Warrior)
  • Small improvements and fixes to the OPL emulation.
  • Add low level Tandy DAC emulation.
  • Some EMS fixes. (fixes Mortal Kombat and others)
  • Change SoundBlaster DSP reset mechanism, add sb irq acknowledge logic. (fixes stmik-based applications)
  • Some interrupt pointer location modifications. (fixes Tinker Tales)
  • Some fixes to the BOOT code. (fixes Last Mission)
  • Respect write-only file information. (fixes Champions of Zulala)
  • Some RTC fix. (fixes Tully Bodine and others)
  • Improve mouse emulation to work better with Water World.
  • Hopefully fix the translation of the configuration file.
  • Speed up and fixes for the recompiler core. (pitfall2 pcjr)
  • Change memory start location. (fixes 7th Guest installer)
  • Several fixes to the batch file handling. (Shift and use the typed first %0 instead of the parsed %0)
  • Improve file redirection and redirected line ends. (fixes Phantasmagoria 2 DOS installer)
  • Fix compilation with new MAC os X version.
  • Add 16C550A FIFO support to the serial port emulation.
  • Improve modem emulation to get higher speeds.
  • Change default samplerates to 44100, blocksize to 1024 and prebuffer to 20, so that hopefully certain soundcards produce more fluent sound playback.
  • Add some rarely used, but for some games critical flags to the internal commands.
  • Add -userconf flag, so that the userspecific configuration can easily be used together with -conf configfile.
  • Improve internal timing with repeating timers (especially with the dynamic core).

As always read the updated documentation.
Version 0.73 | Release Date: 2009-05-27 | Download

- Add two new opl2+opl3 emulators. (better speed, different implementation
- Improved DRO recording/better file structure.
- Add EGA emulation.
- Add special vga machine mode. Supports more of the exotic tricks like
changing the palette during screen updates, 9×16 fonts etc.
- Added special machine modes for the following svga cards:
- S3
- Paradise
- Tseng
- Fix problems with the vga split line feature.
- Improve vesa emulation.
- Add optional selection of old vesa mode for games that don't work
with certain vesa features.
- Improve video BIOS emulation to behave more like a real bios.
- Fixes for emulated 4bpp graphics modes.
- Fixes to paging system.
- Various fixes and improvements for the recompiling core.
- Add arm backend for the recompiling core.
- Add some mscdex quirks when dealing with files that are exactly 8.3 long.
- Small fixes to batch file handling.
- Small fixes to the XMS memory handling.
- Various fixes for aligned memory on hosts that want it.
- Various improvements to the mouse.
- Fixes and small speed ups to the debugger.
- Fix and improve lot's of compilation problems. (curses detection,
GCC 3.4 and GCC 4.X fixes)
- Added some basic auto keyboard layout handling. (windows only currently)
- Add basic support for evdev keyboard driver.
- Various fixes to the timer. (improve mode 2 timer changes,
implement mode 1, improve gate2 handling)
- Add audio extraction and mci audio support. Should enable CDROM audio
for Vista and adds volume control.
- Improve the directory cache speed a lot, especially with mounting slow
media like network paths.
- Various fixes to the create temporary file call.
- Don't keep batchfiles open during execution. Allows rewriting of the
active batchfile. (menu programs use this trick sometimes)
- Fix problems with filenames with 2 extensions.
- Add some more lowlevel dos tables.
- Fixes to hercules emulation.
- Fix flag handling for special case of ROR.
- Make the batchfile handling in regard to IF more flexible.
- Fixes to scrolling/panning feature.
- Add prefetch queue emulation.
- Make the emulated cpu type selectable. This is mainly the
identification commands and the way paging works.
- Some special EMS functionality added. (OS handles, zero-page handling)
- Improve support for EMS when booting a different OS.
- Improve cdrom speed detection by games.
- Improve stability of cycle guessing code, when there is background
- Fix various mscdex and cdrom detection schemes.
- Added Coremidi support on Mac OS X.
- Improve support for DOS devices when used to detect the existance
of directories in various ways.
- Add IRQ 2 emulation on VRET. (ega only)
- Added video parameter table and video state functionality.
- Increase default freespace to 250 MB.
- Some fixes to the fat filesystem handling for disk images.
- Some soundblaster fixes and command additions.
- Fix mixer 16bit direct transfers on bigendian hosts.

Version 0.72 | Release Date: 2007-08-25 | Download

This release fixes a few bugs that slipped through when releasing 0.71.
Here a list of the changes:

* Fixed unitialized variable in joystick. (Fixes crashes on Vista and Mac OS X)

* Some bugfixes and speedups to the 64 bit recompiling core.

* Fixed sign flag on soundblaster dma transfers (Space Quest 6 intro)

* Fixed a bug in keyboard layout processing code and fixed certain layouts.

* Fixed Dreamweb.

* Improved speed unlocking when running cycles=max.

* Fixed a crash related to the tab completion in the shell.

* Improved aspect correction code. Should now be like how a real monitor handles it.

* Fixed a bug in the xms status report code. (Blake Stone 1.0 shareware)

* Added a lot more keyboard layouts.

* Fixed crash related to changing the scaler before a screen was created.

* Hopefully fixed compilation on *bsd.

* Enabled auto cpu core selection for recompiling core as well.

* Made the used joystick selectable when 4axis is specified.

* Added some hints for inexperienced DOS users to the shell.

Compatibility should be same as 0.71 and 0.70 aside from the game specific fixes.

Version 0.71 | Release Date: 2007-07-29 | Download

A bugfix release this time, but we couldn't resist adding a few new exciting features:

* Added a new recompiling cpu core which is easier to port!

* Added a x86_64 and a mipsel_32 recompiling core.

* Fixed hangups on certain platforms after long gameplay of several games.

* Fixed several joystick bugs.

* Improved cdrom support. (fixes for audio, iso and detection.)

* Improved SVGA and VESA. (detection and display)

* Fixed a few textmodes and improved ansi emulation a bit.

* Fixed pcspeaker and certain types of soundeffects.

* Added undocumented mousebackdoor.

* Made mount and imgmount a bit easier to use. (ioctl by default, support
for ~ and ~username, auto size guessing for images)

* Fix a few compilation problems on various hosts and a general code

* Several small fixes that improve compatibility.

The compatibility should be the same as 0.70 aside from the games we fixed. (see the Changelog for details)

Version 0.70 | Release Date: 2007-03-01 | Download

DOSBox 0.70
Another year and another dosbox version, again more speedups and compatibility fixes.
* Speed up the dynamic cpu core (certain games get much faster).
* Added a dynamic fpu on x86 hosts.
* Improved the cycle guessing code (and make it default).
* Better and more configurable joystick support.
* Improved the image and fat drives.
* Added nullmodem emulation.
* Various win 3.x enhanchments (video/audio/ems/win32s).
* Improved CDROM detection and support.
* Speed up the screen drawing code.
* Added support for different keyboard layouts.
* Various fixes to the (C/E/V)GA emulation.
* Extended and improved all types of emulated memory. (umb/ems/xms)
* Dynamic core should work on Intel Macs.
* Various timer related fixes.
* Added a few more graphic scalers.

Some default settings have been changed in this one so be sure to update your configfiles and read the readme

Version 0.6.5 | Release Date: 2006-07-12 | Download
No changes specified