Licence: Freeware
Version 4.8.1 | Release Date: 2011-08-14 | Download
  • Fixed: Size and position of windows was not always restored.
  • Fixed: Rare crash on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion while quitting the application.
Version 4.6.1 | Release Date: 2010-11-17 | Download
No changes specified
Version 4.5 | Release Date: 2009-07-08 | Download
No changes specified
Version 4.0.1 | Release Date: 2007-12-18 | Download

Leopard compatibility

Version 4.0 | Release Date: 2007-10-11 | Download

NEW: Revised user interface.
NEW: Search field remembers recent searches.
NEW: Edit > Deselect All command.
NEW: Column for creation date added to results list.
NEW: File extensions and HFS types added for scanning email files
NEW: Window > Minimize All appears when the Option modifier key is being pressed.
NEW: NEXT operator (shortcut for BEFORE/1).
NEW: Dropping a folder onto a search window uses this folder as the search location
NEW: Command Sort > by Date splitted into Sort > by Creation and Sort > by Modification.
Improved: Parsing of operator terms treats words concatenated by non-white separators like phrases and searching is therefore more compatible to common search engines.
Improved: Handling of words separated by multiple white characters.
Improved: Faster matching of wildcards.
Improved: Several minor interface changes.
Improved: File > Add to DEVONthink Pro doesn’t use AppleScript.
Improved: Internal changes making localization easier.
Fixed: EasyFind was always searching inside invisible subfolders.
Fixed: Glitches of validation of Undo/Redo menu items.
Fixed: File > Show Info command did not work if a folder/file name contained quotes.
Fixed: After deleting results, the current selection wasn’t removed.
Fixed: Glitch in French localization.
Removed: Japanese localization.
Removed: Help menu.

Version 3.9 | Release Date: 2006-07-11 | Download
No changes specified